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    The guy has made a lot of kicks for the colts The animosity toward him is odd.
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    I find it interesting how everything is so black and white in your viewpoint.
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    Do you have zero regard for nuance? A passing attack that emphasizes quick hitters takes pressure off the line and the QB, and if you can get some YAC, it can still produce yardage and keep the chains moving. It's still a valuable part of a good offense, IMO. That doesn't mean we should never throw the ball down the field. And by the way, JB has gone from getting rid of it quickly in the opener (2.33 seconds) to now having the 5th longest time to throw in the league (2.91 seconds). So we're not even seeing a short, quick passing game, and certainly not one with any ability to get big plays. Instead, we're seeing a short, slow passing game that's contributing to an average of less than 22 points/game and a lethargic 5.9 yards/play. So, yeah, people are complaining, and for good reason.
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    The best thing about getting McLaughlin is that the Patriots wanted him.
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    The biggest disappointment was that Eberflus couldn't adjust to the Bucs losing their best receiver and we still gave up like... 400 yards in the air and close to 40 points. The secondary looking confused and not on the same page for the full game was incredibly frustrating too.
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    Ebron didn’t hurt this team. Not any more than anyone else. And Doyle has had some big time drops as well.
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    Colts worked out dontrelle inman today
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    Well, as a fan, if I was only here to watch the playoffs, then the lights could be "turned off". But....since I follow this team to watch every game, I think we'll keep the lights on for another 4 games....
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    Well, the"negativers"are overly negative and the "positivers"are too sunny. Some perspective? Here's the truth: TY Hilton is the critical piece of the offense. If he's out, there is no number two. The Colts need a major upgrade at this position or there will be trouble next year too. Ballard has to be very, very aggressive in fixing this problem. And it needs to be this off season. Here's the truth: Jack Doyle is a solid TE but he isn't a dangerous weapon. He's a great chain mover, which is truly valuable, but not enough. The Colts could really use a game changer at the position. Last year Ebron was that guy. That guy is now gone. I'd look for a FA or high draft pick here. Here's the truth: The "JB is terrible crowd" is wrong. He isn't awful; the WR talent around him is mediocre. But he does have limitations and the rest of the season should be spent analyzing whether or not those limits can be overcome. If the coaches and brass believe he can get good enough to become a top QB, then ok. If not, the Colts have to draft a QB high in the 2020 draft and groom him. Just some perspective: JB is still learning and hopefully growing. Here's the truth: The Colts were thrown a terrible curve ball when Andrew Luck decided to walk away. If he saw his future as a crippled, demented old guy, I do get it. But his timing was just atrocious and left the team that was being built around him in a horrible position. What we are seeing today is directly related to Luck's decision. So keep some perspective on this, and understand it will take some time to overcome Andrew's retirement. Here's the truth: The defense has some great young players and has a terrific future. The Colts have invested well there and it will pay some big time dividends down the road. The are extremely young. We fans are going to enjoy watching them grow. Another high draft pick at DT? I'm good with that. But this D is going to be special, and is a strength. So....the future isn't all roses, but it has an upward trend. This off season will be critical for the immediate future of this team. Ballard has his greatest challenge yet; I'm glad the Colts have a guy of his talent making the calls. But his decisions in building the Colt offense of the future are going to make or break this team. Personally, I like their chances. This team has an excellent team culture and some genuine talent. The arrow still points north.
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    I'm tired of the "climbing the mountain" crap from Frank.
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    I'm ready to see Kelly after the saints game. That's for sure.
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    What the heck is Eberflus doing?
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    The Giants gave not given up on Daniel Jones. He’s hurt. A high ankle sprain, all in all, I think the Giants have been very pleased with Jones. How does this happen here?
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    It was great to see Doyle look like he can last Sunday. No Ebron freed up the offense. Jack can keep doing this for several more years. Yaaaa!
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    Putting a personal milestone over what’s best for the team is a bad path to go down.
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    In the first half JB had some good completions, but what you have to separate is the completion and the degree of difficulty it took to make the completion. When a receiver is the first read and wide open without a defender withing 3 yards, is that a great play by JB or a great play call by Frank Reich? I contend it is a great play call and literally any NFL QB should be able to make the throw or they will not be a starter for very long. Just as the scouting report says, his completion percentage is higher (though still not amazing) because he throws only short yardage, and only when the receiver is wide open (like college wide open). I noticed this same pattern of JB making "NFL throws" and great completions in other games that Frank had masterful play calling, examples include the Falcons and first Texans game. All quarterbacks eventually get the offense tailored for their strengths, but to have to constantly script plays to help him will only last so long. Why intentionally hamstring yourself and not be allowed to open up the playbook because the guy playing the most important position on the field is so limited. Also, I don't think he will get better. He worked with Tom House all offseason and is still the exact same guy he was in 2017 and in college. QB processing doesn't get that much better. You can initially get better with more reps in your first couple of years but then it tapers off. Fact of the matter, some guys can just process the play "in real time" better than others. The scouts call this "instinctual play", and all indications point to JB being a slow processor. This will put a ton of pressure on FR to make his first read get open, and JB will miss other opportunities because he just can't see the field like other quarterbacks. You put JB on the Dolphins and he would be at the bottom in almost every statistical QB category. He is a bad quarterback on a pretty good team and it makes him appear average.
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    Every year about this time i stock up on Patriots TOILET PAPER for the new year. What a GREAT way to start your day!
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    Do you really think the first blocked kick had a chance? AV pulled it badly. It had no chance of making it.
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    I'm a fan of JB as a person, but if we have the opportunity to get a QB that can throw a ball more than 6 yards (or throw under 6 yards at speeds less than 400mph) then we should. We have a stronger team now than we had in most if not all of the Manning days, and would have (minus the horrible slew of offensive skill position injuries) been legit contenders with Luck. There is no reason to assume the team will get worse under Ballard and Reich, so upping the QB play could bring us back in the hunt. Obviously another WR would be nice but we COULD get there quickly with a top tier QB. Anyone should be replaced if there are better options, regardless of position, if it improves your chance to win.
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    He's solid....may be a case of too little too late though.
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    The point is, considering where we got him in the 3rd round, his curve is trending upwards and we did not have to mortgage picks like the Steelers did. The OP is talking about value proposition and if you can get similar quality (not same) without mortgaging picks, that is better, IMO. Plus, it is not like our "super fast" TE Jack Doyle did not juke out Devin Bush for a TD score in the Steelers game. If you want to throw stones by downplaying Okereke's improvement, I have plenty to throw at Bush as well.
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    A late-night snowstorm and moving vans headed back East?
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    I want more screens. But there was one called in the first half that didn't get thrown, because... I don't know why. Makes me wonder if it's more about JB and less about Reich. Edit: Second play of the third quarter. Just watched it. Should have been thrown.
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    Agreed. He is the prototypical "Take away his running ability and what are you left with?" QB. You're left with a poor pocket passer, who is more likely now to get frustrated, (without his mobility) and blame others (diva QB).
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    Ravens should be all set
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    That pass looked like it was on the money. It won't show up in the box score but that was a 55 yard gain on the interference by throwing deep.
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    Yes indeed. from the enhanced rules- "For situations other than an attempt to freeze a kicker, the erroneous granting of a second timeout in the same dead-ball period will result in a five-yard penalty. Generally, however, the officials are expected to decline to grant the second timeout, without a penalty. In other words, a team isn’t penalized for trying to call a second time out in the same dead-ball period. The team is penalized only if it gets the second timeout. The 2nd timeout was never granted, play had to be run.
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    No cause since this is his second full year he should be much better than he is showing a lot of improvement instead he is regressing like a brick not the future I think that is officially final.
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    good receivers would go to waste with him. he likes guys like rogers and doyle who the defense leaves wide open
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    Well you might as well get prepared to be bummed out because Brissett is going to be the Colts starter next season.
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    Sorry 2006, but you get 4 Pinocchios :-). Lawrence's true freshman year was a lot better than Luck's redshirt freshman year, and sophomore years are shaping up to be very similar, which Lawrence has at least 2 games to go (the numbers include bowls for both) Keep in mind Lawrence is only a true Soph, and Luck took a redshirt (so he had a year advantage in learning the system, and the stats below). Here's their comparative stats. Frosh Year Lawrence 65%, 3280 yards, 8.3 avg, 30/4 TD/INT ratio, 157.6 PR Luck (red shirt) 56%, 2575, 8.9 avg, 13/4, 143.5 PR Soph Year (Lawrence's soph year isn't done yet) Lawrence 69%, 2870 yards, 9.1 avg, 30/8, 171.5 PR Luck 70%, 3338 yards, 9.0 avg, 32/8, 170 PR
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    Boo freakin Hoo! I swear all you do on here is whine! You sound like that drunk at the bar that sits there and complains about his ex-wife all night! Seriously, MOVE ON!!
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    I don't think either of us can say exactly how Ballard does, or does not, look at things. We know some basics though. We know both he and FR are stats guys, and Ballard has grown the analytics team since coming to Indy. We know one of Ballards core responsibilities is build a team that not only wins, but also one that fills seats and generates revenue. We also know he loves leadership and the "right guys". I think we both agree that Ballard is a very smart guy. He knows everything about JB. He knows his flaws from college, he knows every stat that has been laid out by all of us here, plus probably a bunch more. He knows exactly what last year's team and players did, and the difference in their performance to date this year. I agree that the FO didn't get to evaluate JB under perfect/ideal situations, but frankly that never happens. He's not going to give pure grace for injuries, and disregard that JB still has a big problem with missing wide open guys regardless of who they are. He sees it all, and a lot more. And I'm sure he knows sometimes you have to make a call without ideal input/evaluation. I do think that Ballard will do what ever he does, and we'll likely never know all the past, current, and future variables he may weigh. I just know where I'd put my money.
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    Who is this "proven above average qb" who will be available in FA?
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    It seems the Mets are being sold. Mets fans have been waiting for this. I always liked the Mets owner, Frank Wilpon, but the whole Madoff disaster affected the team. Let's see what this new owner brings. Oh well. I liked Zach.
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    This is when the kicker was on waivers. That's not a choice they made. And they've brought in kickers to try out at least twice this season already. I don't think they're worried about controversy.
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    This won't be a popular opinion and I would absolutely understand the disagreement but there is a very real possibility when it's all said and done I will have Love as my QB2 in this draft. Right now I'm leaning this way. It won't be because of what he is now(not QB2), but of what I expect him to be with good coaching in a couple of years. Just the traits are very high level and I don't think he's even scratched the surface yet. This will be a bet on Reich and the coaching staff as much as a bet on Love himself.
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    Dear Lord How long do you want to remain in QB purgatory?
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    Because he's not as good catching in the back field like wilkins or hines does plus he's not as shifty either he's good for a 3rd and short situation
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    Basically said that Quincy Wilson has removed all #Colts posts from his Instagram.
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    I still think Luck will come back. He will have had ample time to heal and spend time with his wife and child. Staying at home with a wife and child full time will drive any man back to football.
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    Yet another WR out for the Colts. We're running out of them. If Inman's still available how could you not consider him. A reliable set of hands that knows the offense is the best we're going to get right now. This is why we're losing. Maybe Luck could have bailed us out from this combined with the strong run game, but Brissett isn't that guy. And let's be honest here with the injuries we've had, even if we did make the playoffs, even Luck wouldn't be able to win a championship.
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    I am not going to blame Luck for anything. He has every right to walk away when he wants too and doesn’t have to do it when it’s perfect timing for the Colts. However, to pretend that losing the guy the team is built around less than two weeks before the season started didn’t have a major impact on this team just isn’t true. No Luck didn’t miss the block, or miss the kicks, or cause the injuries but this team would have been very different with him. With that said, he’s not here you are right about that. At some point you have to move on. The team has. The fans should follow suit.
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    Preferably round 6 or 7. Never higher than round 5.
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    You continue to insist we need an entire offensive makeover even with a top 5 offensive line. Can't understand your thinking.
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