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    From the album: Colts 2013

    I've got 5 of these to give away! To enter to win, just click the like button for the photo Winners will be randomly chosen from all those that 'like' the schedule by Monday April 29, 2013 Winners will be contacted by personal message here on the Coltstrong forum. Winners must reply to the message within 1 week or an alternate winner will be chosen Update: 4/29/13 Congrats to these folks who won one of these schedules! Please respond to the message I sent you giving me your name and address so that I can mail this to you If you do not respond by May 6, 2013, another winner will be chosen Thanks for your prompt reply! Silenthill yellscreamgocolts shecolt jerrykokomo bodaciousbryce
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    I am ColtStrong!

    © http://www.unforgettablephotographybyanna.com/

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    Favorite Colts watch and #COLTSTRONG bracelet I won here!!!

    © Mona Miller

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    Original work. Leader of the new era, Andrew Luck. #ColtsNation #COLTSTRONG Like on Instagram!

    © Courtney Brooks. 10Times Designs

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    From the album: My album

    First outfit had to be colts
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    From the album: My Colts stuff

    I had this painted on in my welding booth at work !!
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    From the album: COLTS

    This was at the Cards vs Colts game... Not our best game but I rooted for our guys until the last second of the game. GOOO COLTS!!!
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    From the album: 2011-2012

    Me & @SuperFanColts
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    From the album: Colt Blue

    My oldest brother and quite a few of his friends are 49ers fans. They all laughed me to scorn the day I told them I was a Colts fan. I remember him holding his head down in embarrassment because of my allegiance with Blue. This shall be the first post in my gallery as a reminder of his face and the scorns from his friends, because I know without doubt, even though I wasn't there to see his face, he made the same face when the Niners lost in The Candlestick!!
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    From the album: I'll Miss You

    In loving memory of a great friend and an awesome Colt's fan! Rest in peace, Garry!
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    From the album: Colts Fan

    Hey All, I am a huge Colts fan that just moved to Indy 2 weeks ago. I want to share my tat I got 5 years ago for a graduation present from college. Help me bring attention to my tat so maybe I'll get to meet a player!!! Go Colts!!!
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    You can get these at the Bradford Echange online ;)
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    Always ready for Colts games.
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    From the album: random

    This is all my colts gear. Most proud of the Autographed Maning, Adam V, and Cheerleaders photos.
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    Can not describe how happy i was to find this laying in my room, i saw it started freaking out saw eveything and started crying. everything is hung up on my wall and im so happy! cant wait to frame the picture and wear the shirt on football sunday<3 I AM COLTSTRONG
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    My wife showing her Colts pride!
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    From the album: Colts!

    Colts gear for every game day!
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    Sums up his intensity!
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    Matt Overton & Jabin Sombrano thought we were too Coltstrong to pass up a photo with!
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    Even our wedding rings are blue n white lol
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    From the album: Callen Lane

    © Phillips Photography

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    I had to get a picture of the final score, with the clock at 0:00!! And I love the sign in the bottom left corner of the picture..."On To Miami!"
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    From the album: Oh, Oh!

    I can not tell a Lie
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    From the album: Could be a Colts Bass Guitar!!!

    Could be a new Colts Bass!!!! OOOO YEAAAAAAAA!!!!
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    Several years ago, we restored an old chicken coop that we use for storage. My husband did all the work, but I added the Colt's window decorations.
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    From the album: My Colts stuff

    I made this at work, it is 10' tall and mounted at the top of our evaporator (red gold, elwood plant) it is about 110' in the air so the whole town can see it !!! It took 4 days to make it !!
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