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    If Garrett doesn’t get at least 6-8 games I’ll be severely disappointed in the league. That was ridiculous.
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    I don't think the point is about who is playing better or making more plays, it's about the way a good safety is gameplanned by the opposing offense. If the offense makes a concerted effort to avoid that safety, then even without recording a stat, that safety is having a significant impact on the game. There's an insistence from some that, because a safety is so far away from the ball and can be avoided, it means his impact on the game is lessened, and ultimately, that makes it a mistake to use a high pick on a safety. The point in the OP is that when a team makes a conscious effort to avoid a safety, the safety's impact on the game is not lessened, it's actually even greater. Where Hooker fits in -- do teams actively avoid him, or is he just taken out of the game by his role? -- is a different part of the conversation. I don't think people appreciate just how impactful he is, even when he's not showing up on the TV feed. And I agree with you, the weakest part of Hooker's game is his tackling, but he's been tackling well the last few games.
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    Forget football, you are making me hungry
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    Just announced, suspended indefinitely. Is done for a minimum of the rest of this season
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    Jiminy Christmas, you're a yo-yo of emotional overreaction. In a previous post, you said you're "done" with this team. Yet here you are, still posting, still getting ready to watch the next game, and every game after that. You're obviously not "done", and you obviously "care", so please take a deep breath and reconsider posting this kind of nonsense.
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    I hate both teams, but I’ll take the Browns tonight.
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    Good post. But I think you're being generous here to the Hoyer haters. The fact is the Colts were left in a lurch after Luck retired and they had to find a backup quickly. They got the best they could. Don't for a minute think that Luck's retirement hasn't led to this moment. Its a full blown result of it. Next year, the Colts will have a much better opportunity to decide who their starter is. But until then....... lets just say that Andrew Luck has put the Colts in a tough spot that is still to play out. Personally, I'm pulling for JB to bust out and leave no doubt. I think he'll be the man now and in the future; his backup next year? Who knows. I hope its Kelly. I think it will be. But give the Colts' brass a break here; they were dealt a terrible hand and have done a pretty decent job of figuring out how to make it work.
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    If Reich can guide a 1-5 team to the playoffs he can guide this one.
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    Dude is not a leader, and a crybaby, but some QB desperate team will pick him up.
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    sounds like there may be more coming too. I would think they'll have to suspend the steelers dude who held Garret to the ground based on their suspension of the Brown's player for shoving. Indefinitely... wow. That's a major suspension.
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    I agree, he should be done for 2019
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    I have been watching all morning on first take (ESPN), that is all they have been talking about. Just youtube it. What Garrett did is inexcusable so I agree he should get 6 games = rest of the season.
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    He tried to rip off Garrett's helmet when they were on the ground and then kept coming toward him as well after that but Garrett deserves 6 games = the brunt of the punishment.
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    @runthepost @Narcosys - Updates for you, Jordan Howard has a stinger and Alshon Jeffrey is doubtful as well, so both may not play. Patriots' defense gonna eat.
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    I see Pouncey getting some type of suspension too The same with Rudolph Pitt and Tomlin should bare some of the responsibility
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    When has he traded down and taken himself out of position to draft a blue chip player? 2017 M. Hooker at 15. No trade down 2018 Q. Nelson Traded down 3 slots for multiple 2s. 2019 Traded out of 26th with Washington for multiple 2s. No one on the back end of the 2019 draft has done much. Ballard is getting production from most of his picks. You statement is fairly inaccurate.
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    Overall, inexcusable...
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    Pascal is having improved performance when JB targets him. It typically takes either TY being out, or doubled/tripled for JB to target him though. Look at his game log and compare to Hilton and you'll see what I mean. And yup, running isn't our issue. It's actually pretty impressive we're top 10 given the situation. And folks bagging on the OL are hilarious. They have both a QB with a high time to throw (making it harder on pass pro), and is not respected by Ds (making it hard on run blocking). Their job is much much harder this year.
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    Steelers fans will be glad to see Mason Rudolph not play QB
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    went out that way too... Just wow. Al Davis looks down and grins his beady yellow teeth and nods in approval like the Emperor in Star Wars. "Good good!"..
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    I know one thing for sure: That would not have happened with Andrew "ooh, good hit big boy" Luck. What was Rudolph thinking grabbing Garretts' helmet like that?
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    Bullcrap! All kinds of young backup QBs have played this year and done well, and Kelly has as good or better credentials than most (all) of them.
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    What? So many special teams experts in here. They obviously know more than people that have been doing this their entire lives. I love you grams. But obviously you're wrong.
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    A fan for 35 years... Just my opinion. I honestly think AV is a detriment and it's hard to make the playoffs with a kicker that leaves points on the field. Just trying to rationalize why Ballard is rolling with Vinateri. Can you tell me? BTW a 14th or 15th pick has more move up potential than a pick that is 22-28! Purgatory is better than Hell dawg! Want the best for the SHOE always
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    I don’t why, but I have confidence in this game. The D looked good last week and we did move the ball a couple of times even with no WR and Brian Hoyer, so I think we’ll show up. I have a strange feeling that we’ll come out and smash the Jags in the mouth. I really hope I’m right
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    I'm glad he's a colt
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    What is Ballard supposed to do? Go shopping at QB’s R Us? This next observation is not about Colts fans. In general, it’s equally true about all 32 fan bases. When the QB struggles, fans think “put in the backup”, things couldn’t get any worse. That sounds true, it seems true, but mostly it’s false. Things often can and do get worse. The backups are the backups for a reason. They’re not as good as the starters. Hoyer isn’t as good as Brissett. Kelly isn’t as good as Hoyer. Kelly might be better someday, but that day hasn’t arrived. At least not yet. Things are never as simple and obvious inside a franchise as fans think they are looking from the outside. I’m not predicting Hoyer will even last to the end of the season. I think he should be considered week to week. One more week like the last might do him in. But I don’t think he’s a lock to finish the season or to get cut next week. I’d say he’s week to week is the safest viewpoint.
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    Brissett's health is still a question. So we cut Hoyer and then unproven quantity Kelly is only QB left on roster with playing Jags and rest of tough second half schedule. Its like driving uninsured and going full carpe diem. Bad idea is bad
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    Posting answers from a "magic 8-ball" may be as accurate as any prediction we come up with.
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    Will Carroll has claimed for years that the turf/field at Lucas Oil Stadium is the worst in the league. He's argued that it's the hardest field in the NFL and the turf is very sticky. Some of the highest injury rates for both Colts and opposing players.
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    Its not all about play on the field. Theres a reason Belichek kept him around.
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    If the Colts get “hot”, the playoffs are definitely in reach. The next three games will tell much of the tale this year. As someone mentioned, they could be in first place next week. All of the self-inflicted wounds are correctable. That includes turnovers, dropped passes, penalties, missed assignments, bad play calling, bad throws and bad kicks. There are some important players out, that may return soon. In the meantime, some players are getting experience and the team is at least, building depth. Playoffs? Maybe, maybe not. Could go either way but this team certainly has the potential to get there.
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    When I think of how much I was looking forward to this season it is a little depressing to see how it is panning out.
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    That would be something since they are playing Pittsburgh.
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    Nice effort. My only negative comment would be that trading down from 34 to 37 will not get you a 3. Not even close. The value chart shows the drop us only 30 points. That gets you a 5. Remember... in this past draft, when we traded down from 46 to 49 (Benogu) we only got a 5. And in the 18 draft, when we traded down from 49 to 52 (Turay) we again only got a 5.
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    like I've said before I want a QB but I honestly dont think it will happen I believe our record will be too good to have a shot at someone good. JB looks just like a QB that will keep you just out of range of good picks but not good enough to win titles.
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    Ooo, Cam in Chicago. That'd be precious. Good entertainment.
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    Malik Hooker, when healthy, does something that few other players do in the NFL: Scares QBs away from the deep ball. Just look at his target totals, its a rare NFL quarterback that will throw his way, and even then they don't do so confidently. It doesn't show up in the box score, but he does his job and he does it very well.
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    Game against Steelers gave me a lot of hope for Campbell. Then he broke his hand.
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    A compromise: Let's get rid of the doom but keep the gloom.
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    Well after a while Ed Reed wasnt thrown at....Same has happened with Hooker.
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    I don’t like franchise’s moving, and I don’t like this one. I still like the Green Bay model best ,where the fans and cities own the team.
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    Been on the Derrick Brown train since last season. He’s everything you’d want in a 3-tech. Big, strong, rushes the passer, plays the run, easy evaluation. I like him even better than Christian Wilkins last season. Would trade up for him. Number two is probably Delpit.
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    Yep but still good enough to beat us.
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    No Way, No How!!! I don't see how they're even going to get to .500 let alone win another game.... Team along with the coach is regressing....Not what we expected him to be....
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    I thought he would be the PK by now. Sorry coaching and strategy.
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