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    After almost four weeks 4 hospital visits, two hospital stays, I have finally beaten covid 19 now colts lets kick butt this year!
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    Your right... Doyle can run block and catch the ball unlike Ebron.
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    Let's hope he doesn't... flatten the curve... I will show myself out.
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    After reading this article, I am even more excited to have Buckner. I loved the acquisition, but after hearing Bosa talk about all the things Buckner did for that SF line, I just had to smile. He was their D-Line play caller, and the guy who gave they pregame hype speeches. What an addition to the team! Buckner will become one of the instant emotional leaders on this team. Reads very much like he is the Quentin Nelson of the Defensive Line with his play. Quick read, and well worth it! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001112951/article/nick-bosa-says-49ers-d-has-to-step-up-without-buckner
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    Rivers said the oline was an important factor in his choice to play here.....which Ballard made a priority and in one year turned it into a championship caliber line. I saw this little nugget the other day and it kinda drummed up some thoughts about how our oline was constructed and some other tidbits. Perhaps because he played in the MAC nobody cared, but, he played well in his all-star game, blew up the combine and was rated as the 2nd best tackle in the country last year. 2 years removed from being a TE.... Pinter was rated a 91.2 Quentin Nelson was a no brainer draft pick with the 2nd highest rating coming out of college ever at 95.1. Braden Smith, another no name guy that Ballard snagged was rated 3rd behind Nelson and Will Hernandez at 88.1 the same draft year. Kelly was a holdover, but rated as the number one Center the year Grigson FINALLY invested in the oline. Castonzo is Mr. Reliable and was also a 1st Round pick in his day. Glowinski came in and plugged a huge hole at RG, but he regressed a bit last year and will likely lose his job to Pinter very soon. Then there were last years draftees, of course Barton was snagged off of our PS and went on to win a SB while Patterson suffered his first injury ever in TC. Skip past the overall grades and look strictly at the pass protection grades. For 7th Round picks they were extremely good at pass pro (only 2 sacks allowed in 1000+ snaps), just needed development on run blocking - which is technique and attitude based - which we have plenty of! Anyways, Nelson, Smith, Patterson, Barton and now Pinter all have similar traits in common......hustle, play thru the whistle, athletic, intelligent and pass protect very well. Patterson (C/G) and Pinter (G/T) will likely be our interior oline depth this year with Clark as the swing tackle. Perhaps the Canadian Kid squeaks in as a backup T as well (see below)? I still won't count the USC kid against him as that was his Oline coach pounding the drum for him - even though he's still in the NFL. Lastly, there is the highly sought after Canadian in Carter O'Donnell, who seems like another athletic olineman and not a lumbering blob.....here is his Pro Day tape since his cancelled. This is nice to see: Tempering excitement and pressure is fine, but this kid is going to be a solid NFL starter with a few tweaks and some knowledge. Still say his Freshman tape at Georgia was far better than his Washington tape (after the two year hiatus)! Also, awesome to see him throwing with his two 6'4" & 225 lbs rookie wideouts.... One last thing, we have a 22 or 23 year streak of an UDFA making the opening 53. I think I have a dark horse candidate for this year.......outside of Carter O'Donnell of course. It is the safety from Georgia Southern Donald Rutledge. We are thin at Safety, especially in that box safety role and this guy fits the mold at 6'1" & 215lbs with 4.62 speed and 22 reps at 225. He is big, fast and strong. And even at his size his 7.18 3-Cone drill isn't bad. https://relativeathleticscores.com/2020/03/21/donald-rutledge-jr-ras/ Just a few rando thoughts to stimulate group conversation this Sunday morning!
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    You are no doubt the dumbest poster on this board. Maybe dumber than anyone on the internet. Please do us a favor ... either find a new team or keep your stupid opinions to yourself.
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    Instead of “like” shall we change it to blue carding a post?
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    If they are forced to play in an empty Lucas Oil Stadium. We have unbelievably loud crowd noise amplifiers that will give us a distinct home field advantage over the rest of the league
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    So we play Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Houston twice, Titans twice, Green Bay, Chicago, and Minnesota and that’s the easiest schedule in the league? I’m not buying that load of crock for one minute.
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    Nice try Eric... We don't want you back. Go drop someone else's balls.
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    Ballard is doing exactly what I expected him to do and what I wanted him to do with his statements about Eason. It serves purposes on multiple levels - tempering expectations by fans, setting a narrative(or rather killing one preemptively) with the media, sending a message to Eason himself... I don't mind any of it...
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    Wow, top backup. Seems kind of like taking your cousin to the prom, looks good on paper but in the end it doesn't get you anything.
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    Anyone else watch The Match? Had it on the TV while working around the house and outside. From the snippets I heard and saw it seemed like a huge success. Manning as always was the talker of the group and hilarious. Pretty darn good golfer too! Slow news day and weekend, to be expected honestly considering it’s May and the big race was moved to August... Is this Colts news? ... it’s got Manning in it but honestly mods can move if needed.
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    Lewis was a deserved HOF player Best LB ever? Dick Butkus Sam Huff Brian Urlacher Mike Singletary Junior Seau Lawrence Taylor All dominated game to the equal of Lewis but,.... Lewis was one of the best..... The best IMHO.... Lawerence Taylor
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    I will take option 4, thank you very much!
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    No doubt, Parris Campbell did not have the season we were hoping for last year. Since he wasn't a major part of the offense last year (due to a multitude of injuries) and eventually ended up on IR, it almost feels like he is an additional drafted player this year. With the addition of P. Rivers, Pittman and Taylor, the offense has more firepower and much more potential. Parris Campbell has been quietly forgotten about. I think he will have a break out season and develop into the receiver we were hoping for. He's too talented not to. Now with T.Y., Campbell, and Pittman, we have a formidable receiving corps, not to mention the other guys (Pascal, Fountain, Dulin, TEs and RBs etc.). I'm excited to see what he can do this year.
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    I’m probably in the minority, but I prefer a dominant run game versus passing game. Nothing more demoralizing to a defense that can’t stop the run game. I’m excited with our RB situation.
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    You guys know I'm here now because Philip's here. And that's the thing about him. I'm a lifelong Buckeyes and Steelers fan. Grew up in Ohio from the mid 60s through the mid 80s, and grew up with the Scarlet and Gray and the Black and Gold. I then moved to Alabama for my first job out of college, and eventually found our family living in Athens, Alabama when this lanky #17 played quarterback for the hometown team. And though I've never met him, because of the kind of person he was and still is, I followed him from there to NC State to all the way out in San Diego. For the ONLY time in my life, I was torn as to the outcome I wanted to see in September of 2003 when his Wolfpack visited the 'Shoe, and almost singlehandedly took my Buckeyes down in triple overtime (I found out years later that he played that and his other early season games so brilliantly just a short time after he and his wife Tiffany had lost the baby she had been carrying, which would have been their 2nd child). When he first played my Steelers on a Monday night game early in the 2006 season, his first as the starter, I wasn't torn any more. I was pulling for the Chargers. I couldn't help it. You see, that's just the way it is with this guy. Once most get to know even a little bit about who he really is, we're hooked. I don't know how long he'll be in Indy, but I have no doubt about one thing. The people there who do get to know anything about him during that time are going to understand what I'm typing here. You really just can't help it.
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    Its USA Today, what do you expect? They had thd Seahawks and Colts 2 of the worse teams going into last year. IMO, their sports writing and predictions are way below, sub par. I expect the Colts Defense to be improved for sure. Not just because of defensive additions(which there were), but mainly because I expect the offense to dominate TOP this year.
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    The dumbest comment I've ever read
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    Name: Julian Blackmon Twitter: @jumpmanjuice23 (just deleted?) Hometown: Layton, Utah Age: 8/24/1998 (21) Height: 6' 0" Weight: 187 lbs School: Utah Utes School2: NA College Position (latest): FS College Position2: CB Likely NFL Position: SS, Box Safety, Nickelback Pick: Round 3 • Pick 21 (85) 40 Time: NA, but guessing high 4.4s or low 4.5s Vert: NA Draft Grade: 6.14 Draft Projection: Rounds 4-5 Taken Higher Than Projected: Yes HS 247 Grade: 0.8457 (3 Star) Captain: No Injury Flags: ACL Dec 2019 Attititude or Behavior Flags: NA School Awards: NA Conference Awards: 1st-Team Pac-12 National Awards: 1st-Team All-American by Sports Illustrated 1st-Team All-American by PFF Family History: NA Academic: Sociology Degree (2019) Stats Year1: CB 2 TOT Year2: CB 48 TOT, 0.5 TFL, 4 INT, 6 PBU Year3: CB 48 TOT, 4 TFL, 1 INT, 1 TD, 10 PBU Year4: FS 60 TOT, 4 TFL, 4 INT, 1 TD, 4 BPU Year5: NA School Bio: https://utahutes.com/sports/football/roster/julian-blackmon/8990 NFL.com Bio: Blackmon was a three-star recruit from Utah even though he broke his hand during his senior year, which cut down the scholarship offers. Signing on with his home-state school proved a wise move for both parties. Blackmon played safety in 2019, garnering second-team Associated Press All-American and first-team All-Pac-12 honors by starting 13 games, collecting 60 tackles, four for loss, a team-high four interceptions, four pass breakups, and two forced fumbles. His '19 campaign came to an end when he suffered a non-contact injury in the Pac-12 title game. He earned second-team All-Pac-12 accolades at cornerback as a sophomore and junior, starting all 27 games. Blackmon led the Utes with four interceptions in 2017 while also posting 48 tackles and six pass breakups. The following season, he again posted 48 stops, four for loss, an interception, and a team-high 10 pass breakups. Blackmon played in nine games as a reserve his true freshman season, making two tackles. NFL.com Overview: While Blackmon displayed some inconsistencies in recognition and ball tracking in his first season at safety, the move clearly gives him his best chance to become a pro. The former cornerback has soft hands and carryover route-anticipation that should allow him to match against tight ends as a pro. He can play split safety, big nickel or help support the run as a down safety. His field recognition and angles to the football are still behind from his new position, but he should keep getting better. His December knee injury will push him down the draft board, but he has the traits and talent to make it in the league. NFL.com Strengths: Has grown into man-sized frame Good combination of size and speed Plays with rugged demeanor when it's time Disciplined reading man cover keys against play-action Starting cornerback experience with ability to check tight ends Adequate pattern recognition underneath Has nine interceptions in three years Factors favorably when supporting versus quick game Plays through blockers in space Quick to close distance and aggressive hitter in run support Wipe-out talent when running the alleys NFL.com Weaknesses: Coverage issues in 2018 forced him to safety Recovery speed is just average Struggles with balance in sudden transitions Indecision stalls opportunities for early jumps from high zone May not have instincts for desired range over the top Loses deep contain in scramble situations too often Takes suspect angles and tracking needs work as high safety Had a very poor game against USC Suffered knee injury in December East Street's Worthless Opinion: Talent Grade (O or D): B Talent Grade (STs): B Team Need Grade: B+ Round Value Grade: C 55 Man Chance: 90% (likely PUP) Practice Squad Chance: 100% Floor: Never comes back from injury Ceiling: Starting Safety Year 1 Prediction: Rehab, sits Long Term Prediction: Starting SS, Box S, NB East Street's Hot Take: Another talented convert that is still learning his new position. Could have likely been had later due to injury, so Ballard liked the guy. Comes from a Whittingham "man" defense, so chances are good for this young man. Has the size and speed to play in the NFL, but will need to find his position and settle in. I like the speed, but his range is limited, so not seeing him as a FS. Perhaps that won't matter as much in our zone D. I like him best regardless as a well rounded SS or NB/Dime long term due to toughness, tackling, and man-press experience. Unfortunately we're a little thin at S, and he likely won't offer much in 2020 due to injury rehab. Links: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/julian-blackmon?id=3219424c-4128-3027-fdc4-2c27128f84f7 https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/julian-blackmon/Q5viT1WLPL https://www.sltrib.com/sports/utah-utes/2019/12/12/ute-safeties-julian/ Vids:
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    Thank God he isn’t. Doyle is more of a team guy. Ebron is mote interested in the camera.
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    I'll just be happy if we play any games, regardless of the day.
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    Ball security yes but he looked pretty good at catching the ball when he was used in that capacity. I am not going to compare him to anyone. He is his own man.
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    Good kid. Very, very likable! He’ll be fun to root for!!
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    Something that I don't recall from the first thread being discussed. Colin is and always has been a "Friend of the Shoe" and his takes on the Colts are usually spot on..... Before Ballard came on Colin stated he knew who Ballard wanted to draft in Pittman, Taylor AND Eason. After the first two were drafted he was going crazy and thinking he's gonna do it and get all three of his guys. The conspiracy theorist that I am says that makes perfect sense since all media outlets had us still talking to Love, Morgan and many others - but nothing tying us to Eason. Eason said in his interviews that he had MANY conversations with Ballard, Dodds, Reich, Sirianni and Brady (QB Coach). I don't remember and news outlet stating any of that? Also made a comp of Taylor to Saquon Barkley....that would be bada$$.... Then of course there is the internal comp of Pittman to Vincent Jackson....again, bada$$! My personal comp of Dez Patmon is to a taller Donte Moncrief athletically. Dez seems to play to his size/speed a bit better. Long term vision of Eason tossing the rock to Patmon and Pittman on the outside with Campbell in the slot.....with Taylor killing it from the backfield. Patmon and Pittman are rumored to be good blockers and add that to Pascal our backs can bump to the outside and get sprung.... Due to keeping a 3rd QB on the roster and a true FB.....I think we only keep 3 traditional TE's (Doyle, Ali-Cox, Burton). I think it's important to recognize the Special Team Studs Signed/Drafted to improve the 3rd phase of the team as well: Nix - coverage Glasgow - coverage Pittman - coverage Rodgers - Returner/Gunner Hot Rod - kicker Speaking of Glasgow, I think he'll be the 5th Safety/7th Linebacker and play Geathers Role. Underlying intrigue......The two free agent offensive players signed via free agency are players familiar with the system and will have less learning curves - which plays heavily into the win now mode AND that we may only have Rivers one year. Rhodes - I'd love to convert him to Safety ala Charles Woodson and re-sign him to a 2-3 year deal. Then Blackmon could truly be used as a swiss army knife...... Lewis - I'd love to see him moved back to LDE and just turn him loose. Stop tinkering with him as a 3 Tech when we have Buckner, Autry and Day already there. Speed - this is his year to show out and earn the SAM spot. I'd love to see him develop into a (more athletic and a better sideline to sideline thumper) Marcus Washington. Drop and cover, set the edge or rush the passer to the tune of 5-10 sacks..... Okereke and Walker - split reps and then Okereke take over for Walker in 2022!
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    Chloe and the Chad Kelly fans on forum...
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    Looks like Biff Tannen from Back to the Future movies, LOL.
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    Lol, if LEONARD isn’t an elite starter, I don’t know what LB is!
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    If we can pay a backup qb 20 Mil, we can pay an actual contributor to this team $16MIL! Just saying!!!
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    Was that supposed to get me fired up? Because it worked!!! GO COLTS!!!!!
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    Blue is a Hall of Famer and and he generates most of his power from his belly. If he bulked up I fear it would hinder his flexibility and we wouldn’t get to see him smacking down little kids in the peewee league.
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    Mow my lawn while you're out there. Keep it clean...
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    I think this sounds like he might have a better understanding of reading defenses ect then maybe they thought. He was in a pro offense so that should help.
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    BECAUSE there is a GOD and the entire WORLD will witness the FALL OF THE EMPIRE on National Television!!! Thank You GOD!!!
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    Why is this so hard to fathom? He is a solid player, who has struggled some to stay on the field. By declining the option, he now has to prove that he can be available. If he does, and truly balls out, we might already have his replacement on the team, and get compensation for a first round pick if he goes elsewhere. I like the way the team is handling this.
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    The observation on Vinatieri is actually incorrect. His famous years were with the Pats, but he only had 10 years with New England. 1996-2005. He has been with Indy for 14 years. 2006-2019. I know, surprised me too.
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    Prolly somewhere in between Peyton Manning and Curtis Painter.
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    High - Drew Bledsoe Middle - Joe Flacco Low - Brock Osweiler
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    Maybe Arians would love an AV re-union with Brady, like the Expendables.
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