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    Brady, Rivers, Bridgewater, Eli Manning, Dalton, Winston Now, Derek Carr......
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    Ballard had a pro-bowl TE under contract when he got here (Doyle) and we had a LOT of needs in other areas. Doesn't surprise me that Ballard looked elsewhere in the draft. Then he signed Ebron before the 2018 season, and I don't think knew Doyle'd miss so much time in 2018. Again, makes sense. Going into the 2019 season we had a healthy Doyle and Ebron, plus an improving Mo Alie-Cox and some other decent depth at TE. IMO, it makes sense why he hasn't addressed TE through the draft so far. We had a lot of other needs on the team he inherited. Going into this season with Ebron coming off a pro-bowl year and Doyle at full health, it would've almost shocked me to see him go TE in the draft. Now, it sounds like we're moving on from Ebron. If one of the TEs you mentioned becomes a FA, I bet we look seriously at them. Otherwise, I imagine we take one in the draft. It went from being a position of strength when Ballard took over to a position where we need to at least add solid depth. Ebron struggled with drops prior to the 2018 season. He had a very good year in 2018. He struggled with drops again last year. Some may argue he dropped off b/c he had Jacoby instead of Luck, which is probably true to some extent. However, I'd call the year he didn't have major drop issues more of an anomaly than the norm for Ebron. Doyle's a very solid blocker. He's a good possession TE. He has made clutch first down and short yardage catches. That said, I don't think Doyle has the speed to stretch the field as a TE1. I could be wrong, but I'd say Doyle is a 'do-it-most' type of TE with the major knock on him being a true TE1 being that he isn't fast or athletic enough to stretch the field and be a serious vertical receiving threat. I like Kmet... but more and more he's being called the top TE in the draft and all projections I see on him are going mid-late first round. Highly doubt he's around at 44.
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    Ballard waits to get his guy at QB in the 2021 NFL Draft in this mock. There's a chance he may want to give Brissett one more year with healthy and talented playmakers around him at WR to see what he can do. Round 1 Pick 13: Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn Round 2 Pick 2: Henry Ruggs, WR, Alabama Round 2 Pick 13: Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville Round 3 Pick 13: Cam Akers, RB, Florida State Round 4 Pick 13: Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty Round 5 Pick 12: Logan Stenberg, OG, Kentucky Round 6 Pick 11: Alton Robinson, DE, Syracuse Round 6 Pick 13: Amik Robertson, CB, Louisiana Tech Round 7 Pick 13: Nigel Warrior, FS/SS, Tennessee
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    Just announced that Jack Doyle will be the alternate replacement for Travis Kelce, who will be spending his time preparing for the Super Bowl. You go, Jack!
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    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001097592/article/daniel-jeremiah-2020-nfl-mock-draft-10-four-qbs-in-top-15 Colts pick Love with Herbert still on the board. Jeremiah knows what's up... Surprising/notable picks: -Mekhi Becton goes no. 4 to the Giants and is the first OT drafted -K'Lavon Chaisson goes no. 11 to the Jets and is the second edge drafted after Chase Young -Jordan Love over Herbert -Ceedee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy last until the teens. -D'Andre Swift is RB1 and he goes in the middle of the 1st -Patrick Queen is the second highest drafted LB after Simmons -Xavier McKinney over Grant Delpit -Marlon Davidson, EDGE, Auburn goes R1!!! -Zack Baun, EDGE, Wisconsin goes R1 -
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    On behalf of 99.9% of the nfl world, I want to thank you for your performance in THOSE 2 games.....
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    Like Ebron, but with hands
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    Sounds like they referenced Houston's deal the Chiefs gave him way back when. Not only that but their projected trade between the Panthers and Cincy of Cam Newton.... a 2020 2nd rounder.... and a 2021 1st and 3rd rounder for the #1 overall from the Bengals is laughable.
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    Absolutely ridiculous! Some get upset if we disagree with a post trying to convince people that JB is the answer if given more years or whatever. Then BleedBlue comes up with a post like this which I am now convinced is intended to p!!s people off. I guess you're saying that JB is a super bowl caliber QB if he were with San Francisco. Crazy. I think Ben Banugo is as good a rookie pass rusher as Nick Bosa, don't you BleedBlue?
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    That is a sick comment. Nowhere have I seen anyone say that losing a father at 14 is a good thing for his development. Where did you come up with this ridiculous notion. Sick!
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    This is quite an interesting article, I think this may be the 2nd article from TDN saying that Herbert would be a great fit for the Colts https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/finding-the-perfect-team-fit-for-each-of-the-2020-senior-bowl-qbs OREGON'S JUSTIN HERBERT Ideal fit: Indianapolis Colts "Justin Herbert isn't often projected to the Colts, namely because he doesn't have the stock that consistently puts him in the conversation. Herbert is often considered out of the Colts' striking range. But if he's on the board, he's a terrific fit. Consider Herbert's profile as a passer: highly intelligent, possesses excellent arm strength and wins predominantly within the pocket. The Colts' former quarterback, Andrew Luck? Highly intelligent with good arm strength while winning predominantly within the pocket. Passes the sniff test, right? But the biggest variable that makes Herbert such an attractive fit is the support staff he'd be greeted with in Indianapolis. A viable running game boosted by a stout offensive line gives Herbert the stability he needs on offense to continue to find his groove as a top-shelf passer. Even from a leadership perspective, Luck was a goofy "aw, shucks" type of leader. With Herbert's lingering uncertainties about how vocal he can be as the face of a franchise, there's a foundation and track record that would marry these two parties together well."
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    It is my opinion that you need a top oline, top dline, and top QB to be a perennial SB contender. Top meaning, top 10 at least in every one of those categories. Or... the GOAT head coach.
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    Everyone keeps going on about the 49'ers and how they have built their team. Where were these people last year when the 49'ers were 4-12 and had the 2nd pick in the draft? You weren't wanting to be like San Francisco then. Why was San Fran 4-12 last year? Because they lost their starting QB! This year we went 7-9 and we lost our 1 week before the season started. So maybe things aren't quite as bad as people are making it out to be!
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    I fully trust Ballard if he feels the need to trade up for a QB. Trading up isn't something that he does without loving a prospect and if he loves his target that much, its for a good reason. He's earned my trust and I'm not worried one bit.
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    Very short sighted, as always. Expect nothing less from you. Lynch got there in 2017, much like Ballard did in 2017. Lynch: 2017 - Solomon Thomas (No.3) - hit and miss 2018 - Mike McGlinchey (No.9) 2019 - Nick Bosa (No.2) Ballard: 2017 - Malik Hooker (No.15) - hit and miss 2018 - Quenton Nelson (No.6) 2019 - trade back Lynch got 2 guys for his DL and 1 OT in Round 1 in his 3 years while Ballard got a FS and OG, plus traded back last year. Sitting at No.2 and No.3, his choices were Bosa and Solomon Thomas. Bosa has been a great contributor but Thomas has been far more miss than a hit. The DL picks from prior to when Lynch got there - Armstead and Buckner are now seasoned into their 4th and 5th years and it shows because the DL position, compared to the DE position, takes more time to season because you deal with more than just 1-on-1s inside. Bosa gets the 1-on-1 enough times because there is talent all along the DL that was drafted before him. That is why Freeney and Mathis got double teams because nobody inside demanded double teams in the Polian era, that is just how DL play works. Lynch drafted a Notre Dame tackle, we drafted a Notre Dame guard, both have been successful. The trenches need to be fortified, Ballard always says, so the OL pick was completely justified and has helped our OL tremendously, and has been a big part of balance on our offense, little did we know our Pro Bowl QB would retire in a couple of years after Ballard got here. So, objectively speaking, Lynch's pick of Solomon Thomas has not panned out but his predecessor's picks of Armstead and Buckner along with his pick of Bosa combined has panned out for the 49ers. Ballard's pick of Hooker has not panned out like it should have but the OG pick panned out real good. For what it is worth, 49ers did draft a FS named Eric Reid at No.18 in 2013, close to the No.15 where we got Hooker, and Jimmie Ward at No.30 in 2014, and Ward is still with the 49ers. They have been good but nothing spectacular. In other words, it took several years of DL picks for the 49ers to reap the benefits now. The key difference is FA moves that Lynch made - Jimmy G at QB, Richard Sherman at CB, Kwon Alexander at LB, Tevin Coleman at RB, Dee Ford at DE that have put them over the hump, IMO on top of the maturing DL picks from before Lynch got there. How many first round DL picks did we get from Grigson, your favorite? 1 bust named Bjoern Werner in 4 years? I also do not know if Pagano had any saying in the drafting of Malik Hooker either, just don't know but it is reasonable to assume he was drafted with that D in mind. At some point, however, Ballard's reluctance to play free agency will catch up with him as not all holes can be filled with the draft. 49ers are like the Jaguars where the draft picks and FA moves all came together in 2017 for a great run but they had inferior coaching and inferior QB play, neither of which are problems the 49ers have, and that helps with sustained winning, and probably why the 49ers will sustain a level of excellence for more years.
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    I have no interest in Love. He is not an improvement over Brisett
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    Glad to see Niners win. We will have a Super Bowl that I can watch.
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    "One of the top free agents in 2020 will be Seattle Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, and Clowney has stated a team's likelihood of Super Bowl contention is a key factor for his signing. WalterFootball.com has learned from league sources that the Indianapolis Colts are one of the teams are expected to make a run at signing Clowney. The Colts have a ton of salary cap space and money to spend, and they could use an impactful player on their defensive line. Clowney would also be a great scheme fit in Matt Eberflus' defense. Signing with Indianapolis would also give Clowney the opportunity to play the Texans twice per year, and going against his former team could be a nice perk to signing with Indianapolis. There could be a competitive market for Clowney, and his preference for Super Bowl contenders could rule out some teams, but sources tell me the Colts are going to be a team in serious pursuit of the star defensive end." Would not hate this. Chris Jones would be my first preference. Would allow Colts to address other needs in the draft. Joseph
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    Most of the really good content on this forum happens when knowledgeable people put whiners in their place. I stand by my statement.
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    If you want to add fuel to the fire of the JLove to Colts. Zoom in and it is Love they are watching Also in Dodds interview in Colts.com he seems to specifically mention Love. You have an opportunity to get out here and watch practice. How valuable are these few days that you get to evaluate guys both and off the field? Dodds: "It's incredible. You just can't see this many top guys in one place. And just how efficient we can be here. We've interviewed probably 90 guys so far, and then getting to see these guys one-on-one, against each other. There's some games, as we all know, during the year, where it's ... LSU versus a small school, it's not the same. So now the playing field's level, it's a great opportunity to whole week."
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    Because you usually trade up for a specific player not for a spot, it's not very likely, unless we trade up to #3, where you will have your choice of whoever you want past Burrow and Young.
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    If you think about it would giving up a couple first round picks really be that bad. If you think the team is that good your going to be picking at the bottom of the first I would think giving up a couple firsts wouldn’t be that big a deal. We already have a good foundation. Now just get the QB and fill the holes.
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    Pass then. Ballard said before he doesn't want to reach for a QB just to have one. Love and Herbert are in no way sure things so it would be stupid to trade up for either in my opinion. San Fran and Tennessee has shown you can go deep in the playoffs with a decent QB and a good team around them. If Indy built up the DL and WR core, the way Ballard built up the OL in the 2018 draft, then this team can be right in contention for a deep playoff run, provided they stay healthy. Ballard could always possibly entertain dealing for Derek Carr provided he doesn't cost Indy a 2nd round pick or higher.
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    Hey guys. We are getting off track with bickering about Love. Remember this is for Senior bowl discussion.
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    I see your point, but one player doesn't win a WS and not all players play for teams that make it to a WS, or win one. Ernie Banks come to mind...he never played in a post season game. Found this very interesting and it includes several HOFers (indicated with an *)- https://www.baseball-reference.com/leaders/leaders_most_gamesnops.shtml
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    This is looking worse and worse in my opinion. Started as a rumor that I didn't pay much attention to. Now it seems serious. My guess is that he retires. He has almost $60 million dollars. 31 years old. Smart guy. Some may say it would be smart to play another season for $10-14 million. He's set for life.
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    But Reich and Ballard called Brissett a top 20 QB. According to you they know more than the fanbase. So was that just a lie (we all know the answer)? You can't blindly trust the FO, then make excuses when something goes wrong. We called this from the start, and apparently he's not smarter than 31 other GM's (especially the Texans and Titans) and that's all that matters.
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    Derek Jeter and Larry Walker were elected to Cooperstown. Congrats to them. In other news, Ozuna signed a one-year deal with the Braves.
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    Washington the first year. Very simple reads and he did very well. After that year, teams learned to take those away and he had a very hard time. Same thing happened to Love. He has a very hard time going through progressions and recognizing more complex coverage schemes. That is why he turned into a turnover machine this year. If I were to compare Love to anyone, I would say he is a more athletic Jameis Winston. He might throw 3 TDs but also have 2 interceptions and a fumble. I think some people get enamored because of his physical ability, which is elite. But that is fools gold. In general, if a college QB is said to have all the physical tools but need work on their accuracy and decision making, that rarely gets better in the NFL. I will say now that Herbert and Eason scare me as well. Similar reasons. You are draft physical specimens who are very streaky with the hope when they get to the NFL they will improve. Besides obviously Joe Burrow and Tua, the QBs I have analyzed so far I would be more interested in is Jake Fromm and Anthony Gordon. Fromm has been put down because of his supporting cast and he didn't have big numbers this year. If that were the trend, then I could see why. But last year he threw 30 TDs and that wasn't a problem. What I like about Fromm is he is smart, decisive, goes through progressions quickly, and is very determined. Gordon has one of the best releases I have ever evaluated at any level. He effortlessly can make any throw and he has great touch. He is very accurate and poised. It is often tricky to evaluate QBs from Air Raid but I think Gordon has what i takes to develop. He is the polar opposite of Brissett. He is very aggressive, can make touch throws, very decisive, and goes through his progressions before trying to run around. Now, just like anyone else on here, I could be completely wrong. But I have predicted very well how other QBs would turn out. I knew RGIII would be backup in year 3. I knew Trubinsky would be a bust and Minshew would do well for where he was drafted. But I honestly would be very disappointed if the Colts drafted Love. I think that is three years down the tubes for this team and probably the death nail for Ballard/Reich.
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    the team was really bad when ballard got here it did need rebuilding this year the colts were 30th in passing that would have never happened with luck. we had a decent rebuild going but the star qb retiring set it back again
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    Here IMO would be an accurate post: 1. JB was above average the 1st half of the season, he was below average the last half of the season. = out to an average QB. When he started and finished games, his record was 7-7 = average. 2. His TD/INT ratio was good, his yards passing per game was bad. 3. I would say 90% of the forum including myself doesn't think JB is the answer to win a SB at QB. 4. I would say 10% of the forum think JB is the answer to win a SB at QB. So the measly 10% that do, why bash their opinion? 5. 90% of the forum wants to draft a QB either in round 1 or 2. 6. The people that continually bash JB on a daily basis are starting to look immature and silly. We already know your stance and most of us agree we need another QB but the continual bashing of this guy saying he sucks is just old and worn out. He doesn't suck, he is average. Just my
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    Bad Championship game for Titans defense. They looked very slow against KC. Colts are just as good, (if not better) a team.
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    I may not have said it in the right way. But that is kinda what I’m getting at. I also feel that JB is not that far off from becoming that.
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    Titans did their job and beat the Pats. Now go home you losers.
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    I voted for Campbell because if he stayed healthy, there’s nobody that can cover that guy. That’s just potential. Next was Turay who is actually realizing his potential .
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    Geez, way too many fans in this forum think they know what goes on in the locker room. Unless you are in the locker room you don't have a clue. Everything Ballard said was pure GM speak. It's the same story he has told every off season since he has been here. It may be different words but the meaning is the same. This team will improve as the players get older and more experienced. We have one of the youngest teams in the league and it takes time to gel.
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    You can’t just bring in a jerk or * hole. That person also has to play his * off and hold himself accountable. So the jerk has to be a quality player to earn respect.
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    No it isn't. Look, kids, the whole Andrew Luck era was like 6 years and we won virtually nothing during it. The only interesting things Andrew Luck will be remembered for are the Deflated footballs game where he got slaughtered by the Patriots, and for leading the league in touchdowns once in 2014. That's the sum total of Luck's actual career highlights, as seen by anyone who doesn't bleed blue. He was an exciting talent that oozed potential in everything he did but if it's over now, and it looks like it is, he didn't even come close to fulfilling any part of his potential. The Luck era will go down in the annals of Colts history mostly as a failure. Some exciting games, some highlight reel plays, a good last hurrah last year, but bottom line is, we never got where we thought we were going. I don't "ring of honor" that. Ultimately in the annals of football history Andrew Luck doesn't even reach the levels of such luminaries as Drew Bledsoe and Earl Morrall.
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    Yes Brother Yelich is good but that was unreal , just ask my Cards Lol
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    There's no way Tom Brady would even take an offer to play QB for the Colts. Especially after deflategate. He's got a personal vendetta against Indianapolis whether he will admit it or not. I think he would do well in Indy but I think he would rather play in New England or retire.
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    Wow 10 pages! I wonder how long this thing will go!
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    Jalen Hurts Information Hurts bounces back, Herbert still as advertised After struggling for much of Tuesday’s practice, Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts responded with a much-improved body of work Wednesday. His accuracy was much better at every level of the field, and he seemed much more comfortable in every session. It was a much-needed step up from his performance on the previous day.
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    No, but i think he'd be the best replacement of Phair
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