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    First off, losses happen, it doesn’t mean we need to freak out. second, I have no idea why some of you are in complete freak out stage. 6 months ago and all thru the summer, we heard people clamoring about the first 4 games and how tough they were. With Luck, MOST people said they’d be thrilled to be 2-2 or best case, 3-1. Now, we’re without Luck, and suddenly 2-2 means blow it up, we’re done. Seriously folks, there’s gonna be ups and downs with a young team that’s missing several starters. Deep breathes
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    That final drive to ensure the win after the Falcons put it in question was just a thing of beauty. Used the pass game, used the run game, kept it short not because he had to but because it was the best way to win. Marched down the field using all our weapons. Our OL was battered an struggling but held up just enough to allow us to execute. Well done to Mr. Reich. That was a major strategic victory against a team that, while a bit mentally soft, is no joke to play against. They almost outplayed us, they gashed our D hard, but our HC had them out-thought and it didn't matter
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    This teams really got something special the day they drafted Quenton Nelson
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    This is the kind of hard hitting analysis I like to see
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    You really do post a lot of over dramatic tripe at times. What he is actually saying is TY is still hurt.
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    it's the same air of superiority of the people who call non negative fans 'homers' I sat next to a guy at a game once who did nothing but complain LOUDLY the entire game. I could not wait to get away from him. His wife couldn't so, I felt sorry for her. The game made him so very unhappy, it really was surprising that he came at all. I didn't question that he was a fan though. He was just miserable company. I'm not taking sides here. The only issue I have is when people over post whatever their opinion is because it annoys the living daylights out of everyone. They are the people who come here to vent and only to vent. When they aren't angry, they have no interest in talking to other fans. They're not actually interesting in talking.........just in yelling and arguing. That happened here when Trent Richardson was on the team. He really pushed some people's buttons and they seemed to need to vent about it all day every day. I also have a problem with both sides questioning each others fandom. It derails most discussions because it's insulting
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    I never saw a fan base that got so negative so fast in the past few days. We had no chance to win this game, we should just sit players because the bye week is next week. Take that fair weather fans!
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    I wonder how many were 50 yards down field?
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    Re: his swagger, I love his reply in another video with Deion Sanders: Deion: 'So you got the Raiders next week.' Jacoby: 'They got us too.' I love his style!
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    Praying Mahomes’ ankle is 100% for next week!
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    I think I recall Eberflus saying something about running a more vanilla Cover2 scheme last year because so many rookies were playing significant roles in it. What happened this week? Okereke, Ya-Sin, Willis, Speed... So many rookies...
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    So, Chad Kelly makes the Colts playoff contenders?
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    Watching some of the breakdown of Baldy. You guys think I'm being nitpicky with Brissett, but that throw to Hilton is bad. This is supposed to be a backshoulder throw that TY had to adjust to and he had to rely on an unexperienced CB not looking back, otherwise he could have intercepted it + it puts TY in horrible position to get blown up by the safety while trying to catch the ball... Also... look at the throw at 1:10 to Ebron. Yes, it's a good throw to get the 1st down. But look at... who is that from the slot doing the vertical route? Is that Campbell? I think it is. This is a direct TD if Jacoby has the patience to wait just 0.1 seconds more AND if he sees the throw(BTW look at his head... he doesn't even look toward the other side of the field). The corner is occupied by TY who is running the corner route... that's one defender cleared. The linebacker leaves Campbell and gives him a free release because he's trying to cover Mack who's leaking out from the backfield. The only defender that has a chance in hell to get to Campbell is the safety, who has his hips turned the wrong way. If Jacoby throws this on a rope, this is a TD, IMO. While watching the game I didn't see much more that Jacoby could have done better, but even in this highlights video you can see some areas for improvement that can elevate Brissett to another level...
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    When number 12 was still our quarterback everyone had us at 2-1. I am so proud of Jacoby, he showed nerves of steel today. We got the ball with 4:11 in the 4th and all he did was lead a methodical march down field that drained every second of the clock. Well done QB!
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    Mod Note Although this seems to be quite an emotive topic can we try and tone down the personal bickering between posters. If you want to say mean things to each other then please do it via your own arrangements so we don't all have to be subjected to it. Posts have been removed, names have been taken.
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    Chad has zero NFL attempts. He has been cut by more teams than he has completed passes
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    I find it funny, that most of the anti-Kelly crowd are also "the coaches and front office are perfect and always right" crowd. I'm not calling for Kelly to start now, or anything like that, but I'm also not impressed with JB in the first 5 games. Rankings Completion %: 19th (should be better than this given the short passing attack, and ranked second to last in downfield passing attempts) Yards per game: 27th (this screams game manager) QBR: 18th In short, very inconsistent, and very mediocre thus far. And that's with an O that has been tailored to make it easy on him. I'm not saying he can't improve. We all should hope he improves and turns out to be the "guy". At the same time, we should all hope Kelly improves and develops, in the case that JB isn't the guy.
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    Andrew is realizing a life of honey-do lists, antique shopping, and trips to the grocery store are actually MORE work than rehabbing an injury. The wife and kid are wearing the guy out! Andrew be like " Uh Chris, I think i made a HUGE mistake."
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    Brissett is going to need to do more through the air in my opinion. We wont run the ball up and down Houstons back like we did KC. It will be there but hes going to need a better day through the air to go with that.
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    I'm right there with ya. I've never seen a fanbase lie down in the fetal position when faced with the slightest bit of adversity like our fans are this week. No wonder people call us soft.
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    I thought brissett played well. Receivers dropped too many
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    He was asked a question and he answered it. What was he supposed to say? “Ummmmm....routine play, he did a great job blocking me, thank god no one was hurt, glad he’s ok!”
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    The drive that put us up 27-17 was very impressive. That showed me JB is definitely clutch. He is very poised.
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    I thought that was bogus too. That's not the spirit of the rule, which is more about taunting/celebrating. I know I would've been * if they called it on the Colts.
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    Week 3 impressions? Impressed.
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    Glad what we’ve been seeing for years is finally being brought to the forefront, especially since not all QBs benefited from the special treatment. Luck used to get constantly murdered back there and barely ever got the officials “protection.” Brady said too many flags...
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    He posts a lot on his Instagram. Lots of stories. He seems to be doing really well. He has a strong faith in god so I think he is a fighter and will be fine.
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    Forum meltdown in 3...2...1...
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    Nelson jersey on way he's my idol
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    This year got easier, the next 5 got harder. Having 2 firsts 2 years in a row would be awesome.
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    I would have preferred to read the full article on Leonard, but I don't fall for that free trial nonsense because online outlets count on people forgetting about the trial period & then they rope you into a full membership. No thank you. No sports articles are worthy of membership fees to me or maybe I'm just frugal to a fault. Anyway, I hope Darius is okay. Lingering symptoms over a prolonged period can indeed be very scary & quite mentally draining indeed, especially when one concussion usually increases the likelihood of others down the road. Hang in there man.
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    And here's Baldy's breakdown from the KC game.
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    I’ve said it before, mobile QBs that make their money on making big plays by scrambling don’t last forever. Once they get banged up or contained, their career paths normally trend downward quickly. Usually have a 3 maybe 4 year flash life span. Michael Vick RG3 Kapernick, steve McNair Vince Young Etc. Now I think Mahomes is better than all of them, but time will tell if he’s got staying power or not. i also think Lamar Jackson is gonna be in the same boat.
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    So me taking 10.5 points and the Colts for a steak dinner wasn't a good ldea?
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    Three straight for Leonard with the concussion, that’s a bit eyebrow raising.
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    I swear half these fans have no idea what an actual bad QB even looks like.
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    Yea, I dislike the Pats very much... but I always rooted for Dorsett, he seemed like a hard working, humble guy who had unreal expectations with where Grigs drafted him. I don't want to see the Pats have success, but don't mind seeing a former Colt who I always rooted for doing well on the personal level.
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    Is anyone else watching the Redskins closely? I watched the Jets last year every week and thrilled everytime a big L was slapped on them. Washington looks like a real candidate to give us another early 2nd round pick, if not #2 again...
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    Immature machismo? He was clearing a path for his running back, and helping him get that first down. The CB was just collateral damage. He dove forward because he didn’t want to get tea bagged.
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    Jacoby desreves an A today and the haters have nothing to comeback with, I mean nothing. He had his 300 Yards, 2 TD's, no INT's game. We won the game too and beat a team with a top 10 QB in the league. I am sipping on a mix drink laughing at the haters
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    Minshew looks like every porn actor in my parents shoebox of videos
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    Should be around for the 80s and early 90s
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    Smashmouth, grinding, possession team. Focus on physicality, time of possession and delivering in the clutch. I'm loving every minute of it personally.
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    Everyone's a winner when they're calling shots that have already went in. Let me guess, you have Biff's Sports Almanac? There's no way to predict crap like that, if we're speaking in hypotheticals maybe Manning comes back to Indy that year and gets injured again, we pass on Luck, then take EJ Manuel or Geno Smith in the 13 draft and endure that nightmare.
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    In both cases, I didn’t think Brissett did enough to have warranted the calls. Aside from clapping hands, his body was not bobbing and weaving and trying to cause deception. They were marginal, bad calls, imho.
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    Belichick: "Is it true what I heard?" AB: "Umm, yes coach, it's true. I threatened my accuser over the phone." Belichick: "W-WHAT!? No, I was referring to you farting in that doctor's face! What are you talking about!?" AB: "Oops..."
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