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    After almost four weeks 4 hospital visits, two hospital stays, I have finally beaten covid 19 now colts lets kick butt this year!
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    Your right... Doyle can run block and catch the ball unlike Ebron.
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    Let's hope he doesn't... flatten the curve... I will show myself out.
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    After reading this article, I am even more excited to have Buckner. I loved the acquisition, but after hearing Bosa talk about all the things Buckner did for that SF line, I just had to smile. He was their D-Line play caller, and the guy who gave they pregame hype speeches. What an addition to the team! Buckner will become one of the instant emotional leaders on this team. Reads very much like he is the Quentin Nelson of the Defensive Line with his play. Quick read, and well worth it! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001112951/article/nick-bosa-says-49ers-d-has-to-step-up-without-buckner
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    “I can’t sit here and remain silent, because that’s exactly what we’ve done every time our black community screams and yells for help,” Ballard said. "We have to end social injustice and racial inequality. We have to end the police violence against our black communities. Black lives matter. I don’t understand why that’s so freaking hard for the white community to say. Black lives matter.” https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2020/06/04/colts-gm-chris-ballard-admits-hes-been-ignorant-racism-black-lives-matter/3143666001/ https://www.indystar.com/videos/sports/nfl/colts/colts-insider/2020/06/04/chris-ballard-we-cant-go-back-into-our-bubble/3143599001/ Ballard admitted that he’s been naïve, that he didn’t fully realize the everyday racism experienced by the black players and coaches and friends in his life, and that he has made some mistakes, including that he didn’t listen enough to former Colts safety Darius Butler in 2017 when a dozen Colts kneeled during the national anthem before a game against the Cleveland Browns. Honestly, beyond football acumen. Chris Ballard is one of the greatest General Managers in sports.
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    Rivers said the oline was an important factor in his choice to play here.....which Ballard made a priority and in one year turned it into a championship caliber line. I saw this little nugget the other day and it kinda drummed up some thoughts about how our oline was constructed and some other tidbits. Perhaps because he played in the MAC nobody cared, but, he played well in his all-star game, blew up the combine and was rated as the 2nd best tackle in the country last year. 2 years removed from being a TE.... Pinter was rated a 91.2 Quentin Nelson was a no brainer draft pick with the 2nd highest rating coming out of college ever at 95.1. Braden Smith, another no name guy that Ballard snagged was rated 3rd behind Nelson and Will Hernandez at 88.1 the same draft year. Kelly was a holdover, but rated as the number one Center the year Grigson FINALLY invested in the oline. Castonzo is Mr. Reliable and was also a 1st Round pick in his day. Glowinski came in and plugged a huge hole at RG, but he regressed a bit last year and will likely lose his job to Pinter very soon. Then there were last years draftees, of course Barton was snagged off of our PS and went on to win a SB while Patterson suffered his first injury ever in TC. Skip past the overall grades and look strictly at the pass protection grades. For 7th Round picks they were extremely good at pass pro (only 2 sacks allowed in 1000+ snaps), just needed development on run blocking - which is technique and attitude based - which we have plenty of! Anyways, Nelson, Smith, Patterson, Barton and now Pinter all have similar traits in common......hustle, play thru the whistle, athletic, intelligent and pass protect very well. Patterson (C/G) and Pinter (G/T) will likely be our interior oline depth this year with Clark as the swing tackle. Perhaps the Canadian Kid squeaks in as a backup T as well (see below)? I still won't count the USC kid against him as that was his Oline coach pounding the drum for him - even though he's still in the NFL. Lastly, there is the highly sought after Canadian in Carter O'Donnell, who seems like another athletic olineman and not a lumbering blob.....here is his Pro Day tape since his cancelled. This is nice to see: Tempering excitement and pressure is fine, but this kid is going to be a solid NFL starter with a few tweaks and some knowledge. Still say his Freshman tape at Georgia was far better than his Washington tape (after the two year hiatus)! Also, awesome to see him throwing with his two 6'4" & 225 lbs rookie wideouts.... One last thing, we have a 22 or 23 year streak of an UDFA making the opening 53. I think I have a dark horse candidate for this year.......outside of Carter O'Donnell of course. It is the safety from Georgia Southern Donald Rutledge. We are thin at Safety, especially in that box safety role and this guy fits the mold at 6'1" & 215lbs with 4.62 speed and 22 reps at 225. He is big, fast and strong. And even at his size his 7.18 3-Cone drill isn't bad. https://relativeathleticscores.com/2020/03/21/donald-rutledge-jr-ras/ Just a few rando thoughts to stimulate group conversation this Sunday morning!
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    Instead of “like” shall we change it to blue carding a post?
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    Proud of our coach. He felt compelled to release his own statement, outside of the teams statement. https://www.colts.com/news/frank-reich-racial-injustice-offseason-program-media-conference-call Currently only 3 NFL coaches(Flores, Lynn, Reich), have released a statement. Cleveland coach was listed as part of statement from the team. So 4(3)/32 coaches have stepped up and been vocal. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/06/01/where-are-the-vast-majority-of-nfl-head-coaches-on-the-current-unrest/ Much respect coach.
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    If they are forced to play in an empty Lucas Oil Stadium. We have unbelievably loud crowd noise amplifiers that will give us a distinct home field advantage over the rest of the league
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    I had to lock this thread because the exchanges violated our rules. But, I want to say that I will believe there is no racism when taking a knee to protest police brutality against black people generates NO anger but, kneeling on a mans neck while he is face down on the ground and pleading for air.......generates widespread outrage among white people. We are not there, we are not even close. But this is a very good sign
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    Nice try Eric... We don't want you back. Go drop someone else's balls.
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    I get it, but I disagree. This isn't about laws and politics. This is about how we think and feel. This is about how we view and treat other people. As an old white guy I would like to be able to say "we have come so far in our race relations in this country" but sadly I must admit to myself that we have not come anywhere near as far as I used to think. We all need to look in the mirror and ask "what have I done to improve the situation"? And I think just having the conversation here, being thoughtful and aware, can help.
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    Pathetic post. Truly, you are the epitomy of what's wrong in America. Disruptive influence? Guy kneeled to bring attention to the racial problem that we unfortunately are still going through. Will never stop with people that continue to look the other way and say dumb stuff like you just did. And for the record, I am white. Not that it should matter. Truly pathetic.
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    Wow, top backup. Seems kind of like taking your cousin to the prom, looks good on paper but in the end it doesn't get you anything.
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    These guys don’t get it yet. Notice both of you snuck the word “only” in when referring to others.
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    Anyone else watch The Match? Had it on the TV while working around the house and outside. From the snippets I heard and saw it seemed like a huge success. Manning as always was the talker of the group and hilarious. Pretty darn good golfer too! Slow news day and weekend, to be expected honestly considering it’s May and the big race was moved to August... Is this Colts news? ... it’s got Manning in it but honestly mods can move if needed.
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    Lewis was a deserved HOF player Best LB ever? Dick Butkus Sam Huff Brian Urlacher Mike Singletary Junior Seau Lawrence Taylor All dominated game to the equal of Lewis but,.... Lewis was one of the best..... The best IMHO.... Lawerence Taylor
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    Obviously these are unprecedented time, so I hope posters can forgive and understand some of the moderation challenges currently. As a rough rule of thumb to this specific topic, it's Colts related in that it's a social media post relating to the team. Discussion of the politics behind the situation aren't so football related and are being moved into this topic: Trying to balance letting people converse and discuss, and keeping this a friendly environment.
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    Someone lock this thread... at the very least move it off of Colts football.... Police brutality = bad Racism= bad Riots and looting = bad Golden rule= good
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    Silly nonsense. Very disappointing. USA Today used to be really good. Even if you knew nothing about the Colts, you could know this. We spent 7 of 10 2019 draft picks on defense. It's not unreasaonble to expect most if not all of them to be better. The question is how much? But Rock and Okereke and Willis are starters. Benagu, Tell, should be key reserves. Speed and Green to ST's. So, the defense SHOULD be better on that alone. And I'm almost positive I read something this off-season about a trade for Buckner, and some free agent signing's including Rhodes. Plus the return of a healthy Turay. That's a lot of important faces on that side of the ball. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to be able to predict we should be a better defense. The only question is..... now much better?
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    Its USA Today, what do you expect? They had thd Seahawks and Colts 2 of the worse teams going into last year. IMO, their sports writing and predictions are way below, sub par. I expect the Colts Defense to be improved for sure. Not just because of defensive additions(which there were), but mainly because I expect the offense to dominate TOP this year.
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    The dumbest comment I've ever read
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    Thank God he isn’t. Doyle is more of a team guy. Ebron is mote interested in the camera.
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    I'll just be happy if we play any games, regardless of the day.
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    Ball security yes but he looked pretty good at catching the ball when he was used in that capacity. I am not going to compare him to anyone. He is his own man.
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    Good kid. Very, very likable! He’ll be fun to root for!!
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    I would like all of the white folks to ask themselves the question, "would I like to be a black man or woman living in America today?" The question isn't to say everything is bad for black people or great for white people. The question is just an honest inward reflection. Sure there are people on both sides of the equation that can be shown to be racist or adding to the problems so I am not asking for anyone to point a finger at anyone else's behavior. Just honestly ask yourselves that question. If your answer is no then ask yourself why.
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    No one is saying only black lives matter. Why can't we say one thing and not be putting down the other. Of course all lives matter, but all lives aren't being killed, Black Lives are.
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    I'm not, it echos what I've been saying. QB's don't throw his way and if they do they usually pay the price, just ask Rivers. But hey everyone wants him to be a strong safety.....
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    Blue is a Hall of Famer and and he generates most of his power from his belly. If he bulked up I fear it would hinder his flexibility and we wouldn’t get to see him smacking down little kids in the peewee league.
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    From a talent perspective, Kelly is likely the 2nd best QB on the roster right now. He's also the least "safe" choice... But I agree, I'd prefer Kelly long term to JB. Brissett, even in college, was very un-remarkable... Great guy, but not someone I want starting, and not really a backup I want to pay all that $$ to either, or someone I want vying to be a future starter..... I'm fine with paying him this year as we're in no-win situation with guarantees...
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    No way will the league allow that. It's already illegal to pump in extra crowd noise to give the home team the advantage. I HIGHLY doubt they allow the home team to drown out the visiting team..
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    Mow my lawn while you're out there. Keep it clean...
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    I say sell tickets to anyone who wants to go and don’t feel that they are at risk and let those who are at risk watch from home...
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    Do wet paper bags even fold? I assume it would be easier to fold a dry paper bag? Sorry, just messing around. I’m done now!!
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    BECAUSE there is a GOD and the entire WORLD will witness the FALL OF THE EMPIRE on National Television!!! Thank You GOD!!!
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    Geez, there will be a lot of burgers scattered on the floor then....
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    Buckner stinks and is overrated. He won't even be starting halfway through the season. Just trying to say the complete opposite of what will be true.
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    Ok, I stepped right into that one. That would be the J in OBJ......
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