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    I have often shared stories of my involvement with the Special Needs Community. Today I have another one to share. Yesterday was a day to celebrate one of these individuals we've come to know and love over the years. Amy is a very sweet handicapped young lady who has been employed with Papa Johns for 20 years now. Her job is to fold pizza boxes and she has folded over 1 million boxes in this time frame. Her family, and Papa Johns felt this was an accomplishment worth celebrating. They invited a large number of family, friends and people from the community to celebrate this special day. Papa Johns Headquarters sent her some special gifts, and she was given a 20 year lapel pin. They asked Ron and I to provide the music and entertainment for the day, and we were more than happy to oblige. Lots of food, music, and dancing made for a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon. Of course, amongst other items on the buffet, Papa Johns Pizza was served. ;) I am so privleged to be a part of such a great group of Special Needs people and a community that supports them.
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    I wasn't overally convinced of how good this team was, after routing Jacksonville and Tennesee, yes, maybe a rout wasn't expected, but a win was, but after beating a very good Ravens team and now a very good ( at least they used to be) Bengals team and the dominating way it was done, I am convinced. Offense: totally clicking on all cylinders, Luck spreading the ball around, the running game looking very good and the much maligned O-line , really getting it done. Luck has been unstoppable (27-42-344-2 TDS) and 0 interceptions, 5th straight 300+ game, tieing a Colts record, he hit 8 different receivers, which has been a season long theme and very good for morale, when everyone is involved, everyone except Nicks, who is becoming a major non-factor. Hilton led the way (7-107) and has been just as unstoppable, Allen and Bradshaw added TDS. The running game, which has been on a downhill run, came back strong, with Richardson, Bradshaw and Herron totalling 166 yds and a TD (Bradshaw), led by Richardson (77). I think that was a combination of having Mewhart and Thortan back in the starting lineup and having complete control of the game and just better execution. The O-line has really been playing great, the pass blocking has really been on a roll and the run blocking has been good, for the most part and at times, very good. I believe that if this group stays healthy, they will continue to get better and better. It does look like Harrison is the "new" center of the future (hmmmmm). The #1 rated offense in the NFL, in total yards, passing yards, scoring and time of pocession, padded those totals with 506 total yards, 344 passing yards and a 40-20 edge in time of pocession. It's time to give Hamilton his due for his game calling, the players still have to execute and they have been, but he is putting them in the position to do that, on a regular basis Defense: total domination vs the #5 offense in the NFL....135 total yards ( not a typo!) and a good chunk of that, during their last drive when we were just laying back and letting them catch short passes.....1-14 on 3rd and 4th downs!!!!! 4 (more) sacks and zero points...shutout!!! There really aren't many great players on the defensive side of the ball, Davis and Jackson are playing at or near a pro bowl level, the rest are just playing together...team defense, there are alot of really good players, playing at a high level. Adams has been a big addition, with Landry and Howell out and Brown has not been overmatched, despite very little experience. All 4 of the Cb's have played well, all year. Jackson and Freemen (when healthy) are a great combo inside, I have been really impressed with the play of Walden and Werner ( the last 3 games) on the outside and it all starts up front, if those guys aren't playing great, the rest of the unit...... won't. It's about every guy, doing their job and doing it well. Guys stepping up.....Francois,Brown, Gordy and today Newsome, who has looked the part. Jackson led the way with 7 tackles........Werner,Redding, Francois and Kerr had the sacks. And Manusky deserves a lot of credit, as well, this defense is playing lights out and he has got them playing dominating defense Special teams: McAfee is a complete specialist...kickoffs-punting- on side kicks and lets not forget, the best tackling punter (ever), Adam has yet to miss and what the heck, we are on a roll, 5 straight wins, just leave Whalen in there. Next up, the Steelers ps- I am usually on top of career records,etc, I didn't realize how close Reggie is to becoming the #2 all time career reception leader, he only needs 63 more catches to replace Marvin at #2 , only behind Jerry Rice.....a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!
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    OK So for those of you , like me, who live vicariously through other fans who go to games .. I am giving this report of my day at the Colts versus Niners! When we arrived at the stadium I was so glad to see the weather was perfect! Being in the Bay Area you never know. You can drive 10 miles one way and go up or down 10-15 degrees! The stadium parking lot was full by 10 am of people tail gaiting , I have to say I was shocked to see that being the game was hours away. After we parked ( and remember I went with decked out niner fans) there were a few people who saw me and my husband get out of the car say " OH heck NO".. but they soon came over and said hi. Again I was surprised. The theme from most fans I kept hearing after they taunted in fun was " I really like Andrew Luck! I have never hated the Colts.." Believe it or Not Raider fans said similiar. It was quite a hike to get to the stadium then our seats but we had some pretty good seats. Jerry Rice was out running the field showing off all his talent lol Another surprise for me, that stadium is LOUD! All you blue people in Indy, you need to step it up! I can't even imagine how loud the Seahawks is if they are the loudest in the league... Candlestick is LOUDDDD! Most fans around us were nice and * chatted it up with my " Chatty Kathy" hubby... toward the end when the Colts were whooping on em you could hear fights in the stands behind us but didn't seem like it got physical.. while leaving most people were humble but again you had a few drunks trying to taunt Colts fans and all of us quickly got on board to stop it ( only to find out the Colt fan being harassed is LAPD LOL) .... The guys were cool running back to the locker room stopping to say hi to the blue sea of fans waiting for a glimpse.. they got us pumped up and chanting " GO COLTS GO COLTS"" Overton ran up to the stands and shook hands and thanked everyone! The best part of this day is knowing that I have a lot of co workers who have to face me tomorrow and eat CROW!! I have been harassed about this game so much all while I sat n smiled maintaining my " Any given Sunday" attitude. The funniest part is my friend who drove told me early in the morning she said " I bought this hilarious card for you , I was cracking up! BUT you can't have it til after the game , until after yall lose"... SO guess who has a card for a souvenir.. she never gave it to me! LOL I kept telling her " Don't talk smack til after the game!" lol After the game we went to the visitors exit gate and met several players. Trent, Vini, Heyward, Luck ( from a distance) Mathis and many others were hanging out .. Matt Overton came out and when he realized I was someone from FB who helped his charity out in Cali he gave me a huge hug and thanked me for my help!! THAT made my day ! We got to talk to a few of the players and met Oliver Luck and Constanzo's family. They were so nice! I think I floated back to the car and the smile on my face has not left since the final score was posted
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    Humbling Experience Yesterday morning I awoke, knowing that I would be headed to the Annual Special Olympic Track Meet to cheer on several wonderful young men and women that I have come to know over the past 10 ~ 12 years. When I awoke, it was cold, misting of rain, and very dreary outside. I felt myself wishing that they would just “call it off”. I didn’t want to leave my nice warm cozy home to go out in the less than desirable weather…. I mean seriously, Who would..??? I arrived at the track and was met by so many smiling faces, HUGS, high-fives, and excitement from all the “special” young men and women I’ve seen every Monday evening for the past two months at practice. Quite a few of them got their events in, and were proudly displaying their Blue (first place) Red (second Place) Yellow (third place) or green (participant) Ribbons that they received for such events. To some the Blue and Red meant everything, while others were just as happy to have the green (participant) ribbons. Soon the downpour of rain came, we were all shuttled down under the bleachers, out of the rain, and safe from the thunder/lightning. For the next hour and fifteen minutes I was surrounded by many happy faces, great conversation, hugs and high-fives :highfive: with the athletes, and spending time with special people who have become my friends, one in particular named Eric, who competes in his wheelchair and absolutely melts my heart every time he smiles and struggles to get his words out. It turned out to be one of the best hour and a half I’ve spent recently. They made their own fun with what we had to work with. Soon it was announced that the weather was relentless, and showing no signs of letting up so the Meet was officially called “OVER” and the athletes were free to leave and go home…. Suddenly I was being asked numerous questions… “Does this mean I don’t get to do my Race” or “I didn’t get to do my race, can I still come to the Pizza Party in two weeks..??” or “Since I didn’t get to race, How can I qualify for the State Meet..??” and so on… Today, reflecting on the events that transpired, and remembering my wish yesterday that they “just call it off” and the question I asked myself about Who would want to leave their warm cozy home to “weather the storms” I realized I knew the answer all along…. It was a couple hundred Very Special People who look forward this weekend all year long…….. So yes, next year, the 4th Saturday in April I will be there once again to cheer on my favorite athletes, no matter the weather…..
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    Congratulations to our first We are Coltstrong photo winner. Mona Miller! From her kicks to her hat.......from her dog to her cat Mona is so Coltstrong, when she posts here we all get COLTSTRONGER! Check out the new Mona Coltstrong Gallery so you can see her entries. We're sending Mona a Coltstrong braclet, a superbowl xli lanyard and a Colts Key Chain. If you have photos or artword that show us what Coltstrong looks like, be sure to post them to the We Are Coltstrong gallery. We'll be giving colts stuff away all season! Reminders Drawing for tickets to the Packer game is still OPEN Winners! (remember winners, you must send us your mailing information if you want to receive your prize) Kick Off Poster Winners Caption This Winners Home Game Ticket Winners
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    It's that time of year again when I am suffering from football withdrawals and amuse myself by creating National Day blogs. Today is National Mother Goose Day. As a child, I only owned one book. It was a Mother Goose nursery rhyme book. The pages of that book became ragged as I read and reread those rhymes. That inquisitive child often questioned some of those rhymes which drove my mother nutz Let's take Humpty Dumpty. I would ask: Why was he sitting on a wall? And, if he took a great fall; doesn't that mean it was a very high wall?. How could the king's horsemen put Humpty together? Horses don't have thumbs and fingers. They have hooves. And, how dumb were the king's men to think that the horses could help? However, I now know that history tells us that Humpty was really a cannon used during the English Civil War. And, I don't even want to think about poor Jack and Jill.
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    As a life long Colts fan I understand that many fans want to keep the same classic look of the uniforms that we've always had. Just looking around the NFL it's obvious that some teams are constantly looking for new flashy ideas for their uniforms (seahawks, Bucs, Jags), while other teams such as the Colts, Packers, Raiders, etc. never show any plans to change their traditional look. In my opinion I don't see why the Colts can't "modern" our uniforms up a little bit. What I mean by that is not change up the color scheme or make them into a totally different look, but to just add a few things to not make us stand out with the teams with the "boring classic" uniforms. Here are a few of my ideas, the first is one that many fans have already suggested which is the blue pants. I think the blue pants would be a great addition to the home and away uniform but more for the away. The beauty of having them is we can bring them out whenever we want and it just adds an option to our look to switch it up every once and a while. But my main concern is for the jerseys. Looking around the NFL the colts are almost the last team in the league to not have our name or team emblem somewhere on the jersey. I just think it's kind of strange how there's nothing on the jersey to state what team it is. This could be added very easily by simply putting "colts" in small lettering on the chest of the jersey above the numbers. Another idea would be to somehow add a horseshoe on the sleeves of the jerseys without getting rid of the traditional stripes. I also think slightly changing the font of the numbers and adding a glimpse of grey into the color scheme wouldn't be a bad idea for details on numbers and pants etc. I believe that jersey sales will increase not just because its a new jersey that colts fans feel pressured to buy but also increase among the sales around the country. For example; lets be honest a ten year old kid in Florida is a lot more likely to buy a Marshawn Lynch jersey than an Andrew Luck jersey simply because it looks "cooler" in the eyes of a young kid. So I believe that would make are jerseys look more appealing from a sales side to people all around the country that don't necessarily have Indiana ties. I'm not promoting the idea of wanting to gain a lot of band wagon fans but there's nothing wrong with being a more relevant, popular team. My overall my main point of this blog is to see if other colts fan agree with my idea to modern up the jerseys a little bit without losing that traditional look that we all love.
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    QB: Can't play much better than Luck has to this point, #1 in the NFL in attempts, completions, yards and TD's (#7 in rating) and is on pace to break, or at least threaten the all-time yearly marks in all of those categories (-) there have been a few questionable throws and at times, hasn't looked sharp, but I guess that's life in the NFL and in year #3, is already considered one of the best in the NFL RB: Both Richardson and Bradshaw, if nothing else, will give you 100%, every time their number is called, both have been productive running and maybe even moreso, catching the ball, they are both right around 400 yards rushing for the year, Bradshaw (4th in the AFC in TD's) is on pace to shatter the NFL record for TD receptions from a RB, Herron has played well, when he has got reps (-) there have been a few turnovers, but nothing to be concerned about, sometimes you just have to go down, whether it's lack of confidence in the line or.......the oft referred to, balanced attack, hasn't been very balanced TE: Allen and Fleener have both played great, Allen is becoming one of the best and most complete TE's in the league and Fleener is always going to be a matchup problem for defenses and a great complimentary player, because they are both quality receivers, their individual numbers won't compare to other TE's , on teams that don't have the endless options this team has. Doyle is valuable backup, who is very versatile (-) Fleener has had issues hanging on the the ball, at times-lately, he has done a better job WR: Hilton has become the man/ghost, Reggie is still Mr dependable and far from done, Nicks has been seldom needed and Whalen is just insurance and gets few reps, Moncrief is probably going to get more and more reps, as the season goes on and will team with Hilton, in the future to be a dynamic duo. Hilton is 3rd in the AFC in receptions (1 behind Sanders) and 2nd in yards. OL: The biggest question mark, entering the season, has been up and down (more up) there has been the usual turnover, due to injuries and a revolving door, at Center. Castonzo and Cherlious have played at a high level, Harrison seems to be settling in at Center, Mewhart has not been overmatched (as a rookie). The hope is that they remain healthy and the same 5 can finish out the year and should get better, as the year goes on (-) Luck, as he has since entering the league, gets hit way too often, the pass blocking, seems to be better, than the run blocking, but at times, they have been good and not so good, at both Summary: #1 in the NFL, in total yards,passing yards and scoring and considering the non balanced attack, a respectable 14th in rushing. Luck is playing great, has multiple weapons at every position, if the line stays healthy and gets better......the sky is the limit! they are the best in the league, at this time and there is plenty of room to grow. The friendly fire (turnovers and penalties) is a little more than is wanted, but they will always play hard and fight and more often, than not, can overcome those mistakes.
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    Okay, that was not a good showing by our Colts, or at least the far backup Colts. The first half was not entirely bad for the Colts EXCEPT for the 107-yard kickoff return touchdown by Goodwin. Special teams needs major improvement. The starters played well which is what is the most important. No devastating injuries. The starters were winning the game until the third string and further came in. We had some good stops in the red zone early on but midway through the second quarter the team full of third string and beyond began to collapse to a 44-20 loss. Let's break down each category for the Colts: Quarterback The Colts were outplayed entirely in this category. Luck did not play much but was 4 of 6 for 51 yards and had a drive ended thanks to a Fleener fumble. Hasselbeck then came into the game after a fumble recovery by the Colts. Hasselbeck was 4 of 8 for 75 yards with one touchdown but also was picked on a tipped pass. Harnish came in for the rest of the game and was a horrible 14 of 33 for 109 yards and was picked for a touchdown. Manuel played longer but was unstoppable. He was running wild over the defense and also was 16 of 21 for 107 yards and a touchdown on passing. Jeff Tuel who I honestly never heard was 19 of 23 for 212 yards and two touchdowns. It's preseason though and the bad statistics will most likely not see playing time during the regular season. Runningback Ballard had three carries and 18 yards on the ground. Spiller opened up the game on two straight carries for 35 yards but only had one more yard on two carries. Brown actually looked good with three carries for 10 yards but had a 22 yard catch. Kerwynn Williams led the team in rushing with four carries and 21 yards. So the Bills beat the Colts in this category too. Receiving What we learned from this game is that T.Y. Hilton is a beast and has definitely helped his drops. The catch he made looked like the catch Marvin Harrison made which was almost ten years ago. We got somebody special in Hilton and he is the receiver taken from that draft. Griff Whalen had three catches for 26 yards, Fleener had two catches for 37 yards but had a fumble, and Mr. Irrelevant Justice Cunningham had a 17 yard grab. Though, the Bills outplayed them here too. The Bills actually outplayed the Colts in pretty much every statistical category, or at least the backups did. The starters outplayed the Bills' starters. Defense A Colts player actually led in a statistical category, tackles. Delano Howell had six tackles in the game. Caesar Rayford a sack-fumble which Daxton Swanson picked up for a 72-yard touchdown. The early defense had some good stops but the second half defense was pitiful to watch. The starting defense did not even allow any points and recovered a fumble. We also didn't have Landry, Freeman, Angerer, McNary, and Werner playing. The Bills intercepted two passes and had one more sack than the Colts. Special Teams Kicking and punting was excellent but coverage on kickoff has a lot to be desired. Goodwin had over 160 yards on two kick returns. That needs to be fixed if they want to win games. Pat McAfee was good averaging 43.6 yards per punt and Vinatieri drilled a 44-yard field goal and a 25-yard field goal. Kick returning was another issue. Kerwynn Williams starting out well with a long return on his first returns but had two returns returned not past the ten yard line. If you want efficient returning, you need to get past the 20 yard line. There's always next week. Let's put this game behind and win the important games during the regular season. Every winning season we had for the most part we had a losing record in the preseason. The Lions went 4-0 in the preseason and then lost every game in the regular season. So, if we have a losing record in the preseason but a winning record in the regular season, and I speak for pretty much everyone, we're happy. Besides, it's not the players in the regular season that lose games, it's the 4th string players that lose games in preseason that end up not making the team.
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    With most of the other 31 teams in the NFL keeping the course of the "copycat" with them all trying to mimic the aerial attacks of today's most prolific passing offenses, coach Pagano (and a small list of others) still believes in using the basic fundamentals of success used in the past: "Running the ball and stopping the run." Many would call it "old school," but if we look at the history of SB winners, that term would hardly fit the bill. With teams like the Patriots, Broncos, and Saints all being the current "flavor of the month" as far as fielding high octane offenses, it's the teams that practiced the "old school" principles of the game who went the furthest in the post season. Baltimore was not a sexy pic to win the SB by any of the "experts" yet they are the current defending SB champs. Even now the biased east coast media's "love affair" with Brady and the Pats continues as they are the early favorites to represent the AFC in next year's SB along with the Broncos. For the past 5 years, the black and blue division of the AFC North has been one of the more dominant divisions in football with the Steelers, Ravens, and now Bengals added to the mix of playoff contenders. What do these three teams all have in common? They are all "old school." When you look at the 2013 Colts coach Pags and Ryan Grigson are putting together, you will see them resemble teams like the Steelers and Ravens more and more as the years go on. Good, strong defense, smash mouth offense. Yet it's on the offensive side of the ball where this team can really stand apart. The Colts remind me of the Niners during the Montana era. That team was solid on both sides of the ball even though the Niners were known more for their high-powered offense over anything else. That being said, coach Pagano and GM Ryan Grigson believe in the fundamental approach that the game of football was built on. That battle has always and will continue to always be won or lost at the games' most crucial point of attack: "The line of scrimmage." Any true NFL fan who's a student of the game knows that you don't have to look far to find examples of what has been the most successful approach to winning in the postseason vs that of the regular. We are all familiar with the term: Offense wins games, but defense wins championships. I can't think of a better example of this than the 2000 Ravens. A defense like that can allow you to win the biggest game of the year with a QB who had less talent than most backups in the league. Trent Dilfer was a "game manager." That's just another way of saying "A QB who doesn't lose games for you." Those type of QBs only thrive on teams who run the ball more than they pass it, or only pass it when they have to. Andrew Luck is light years ahead of what Dilfer would have ever been and he's better than most of today's starters now. Giving a QB of his caliber a solid running game and a good defense is down right scary when you think about it. That's why it's easy to get extremely excited about the Colts this year. Regardless of what the critics say and who Vegas dubs the "sexy pics" for this year's SB contenders, the Colts will be in the mix and are poised for a deep run into the post season for 2013.
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    I have heard it said and even said it myself, more than once, this team cannot beat the big boys, we beat up on our lowly division foes and struggle vs the rest of the league, then I thought ....we have won some of those games, so I did some research, these are the results, each year vs teams that made the playoffs-that year: 2012: beat the vikings 23-20 beat the packers 30-27 lost to new england 59-24 lost to houston 29-17 beat houston 28-16 Colts:122- opp:151 Luck's rookie year and a very stripped down team- beating anybody would be considered a plus, we started out beating the first 2 playoff teams we played, had our annual rout vs the p***'s, then split with houston....pretty good start, even more impressive considering the state of the roster. The point differential was a bit one sided, but the new england game had a lot to do with that. 2013: lost to the dolphins 24-20 beat san fran 27-7 beat seattle 34-28 beat the broncos 39-33 beat the chiefs 23-7 Colts:143-opp:99 Luck's second year, more was expected and delivered, a close loss the dolphins, then a very impressive stretch vs 3 of the best teams in the league and several games weren't even close games. The point diff. was heavily in our favor 2014: lost to the broncos 31-24 beat the ravens 20-13 beat the bengals 27-0 lost to the steelers 51-34 lost to new england 42-20 lost to dallas 42-7 Colts:132-Opp-179 (last 3: 61-135) Luck's 3rd year, even more was expected and it started out good, a close loss to the broncos and then 2 more wins.................this is when it started going backwards, 3 straight routs and we have yet to recover. The point differential was heavily against us and even moreso, in those routs. I really don't know if it really means we have regressed, but it sure seems that way. From the start-up to those 3 routs our record was 9-4, take away the new england loss and then one vs houston, we were 7-2, with those 2 losses by a total of 10 points...pretty stout, in my opinion, then.....? It really doesn't make much sense, to come out of the gates, with a depleted roster, full of rookies and free agents and have that much sucess, follow that by an even better year #2, then follow that by starting out year #3, on a roll, then just lose it! The play this year has somewhat magnified that trend, by a slow start. Many have opinions on what's wrong, but if Pagano is the problem, we would have struggled every year, he has been here since the beginning. If it's Hamilton and/or Manusky, again, we would have struggled , each year. We have had sucess with all of those pieces in the mix (Hamilton came in year #2). It does appear, that the probable cause is the roster talent and the decisions made by Grigson have sent this team backwards, I did 2 blogs highlighting Grigson's drafts and free agent signings, the year #2 draft was almost non existent on a talent level and even year #3, wasn't that good. It does appear that those weak drafts and lack of enough significant free agents making an impact has made the overall talent level weaker...not better. I also know there are plenty of ways to view this and it could be any of several factors...but in my opinion, it does look like Grigson has not made the team better, that is his job, he has made it worse and the results do seem to indicate that. The draft is the best way to improve your roster, with the yearly additions to the talent level and then hitting on some key free agents, without those additions, the overall talent takes a hit and if the free agents, don't pan out.......you are in trouble. I mentioned a few times recently that we are only a few really good players away from competing with the big boys (again) I know it's hindsight, but what if...... We pick an impact player in the first round, instead of Werner in 2013 We don't trade for Richardson and get an impact player in the first round 2014 We get an impact player in the first round in 2015 and not another WR Do you think the talent level would be better? Very much so Do you think the team would still be struggling? Maybe-prob not..........................
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    Have to start with the obvious, this has nothing to do with Phillip Dorsett, I think he is going to be a very good player in the NFL, has rare speed and athletic ability and is a game changer, but there were a handfull of players who I feel were just as good that were sitting there who would have filled major needs, a DT and a lights-out Safety, to mention 2, I really don't care how many reps he gets this year, which probably isn't going to be a lot, as they say there is only 1 football....Hilton-Johnson-Moncrief-Carter-Fleener-Allen-Gore-Herron-Ballard, no such thing as too many good players, but the idea is for all of them to produce. I may be over reacting a tad, but this 1 decision has given me some doubts about whether Grigson is going to be good enough to get the job done, his job is to make this team the best he can and that decision is not going to make this team as good next year as those other options, he has signed a lot of older players with the goal that seems to be, make a run this year, go all out, yet, he takes the #1 pick, which is the key to the entire off season, a pick that should instantly make the team significantly better and adds talent to the deepest position on the team. I have heard the response, best player available, too good to pass up, what else is he going to say, those are just covering the obvious and that kind of mindset, attitude and hard-headedness is not going to cut it, this year is critical for him and the team, going forward and even though the draft as a whole and the free agents were good, that 1 decision took the team...backwards. Just to add...Dorsett is almost a carbon copy of Hilton, who we got with a 3rd round pick and that is where most of the ratings had Dorsett, I can't help but think of the Richardson deal, that has been a major embarrasment, he seems to make his mind up on a player and there is nobody on the planet that is going to change his mind and he is going to take that player.....good or bad, we better all hope that this trend doesn't continue. Maybe what needs to happen is for him to step down and be the director of scouting, his does have the ability to judge talent, on a certain level, just not sure he sees the big picture....clearly or really understands what it takes to maximize all of the options available. A look at the draft picks: 1. Phillip Dorsett-WR- Miami- 5'10-195-4.2 explosive and dynamic WR, had the 2nd fastest time at the combines, named top WR at the Sr. bowl, has return experience, averaged 24.2 yds/catch and 10 Td's last year highest rating: #8 WR (2nd rd.) ....average rating #10 (3/4th rd.) 2. D'Juan Smith-CB- Florida Atlantic-5'11-190-4.3 physical and aggressive CB with very good speed, had 7 interceptions as a Jr and was Defensive MVP and All-conference, has return experience high: #6 CB (2nd rd.).....average: #14 (3/4 rd.) 3. Henry Anderson-DL-Stanford-6'6-294-4.8 versatile lineman can play anywhere along the line, strong vs the run and as a pass rusher, had 8.5 sacks as a Sr. and was All-conference high: #7 DE (3/4 rd.)..avg:#9 (3/4 rd.) 4. Clayton Geathers-S-C. Florida-6'2-218-4.5 big,hard hitting, productive S ,understand the game- a coach on the field, All conference as SR, compared to Brian Dawkins high: #10 S (5/6 rd.)..avg: #13 (5/6 rd) 5. David Parry-DT-Stanford-6'1-308-5.3 played beside #3 pick high: #20 DT (7th rd)..avg: #22 (7th rd) 6. Josh Robinson-RB-Mississippi St.-5'9-217-4.5 powerfull and productive inside runner, very good all around talent as runner-blocker-receiver, 1203/6.3 avg as a Sr and 6.2 avg for his career, nick named bowling ball for his short thick build, compared to Maurice Jones-Drew, had tough childhood, raised by grandparents until they passed away (age 12) high: #15 (4/5 rd)...avg: #17 (5/6 rd) 7. Amarlo Herrera-ILB-Georgia-6'1-247-4.8 very productive LB, top tackler on team last 2 years. good vs pass, played well at East/West gm high: #4 ILB (6/7 rd)...avg: #10 (7/free agent) 8. Denzell Good-T-Mars Hill-6'7-320 very big player from a very small school that even Mayock never heard of lol summary: I like most of these players and alot of holes were filled, can't help but think about how good it could have been with a difference maker at #1, at a position of need. Seems like from what I have read and heard, most of these guys are blue collar, tough, very passionate about football guys, the kind of players who don't always look good (on paper) but play good (on the field) which is overlooked by many in the NFL (in my opinion), ironic that most of the players were picked a round earlier than their avg grades. Dorsett- he is going to get reps, so somebody else will be watching ( somebody very talented) the 2 D-lineman and the LB are that type, play hard for 60 minutes, never stop, make up for lack of elite skills, with intensity, the 2 Db's are aggressive players who will deliver a hit, I hope that Geathers has a little of that Sanders-like mentality, It's going to be hard for Robinson to make this team, but sure would love to see that happen, at this time I would say that was a very solid draft and hopefully a few years from now, we will look back and say...... a very good draft ( that could have been great)
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    The Big Boss Man!! Man I love Luck but the Big Boss man which I'm now giving that name to is, CORY REDDING!!! He Pumps me up!!! I literally watch every Colts highlight from all Colts videos from everywhere and this guy is Big, Tall, and when I need to be refreshed he gives me a big glass of WATER and refreshes me !!!! I'm not sure if I've heard much about this guy around but this guy besides Luck has got to be keeping this team pumped up!!! I wish I could put up every link I could on this guy pumping the team up but would take to long. This guy has got to be one of the best additions to this team in a long time for me. Well I just want to give my recognition to the man I now call- THE BIG BOSS MAN!!! Coltsince4 http://youtu.be/VXNpnRMrQh4 http://www.colts.com...fd-ca3c2dd54273
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    Congrats on Peyton and the third Super Bowl that he is going to in NY. Hope that he wins it. As this could be his last game. As hope that if it is, he will ride off into the sunset! Like his boss and friend, John Elway did back in the late 1990s! Good luck Peyton!
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    The further you go in the playoffs, the more important playing your A-game becomes and the more important turnovers become, with that said, that was not the A-game and the turnovers...can't happen. The ongoing digging a hole, shooting yourself in the foot and thinking , you can always come back, also doesn't usually work, deep in the playoffs. Was very impressed with the recievers and how they stepped up, the offense was good, the running game was a non-factor, hard to have a running game when you are playing catchup, the O-line played hard and did the best they could .....have to add, cannot believe Luck threw 6 interceptions and I'll leave it at that The Jekyl and Hyde defense, did not show up....stopping the run and running the ball, we hear that all the time, this defense at times, looks very good and other times, looks over matched (bigtime) The special teams, that was inconsistent all year, played another very good game bottom line: turn the ball over-go home I still view this as a very successfull season, would it have been different with Reggie-Allen-Ballard-Bradshaw-Thomas-Toler? Sure, but that can be said for most teams. Give them credit for making it as far as they did, this team is close, doesn't have many holes to fill. I will break down each position at some point...the game is won,or lost, in the trenches and it's no secret, that both the offensive and defensive lines, need serious upgrades
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    Now, I understand that Trent Richardson is only 4 weeks new to the Colts offense. The problem is that we have a star Running Back that is being used for blocking schemes and diversions. This guy was drafted 3rd overall and put up big rushing numbers and TD's last year for a failing Cleveland Browns team. This was a big trade for the Colts organization that can propel them to another level, when it comes to being a Super Bowl contending offense. This gives the Colts a better opportunity to manage the clock, control the tempo of the game, and keep momentum on our side. I know there is much more to any team than the offense but truth be told, we have not seen a good run game since Edgarrin James. Our team cannot continue to rely on the arm and smarts of Andrew Luck and the wise veteran play of Reggie Wayne. This team needs to bolster its offensive line's run blocking ability and work closely with the young and upcoming players such as T.Y Hilton, Trent Richardson, Coby Fleener, Darius Heyward-Bey, and many others that have shown the ability to play effectively in our offense. My point to all this is simple. Its extremely important to have a run game that can slow the game down for Andrew Luck to develop plays and get the opposing defense confused and always guessing. Get T. Richardson involved by giving him more plays up the middle, stretch outside, and screen passes out of the backfield to open up our playbook. We have the players needed to create lanes in the run game and T. Richardson is more than capable of catching out of the backfield. Lets get our head in the game and stop playing from behind or relying on the arm of Andrew Luck. We did that for many years with Peyton Manning (except with Edgarrin James, but we had a defense that could not stop the old defeated Buccaneers from 1976) and it took 8 years to finally win a Super Bowl. Lets figure this out and make the improvements where needed and take some pressure off our 2nd year Quarterback!
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    Still trying to figure this last month out I know Reggie's injury is part of it and the rest of the guys are I.R are taking a toll, but ..................... The defense is only missing a few parts and that's a normal, every week scenario in the NFL, but they are being shredded, can't stop the run or pass The special teams have been going down hill The offense is a complete mess, Luck hasn't even looked that good, can't say their is no running game, because there never is when you are getting blown out It "looks" like a team that is clueless....not even sure they would be favored in the NCAA, at this point It "looks" like a team that is not prepared and/or has very little talent, I never thought a Pagano coached team would like this bad and other than the players on I.R, it's the same group that beat some of the leagues best teams, so it can't be lack of talent. All teams have off weeks, but not sure I can recall a team that played so well, look this bad and it is very bad, it's not a few plays, or parts of the team looking bad, it's a complete-overall lack of productivity and execution I keep hanging my hat on those few games when they seemed to play complete team football as a reason to stay positive, but this has been going on too long, I prefer to be realistic. There has to be something very critical to playing sound football, that is lacking, I have not figured out, what that is. Last week I mentioned just get into the postseason and .............you never know The play of this team the past month gives no reason to believe they can win another game....but there are plenty of mediocre teams in this league, so it is possible I am hoping whatever it is that is lacking, can be turned around, there is enough talent and I do think Pagano is a very good coach, so ..we will see how the rest of the year developes?
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    The drawing for 2 tickets to the Browns @ Colts preseason game is now open! Click here to enter Congratulations to our first winner of the season jaminboy13 won the tickets to the Bills game
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    There has been a lot of speculation on what the 2013 Luck led Colts offense will look like this year. With Bruce Arians in Arizona now fresh off his coach of the year campaign, blue nation has been wondering what his replacement will bring to the boys in blue on offense. New OC Pep Hamilton ran one of the most dynamic schemes as Stanford's head coach last year, as did the man he replaced there in Jim Harbaugh the year before he left Stanford. Under Bruce Arians, the Colts featured the long ball as the staple of the offense. so what will Hamilton bring to the mix? When asked if he would be running a west coast offense similar to that of Stanford in his first interview as a member of the Colts staff, Pep said that the Colts will be running what he called a "no coast" offense. That statement has a lot of people guessing at what that would compare too. If there is any team in the league that I think gives a good example to reference on what a scheme like this would look like, we need look no further than the 49ers. For all intent and purposes, the Niners run a multi-headed monster that "morphs" into the scheme it needs to be in in order to exploit the weaknesses of it's opponents from week to week, and even quarter by quarter at times. One game you could see Kaepernick throw for 300+ yards through the air. Another week you could see the Niners deploy Frank Gore and a power running attack that bludgeons it's opponents to death for 170 yards on the ground. Or a game in which Kaepernick uses his legs out of the read option and beats you with both his running and his arm. Although Andrew Luck is not the speed demon that Colin Kaepernick is, he still possesses enough wheels to give opposing defenses something else to worry about. Hamilton said in a recent interview that the Colts offense had no limits and even mentioned the possibility of using some read option sets. That comment somehow has caused quite a stir from some Colts fans that I would classify as just down right "paranoid." The quote in question reads: "There's nothing we can't do. We can incorporate some pistol concepts, which is kind of a trend, an 'en vogue' thing in the league right now. Everybody's talking about the QB option, the QB read game, the QB pistol, the pistol components that we can run. But, we'll be smart. We'll be judicious in how much we expose Andrew to taking additional hits." Nowhere in this statement did Pep say that the read option would become a staple of the Colts offense, yet it seems to be taken that way by more than a few fans here in Indy. When I read this, my initial reaction was that Hamilton wants to employ sets on offense that will keep opposing defenses on their toes. The best way you do that is to be able to "morph" as an offense into sets that constantly create mismatches on the defenses you face. If you can consistently create mismatches, you can keep opponents from figuring out what to do against you. Advantage offense. Describing a "no coast offense" would literally mean an offense with "no limits" in what you will see from it. The Colts on that side of the ball should be fun to watch, and a force to be reckoned with this year.
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    No record setting passing stats, no incredible runs, no game changing plays on defense (almost was) just 60 minutes of solid team football. Got to start off with that unit (special teams) since I had planned on not mentioning them again, the rest of the year, they made the game changing play.............Hilton's 75 yd punt return TD, the first for the Colts since 2007 (T.J.Rushing).... a very good game for the coverage units vs one of the leagues best returners and a big game for McAfee, who was singled out as a guy who needed to step up......and did. Wasn't too excited when we traded away (another ) draft pick to move up and draft Hilton, who became the first Colt to catch a TD pass and score on a return, in the same game, but he is really making a name for himself and becoming more of a threat, each game. Reggie led the way (8-102), Luck had a solid game, the O-line took a step backwards, the running game, was adequate. The defense, did enough.........Freemen is back........had a monster game with 16 tackles and a sack, Mathis added another sack and Zbikowski made the ALMOST game changing play with an interception, before fumbling it right back to the Bills, the key stat....4/13 in third down defense. What happened to Angerer??????? who was not even credited with "1" tackle????? That leaves us with a 7-4 record, alone in 5th place for the playoff seed, 1 game ahead of the Bengals and 2 vs the rest of the pack ( leaving the Ben-less Steelers out of the mix) next up the Lions, who despite their un-impressive 4-7 record, have as many big time players on offense as about any team around
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    When the score is 59-24, you have to look really hard to find some positives, but they are always there and you have to say, after every 2-3 plays, you are never as bad as you look when you lose........... Luck had a pretty good game, but he did look like a rookie, as he has ( a few times) that's expected, the running game was good (119 yds-5.0 avg) not as good as it has been, that's what happens when you are the team trying to catch up and keep pace. Ballard had a good game (16-72) Hilton led the way with another 100 yd game (6-100-TD) his 3rd and the only rookie WR to have any this year, Allen (6-69) is getting more receptions with Fleener still out. The defense only gave up 38 points, the other 21 were returns, maybe still not a positive, Freemen was back after his 2 game break to lead the way with 12 tackles. I thought by now Angerer would be back to close to 100%, maybe not, he hasn't been making many tackles, are they running away from him, I doubt it, with a 3-4 scheme the 2 inside LB's should be somewhat even in tackles, for the most part. And that other group ( not so special teams) I think I will not even go there, the rest of the year, it's not looking too pretty. With that humbling loss, the Colts are still in 5th place in the playoff hunt, with the next 3 (win-able ) games vs Buffalo, Lions and Titans
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    Awesome I did not get to stay up for the whole game but did watch almost 3 quarters. They clicked on the field last night which was outstanding to see. Luck suprises me every game with his ability to take a hit, move his feet, and get back up to make a play. Thrilled with the drive this young team has to band together and strive to keep improving. I will say this however, Jacksonville did have some questionable calls that went in the Colts favor (I'm not positive Luck broke the plane and the Jacksonville catch that was over turned in our favor) either way it is what it is and The Colts stepped up on the road to bring home another victory. Defense great job sacking Gabbert 3 times and Henne once for a loss of 30 yards and keeping their rushing yards to less then 40. Great job Colts,ChuckStrong!!!! Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play
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    FIRE UP THE FANS = FIRE UP THE MONSTER Upload your original photo/artwork or photo of you, your crew, your fam, your pets, your ride, your house or what have you.....looking COLTSTRONG to the We ARE COLTSTRONG gallery Through out the season we'll be selecting winners from this gallery and sending them some Colts stuff from our prize closet. Upload as many times as you like and as usual, creativity counts. NEW! We have added a page that shows the most recent posts to the Game Day Forum. On game days, be sure to click the Game Day link in the Main Menu bar. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in moderating Game Day threads for all NFL games. If you are interested in being the one who creates the Game Day Threads (and closes the thread when the game is over), please message me. Our new home page is a good way to quickly see what's happening right now in the Coltstrong Community. Check it out. Reminders Our Chat room is open during all Colts games. Everyone is welcome The Caption This Contest to win an autographed Andrew Luck hat closes to entries on 9/3/12 The drawing for 2 tickets to the Colts home opener closes on 9/3/12.
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    For those that say 'preseason doesn't matter, I quote Mark Schlereth; "It may not COUNT, but it DOES matter. Many players get their starts because they got to shine in preseason, including myself." Quote ME on this: For a team that went 2-14 the year before, overhauled the coaching staff as well as most of the team, including the loss of future Hall of Fame QB and offensive genius Peyton Manning, has MANY rookies as starters, and has struggled to maintain a loyal fanbase...it DOES matter. You're going to tell me that preseason doesn't matter to this team? You're completely out of touch, and an occasional fan. It may not matter to you, but this is like watching your kids grow up, not just wanting to fast forward to them being 21 so you can go out for a beer. This is just the beginning of the Rise of The Blue Nation. If 'preseason doesn't matter, than you can sit down, while I rise with it."-The Legion
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    Certainly by now it's old news that the Colts have their quarterback of the future. Since it was determined that they would have the number one pick, and that Andrew Luck would be declaring for the draft, it was all but a foregone conclusion that Andrew would be that number one pick. Most -- if not all -- of us have read countless reports and analysis on Andrew's game, his collegiate career and his potential impact in the NFL. In other words, Colts fans should know by now what they're getting. As a Stanford student, I've had the opportunity to see Andrew play about a dozen times on the Farm over the past two seasons. However, there may be just a few more things about him which haven't been mentioned in the common reports and analysis. Andrew is not only a teammate and friend of undrafted Stanford/Colt wide receiver Griff Whalen, but the two were roommates as well. That familiarity probably contributed to Griff catching a team-high 56 passes from Andrew last season. Andrew threw 10 interceptions at Stanford last season (compared to 37 touchdowns). On nine of the subsequent possessions, he led the Cardinal on a touchdown drive Six degrees connection number one: Andrew is the fourth Stanford quarterback selected first in the NFL draft. The most recent (John Elway) was drafted by the Broncos -- now the home of Andrew's Colt QB predecessor, Peyton Manning. Andrew leaves Stanford as the record holder in the following categories: Most TD passes (82), total offense (10,387 yards), highest passing efficiency rating (162.8), highest completion percentage (67.0), most passing yards per attempt (8.9), most rushing yards by a quarterback (957), most wins by a starting quarterback (31), and highest winning percentage by a starting quarterback (.816). With his first NFL paycheck, Andrew may just buy a car. At Stanford, he is known for riding his bike around campus. Six degrees connection number two: It was former Colts' QB Jim Harbaugh who recruited Andrew to Stanford (while as head coach of the Cardinal). Despite Andrew's passing and rushing statistics, his single most memorable play at Stanford might perhaps be his 13-yard, one-handed reception while keeping in bounds against UCLA: Though I cannot personally confirm this, it would not surprise me it Las Vegas casinos had a weekly Andrew Luck "beard-or-no-beard" line on Saturdays during college football season. Six degrees connection number three: Last season Andrew won the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award; named after the former Colts' championship quarterback. He also was a finalist for the Manning award, which is named for former NFL quarterback Archie Manning and his sons, Eli and (former Colt) Peyton. Six Degrees connection number four: While Andrew finished second to Robert Griffin III in the 2011 Heisman Trophy balloting, he selected first in the draft by the Colts and Griffin was selected second by the Washington Redskins. Andrew was born in Washington D.C. On June 4, Andrew will graduate from Stanford with a degree in architecture. While I realize Lucas Oil Stadium is less than five years old, if renovations or adjustments were to be needed or requested, Andrew would be qualified to help design them (his aim with the architecture degree is to design sports facilities). There are undoubtedly more nuggets out there, so I'll leave it up to the reader of this blog to research and, perhaps, comment with their own. Something I can tell you all from my experience watching the Cardinal over the past couple of years, Colts' fans are in for a wonderful ride. ~ MKM The author of this blog is a Portland, Oregon native, Stanford student and now a Colts fan. She invites readers to comment and contribute their own perspective to what has been written.
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    Peyton Manning isn't going anywhere. The media love the idea of Peyton being traded or released as a "story", but it's a non-story because it's not going to happen. If Peyton can still play, he'll be a Colt. If he can't play, he'll retire, and gradually move into a role with the Colts as a consultant or QB coach, moving him toward being an Offensive Coordinator eventually, and maybe Head Coaching down the road if he wants to go that route. But he isn't getting released or traded. Jim Irsay is an owner who knows and understands his fan base.And he knows that Peyton Manning IS the Colts for fans here... and as GM, I'll keep it that way. People talk about Peyton Manning like he's part of their family, and if the Colts dumped him they would see a fan revolt like no other, and Irsay, my boss, knows it. Irsay wants Manning to retire a Colt, and what's more, Peyton wants that too. If any blockbuster trade is going to happen, it will be Luck or the #1 pick that gets traded, but don't even expect that. Expect me to draft Luck, keep Manning, and gradually transition younger across the board. But Peyton will go out when PEYTON wants to go out.... and on his terms. He, single handedly, has given us a Super Bowl, a new Stadium, and over ten years of excellence, fun, and excitement in Indiana... even bringing a Super Bowl to the City, indirectly (by all the accomplishments to make the Colts great, getting the new stadium, and so on). So, Peyton will be thought of number one... it is my turn as GM to be loyal to him, as he has been so loyal to us. He even gave us ways to get rid of him if we needed to... he INSISTED that be part of the contract.... something that could only hurt him, and help us. So we will return the favor. The cost of him has been FAR LESS than the value he has brought. So, we'll keep Peyton... even if that means trading Luck at some point (Let's say Peyton wants to play five more years... or more!), because he has always been so insightful on the field and will continue to be. If we can groom Luck, we will do so. If not, we will use him to build more around Peyton. But the key is this: If we want to keep our fans, keep our season ticket holders, and keep the last ten years special in our hearts forever --- we will stay with Peyton as long as he will let us and stay with us.
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    Being a new GM coming into Indianapolis there would be a significant evaluation time. First and formost I would have a sit down and evaluate each and every coach. In order for the team to grow and succed you need to lay out your plan for the future and make sure each coach is on board. If you find a coach that isnt qualified to help take the team in the direction you feel it is best to go, one of two things happen. I would have a meeting and lay all the cards on the table explaining what you would like to accomplish and try to get the coach on board. If that does not work, the coach would need to be replaced by someone on the same page as the GM. Second would be player evaluations. Be it contracts, health, and needs for the team to be competitive. Manning would be first on my list. In order to have an offensive leader, you must look heavily at Manning. A proven vet and team leader. Knowing what Manning can do on the field, the biggest obstical is his health. How does he look in practice and how do the doctors feel about his health. This will be a major deciding factor in who you draft and what positions in each round. Two outcomes will happen here. Either A. Manning is back to old form and is at 100% recovery or B. He is at 95% or cannot get back to old form. With each out come you msut decide what to do. A healthy Manning, if I were GM, would be our starting QB and draft a more raw prospect to learn under Manning loweer in the draft. If Manning cannot return and retires, I would draft Andrew Luck to replace Manning. Third, look at the vets with contracts ending. IE: Wayne, Mathis, Saturday. What do these player want in the way of a contract and money. I would let Wayne go. Mathis would be resigned. Saturday if he chooses to return would be resigned to a two year deal. Fourth... THE DRAFT! Alot will depend on Mannings health on how I would select in the draft. A healthy Manning will stay in Indy. But a QB would not be my first draft pick. My first darft pick would be a SS or CB. The defense has been on a downward spiral for years. The weakness lies in the secondary. Seal off WR and the guys such as Mathis/Freeney get pressure. That didnt happen on 2011. Second darft pick would be a back up QB to Manning. RG3?? Not sure yet. Would need to interview each potential canidate. Third draft pick would be an Offensive lineman. Fourth draft pick, special teams type player/WR Fifth, depending on who is left, ect.. This would be my starting point. Many things in the plan may change due to money, contracts, health, ect. Its a good starting point. With response to colt_fan: Alot is depending on Mannings health IMO. How many years do we think he can have playing at true Manning form. He could have another 5 solid years at quarter back. If that is the case, i dont think a person like Luck will sit that long. Now on the flip, drafting Luck could be smart incase Manning finds he cannot play up to par for years and only has 2 or less years of play left. In that case, you take Luck. I think he can sit for at the most 2 years. When the final evaluation comes for Manning and he is looking great.. solid passes short, medium, and long, putting the ball right where it needs to go, putting a real rip on the ball.. I feel taking a solid qb in the second round is the best option. One that can sit behind Manning and learn to be his replacement or to come in if he gets hurt. The Colts secondary this last year has proven weak. Taking a good CB or SS early will have an immediate positive. The colts also need to look at the FA more. Polian never seemed to look for filler or talent there. This need to be explored.
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    I've been quiet all season... Well, with the exception of tweeting with @TheBlueMare every game day. I've decided it's time to make my voice heard, on this site and hopefully will be heard on other media around the area. And maybe even by the Colts. After today's game against the New Orleans Saints, I've got to say this is not the same Colts team that has had me cheering and yelling so loud that I startle my sister and nephew, and make my mother proud. I've actually gone hoarse, sitting in my mother's living room, as if my voice can be heard downtown. I know it can't, and if I could attend games, I know that I would make myself heard. Today's game was proof once again, as each game this season has shown, that there is something way out of sync with our Horseshoe Warriors. All three phases have been affected, by what I'm not certain, but it seems to be deeply rooted and while we hold a lead in our own division, it's not what our team is only known for, and I must say it's also not what we need to make past the first game in the playoffs. On defense, blown coverages, soft coverage, and complete lack of follow through, to not being able to set a real edge consistently, our defense has been allowing other teams to run all over them. They're allowing an average of 24.5 ppg, 401.8ypg, and a total of 59 penalties for the season so far. These are stats we expect to see at the end of the season, not only 7 weeks in. And there is seemingly no improvement in sight, as they are really running out of "Next Men Up" players. If they can't get healthy, stay healthy and show consistent play, I don't see it getting any better before the postseason. On Offense, averaging 21ppg is usually not a bad thing, but with 13 out of 16 other AFC offenses scoring higher up to 3.66 points more per game, and the team being 3-4 after today, it's not looking good. Dropping passes, fumbling catches, and just not being where the pass is being thrown, or the QB not putting the ball in reach of the target, this is not the way to score points. Our offensive line has been through changes, and even mix-and-match shakeups, they're getting stronger and more consistent, but not on par with the expectations for the season, and today allowed our Franchise QB to get sacked four times. And speaking of our Franchise Quarterback, Andrew Luck has been a leader, and unshakable force until this season. After a less than stellar start, then having a shoulder injury and missing two games, his form has not been what it once was in the past two games back. His throws have not been the lasers we've come to expect, and all season his time to throw has been longer than normal. It's amazing what one second can do to a developing play, never mind 2 to 4. I'm not sure what's happening with Luck, but he's got to figure it out, because Clyde Christensen and Pep Hamilton don't seem to be helping him figure it out. On Special Teams, well, there's been some good days, some really good days, and some really really bad days. I know the blown fake punt just isn't going to go away anytime soon, as commentators are just having too much fun laughing at it. And today's volleyball-like onside kick didn't help, but mainly our Special Teams group seem to be just beginning to hit their stride. They are called the 4th Down Army for a reason, and whil Adam Vinatieri's reliable PAT and FG percentage is low for this point in the season (he's currently 28th in the league?), there's no reason to believe he will be anything but "Mr. Reliable" for the remainder of the season. Pat MacAfee is called "Boomstick" for a reason, and he proves that nickname is spot on week after week. Griff Whalen has finally started to become more aggressive in his kickoff and punt returns, garnering him some well deserved attention this season. The group as a whole seem to be coming together with the "One Team One Focus" mentality that the remainder of the team don't seem to have a handle on quite yet. I understand Coach Pagano is taking the brunt of the flack for the lack his team has been exhibiting, as a good leader should. But there are other leadership problems in the coaching staff, and they need to step up and take their fair share of the responsibility for not getting their squads truly prepared to face each team each week. Making certain your group is prepared for the team they're facing each week is the task, and it's not showing in the errors that are being made on the field week after week. So while Pagano is taking his fair share of the responsibility for his team, there is certainly enough to go around. There may be a fundamental chemistry issue with this team as well. It seems to me that there were some personnel changes early on that were a bit surprising to me personally. And usually, you hear about the players that come to Indianapolis to play for the Colts being referred to as "Horseshoe Guys". I'm not hearing that this season. I'm not seeing players grouping together to discuss plays, or sitting/standing together when not on the field. I see a lot of guys walking off by themselves, sitting by themselves. This is what the camera guys show so much of, and it's just not "normal" Colts behavior. All that being said, I'll stand by this team no matter what. I watched the Mayflower trucks roll into town and cheered. I watch and or listen to every game and cheer. Some day I hope to be able to attend games and cheer. I am a "Horseshoe" kind of gal, and really, truly, fervently hope that the Colts can pull it together, and quickly, as this season is not going to get any easier, and it's not as long as they think.
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    Congrats to the Jaguars Tickets winner!: Brandy Sue Monday The drawing for 2 tickets to Patriots @ Colts is now open. Click here to enter. You must be logged in to enter the contests. Joining the forum is free.
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    Where do people get this idea we are deep at receiver, besides the obvious, that being TY and Andre what proven commodity do we have at the position? Moncrief did the utmost with his time on the field but flashes are not guarantees. As for Duron he is a mystery inside an enigma wrapped inside a puzzle that is also inside a Jack in the Box, I'm still not sure about that place; some may say "he produce in the CFL"... ok, "well his dad is Cris Carter" your point being? All I'm trying to get at is this: there seems to be a blind faith in these young unproven receivers. I'll be the first to admit I was surprised by the pick who the hell wasn't? I did know one thing though, I loved it as well as the rest of the draft. I've learned one thing about this city of mine, Fickle and Pessimistic. Greg Doyel says he doesn't understand, good because if a sportswriter understood what our GM, or our team was thinking: then, yes then I would truly be worried. It is not you're job to understand Gregory what the team is thinking; your occupation consists of typing what you see don't think too much baby, it gives you wrinkles. To sum this up I hope everyone does their thing this year but I will really be pulling for Dorsett and Robinson. Go Indy. Go Colts.
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    Path To the Draft 2015: “Where Would Colts Be Now If Team Kept Hughes?” Prior to 2012 and the beginning of the Andre Luck era, the Indianapolis Colts had one of the league’s more potent pass rushing defenses in the league. That defense was led by cornerstones Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis as that tandem routinely caused havoc on opposing offenses with regularity on Sundays. As both players reached towards the end of their careers, the Polian regime started addressing the future of the position, particularly in drafting Jerry Hughes towards the end of the 2010 draft. Hughes’ short career started off slow as he barely saw the field playing behind stalwarts Mathis and Freeney. When Grigson and Pagano were brought on board to replace Polian and company, the question marks on Hughes and his future with the Colts were at the forefront of discussion as the front office looked to shed teams’ staple 4-3 defense in order to become the smash-mouthed replica of the “bully” new coach Chuck Pagano helped build in Baltimore. In spite of Hughes’ limited playing time, he was already deemed a bust by both fans and the new front office. This led to his eventual trade to Buffalo for LB Kelvin Sheppard (Remember him?), a rare player for player swap. A quick examination of the careers of both players will tell you who got the better end of the deal in this transaction. While Kelvin Sheppard has yet to register as a blip on the radar screen, Hughes has gone on to blossom into one the league’s better young talents at his position. Now under the guidance of new HC and Defensive guru Rex Ryan, Hughes very well may become one the leagues more feared DEs in the league. "This just in: I am really happy we signed Jerry Hughes back," Ryan said Wednesday, via Syracuse.com's Matthew Fairburn. "It's rare that you have to pull a guy from practice because he's ruining your practice. I had to pull him today." I’ve made it no secret that I’m a big fan of Grigson and the front office currently in place. But I’ll be honest and blunt here, I think Grigson blew on this one. The one thing that held Hughes back on the Colts is the one thing that happens to be the biggest reason why his career has taken off with the Bills: “Opportunity to play consistently.” No matter what position you play in the NFL, your biggest teacher and best experience is always going to come from being on the field and in the trenches at your position. Hughes was not allotted the necessary time to develop with the Colts into the player he is now with the Bills. Giving him “spot” or “situational duty” is not the way you develop him, nor is it for any other player for that matter. When young QBs are drafted to be the future franchise players of the teams who take them, they aren’t given spot duty either. They either start right away or they start after sitting for a year or two. Hughes had the unfortunate task of playing behind two possible future HOFers, and I believe without question this stunted his growth as a player. Now in Buffalo under Rex Ryan’s tutelage he has the potential to become a monster at a position that’s still an obvious need for the team that gave up on him. Years from now NFL talking heads and fans alike will revisit this topic whenever the subject comes up of “Where are they now” with relation to Hughes and Sheppard, especially when the post season arrives. More importantly right now, the trickle down effect can even be measured by looking at the up coming draft. Had the Colts kept Hughes, their draft day needs most assuredly change as far as priorities are concerned.
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    Defense has been the recurring theme amongst most Colts fans and NFL personalities as we draw nearer the upcoming draft. Most of the reasoning behind that being the team's innability to stop the run when it counts against the elite teams of the league. The image of LaGarrette Blount running wild against the Colts in the AFCCG in NE has been the latest rallying cry for why the team's primary focus should be on shoring up the defensive side of the ball. Still, the more prudent move might be for the team to solidify the future of the RB position by drafting such a talent as IU's Tevin Coleman. I know this isn't exactly a popular choice amongst the masses, but it just might be a move that could take the roof off of an offense that already has some pieces on it that will keep DCs up late at night for years to come. The only real weakness on the offensive side of the ball as far as skill position is at RB depth. Even though the addition of Frank Gore gives the team a bonified running threat they haven't had since Edgerrin James, there are legitimate question marks behind him. If Gore goes down at any point in the season for an extended time I'm not sure I'm willing to trust any of the current backups to carry the load. Are you ready to trust Vick Ballard and Boom Herron? Even with both being healthy, none of them have the type of home run ability that Coleman brings to the table. Not only does Coleman have good vision and great hands, he also has legitimate 4-3 speed. What's even more remarkable is that Coleman played through a broken toe on his right foot. IU running backs coach Deland McCullough said "Coleman left some yards on the field due to the injury" and that could have made him the top rushing back out of college. The fact is Coleman is the type of talent that won't be around in the second round when the Colts pick at 61. The Patriots have scheduled a meeting with him as we speak (You don't want to see him go there do you?). After putting on an impressive show at his recent pro day, Coleman has put himself on the radar for several teams including the Colts. There is really only one player (Based on need mind you) in this year's draft I would take over Coleman in the 1st round if he were available and that player would be Safety Landon Collins due to the obvious team need at the position. However Collins most likely won't be their when the Colts pick as he will probably end up in Pittsburgh especially now that all world Safety Troy Palamolu has retired.
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    Congrads on another division title...That's 4 wins in a row, we hear how teams that get on a roll at the end of the year, often carry that momentum into the postseason and how it's very hard to win in this league and last week, how we will never apologize for getting a win,but.............we also hear how, we need to be playing our best football in December and January...I hope hoping that despite this current wining streak, that is not our best football Offense: very pedestrian numbers for the #1 rated offense, did Luck (18-34-187) only play the first half? That is his usual halftime stats, Hilton (4-50) was the top receiver, Reggie continued to struggle, still don't know why is in there, he did become #1 on the all-time Colts games played list, which is quite an honor, but said he doesn't play for records, I know there is a very fine line, but there are plenty of other weapons and he is not complimenting the offense playing like that, sit him down and let him get healthy for the postseason. Nicks got more reps and made some nice catches and a TD, Allen added a TD. The running game looked ok, with the 2 backs totaling 92 yds, most of those coming in the eat-up-the-clock drive at the end of the game and actually looked great on that 1 drive....278 total yds and 2/12 on 3rd downs Defense: the numbers were solid, although the texans played a good part of the game with a rookie QB, who has never played a down in the NFL. Jackson lead the way with 10 tackles,Freeman added 9. Solid game for Werner, with 6 tackles and was at the right place, at the right time, several times. I thought there was more than 1 sack, but only saw Jean-Francois being credited for one. The hit-or-miss sack/pressures wasn't all that good today. Special teams: Adam hit on his only attempt, McAfee and the coverage units were their usual-excellent Next up: the cowboys...the 2 biggest items of focus-turnovers and penalties continued...the winning streak is nice, the division title is great, but there are a lot of things that need to get fixed, in the next few weeks...this team will always have a chance with Luck and the powerhouse offense, a solid defense and outstanding special teams, but do go deep in the postseason, they have to play a lot better, than they have showed ...lately
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    A bit of an off day for Luck, he only completed passes to 7 different receivers, seriously he continued to dominate (32-49-312-TD), the offense is clicking on almost all cylinders, the reason I say almost, is because they can be even better. Hilton led the way (9-90), really glad to see Allen (4-59-TD) getting more reps, we have alot of weapons at WR, both RB's are good out of the backfield, but Allen and Fleener can really create mismatches and everyone is talking about Allen being the next great TE. Richardson and Bradshaw both ran good and ran hard ( 105 total yards) the results have been very good, but those 2 guys give 100% everytime their number is called. Funny how things evolve (more on that later) We here all off season how Holmes is the guy, the center of the future, he gets nicked up, Harrison steps in, he gets nicked up, Shipley is signed and starts for 4 games and O-line played great, we hear that he is staying there (if it ain't broke-don't fix it) today Harrison starts???? the results were pretty much the same (although there was a couple hiccups). 422 total yards and a commanding 39-21 edge in time of pocession. Haven't really mentioned the job Cherilus and Castonzo have done, left tackle in the NFL is near the top of the list for have-to-have, they face the opponents best pass rusher-every game and most teams in this league, have at least one, and he has played very good/great and even though Cherilus doesn't always have that same type of every game challenge, it's still a tough assignment. Although he did have the few hiccups, a great job by Harrison at another vital position Defense: Doesn't get alot of respect (yet) but have really played very well, the pressure has been alot better. With Jones,Freemen and Landry missing time and now Mathis, out for the year, they need to collectivly step up, some players have and some haven't. Jean Francois has really done a good job filling in for Jones, Redding has shown he isn't quite ready to be looked over. WERNER has FINALLY arrived, been waiting a looooooong time for him to make an impact and today, he did that, with 2 sacks, several more near misses, 2nd with 6 tackles and a knockdown!!! Freemen picked right back up where he left off, leading the team with 7 tackles. As I mentioned before ( how things work out) Landry was signed before last season and was suppossed to be a force, he hasn't been, Howell was penciled in as Betheas replacement, he gets hurt, Adams is brought in, for insurance, the past few games Adams has really stepped up and today Brown starts for Landry and looked very good. Davis (again) was lights out! 287 yards, 2-14 on 3rd and 4th downs, 4 sacks (Redding and Brown also had sacks) special teams: McAfee continues to dominate, the coverage units (kickoffs) haven't really had a chance to prove they can cover, he is nailing it. Whalen as I have brought up, every week, needs to be taken out of the return game, I can see him getting reps, at times, but he is there , for his judgement and sure hands...3 times today, his judgement was not good and could have been critical in a game vs a quality opponent, everybody messes up, but 3 times, in 1 game, not acceptable. Really wanted to see what kind of production there would be today vs a very good team and overall it was very good. when you play a complete team game, in all 3 phases, you should win most games, as long as you don't turn it over too much and the good thing is, there is room for improvement. Next up, a short week and a game vs the Texans, who have played well, thus far, which is actually a surprise to me, I do not see them as a playoff caliber team
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    What is becoming the norm, a tale of 2 halves In the first half, the Colts were a no-show, couldn't play much worse than that, ineffective on offense and really didn't even slow down the Broncos offense, not really sure why this is becoming commonplace, kinda defies logic, one of of my favorite phrases, since many things in the NFL-defy logic. then for whatever the reason- I have heard they played better- I agree-but why? Offense: It was great see Reggie back, who led the receivers (9-98) Allen had a big game (including a TD) Nicks was productive ( also with a TD) and Moncreif got a few reps and his first NFL reception. Hilton wasn't much of a factor. The biggest question mark ( the O-line) played decent, about on par with the recent past, the difference being, this group can and will get better, there was alot of new guys on that unit, who will get better, with each game and the line always gets better, in time, after they have had time to gel. Hard to really judge the running game when you are playing from behind, there were flashes (the norm) but flashes are not going to be good enough. Pretty good job on the outside ( Costonzo and Cherlius) going against 2 very productive players ( Miller and Ware). Fleener has got to figure out how to avoid the drops, there were several of those, but he seems to do it ...too much. Luck- showed part of what makes him special, no matter the score, this team, will always have a chance Defense: totally different unit the second half, really held the Broncos in check and allowed the offense to finally get going and make a game out of it. The highly touted D-line was good and should/hopefully continue to improve. The inside LB duo had a nice game ( Freemen-Jackson) but I expected a little better performance from them.I thought McNary had a really good game, when he filled in for the injured Freemen and that is really what I expected to see from him this year and why I wasn't that excited about Jackson's signing, he can be a big addition, but I really would like to see young players, get the reps , as opposed to bringing free agents in. Werner and Walden were adequate, which is not going to be good enough either, there was very little pressure and when there was , it was from blitzes. Davis was on his game and just like the last meeting, he pretty much shutdown his guy, Toler had a rough game, with several costly penalties. I wouldn't go as far as to say Landry was the enforcer he needs to be, but was good and better than last year, Butler had some really big plays and like any DB, there are going to be times when they get beat Special teams: were pretty solid, I would like to see someone else get some reps on the punt returns, Whalen is sure handed, which is a plus and his never-say-die attitude helps, but a returner has to be explosive and that is one thing he lacks, Purifoy looked good in the pre season, I expect to see him in there, sooner, than later The bottom line is we went against, the best team in the AFC, maybe in the NFL (yet to be determined) at their house, which has some factors that makes it a very tough place to win and played 30-35 minutes of football, gave them a commanding lead, doing that without the 1 true difference maker we have on defense and came very close to tieing the game, and who knows.....I know the deal, ain't no moral victories, but that was a very good sign, it always sucks to lose, but to play that team, that close , with all of those factors..... Next up, another potent offense in the Eagles and another prime time game.....should be a fun year
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    TERRENCE BROOKS FLORIDA ST. Measurements Height: 5'11" Weight: 198 lbs. Arm Length: 31" Hands: 9" Combine Results 40 yard dash: 4.42 sec bench press 225lbs: 10 reps vertical jump: 38.0 inches broad jump: 119.0 inches 3 cone drill: 7.35 sec. ANALYSIS OVERVIEW 2013: Second-team All-ACC selection. Played and started in 13 games, missing one game due to concussion. 2012: Started all 14 games. 2011: Played 12 games. Made an interception in the end zone to clinch a bowl game win over Notre Dame. 2010: Played in 10 games, mostly on special teams. STRENGTHS Fluid and flexible. Pedals and transitions smoothly. Good play speed and range. Patrols zones with awareness and anticipation to react to threats. Keys quickly, trusts his eyes and does not hesitate. Aggressive in run support -- swoops down with urgency, runs the alley and plays with abandon. Confident and energetic. Tough and durable. Profiles as a core special-teams player. Solid personal and football character. WEAKNESSES Inconsistent tackler -- arrives out of control, does not always see what he hits and will miss some tackles seeking the knockout blow. Is built like a cornerback, sustained a concussion as a senior and durability could be an issue given his aggressive playing style. Minimal production on the ball -- was not a playmaker. Has average hands and leaves some INTs on the field. Could stand to add some body armor and get stronger. DRAFT PROJECTION Rounds 4-5 BOTTOM LINE Lean, athletic, long-limbed hybrid safety with an appealing combination of fluidity, range and physicality. Versatile defender who can be deployed over the top as a “robber” or in the box. Has starter-caliber ability if he if he’s able to shore up his tackling and become a more productive on-the-ball defender, but at worst should be a solid backup and core special-teams player. CRAIG LOSTON LSU Measurements Height: 5'11" Weight: 217 lbs. Arm Length:30 3/4" Hands: 9 3/4" Combine Results 40 yard dash: 4.65 SEC Bench Press 225lbs.:12 REPS Vertical Jump: 32.5 INCH Broad Jump: 119.0 INCH 3 Cone Drill: 7.15 SEC OVERVIEW 2013: Honorable mention All-SEC pick after playing and starting in 10 games. Had an interception in bowl game against Iowa. 2012: Played in and started 12 games. 2011: Played in 10 games with no starts. 2010: Played in all 13 games with two starts. 2009: Played in two games on special teams before suffering a wrist injury. Received a medical redshirt. High school: Was the No. 1-ranked safety by Rivals.com. Was a first-team all-state pick while playing defensive back and wide receiver. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Very well-distributed weight -- packs it well. Good eyes and anticipation. Is aggressive playing the ball in front of him in zone coverage and buzzes quickly to the flat. Good route recognition. Can carry receivers deep and match up with tight ends in man coverage. Steps downhill and can secure open-field tackles. Is tough, sacrifices his body and will deliver some jarring hits. Helps line up the defense and make adjustments. Is noticeably the vocal leader of the secondary (very animated communicator). Versatile with good interchangeability. Gunner and jammer on special teams. Has NFL pedigree. Smart, hardworking and accountable. Very good football intelligence. WEAKNESSES Has short arms. Shows some hip tightness that restricts transitional quickness. Tends to rise in his pedal. Gives up separation in man coverage vs. receivers. Will seek the kill shot and can be overaggressive running the alley supporting the run. Can do a better job of driving through contact (not lunging and leaving his feet). Has a spotted injury history and has regularly missed time most years (though he is quick to rehabilitate). DRAFT PROJECTION Rounds 2-3 BOTTOM LINE A big, hard-hitting, vocal secondary leader who showed better as a junior lining up along a more talented secondary next to Eric Reid than he did as a senior. However, still possesses starter-caliber traits as an interchangeable safety most ideally suited playing in the box.
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    Yeah, we had a Jags fan and his old lady sitting right beside us in section 450. He had driven from Cincy but was from Jacksonville. Mom is a very passionate fan, and when she turned around asking all of the Colts fans around us if we all should "kick his bleep" I had to laugh. Mom, you're 63 but I sure love the intensity though. I had to remind her etiquette when she was pointing to a fan dancing for like 2 hours straight and almost hit the guy in the face... oops. It was a great time. Although our section was pretty loud, we couldn't come close to the people up in the 600 sections on the west side... WOW!! DE-FENSE could be heard from them most all game long. When the poor Jag fan finally ALMOST had something to cheer about, their receiver dropped the TD pass in the end zone... ha ha. "you guys suck" was mom's comment to him..(poor guy). Thanks to Lyndsey for the tickets!
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    It's been a long time since this team has shown that kind of production, a very good overall complete team win. Offense: the game was set up early by Brown's running (then he missed the rest of the game ) Richardson has looked a lot better the past few weeks and had a very good game today. The recievers are taking turns stepping up, last week Rogers and Brazill, today it was Whalen, Hilton was again a factor after a month of being a non factor, along with Fleener and the backs, give Luck more than enough options to throw to....Heyward-Bey wasn't targeted at all..so he had no drops. It will be interesting to see who the odd man out is, when Brazill comes back, Whalen was very effective today, not only in the passing game, but returning punts. Defense: where has this been? 4 sacks, including Werner's 1st and Mathis' team record 16 1/2...2 forced fumbles by Freemen.... 2 more interceptions from Butler. Granted, this was a very ineffective Texans team, but anytime you hold the opponent to 239 total yards, you will win alot of games. The ongoing mystery?? What is the deal with Angerer, last year he was a non factor, most of the year (due to not being 100%) then it seemed like he was all the back and the past few games, has been invisible?? special teams: another great game for Adam, solid play on coverage and a big lift from Whalen on returns That was winning football, with all the units playing good, solid football...winning the turnover battle..... running the football, spreading the ball around on offense, solid play on defense, creating takeaways and solid play on special teams...will almost always result ....in a win. Next up, a big game vs the Chiefs, will be interesting to see if this kind of production continues
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    QB- anytime a QB comes into the league with as much hype and expectations as Luck did and surpass them.............. can't even say there is anything I could say he needs to work on, other than just game experience...........grade-A+ RB- Brown has shown big play ability, Ballard improves weekly and his upside is huge, Carter has played well and is a quality backup......B ( with better O-line production this group could post very good numbers TE- Both rookies have had their moments and should continue to improve, they have played well and can only get better.......grade-C WR- Reggie is playing at another level and having his best year,his leadership on a very young offense is immeasurable, Avery and Hilton have complimented him very nicely...grade- A O-line- hard to really grade a unit that hasn't really played (together) yet, the guys who have played, have had mixed results, pass blocking continues to be a major work in progress, the run blocking has improved...grade-D overall- they are getting better, the young players have gotten reps, the O-line has improved and once they are clicking, the rest will only benefit from that....grade-C+ ( they have really looked a lot better the past few wees, had a couple of bigtime running totals and last week, the passing game was lights out, if they can be more balanced..........they can dominate
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    A lot of problems with this loss. Obviously, good getting out to a lead in first half, that's about it. MJD? Everyone knew he was going to have a good game, couldn't stop that. Not disappointed though because like I said, we knew that was going to happen. First, why is Pagano challenging that INT? He was obviously out of bounds, just a complete waste of timeout when one was needed in the 2nd half. Who told him to challenge that? Look at it once, and you'd know. Second straight week we come out with a lead in the 2nd half and just can't do anything. Like with Peyton, we're a better team when playing from behind. All of a sudden we have a lead and we're too conservative. Running the ball too much and then one incompletion to end the drive. Act like you're losing and need points. Just stupid. Come out some points. Third, Vinatieri is just upsetting. I don't know how many times he has missed easy FGs for us. Already has two on the year. Make that one against Chicago, it's a different game. Has had plenty throughout the years though. He is not as good as everyone thinks, let's just leave it at that. Fourth, how about those no calls? Reggie just getting blanketed, no call. I think it was Avery on that deep ball, nailed before the ball gets there, no call. I mean, that could be the game right there as well. Had to punt after that. Considering there was a ton of call this weekend and in this game, those two weren't called. Terrible. Fifth, didn't even try to go for more at the end, just going for a FG. Come on. Three straight runs didn't cut it. I know Brown almost got the first down, but still. If you get that first down, the game is over. Sixth, We can not trust our defense. I don't know the last time we actually could. Won't even comment on that last Jags TD. Gabbert is not good. Constantly overthrows receivers, cannot run a drive. He is 3-0 against the Colts. That is pretty disgusting. Needed that win. Bye week then Packers. If we can't stop Gabbert, good luck with Rodgers. If we let Luck loose, there is a chance though and if Freeney is back. Maybe...
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    Congratulations to the winner of the Caption This Contest! matgrif won the Andrew Luck autographed hat for this caption: "I didn't know Pro Football required TPS Reports" There were lots and lots of great captions. The following were in the final cut and win either a Colts Community Calendar or an Andrew Luck draft poster. (first come first serve). I will message the winners individually and ask for shipping name and address. Runners-up Name Caption Dan When they said they hoped I'd draw more season ticket holders, I didn't think they meant like this. Mona Miller Dear Colts Fans, Do you like me? Yes:______ or No:_____ : ) Andrew ColtsUrUs Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm yours! John Campbell How to build a monster: by Andrew Luck. Chapter One: Draft me. pappy_t Good thing I have a photographic memory. Someone erased all my plays! This time, I'll use ink. Brandon Kicmal Note to self: Rookies have to write there own name in the record books. Good thing my hands are COLTSTRONG! Mustang82 Hello, It's day 12...They are still keeping me chained to this table. I asked why they were doing it and they said that for now the "monster" has to be contained. There is little to do here in this room and it's even worse with it not having windows, wait! I think I hear them coming...(Shhh) I've got to go. Will wright you soon... Andrew Indyswagger Dear NFL defenses. I am sorry for what I am about to do to you. I thought it only fair to warn you. Yours truly, Andy P.S. You can call me Mr. Luck colts 101 An architectural degree from Stanford and I choose a job where I have to work on Sundays. Hmmm. Winners will be notified via personal message here on the Colts Forum. Winners are responsible for replying to the message with their name, address, and phone number so that their prize can be shipped to them. Reminders: The drawing for 2 tickets to Jaguars @ Colts is open. Show us what COLTSTRONG looks like! Post to the We Are Coltstrong Gallery
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    I've been away for a while from my blog as have been busy to start "new era2 at home. As major operations around the house are over I can pay more time to forum and my blog too. However summer Olympic Games in London ruling the sports life nowadays, preseason has already started in NFL which means end of football-fast for the fans. By signing Andrew Luck (and all other rookies) new era has officially begun at Colts. Ship is loaded with sailors, pilot, first mates,captain, commander, and sets sail to a new horizon. The ship has stormy seas ahead full with reefs and sharks. This gonna be interesting season for the Colts, as it is a test flight, from many aspects: New coaching staff Rookie QB Loads of new players on the roster Loads of rookies on the roster New philosophy on O and D New "Monster" style Coaching staff is totally new, however coordinators and coaches are experienced and proven experts. Head Coach Chuck Pagano is also a rookie as HC, but he has tons of NFL experience...sure as a Defensive Coordinator, but he is from the first line of commander chain of coaching, and he was 2.Coach at Ravens, so he may have some idea about head-coaching. Still, he is rookie on this post, and surely there are lots of stuff to learn about being a HC. He is in better position than Caldwell was in my opinion, as Caldwell was handed over a winning team, that could march into SB by itself, that situation didn't allow him to learn much. Pagano has a "dark blue horse" team, with many flaws, so he can learn fine tuning, timing, and how to intervene game if needed. He may grow up as HC with the team. Andrew Luck was the #1 pick int this draft, and during TC he proved being as good as advertised before. According to reports and fans narratives from TC, he is already in command of O-line, acts like a 3-4 year veteran QB, and shows many similarities with..."some QB I used to know" (Peyton Manning of course). According to others he is frustrated when playing 11 again 11, whatever it means. According to Pagano, he is able to change plays when calling according to defensive formation, so he is flexible, that is more than needed. Still, he is gonna playing pro-football, in the NFL, so he will have a hard start I recon. High expectations and comparison to PM puts great load on this young man, I hope he can put it down at the sidelines and carry only the ball to the field. One is for sure: Luck has swarms of targets on the field, what allows him large number of permutation of play calls (if they can run routes out of cover), which may be unpredictable for opposing Ds. Main thing in his rookie year to learn to step up to the pocket, and the O line shall give him shelter to pass. After last infamous (let1s forget it) season, holes on the roster were filled in with new players, at last mediocre, or sometimes better players, New FO put lots of pounds in the middle, and tried to sing and draft weapons for Luck. Our salary cap is under of burden of history high 38 M$ dead-cap, so I must say under given circumstances FO reinforced the team, at least first lines. In my opinion spine of our roster will take its shape over the next 2-3 season. With new FO and coaching staff, new philosophy arrived to Indianapolis. According to experiences and expectations Pagano implicates a 3-4 hybrid D-system instead of old Tampa 2 "cover nobody, but your head". We shall stop here for a while. Tampa2 isn't a bad system if implicated well, many team applies it successfully. Pagano is a Master of 3-4 (besides Colts' fans are fed up with old and not-functioning D-system), so he's switching to his system, which was operating well, and hopefully he transplants his system here successfully. Question here is, if D-players are good enough to maintain a close to medicore or at least "better than last season" Defense? New philosophy involves bigger emphasis on Special Team play, hopefully we will experience longer returns, not to mention punt-returned TD, what we haven't experienced over last 2 seasons... Offensively, Colts will remain a pass-heavy team, however I believe running the ball will have more role than over recent years. "Build the Monster" is the new catchword, according to this monster-sized players were signed. But will the transition from a soft team to an aggressive, attacking from every angle playing style with Godzillas in the middle swift? We will see. In "kurz und gut" to recap this whole text: Colts are facing a long, bumping and winding road that leads to an other decade of greatness. every conditions are given, time is the only question. This time will demand great patience from us, fans. To overcome such Armageddon is never easy, and we have to respect the team to take this daring step toward the future. I don't think that number of wins matters this season...in my opinion only learning, chemistry and gained experience matters. If we will have only 3 wins, but an operating team at the end of the season, I will happy. I won't hide it: I'm very anxious and concerned about the team, and especially about Luck this season. Not because I think they are bad, because I think they are talented...I hope we won't waste this talent in no ways. Preseason has already started, both RGIII and PM has played their first downs. Manning played too little according to my liking, seems like Broncos don't risk him and his health before regular season. For the first preseason game: GO COLTS!!!
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    CB: Powers-J.King-Vaughn-Rucker-Johnson-Thomas Powers is the only proven big time talent in this group, King and Vaughn were good additions adding some much needed experience, the hope is that the other 3 will all take it up a notch, benefitting from the reps they got last year. S: Bethea-Zbikowski-Lefeged-Caldwell-Hines Bethea has been the glue in the secondary for years and is one of the leagues best, Zbikowski will quickly become a fan favorite and a solid player, The 2 young guys have looked good and should improve. Special teams: K-P-LS: Vinatieri-McAfee-Snow Adam and McAfee provide the Colts with a major edge with both being among the leagues better players at their positions. McAfee rebounded from a subpar 2nd year and should continue to get better. Snow (as of now) will be back for his 13th year! There are quite a few potential returners in the mix and this should be a plus for a team that hasn't had a good one in years and there is always hope with the new coach that even the coverage units will be .....better. summary: the offense is in decent shape with the noted expectations of some of the new players........... the defense.......... there is some bigtime talent (playing new positions),very little proven depth, in a 16 game season, without depth, unless you are really lucky ( injury wise) you will get exposed, adding a new system to that mix, I expect the defense to have their share of struggles, if everyone is healthy and plays their a-game, I still think it will be overmatched.......... the special teams, for the first time, in a very long time, should be a major plus and it will be needed
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    I always enjoy checking out all the teams drafts' and seeing who I think did well............or not. The 1 team that really stood out in my view was the Bengals, not known as a team that usually excells.... Bengals: it doesn't hurt to have 2 #1 picks 1- Dre Kirkpatrick- outstanding CB 1- Kevin Zeitler-one of the top G's 2- Devon still-a first rounder on most boards 3- Mohammed Sanu- really slid down, great value 3- Brandon Thompson- solid DT 4- Orson Charles-some ranked him above Fleener and Allen 5- Shawn Prater- love Iowa hawkeyes 5- Marvin jones- another great value in the 5th round 5- Geore Illoka- was on my wish list for a Colts pick 6- Dan Herron-quality Rb from a big time program summ: one of the best drafts I have seen in recent years (on paper) Rams: it doesn't hurt to have 3 #2's 1- Michael Brockers- best DT in the draft 2- Brian Quick- very good WR from a very small school 2- Janoris Jenkins-one of the top CB's in the draft with some off field issues ( a gamble) 2- Isaiah Pead- one the fastest RB's in the draft 3- Trumane Johnson- another player on my wish list-would have taken him over Allen 4- Chris Givens- very good value in the 4th 5- Rokevious Watkins- not many quality guards around 6- Greg Zurelein- same can be said for kickers 7- Aaron Brown- has a chance 7- Daryl Richardson- both are very good value in the 7th round Minnesota- doesn't hurt to have 2 #1's and 3 # 4's 1- Matt Kalil- OUTSTANDING player 1- Harrison Smith- very good/great safety 3- Josh Robinson- another player I had my eye on 4- Jarious Wright- good, not great value 4- Rhett Ellison- see above 4- Greg Childs- all 3 4th rounders should be solid players 5- Robert Blanton- good pick 6- Blair Walsh- another kicker 7- Audie Cole 7- Trevor Guyton- both 7th rounders were very good value picks who missed the boat? Saints- it's hurts to not have a #1 or 2 .........got a develpmental player from Canada who could surprise ( Hicks) and Al Toon's son, not much else Oakland- ( some things never change) didn't have a #1, #2 or a #3.....got a good Guard with their 2nd 3rd round pick and a couple of Nittany Lions ( I like that part) I thought the Colts did great with their first 6 picks, with all 6 being quality players, but as I said in my last blog, didn't really see the logic used on some of them (Allen-Hilton) wasn't too impressed with the last 4 picks or the udrafted free agents ( as a group).....time will tell
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    Fans were waiting him as much as Santa at Christmas, and now it is officially confirmed: Stanford's Andrew Luck will be picked by Colts with the #1 pick. Now Grigson and Pagano has to equip him with "armor of Gods" in other words: he must be surrounded with talents in offensive line and provide him (future) potent WRs as targets. FO has now 9 picks to fill in holes, after Free Agency, Colts are expected to spend their picks on offensive players. I cannot see Grigson's and Pagano's cards, but I continue believing that they have a plan, and they are about drafting according to this plan. Both Grigson and Pagano seemed confident in recent days, and it was good to hear that players are hungry, enthusiastic and ready to fight even tomorrow. Motivation won't be a problem this season, I hope players have their trust in the new coaching staff, and last season really was just an "aberration". There is still a big question mark: who will be the backup QB, Drew Stanton will be sufficient as backup? We will see. "Thank You Dallas!"- Colts and Dallas Clark parted ways, and Dallas received this banner, I think he has deserved it. I'm anxious about his future, because there was some rumor earlier that his wrist-problems would end his career. I hope, not. So, be welcome Andy! I hope you will enjoy playing in blue! And I also hope, You will receive trust and patience from fans during Your rookie season. Regrads: Stephen
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    Only 4 hours away from the next stage of this years circus. Free agency about to go into effect , let the scrambling and party begin. Going to be another wave of our favorite team members going on to the next step in their careers. Let's wish them all well as they move on. Hopefully some stay onboard to help the new recruits and the transition of the team to the next rise towards greatness. The next few weeks will get interesting and then the draft frenzy begins. GO COLTS, GO BLUE.
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    This is me and my friends at Super Bowl Village on January 31, 2012. Now I wonder how other Colt's fans feel about this whole Peyton Manning saga. Would they be happy to see Peyton Manning wearing a uniform of a differemt team? Should he retire or try playing again if the doctors clear him to play? No disrespect to Andrew Luck but I don't want to see Peyton on another team kicking our butts when he plays us. I also want peyton's health to be first and foremost. Please give me your thoughts and feelings on this matter.
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    I understand that at this time number one is not an option, but this was prepared prior to today's news. I also obviously lack opportunity to interview players and do not know fully salary cap implications or free agency status of everybody with the new CBA. However, this is a thumbnail sketch of how I would begin if I were GM. Feel free to laugh - I know I am only a fan. If I were GM of the Colts, I would…. 1. Pursue Jeff Fisher to coach the team. He has experience in building a successful team and near super bowl winning team. He is also someone Peyton Manning respects and would be willing to work with. Thank you Jim Caldwell, respect you as a person, just some people are not meant to be head coaches. 2. Seek to renegotiate Manning’s contract – three years, far more cap friendly considering just paid him a truckload without return. Would not be heavy-handed in doing this, amicable in an effort to do what is best for both parties. 3. Resign Pierre Garcon and Reggie Mathis. Mathis may be the more difficult one financially. 4. I try to resign Jeff Saturday for 2 more years. 5. I try to reward Wheeler for consistently playing hard by resigning him – but cautious realizing a bit of tendency for injury. 6. I let Gonzalez and Brown go, Wayne becomes a cap casualty. 7. I seek to extend Austin Collie through 2015 8. I check the feasibility of signing free agent WR Brandon Lloyd and S LaRon Landry 9. I take a stab at signing Marshawn Lynch or Tolbert – Tolbert being more likely as Lynch will probably cost too much. 10. I cut Collins, Painter, and Brackett (Brackett being the most painful, but little choice) 11. I trade to Washington the top pick for no less than 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks a fourth round pick, and Ryan Kerrigan knowing I will probably be unable to sign Mathis. Washington is desperate for Luck and will mortgage their future for him. 12. I then trade Washington’s first round pick (6) and Dallas Clark to St Louis for the second pick and draft RGIII . RGIII will blossom under Manning’s tutelage and will flourish when Manning retires in 2-3 years, and Clark provides Bradford with a much needed target and veteran offensive presence. 13. I now have my QB of the future and my D-end of the future. 14. If necessary, I trade back into the late first round to draft Jerel Worthy, DT Michigan St 15. Depending on trades and free agency signings, I look for a speedy, intelligent running back, a promising safety to learn alongside Bethea, a strong-physical cornerback, and some depth for LB and O-line.
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    Start off by firing jim caldwell. He never deserved a HC job in the nfl from the very beginning so right that wrong now. If we are moving in a new direction start there. Hire a defensive minded coach because peyton pretty much handles the offense anyway and DEFENSE WINS !!! If peyton is healthy which I believe he will be then he should be our quarterback until he retires. He has done more for indy that probably almost any quarterback in history. 4 time mvp. Super bowl champion. That's my quarterback. With the first pick... I would trade it for as many draft picks/players I could. Peyton has been to the playoffs with average teams in the past. Fill in the obvious holes on our team with those picks and surround manning with the best team possible for the next 3-5 years. Needs I see are DT, CB, OL, in no particular order. All of those need to be addressed. There is no reason why a healthy peyton manning mixed with a lot of the players we have now plus the new younger talent we get with our extra picks that we could not reach another super bowl or 2 to end peytons career. As far as aging players we have now. Clark is declining. Might have to go. Wayne is still good but if he wants too much money for a player his age then he has to go. So many receivers fall off fast as they age. Mathis to me should be kept. He always plays hard. Is healthy and produces well with freeney. Gonzalez should go... Hurt all the time like bob sanders just not nearly as good so get rid of him. We have solid LB's in angerer, connor, wheeler. Brackett makes too much money for how he produces. Keep orlavsky as mannings back up and worry about trying to draft a long term replacement in a year or two. If we draft well over the next 3 to 4 years we could build a good TEAM around manning and should still be young and talented for when he retires. We don't need the next manning because putting that much into one player gets you into the situation we had this year. A good team can win with a good QB. Denver/tebow, 49ers/smith, ravens/flacco, patriots/cassel a few years ago, packers/flynn when he filled in last week. I could go on and on. The point is people thinking we need manning and luck to have our cake and eat it to is just not necessary. Manning with the team we have and a bunch of well picked players in the next two drafts from trading the 1st pick could build a great team of new and old players that could still be very competitive for many years to come. Sure there is something I am forgettinng so comment please if you think of anything I haven't thought of.
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