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    I find it interesting how everything is so black and white in your viewpoint.
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    I doubt any high profile WR is itching to sign with us right now. That passing game is not doing receivers any favors. And I doubt any "prove it" candidate comes to Indy either(Ebron/Funches types). We will have to overpay for talent in the receiving core until we prove we can feed the ball to receivers through the air.
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    Do you have zero regard for nuance? A passing attack that emphasizes quick hitters takes pressure off the line and the QB, and if you can get some YAC, it can still produce yardage and keep the chains moving. It's still a valuable part of a good offense, IMO. That doesn't mean we should never throw the ball down the field. And by the way, JB has gone from getting rid of it quickly in the opener (2.33 seconds) to now having the 5th longest time to throw in the league (2.91 seconds). So we're not even seeing a short, quick passing game, and certainly not one with any ability to get big plays. Instead, we're seeing a short, slow passing game that's contributing to an average of less than 22 points/game and a lethargic 5.9 yards/play. So, yeah, people are complaining, and for good reason.
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    What's with all these hand injuries? Whatever happened to the good old days of lacerated kidneys and broken ribs?
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    Your brain bailed on you.
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    The best thing about getting McLaughlin is that the Patriots wanted him.
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    I would never trust my money in a bsnk.
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    For the Colts to be 6-5 with injuries and losing their Franchise QB, tells me it’s not all doom and gloom. Flush with CAP space and draft capital, the future isn’t bad at all. Getting healthy, adding a few more playmakers and IMO finding a QB that fits Reich’s scheme will have the Colts contenders in the not to distant future.
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    Colts worked out dontrelle inman today
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    Well, as a fan, if I was only here to watch the playoffs, then the lights could be "turned off". But....since I follow this team to watch every game, I think we'll keep the lights on for another 4 games....
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    Well, the"negativers"are overly negative and the "positivers"are too sunny. Some perspective? Here's the truth: TY Hilton is the critical piece of the offense. If he's out, there is no number two. The Colts need a major upgrade at this position or there will be trouble next year too. Ballard has to be very, very aggressive in fixing this problem. And it needs to be this off season. Here's the truth: Jack Doyle is a solid TE but he isn't a dangerous weapon. He's a great chain mover, which is truly valuable, but not enough. The Colts could really use a game changer at the position. Last year Ebron was that guy. That guy is now gone. I'd look for a FA or high draft pick here. Here's the truth: The "JB is terrible crowd" is wrong. He isn't awful; the WR talent around him is mediocre. But he does have limitations and the rest of the season should be spent analyzing whether or not those limits can be overcome. If the coaches and brass believe he can get good enough to become a top QB, then ok. If not, the Colts have to draft a QB high in the 2020 draft and groom him. Just some perspective: JB is still learning and hopefully growing. Here's the truth: The Colts were thrown a terrible curve ball when Andrew Luck decided to walk away. If he saw his future as a crippled, demented old guy, I do get it. But his timing was just atrocious and left the team that was being built around him in a horrible position. What we are seeing today is directly related to Luck's decision. So keep some perspective on this, and understand it will take some time to overcome Andrew's retirement. Here's the truth: The defense has some great young players and has a terrific future. The Colts have invested well there and it will pay some big time dividends down the road. The are extremely young. We fans are going to enjoy watching them grow. Another high draft pick at DT? I'm good with that. But this D is going to be special, and is a strength. So....the future isn't all roses, but it has an upward trend. This off season will be critical for the immediate future of this team. Ballard has his greatest challenge yet; I'm glad the Colts have a guy of his talent making the calls. But his decisions in building the Colt offense of the future are going to make or break this team. Personally, I like their chances. This team has an excellent team culture and some genuine talent. The arrow still points north.
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    I have followed the Colts since 68. Why didn't they start Terrik Glen today?
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    It would be nice to find out under game situations where they stand with how Kelly will be if given a chance. Too many people on this forum have a man crush or are afraid of being labled wrongly for wanting a better option at QB. They will jump all over the kicker with no problem. The time has come to fish or cut bait for the coaching staff. Do what is best for the team and move forward. I think the head coach knows they spent to much money on Brissett and Hoyer. He wasn't even allowed to hire his own coordinators. I'm sure if he had his way, Vinny would be gone too.
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    I'm talking about when the game was tied and we had a chance to take the lead this post has nothing to do with brissett
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    Every year about this time i stock up on Patriots TOILET PAPER for the new year. What a GREAT way to start your day!
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    Do you really think the first blocked kick had a chance? AV pulled it badly. It had no chance of making it.
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    I'm a fan of JB as a person, but if we have the opportunity to get a QB that can throw a ball more than 6 yards (or throw under 6 yards at speeds less than 400mph) then we should. We have a stronger team now than we had in most if not all of the Manning days, and would have (minus the horrible slew of offensive skill position injuries) been legit contenders with Luck. There is no reason to assume the team will get worse under Ballard and Reich, so upping the QB play could bring us back in the hunt. Obviously another WR would be nice but we COULD get there quickly with a top tier QB. Anyone should be replaced if there are better options, regardless of position, if it improves your chance to win.
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    The point is, considering where we got him in the 3rd round, his curve is trending upwards and we did not have to mortgage picks like the Steelers did. The OP is talking about value proposition and if you can get similar quality (not same) without mortgaging picks, that is better, IMO. Plus, it is not like our "super fast" TE Jack Doyle did not juke out Devin Bush for a TD score in the Steelers game. If you want to throw stones by downplaying Okereke's improvement, I have plenty to throw at Bush as well.
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    A late-night snowstorm and moving vans headed back East?
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    I want more screens. But there was one called in the first half that didn't get thrown, because... I don't know why. Makes me wonder if it's more about JB and less about Reich. Edit: Second play of the third quarter. Just watched it. Should have been thrown.
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    Agreed. He is the prototypical "Take away his running ability and what are you left with?" QB. You're left with a poor pocket passer, who is more likely now to get frustrated, (without his mobility) and blame others (diva QB).
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    I don't think either of us can say exactly how Ballard does, or does not, look at things. We know some basics though. We know both he and FR are stats guys, and Ballard has grown the analytics team since coming to Indy. We know one of Ballards core responsibilities is build a team that not only wins, but also one that fills seats and generates revenue. We also know he loves leadership and the "right guys". I think we both agree that Ballard is a very smart guy. He knows everything about JB. He knows his flaws from college, he knows every stat that has been laid out by all of us here, plus probably a bunch more. He knows exactly what last year's team and players did, and the difference in their performance to date this year. I agree that the FO didn't get to evaluate JB under perfect/ideal situations, but frankly that never happens. He's not going to give pure grace for injuries, and disregard that JB still has a big problem with missing wide open guys regardless of who they are. He sees it all, and a lot more. And I'm sure he knows sometimes you have to make a call without ideal input/evaluation. I do think that Ballard will do what ever he does, and we'll likely never know all the past, current, and future variables he may weigh. I just know where I'd put my money.
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    Bobby Okereke 352 total snaps 30 solo tackles 13 assist total of 43 tackles 2 Tackle for Loss 1 sack 2 forced fumbles 1 fumble recoveries 2 Pass deflections 0 int Devin Bush 697 snaps 54 solo 32 assists total of 86 tackles 6 tackle for loss 1 sack 1 forced fumbles 4 fumble recoveries 4 Pass Reflections 2 ints Ballard ended up getting yet another steal in the 3rd round. Okereke has been playing really well of late and it's showing. Bush is this year's top LB by the media and Okereke just has about the same stats wise because Okereke has played half the total snaps as Bush. I hope come next year Okerek gets the starting Mike. I like Walker dont get me wrong but Okereke is looking really good.
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    Who is this "proven above average qb" who will be available in FA?
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    Maybe they felt he was the guy they wanted to develop and transition to. Plus, with all the injuries on the roster, a second kicker did not hurt the 53 man roster spots, IMO.
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    This is when the kicker was on waivers. That's not a choice they made. And they've brought in kickers to try out at least twice this season already. I don't think they're worried about controversy.
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    Yes, now if the pressure is ratcheted up, the INTs will come, I am positive. We don't have the D-line or the kind of pressure that the Steelers generate on a regular basis, that always helps with LB numbers. Even the future HOF LB Ray Lewis benefited a big deal from Haloti Ngata being drafted and making plays in that middle.
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    I think it would be a big mistake by Reich/Ballard if we are eliminated from playoff contention and Kelly doesn't get some playing time so that we can accurately assess what we have going into the off season.
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    This won't be a popular opinion and I would absolutely understand the disagreement but there is a very real possibility when it's all said and done I will have Love as my QB2 in this draft. Right now I'm leaning this way. It won't be because of what he is now(not QB2), but of what I expect him to be with good coaching in a couple of years. Just the traits are very high level and I don't think he's even scratched the surface yet. This will be a bet on Reich and the coaching staff as much as a bet on Love himself.
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    Yall got anymore of them receivers left?
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    Dear Lord How long do you want to remain in QB purgatory?
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    Because he's not as good catching in the back field like wilkins or hines does plus he's not as shifty either he's good for a 3rd and short situation
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    Basically said that Quincy Wilson has removed all #Colts posts from his Instagram.
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    I still think Luck will come back. He will have had ample time to heal and spend time with his wife and child. Staying at home with a wife and child full time will drive any man back to football.
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    I don’t follow college football so I didn’t realize how good he was in college. I wonder if we will be able to re sign him. He might get his chance to be the feature back on another team. He might cost to much especially with Mack maybe getting a extension in the off season.
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    Preferably round 6 or 7. Never higher than round 5.
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    You continue to insist we need an entire offensive makeover even with a top 5 offensive line. Can't understand your thinking.
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    Quincy Wilson turns out to be like Tim Jennings was after he left for Chicago.
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    That is pretty good. Kelly hasn't played, but he stinks. JB plays and stinks the place up, but he deserves to play until he improves. It's a good thing you guys are good at sod busting. otherwise the country would be in trouble.
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    Colts need A LOT of help coming to be competitive IF Luck stays retired. Ballard imo, despite the platitudes he receives, has done a very poor job this past year. He needs to improve.
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    Got to say that wasn't Adam's fault there at all....no chance!
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    I just don't even...terrible blocking there. What a way to take the air out of things.
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    I would send Hines deep early (opening up the playbook) and let JB air one out to him to throw the Titans off. Even if the pass goes incomplete, the threat will be there.
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    I’d like to see our team develop a game plan of quick hitting passes, PAP, crossing patterns, more screens instead of watching JB pat the ball staring at his first target trying to uncover 30 yards downfield, only to get sacked, rushed or throw that 3 yard ball for a gain of 4. I don’t understand what it’s going to take to get an offense that can utilize JB’s underwhelming passing strengths. An we only adjust an offense during an off season here?
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    So Campbell is questionable instead of doubtful. Reich sure made it sound like he most likely won’t get there. So not sure what to think of that. The defense is very healthy. They really need to step up.
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    Every year, that is said about the upcoming class at a given position or two. EVERY year. usually, 1-3 of all those selected will be “studs” the others will be average and about once every 5 years, a true SUPER STAR emerges. It truly is a crap shoot
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