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    Hey guys, want to thank everyone for your input on the Colts, I have learned a lot from your input on moving forward good or bad LOL At my age it's time to past the torch to more inquisitive minds to see what the future holds for our organization. I only wish the best for us as fans and hope you will too. I am a old timer who knows my time is growing shorter. I hope I will be around longer, but, if not I hope you guys keep the faith and the dream longer. In this busy world that we live in , time marches on , and my only wish is that we can all agree that. no matter what our differences is that we can form a bond that we are galvanized to the betterment of our franchise. So in retrospect , just remember we are all Colts fans and give your fellow fans, the respect regardless if you agree with them, that in the end it's about us as a team.
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    Just a humble request from those like me watching the NFL Draft live on ESPN, at least for Day 1 and Day 2, please do not post the draft picks a few seconds in advance from twitter. Thanks!!! Don't be a spoiler!!!
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    "Indianapolis Colts: A Top needs: Wide receiver, edge rush, cornerback How about the job Chris Ballard has done as general manager of the Colts? He absolutely crushed the 2018 draft, finding stars and helping catapult Indy to a 10-6 record and a playoff berth after going 4-12 in 2017. This roster has a ton of young talent. Ballard also landed an extra second-rounder from the Jets in the Sam Darnold trade last year, and that pick ended up at the very top of Round 2 in 2019. That's good team-building, and the Colts had some very specific needs to fill this weekend. How did Ballard do? I love this class from top to bottom. Ballard moved out of Round 1, picking up an extra 2020 second-rounder in going from No. 26 to No. 46, which meant Indy had three second-round picks. And I really liked all four of Indy's Day 2 picks. I was surprised that cornerback Rock Ya-Sin (No. 34) made it out of the first round, but only one corner went in the first 32 picks. He is a little raw, but I think he'll start immediately. Wide receiver Parris Campbell (No. 59) is a burner, but he also caught 90 passes last season and improved every year. He'll play some slot and also scorch corners out wide. Bobby Okereke (No. 89) was my fourth-ranked inside linebacker, and he could compete with Anthony Walker for that starting spot. Defensive end Ben Banogu (No. 49) is a really good to fit in Matt Eberflus' 4-3 scheme. That's all three needs filled on Day 2. There were also some intriguing additions on Day 3, particularly in safety Khari Willis (No. 109), who I ranked as my No. 50 overall prospect. He broke up 10 passes last season and will be an impact special-teams contributor. Safety Marvell Tell III (No. 144) is a good athlete with a 6-foot-2 frame. Javon Patterson(No. 246) made 39 college starts at guard but will likely move to center. Ballard & Co. have done it again -- this is my favorite draft class."
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    By far, our biggest mistake of the draft was not trading back into the 3rd round so we can hear Pat McAfee announce more picks
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    Who the hell is Mel Kiper?? If this is his favorite class then that’s not a good sign...
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    Here's a thread for posterity... so you guys can make fun of me when the games start or in several years when all I wrote here might be proved wrong. Trade #26 for #46 and future 2nd round pick: it seems like Ballard didn't love any player enough(or had players with redflags - Sweat? on the board) to pass on the value provided by this trade and by any reasonable estimation of the value received back this trade is a win. Grade: A #34 Rock Ya-Sin, CB, Temple: I've been on this bandwagon all off-season - Ballard wanted to reinforce the secondary and he also said that he liked the value of both CB and S in the 2nd-3d round in one of his pre-draft media appearances. About the player - I personally had him ranked a bit lower(in the 50s of my board) but I understand why Ballard likes him and what he sees in him - he's a physical corner who tackles well and he also plays press man well - something Ballard said we will be looking to do more of in the following years. I still want to see how he does with his instincts in zone, but I think overall it's a solid pick. I had several CBs on the board that I preferred to Ya-Sin so this is reflected in the grade. Grade: B- Trade #46 for #49 and #144: Again solid value received for trading down just 3 spots. Grade: A #49 Ben Banogu, DE/OLB TCU - athletic freak, with tons of physical potential and good production in college, but extremely raw technically. He said it himself in an interview - they did very little pass-rushing technique teaching in TCU and he was told to just go get the QB. A lot of his production came on stunts and loops and QB scrambles. Very few pure wins one-on-one vs OT. He plays physical and seems to sort through the trash on his stunts well(this will serve well for him if he plays in the SAM role - what Ballard suggested he will do to start off his career). I don't mind betting on the athletic profile and trying to develop him with time. I would expect him to get about 100% of the snaps at SAM(about 30-35% of all the snaps) and about 10-15% more as a pass-rusher on passing downs. Overall if he plays in about half the snaps in his rookie year, this would be a good output IMO. I had him ranked in the 70s on my board and had several other DEs ranked ahead of him, so this is reflected in the grade. Grade: B- #59 Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State - I love this pick. I started the year not loving his profile... I couldn't get past the fact that he was lined up about 100% of the time in the slot or was used as a gadget player on sweeps and screens, etc. But the more I watched the more I couldn't ignore the playmaking ability. I think he's spectacular with the ball in his hands - he makes people miss and once he beats you, you stay beaten. His speed is just too much to handle. He is a YAC monster which is something we desperately needed on the roster. He will need some production manufactured for him to start his career, but IMO this type of player is a test for your offensive playcallers - if you cannot make Parris Campbell into an offensive weapon to be feared, you probably are not a great scheme creator/caller. I loved how excited Reich was about this pick... to me it shows that he cannot wait to get his hands on him and he realizes that this is more than just a receiver... this is a player that can be a game breaker for you. Reports are that he surprised evaluators at the combine with the way he was running routes that were not simple slants so he might have even more upside with time and refining his outside game. Campbell was ranked no. 32 on my personal board so this and my love for the fit of this pick is reflected in my grade Grade: A+ #89 Bobby Okereke, LB, Stanford - I love this pick. The comparisons with Darius Leonard are a bit bold, but I'm comparing them as players coming out of college, rather than as what I expect from Okereke - his physical profile is similar to Leonards - long and fast, sideline to sideline ability. Great movement ability overall. Great playmaking ability. Again - similar to Leonard - Okereke filled the stat sheet in college too - 96 tackles, 7.5TFL, 3.5 sacks, 5PD, 2 Forced Fumble, 1 Fumble recovered in his last season. He just makes plays. I don't know if this will happen year 1, but I absolutely expect him to oust Walker and be Leonard's long-term LB-partner for the years to come. I had Okereke ranked 77 on my board, I love the player and I love the fit - and this is reflected in my grade: Grade: A Trade #129 and #135 for #109 and selecting Khari Willis, SS, Michigan State: I don't love the value of the trade and I don't love the player we picked. I realize that Ballard probably had him ranked very high since he traded up 20 spots to get him, but right now I am not convinced he will be able to play any time soon. I see people preparing him to start instead of Gaethers and I can't say I see what they are seeing. He looks physical, and has good frame but he somehow still looks smallish to me. Doesn't seem very rangy and athletic. He doesn't miss many tackles, but ball carriers usually drags him for several yards after contact. In a weird way I kind of like his coverage skills better than his run defense. He looks sticky in coverage, but he grabs a bit, IMO because he knows he lacks the speed... not sure he will be able to get away with it in the league. Reads the eyes of the QB well in zone but I cannot say he has great ball-skills. I didn't have him ranked before the draft, but watching him after the draft I would have had him ranked after Marvell Tell who I had as an early 4th. I think he's solid but unspectacular. This might bite me in the butt, but I don't see him as anything more than a depth piece at this point. Overall I don't see the appeal, at least not enough to give up 2 4th round picks to move up and get him. Grade: D- #144 Marvell Tell, S/CB, USC - I like this pick. Reportedly Ballard wants us to try him at CB first and this makes sense. He was one of the players I highlighted as potential conversion candidates pre-draft. His size and extremely smooth and effortless movement lends itself into playing more CB than safety. He has the desire to tackle, but his slight frame(for a safety) didn't help with it. In the 5th round, IMO this is a great shot to take at a developmental prospect with great traits and athleticism. I had him ranked as an early 4th prospect so this is reflected in the grade. Grade: A #164 EJ Speed, linebacker, Tarleton State - there's only one game tape of him on the nets and half of it is played in a snowstorm. I refuse to give him a grade based on that, but he seems to fit the mold that Ballard likes - long, athletic, rangy, great movement player with special closing speed and playmaking ability. Grade: N/A #199 Gerri Green, DE, Mississippi State - great burst off the snap, raw... not many pass-rush moves, no pass-rush plan, has trouble disengaging. Shows OK strength in keeping the edge and rarely in his bullrush. I don't see it with him - I'd be shocked if he makes the team. We have too much depth at the DE spot + I had multiple DEs available ranked higher than him. Grade: D #240 Jackson Barton, OT, Utah - solid kick step in pass protection, but lacks balance due to playing too upright and his punch doesn't land consistently, sloppy in the run game. OK shot for OL-depth in the 7th round. Grade B- 246 Javon Paterson, OG/OC, Ole Miss - Versatility is his calling card. Has played both guard and center. Looks athletic and has good movement on pulls. Not great technique in pass-protection, defenders beat him to his freame, sometimes leans forward a bit. OK shot at OL depth late in the draft. Grade: B- Overall thoughts: I love what Ballard is doing with this roster. I love that he trades back when he sees value in acquiring additional high end picks and doing it not just for the current year but thinking forward for following drafts. The analytics is firmly with him in this case - we are getting great value on those trades. No team is much better than the rest in the draft so more shots high in the draft give you more chances to hit on players. I love that Ballard obviously has a type of player he likes and as others have pointed out he loves length and he loves athleticism and speed in this defenders. I might not love every player drafted, but at least I know there is a plan for the players we drafted. We don't draft players with the thought "just get him here and we'll figure out what to do with him". There is a vision for where this roster is going and there is a vision for where the players drafted will fit. Overall I like the draft and I thought we created competition on several key spots and some of the players we drafted have the required athleticism for us to hope they will develop in more than just rotational players(Banogu, Rock, Okereke, Campbell, Tell). Worth pointing out - the value of this draft has not been exhausted yet - we still have another second round pick to make next year thanks to the trade on day 1 of this draft. Overall Grade of the draft: B... very solid with potential for extra credit from next year's acquired 2nd round pick.
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    In episode 5 they show parts of the draft and parts of the pre-draft process talking about the players they wanted. The eay they talked they acted as if Rock, Banogu, Parris and Okereke were stacked in order and they were supremely excited when their plan fell into place.... Additionally, they seemed to have specifically targeted Speed, Green and Willis as well prior to the draft. I find this uncanny that they were specific targets and they landed with us perfectly. On top of that, the video is pretty cool too! Irsay had this to say as well.... "Chris Ballard has done an incredible job, as usual,” Irsay said following the draft. “You can see it in every fiber of his body that he knows these guys. He knows what he’s doing. He’s not overconfident, but he is extremely talented, almost to the level of a savant in the draft room.” Ballard does treat draft weekend as a scientist. He accounts for every variable and every potential outcome in order to be best prepared for whatever the three-day event throws at him and his executives. Uncanny......Savant......good words to describe what he's done in 2 years time!
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    This man gets it....and this is why our culture is amazing!
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    Way too many people like this pick. We're screwed.
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    In my 7 years here, I don't recall being more wrong than I have today. And I'm OK with it. I never think I know more than Ballard. I have complete trust in CB, and it would take a long string of failure for me to lose it. And I don't see that happening. As I've said before, he just oozes competence and professionalism. So glad he's our GM. But to all my mistakes. We can start at the beginning... for roughly 6 months I've been convinced we'd pick a DL in the first round, and for a fair amount of those months, I thought we'd double up and take another DL at pick 34. Wrong and Wrong! And I certainly never saw our first overall pick of the draft being a cornerback?! Cornerback?!? Wrong again! I guess Ballard's definition of "Premium position" is limited only to the first round. Ballard has now had 3 drafts and take a corner in the 2nd round twice. Can't be a coincidence. I would've thought that a top-50 pick would be premium. Wrong again! So, for those posters who I have pounded on, trust me, it will STOP from here on out. After R1, I guess anything is possible. At pick 49, I didn't see Ben Benogu going that high. And I posted here that I thought he'd play DE for us. And then the Colts called him an OLB. And Kevin Bowen said we talked to him about playing next to Darius Leonard. At his presser, Ballard said BB can play all 3 LB spots, plus DE and could even kick inside to DT. Called him a "rusher". They're very high on him. Tested as a top athlete for his size. At pick 59, I wasn't surprised we went WR. But I had no feel for whether we'd go tall like Butler, or small like Isabella, or someone in the middle? No idea. Ballard and Reich gushed over Parris. And, even as a Stanford fan, I confess to being surprised at Bobby Okereke going at pick 89. I posted in the last month or two, that I thought Bobby was a quality back-up, but wasn't sure he was a starter, especially for us since I think he'd play the same spot as Darius at WILL. I thought he might be a R4 or R5 guy. But tonight. CB says Okereke can play all three spots, which surprised me. Bobby has been mostly an under-achiever at Stanford. Even this year, his best, people were not wowed by him. He was listed at 6'3" and 235, and those close to the program chuckled all the time about that. They claimed he was neither that tall, nor that heavy. And then he showed up at the Combine and under 6'2", so he was shorter, but weighed 239. That shocked everyone. I'd guess he put on 8-12 pounds of good lean muscle after the season. That also surprised the Stanford community. He tested surprisingly well at the combine and pro day. And Ballard seems very high on him. Ballard talked tonight about adding, speed and athleticism. He and Frank seem very happy with their results. They gave no hints for tomorrow. I'm eating crow. A little garlic salt helps! Washing it down with water. Topping it off with some Humble Pie! Bon Appetite!
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    It’s way too early for me to grade this draft. Last year it was easy for me to say Ballard hit it out of the park. Nelson and Leonard were primo players and perfect fits for what we do. Let’s be honest, this year we did not have the third overall pick in the draft, and it’s a completely different situation. I think we might have hit on some second tier talent. Although I think Rock and Parris are both possible tier 1 candidates. Time will tell. Not everyone is going to be an All Pro rookie. I think Rock and Parris both have a chance to start on Day 1. Rock is the press man corner we have been looking for. With him in the lineup, we’ll run more cover 1 and cover 3. I believe that is our long-term vision of this defense. If Parris starts opposite of TY then he will see some single coverage, and he could have a phenomenal year. I think we’ll experiment a lot with Ben, Bobby, EJ, and Gerri until we find out exactly where they fit best. We got some depth and competition in the secondary and along the offensive line. I think it’s important for fans to understand that we are no longer a team with glaring needs. Our entire approach to the draft has changed. We will be picking much later, and we will be developing draft picks for the future. There will be years when we don’t start a single rookie. But that will not mean we had a bad draft. It will just mean that we are no longer desperate. That’s when we will know we are doing it right.
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    This is the only acceptable rationale for taking a RB in the first round this year.
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    Always love listening to Bruce Arians...and in his intro at Tampa he was asked about defensive scheme. His response: "Your scheme is your personnel" Drafted players, coupled with comments from Ballard this weekend about the same gives indication that we won't be as vanilla on D as the Dungy Colts, and that we do intend to retain and/or build on the more aggressive elements we started to see the back half of the year. Banogu is the obvious bat signal here. Calling him a SAM and Rusher as Ballard did suggests potential for 4-3 under looks and ability to legitimately line up more than one way with the same personnel. Drafting a corner at 34 whose strength is in press not zone (along with commentary about Tell converting to CB) suggests we are going the same direction that the Cowboys went last year to take space away from receivers in coverage more often while retaining the skill to play zone against teams where that is a better match up (ie. Deshaun Watson) There was reason to be concerned early last year, but the indicators of playing modern football are starting to stack up...very happy about these indicators...
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    Ballard was playing some chess today! We got an elite corner before the CB run began. Ballard squeezed an extra 5th out of our mid -2nd and took a solid DE. He beat the WR run and grabbed Campbell just in time. Then finished it off with a Darius Leonard clone! 6 picks tomorrow and an extra 2020 2nd round pick included with that and we are in great shape heading into tomorrow! The way Ballard sensed the CB and WR run was legendary! What a boss Ballard is!
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    Good pick. Seriously though.. how great was Reggie Wayne!!
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    THIS is one of the most outdated views on the draft. There is nothing value-wise that should make a future pick worth less than a current year's pick. If I were a GM I'd abuse old time GMs who think future picks are worth less than current year picks. I'd always pick future 2nd over current year 3d. Over the long-term this is a GOLD MINE of value. It is only worth less for GMs who have no job-security, because they might be getting good value for the next guy. We don't have that problem, Ballard has good job security and is making the good decisions for the long term success of the team. This trade was a great value by any chart you can find out there. I LOVE it... if we didn't love Sweat or Tillery that is...
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    First off.... ths is NOT a mock. Just my 32 best players. I don't do mocks, but I try to rate the top talent. Very little film study. Mostly going by the evaluators I respect most. I've done as many as four rounds per year. But this year, as I did last year, I'll only do one. Life has too many obsticles in the way. As I always do, I break down the round into a top-10, a bottom-10, and a middle-12. I'm rarely satisfied getting the right names into the first round projection, I'm tryng to get them into the right third of a round. I've had as many as 28 of 32 right names and as few as 24. So.... here we go.... 1. Nick Bosa DE Ohio State He's rated for me equally with Q. Williams, but gets the nod for the top spot based on the importance of the position he plays, DE over DT. 2. Quinnen Williams DT Alabama Second String last year; 2nd overall pick this year. Has anyone comes so far; so fast? 3. Josh Allen Edge Kentucky Can play OLB in a 3-4 or a DE in a 4-3. Is he Kahlil Mack 2.0? 4. Devin White LB LSU Can reportedly play MLB or the Will. Athletic and powerful. 5. Ed Oliver DT Houston Been a roller coaster ride. Start of the year; top-5. Middle of the year; top-15. Wowed at the combine has him back in the top-10 and my top-5. 6. Montez Sweat DE Mississippi State 6'6" 260; nearly 36' arms; 10 1/2 hands; 36' vert; 125" broad; 7.0 3-cone, And he has very good tape. Wow! 7. Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma The size makes him Russell Wilson, but far, far more athletic. Scary athletic. Baker Mayfield's rookie year gives Murray even more credibility. May go 1st overall. 8. Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State Only one year as a starter. (Same with Murray) Always a big red flag. But he's a pocker passer. Pure arm talent. Are recent reports of dipping stock a smoke screen? 9. TJ Hockenson TE Iowa 6'5" 250 Best all around TE this year, and in the last few years. Comparison to Gronk may be somewhat overstated, but TJ is still a top-10 player. 10. Andre Dillard OT (LT) Washington State Consensus best LT in the draft, yet many have him 5-10 spots lower than I do. Whatever flaws he has are correctable. Positional value trumps all. 11. Devin Bush Will OLB Michigan Can also play MIKE, but some teams will view him as too small for the inside. Great athlete, great backer. And yet I often see him mocked lower. Not sure why? 12. Drew Lock QB Missouri Some say he has the best arm of this class. Others fear his 9" hands, well below average. Teams reportedly either love Lock, or are meh on him. 13. Jonah Williams OL Alabama Started for 3 years for Alabama. Played LT the last two years. He's 6'4", 302, and has 33 5/8" arms. Too small for LT at NFL level for some teams. But could play (start) any of the other 4 OL positions. He's that good. Many think he's the best OL in this draft. Not for me, but he's close. 14. Brian Burns DE/OLB Florida State One of my favorites this year. He and Sweat are what Ballard is looking for to be his RDE. Will Ballard trade up? Not likely, but we have reportedly shown considerable interest. 15. Jawan Taylor OT (RT) Florida Big and powerful. A pure right tackle and not a LT. Could play G if need be. His game is not finesse. You run hard behind guys like him. 16. Colin Ferrell DE Clemson He was top-10 eight to ten months ago. Not sure what he did wrong, but now I mostly seem him in the teen's or the 20's. But I think he's a RDE at the next level. 17. Jeff Simmons DT Mississippi State Can you believe Simmons and Sweat were on the same Bulldog Defensive Line?! Simmons has two strikes against him, otherwise, he'd be top-10, and perhaps even top-5. He blew up a knee in early February training for the combine. And 3 years ago, in high school, he beat up a girl who was reportedly bullying his sister. It's on videotape. Everyone says he was a good kid before the incident, and he's been perfect for the last 3 years since then. Saw a story this week saying everyone in the scouting community loves the kid and will back him as a great kid. Called a culture changer for your program. Jim Irsay, are you listening? Please? 18. Rashaan Gary DE/DT Michigan One of my least favorite players. Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane. Tremendous tools and mostly under-achieving tape. Where are the results? Teams will gamble on his great, raw, and mostly untapped talent. 19. Noah Font TE Iowa Font and Hockenson, the two top tight ends both on the same team. Nice for Iowa. If Hockenson is the pure tight end, then Font is the more receving option. He'd compare more to Ebron in style (minus the hands issue) 20. Christian Wilkins DT Clemson Measured smaller and heavier than expected at the combine. 6'3" and 315. Not 6'4" and 305. Does that scare anyone? Maybe. But he didn't test as well as expected. Does THAT scare anyone? Maybe. Read within the last week he's both a 3-tech AND now also a Nose Tackle. Hmm? Said by all to be great in the locker room. A natural team leader. A very Ballard-like guy. Been mocked well into the 20's for the better part of a month. Does he reach the Colts? 21. Cody Ford G/T Oklahoma Played at 340 this year, but showed up at the combine 10-12 pounds lighter. Can play both right tackle and inside at guard. But he's not a LT. 22. DK Metcalf WR Mississippi My first wide receiver appears. And I wouldn't be surprised if he falls to the 2nd round. Incredible body, incredible athlete EXCEPT, he's more a straight line runner with blazing speed. But he's not a sophisticaed rout runner. Runs a more limited rout treet. Raw. Needs polishing. Boom or bust? 23. Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma Some think he could've gone top-15 if not for a foot injury in early January. Very small. 5'9" and sub-170. Said to play bigger than his size. Compared favorably to DeSean Jackson. Can catch deep or take a short pass a long way. Field changer. Game changer. Good hands. 24. Greedy Williams CB LSU Best man corner in the draft. Tall and lean. Tested better than expected at the combine. Was thought to be possible top-10 pick eight to ten months ago. Stock has slipped by still a first round player for me. But not for everyone. 25. Demarcus Lawrence NT Clemson 6'4" 342 and that weight is down from his high in the 350's. Vince Wilfork 2.0? If he reaches us and we try to get him at 34, will New England let him get past them? Vince Wilfork 2.0! Some have questioned whether he's a scheme fit for the Colts. Said to be better in a 2-gap scheme, not our 1-gap. 26. Garrett Bradbury C North Carolina State Fast riser late in the draft process. Said to be the top center in what is reported to be a very good class of centers. 27. Johnathan Abram S Mississippi State Yet another stud defender from the 2018 Bulldog defense. He has supporters and detractors on ths website. But the Colts are reportedly high on him. Will they take a safety in the first round for 2nd time in Ballard's 3-years? Maybe. He'd be the strong to Hooker's free. 28. Chris Lindstrom G Boston College Could also slip into the top of the 2nd round. But I'm calling this the Quincy Nelson effect. You can improve your o-line with high quality guard play. Lindstrom reportedly tested through the roof at the combine. Advanced metrics off the chart. Scouts ran back to double check the tape. Colts said to be high on him too. 29. Deandre Baker CB Georgia High confident, highly competitive and highly successful corner. Has a fearless attitude. At 5'11" and 193, is he big enough to play outside? Or is he only an inside slot/nickle corner? Teams will differ on this. But he's an easy first round talent. 30. AJ Brown WR Mississippi A pro's pro. Not flashy, but he just gets the job done. I liken him to DeAndre Hopkins with Houston. The guy you want to look for on key 3rd downs. 31. Byron Murphy CB Washington Another corner with a lot of support on this website. He's another sub-6'0" corner who may only play in the slot. But he shutdown whoever he faced, so maybe he can play outside? Could slip into the 2nd round, but he's only my third corner on my board. Hard to see only two. 32. Chauncy Gardner-Johnson S Florida Just my second safety. If you don't like this choice, then pick someone else. But so far, only Abrams makes my list. And I don't see a draft with only one safety going in the first round. Some team will take another, and I picked CGJ for his all-around versatility. But it could be someone else. Close, but just missed: Josh Jacobs RB Alabama Jerry Tillery DT Notre Dame kaleb McGary OT Washington Erick McCoy OL Tex A&M Dalton Risner OL Kansas St Parris Campbell WR Ohio State N'Keal Harry WR ASU Rapp/Savage/Adderly S Various schools Rock Ya Sin CB Temple Daniel Jones QB Duke (Will someone trade up to take him at the bottom of the first round? Entirely possible) OK..... there's my board.... feel free to vent and give me your opinions. Happy to hear from all... Thumbs up or down? Bring it! We're now inside a week.... the excitement grows! I'll have more posts & threads in the next 6 days..... Thanks for checking out my board.... NCF
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    So my wife and I were out with friends at a restaurant in Carmel. As we were walking in this guy (Quentin) was at the hostess desk getting a to go order and I was like man he looks familiar. I'm 6'4 250 and not very often am I the one looking up at someone, but I didn't realize how tall Quentin was. He's listed at 6'5, but he has to be really close to 6'6. He looks like he has lost some weight, and added muscle, and yes that guys back is a mile wide, and that was the dead give away. The kid looks good and looks to already be in football shape.
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    The beauty of this draft is nobody HAS to start right away..... They just need to contribute and make more and more plays as the season wears on.
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    It's hard to take a dude with a manbun serious
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    He said in the presser "You forget with the high character guys, there's a multiplier, what you put into them it comes out the other side that much better, other guys what you put into them is what you get, it doesn't multiply." Of course this isn't word for word, but you get the gist. That is what it's all about right there, that winning Colture. Ballard is building not only a championship roster, but the culture that's there is top notch, and it's gonna start paying dividends. Love it man, absolutely love it. Great time to be a Colts fan, enjoy the ride ladies and gentlemen, we've got some fun years ahead of us.
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    Even though thats toilet paper to a billionaire . Much respect though from a cancer survivor. Re-mission 17 years.
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    Chris Wesseling from NFL.com (and Around the NFL Podcast) has issued his annual "NFL's top 10 Offenses" list, with the Colts at #2, behind only the Saints. Below is the link to the full article: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001030168/article/nfls-top-10-offenses-saints-colts-eagles-best-of-bunch With below being a copy of the Colts section from the article: 2) Indianapolis Colts Quarterback: A | Andrew Luck, Jacoby Brissett Perhaps the league's biggest mystery entering the season, Luck shrugged off early questions about his arm strength, finishing second only to Mahomes with 39 touchdowns while collecting Comeback Player of the Year honors. Just four months from his 30th birthday, the former No. 1 overall draft pick is a different quarterback under play-caller supreme Frank Reich, showing a quicker release time, superior ball placement and a command of the pocket. Backfield: B | Marlon Mack, Nyheim Hines, Jordan Wilkins, Spencer Ware From Week 7 through Indianapolis' victory over the Texans in the Wild Card Round, Marlon Mack led all running backs in rushing first downs (51) and ranked second in carries (197), rushing yards (933) and rushing touchdowns (10). Can he stay healthy, run between the tackles and match that level of production across 16 games and a postseason run? Receiving specialist Nyheim Hines caught 63 passes as a rookie, showcasing the ability to beat linebackers and safeties on third downs. Versatile former Chiefs back Spencer Ware was recently signed for insurance. Receiving corps: B+ | T.Y. Hilton, Devin Funchess, Eric Ebron (TE), Jack Doyle (TE), Parris Campbell, Chester Rogers, Zach Pascal, Deon Cain Luck is going to love throwing to big-bodied former Panthers wideout Devin Funchess and rookie playmaker Parris Campbell after leaning heavily on undrafted projects (Rogers, Pascal, Alie-Cox, Erik Swoope) and journeymen free agents (Ryan Grant, Dontrelle Inman) for significant portions of the 2018 season. Throw in a healthy version of Doyle, and this figures to be one of the most improved position groups in the division. Offensive line: A- | Anthony Castonzo, Braden Smith, Quenton Nelson, Mark Glowinski, Ryan Kelly, Joe Haeg, Evan Boehm Prior to Reich's arrival, the Colts couldn't run the ball or protect Luck. With rookie All-Pro Quenton Nelson setting a bone-jarring tone, both of those problems vanished by midseason. The offensive line went from long-running punchline to head of the class, paving the way for nine 100-yard rushing performances (including the postseason) while leading the NFL in stingiest sack rate (2.8%). The starting line returns intact for 2019.
  27. 15 points
    Please tell me he was a captain at usc and we now have captain mar-vell
  28. 14 points
    The part that I bolded is the most important one that might give us insight into what we should expect from future drafts.
  29. 14 points
    As far as LBs go, how quickly they read and react is what will determine their success. I know we all get enamored with the RAS scores but I felt that Ballard put more stock into those mainly with his skill position players and OL/DL more than anything else, not across the board. If you looked at Darius Leonard's RAS score, it was by no means a good one amongst the 2018 draft class: https://relativeathleticscores.com/2018/03/06/2018-nfl-draft-class-ras-relative-athletic-scores/ It was his intelligence and instincts that propelled him to where he is now. That is why Bobby Okereke and E J Speed were drafted, their instincts and the ceiling Ballard and the coaches felt each of them had. When they play Kelce with the Chiefs, Keenan Allen with the Chargers, Michael Thomas with the Saints, McCaffrey with the Panthers etc., guys who relish those underneath zones, that is when we will find out if we have taken a step forward.
  30. 14 points
    I highly doubt Ballard traded up because the guy is a great teammate.
  31. 14 points
    What a guy! This is a man Colts fans can be damn proud of, and he will get paid handsomely for all of his actions, on and off the field.
  32. 14 points
    Umm, I wonder if Ballard knew that?
  33. 14 points
    Love Ballard's tease at the end. "I'll see you all Thursday... or maybe not, maybe Friday".
  34. 13 points
    People are going to be wondering how he fell to us and got paired up with Luck.
  35. 13 points
  36. 13 points
  37. 13 points
    Not to mention luck and manning both being 30.
  38. 12 points
    This is a interesting approach by Ballard to determine which guys have the mental capability to play in the NFL.
  39. 12 points
    The beauty of Campbell is that he’s NOT small. He’s not Hilton's size. Parris is 6’0” and 205. Hilton is 5’10” and 180. In the football world those two are not the same.
  40. 12 points
  41. 12 points
    I was listening to nfl channel o Sirius. They said he was the S that all the TEs had the hardest time against. They loved the pick and how Ballard is building the team.
  42. 12 points
    I'm already angry about who we took.
  43. 11 points
    QB- Luck, Brissett RB- Mack, Ware, Hines, Wilkins WR-Hilton, Funchess, Campbell, Cain, Pascal, Rogers TE- Ebron, Doyle, Allie-Cox, Hentges LT- AC, Webb LG- Nelson C- Kelly, Boehm RG- Glowinski, Haeg RT- Smith, Garcia Offense-25 DE- Sheard, Turay UT- Autry, Lewis, Ward NT- Hunt, Stewart DE- Houston, Green SAM- Benogu, Adams Mike- Walker, Okereke Will- Leonard, Speed CB- Desir, Ya-sin, Moore, Wilson, Collins SS- Geathers, Willis, Kindred FS- Hooker, Tell Defense-25 K-Vinny P-Sanchez LS-Rhodes ST-3 PS- Walker, Odum, Peters, Patterson, Hart, Fountain, Poehls, Skai Moore, Franklin, Barton Not sure if we can put Odum and the LBers on the PS, but that is my guess for the 53 man roster.
  44. 11 points
    No. It didn’t. Neither of them do what Inman does. Inman gets open. He doesn’t have great speed or quickness. But he runs great routes. He reads defenses. He catches the ball. He developed great chemistry with Luck inside of a week. He’s a reliable professional receiver. There’s almost akways room for a guy line that on any roster. I’m sorry he’s not on ours.
  45. 11 points
    Cosell is my favorite football analyst out there. There is noone else that comes close IMO. Here's you can listen to Greg Cosell on Dan Dakich's show yesterday: https://omny.fm/shows/the-dan-dakich-show/greg-cosell-breaks-down-the-nfl-draft -Rock Ya-Sin - doesn't like him as much as Ballard does. He's not a plug and play guy... Colts probably see him that way, though. Can be a good player down the road. -Khari Willis - liked him, strong safety type(Dakich stopped him and went on a tangent after Cosell said he liked him) -Marvell Tell - great measurables, great length, has corner length but hasn't played corner. He has reps against slot receivers where he did well. He can be interchangeable safety -Ben Banogu - intriguing player, not pure pass-rusher, not a bender, not flexible.. the more you watch him the more you like him ... good athlete, fluid movement. Glue guy. Not a guy who would get 15 sacks a year, but he's assignment-disciplined, plays with intensity. You hope as he plays more you can develop him into a better pass-rusher. He had some good reps inside against guards. Like his playing personality and disciplined approach. -Parris Campbell - great speed, he was used as a shallow cross type receiver - a lot of crossers, not a lot of vertical routes, but with that speed you would like to think that there is potential there as vertical receiver. He's relatively big too, pretty good size. Multiple weapon! Has to learn a lot about the nuances and details of route-running, because he didn't do that at Ohio State. Very intriguing prospect, though. -Bobby Okereke - really liked him, really good prospect. Athletic kid, fits what the new NFL looks for in a linebacker - probably 43 WILL - athleticism, quickness, range. He's at his best when he can be kept clean. Ideally you would like to see him replace Anthony Walker at some point and be the second stacked linebacker next to Leonard (my note here- his assessment of Okereke is of note because Cosell was the analyst who was the highest on Leonard last year and thought he was a future star before the draft... he is heaping similar even if a little subdued praises for Okereke). -EJ Speed - long, rangy... can run... will play special teams... maybe not this year, but he could be a starter some time in the future. Drafted him in the 5th round from a small school nobody's heard about. This means there was something about him that they really liked. They took SEC DE 35 picks later. They are telling you that they like the small school guy much better than the SEC player... On a side note- god I hate Dan Dakich. I just listened to Cosell's interview on Tennessee radio and it was night and day, he gave them so much more detail and better analysis simply because their host wanted to listen and didn't interject so much. Dakich jumps frantically from one spot to the next, doesn't let the guest finish his statements, interjects and gets sidetracked instead of letting his guest talk.
  46. 11 points
    - Pats lose Gronk and are less talented than Colts, Chargers, Chiefs, and Browns. But they're still the Pats with Brady and Belichick. - Colts should be able to compete for multiple SBs with Andrew Luck. The Colts Hype Train is official. All Aboard!
  47. 11 points
    He did earlier in the week when he said “we’ll be together Thursday night...or maybe not.” He’s also been on the record saying I love them picks and he viewed guys going between 15 and 70 as similar talent. The hints were there.
  48. 11 points
    1. #26 Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame... I've been mocking him to the Colts since I was doing my mock off-seasons. I really do think he's a great fit for our defense and he brings us something we don't really have on the roster - explosive, traitsy and technical interior rusher, who causes disruption in the passing game. He's got the length, he's got the burst off the snap, he's got powerful and active hands. As long as Ballard OKs him to the Colts, IMO there is a real chance he will be the best player on the board where the Colts are picking. 2. #34 Kaleb McGary, OT, Washington... I've documented the Colts connections to McGary here and I think if they really like him as much as it seems, there is a distinct possibility that they will draft him with the thought of using him as a swing tackle this year and transitioning him to LT over the next year if we cannot re-sign AC. I know you will say he's a RT and that's correct... for now, but IMO he has the athleticism to do well on the left side. He tested like an elite athlete at the position at the combine and he does show great movement and solid pass-set. It will take time for his transition to the left side to be complete and the good thing is... he does have the time. 2. #59 Amani Hooker, S, Iowa - perfect zone safety with versatility... he can play in the slot, he can play in the box, he can play in 2-deep safeties looks. He sees plays as they develop, very disciplined in zone while keeping eyes on the QB. Very effortless mover and great change of direction quickness. He is a playmaker. Had 4 INT, 7PDs, 3.5 TFL and 1 sack over the last season. Ballard loves himself playmakers... also... Hooker and Hooker... tell me that ain't a duo for the ages? 3. #89 JoeJuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt - the only reason he's here is because of his poor 40 time. IMO he has great tape and is a great fit in our Tampa 2 system. Huge corner, very physical at the LOS and can disrupt the releases of WRs on the outside, great awareness and eye discipline. Great tackler, great fighting for balls in the air... those are all things that are great fits for our system. 4. #129 Maxx Crosby, DE, Eastern Michigan - we miss on Burns in the 1st round so we go with the discount version in the 4th. Very productive small school DE with traits. Great athleticism and bend... needs to add strength in the run game. Will be developmental prospect and designated pass-rusher on passing downs early in his career with the hope of developing him over the next couple of years. 4. #135 Jimmy Moreland, CB, James Madison The Colts have shown interest in him already. He is one of the corners with the best ball skills in the draft. 18 interceptions and 63(!!!!!!!!) passes defensed during his career are no joke. He tracks the ball and runs routes better than most WRs he was matched against. Great playmaker again ... returned 6 of his 18 INT for TDs. Shows great hips and quickness. Projects as a slot at the next level. He's one of the most competitive DBs in the draft. 5. #164 Drue Tranquill, LB, Notre Dame - we continue to build our LB core with one of my favorite late round prospects. Has 2 ACLs and that's the reason he falls here. Really fun player on tape though... flies to the ball, has good coverage skills... also a good blitzer thanks to high level athleticism and short area quickness. 6. #199 Donald Parham, TE, Stetson - raw but intriguing TE prospect. He's huge(6'9) and has incredible movement skills for his size. He's developmental prospect for next year when all 3 of our TEs hit free agency. 7. #240 Alex Bars, G, Notre Dame... I swear I'm not a Notre Dame fan! Just those guys keep falling to picks I cannot ignore them at. Solid guard prospect, used to back up Quenton. Might continue to do that and be safety valve in case of injuries. He himself had a serious injury this last season and this might be a reason he fell to this spot. He's supposed to be ready by the start of the season. Thoughts? Comments?
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    The best smokescreen is the Cleveland Browns acting like they'll win football games.
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