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    Hey everybody, Andrew Walker of Colts.com here. I’m just looking to expand our reach in the quest for the best questions for our Colts.com Mailbag. I’ll check back here towards the end of the week for any submissions you may have, or feel free to send them on our site here.
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    I agree. As long as it was just spot duty, I agree JB should be the back up to get us through a short term Rivers injury. If however Rivers went down for the season early, I'd prefer to see what the young guys have to offer for the future.
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    Ha, I was just thinking the same thing. That would be a great number for the Colts this season... The CUBS are blowing me away so far! Loving It
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    Congrats, Cubs fans. Your team looks great. Have the Mets won 5 games yet? Lol. I believe they won today. This young pitcher Peterson should have a 4-0 record. He has pitched well. He is 3-1.
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    Now if the Colts go 13-3 that would be the daily double . Cubs are a machine right now and look hungry again. Joe Buck just said the Cubs look unbeatable.
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    13-3 now on the season, Cubs win 4-2 over the Brewers. Another one Bites the Dust. Fly the flag Hozer. This division is already over with a only a 60 game season. . Brewers fall to 7-10
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    Yeah at this point I do think the season will finish unless like 5 or 6 teams just start testing positive a lot for the Covid-19. Cards are the only team that haven't played several games but they are scheduled to play a lot of double headers coming up. The players love David Ross, when he got hired I had a good vibe but still wasn't sure how he would do. 13-3 so far is awesome.
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    I hated to see Joe Maddon go, but so far it is looking like David Ross was the right man for the job. Excited with how the Cubs are looking so far this season but it is 2020 and no one knows what is going to happen next in this crazy year!
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    I'm fine with whatever time that weekend as long as you let me know relatively soon to work with it. I have a yearly league with best friends that we do every year and I just need to make sure it's not the exact same time. I can draft two leagues in the same day, but I need to know this leagues date and time so I can tell them not to do it at the exact same time. Thanks!
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    I mean umps seem to just have quick fuses it seems. I mean he was walking away from him too and seemed more annoyed at himself. You see what Ross said during the game about it
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    Here's several. At WR... 1. With the addition of Pittman, will we see Pascal running more out of the slot? 2. Who's the most likely to be the heir apparent to TY, and the #2 Z WR this year? Campbell, Fountain, or another? 3. Assuming we keep 6 WRs on the roster, what's your prediction? My way-to-early guess is TY, Pittman, Campbell, Pascal, Fountain, and Dulin. STs 1. Hines and Dulin looked great last year when returning, are they the two early favorites? Is Rodgers in the running? TE 1. Is this the year we see MAC break out? 2. Now that we have Pittman and Patmon, will that increased size at WR decrease 2 TE sets, and/or the utilization of TE in general? DL 1. Will Autry end up being an every-down "flex" player, lining up at DT on passing downs, and DE on running downs? 2. Will we see more blitzing this year? Our pressure %s last year were pretty disappointing. I know Buckner will improve that number by just being on the field, but would love to see more blitzing combined with more man coverage. 3. What's your way too early prediction for DL line ups? My guess is Passing downs - Houston-Autry-Buckner-Turay Running downs - Houston-Buckner-Stewart OR Day-Autry 4. When Turay was drafted, many saw him as better run stopper than rush DE. Did the experts totally have it wrong, or is he just a late bloomer vs the pass. And... will he become that every down DE this year? 5. Did Banogu train this off season with anyone to hone his rush skills, like Turay has done in the past? LB 1. With the addition of Glasgow, who many see as more of a STs add, do you see a 3 man competition for 2 spots with Glasgow, Zaire, and Franklin? 2. With Oke taking over starting SAM later in the year in 2019, do you think we'll see less Nickel and more 3 LB sets to keep Leonard, Walker, and Oke on the field? DB 1. Flus hinted that we'd see more "man" last year, but aside from the KC game (who's passing game was a bit crippled due to injury) it seemed like we were running mostly a soft C2. With the addition of Buckner, and assumed improved pass rush, will we see more man coverage? 2. Where do you project Blackmon once he returns to form? We've heard a lot of FS talk, but I see him more as a well rounded SS in our C2 defense. He comes from a "man" system, struggled at CB (before the conversion), and also struggled at FS when asked to "roam". He was a beast though tackling (that first hit vs Oregon - oh my), and covering closer to the LOS. I think he's got a higher upside than Willis at SS, but not sold on the FS talk. 3. How do the coaches view Rodgers, especially his build (HT/WT). Dynamic player, but very slight build. Do they have him on any specific S&C program to help add some good weight? I'd love to him get a shot at returns, but I'd also like to see his athleticism translate as a DB.
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    Mets are 9-11 and only 3 games out of 1st place. Every team has played a huge amount of games except for the Cards.
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    Damn I was hoping Yu would pitch a no hitter. He gave up a HR but has a 1 hitter through 7. 4-1 Cubs to the bottom of the 7th.
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    Cubs lead 4-0 to the 7th. We are simply the best team in baseball right now. Yankees, Dodgers, Cards, and Brewers fans just have to deal with it and we have no player positive tests either. Without cheating the Astros stink so far at 8-10 just like I thought.
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    Every team has played a decent amount of games except the Cards. The Cards won't stop the season IMO. 1 team won't stop it. If it was like 5 teams having a lot of positives tests that would be different. Just too much money involved if only 1 or 2 teams are having this problem to stop the season. I am not sure what is going in St Louis but they need to get their crap together. Even the Marlins have now played 12 games and playing well. I see the season finishing after what I have been hearing from ESPN and the MLB channel. Last night at work a Cards fan said they just need to cancel the season. I , I said yeah your team looks like they are trying to get it shut down and the Cubs are 12-3. Won't happen sorry, unless there are like 5 teams with a lot of positives tests.
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    Yu no hitter through 5 innings. He just threw 97. This is 2012 Yu, great stuff. 2-0 Cubs to the bottom of the 5th. Watching this it sounds like fans in the stands even. Baseball may actually finish this season from what I have been hearing from ESPN and the MLB network.
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    Cubs 2-0 over the Brewers to the bottom of the 4th. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
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    That was awesome. I completely forgot about most of those runs
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    I think what will happen is that we will see more kids from the SEC, the ACC, and Big 12 drafted next year since as of right now it appears they are going to go on with their football seasons. The kids who are going to be hurt the most are the ones from the mid major programs who get one or two games per year against a power 5 team and they have a chance to make a name for themselves. I'm sure it will be difficult to prepare for the 2021 draft but I have a great deal of confidence in Chris Ballard and his team!
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    I think we will win the AFC South because I have faith in Rivers still being good and Buckner bringing new life to the defense.
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    TY Hilton, I would rest him until opening day. Have him do a few reps with Rivers and that is about it.
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    This is me dreaming of the day when threads no longer include Luck's return or the coaches/GM's inability to recognize the greatness of Kelly. Heck, while I'm at it, let's add threads not including: * The preseason is too long * The Probowl is a joke * anything that mentions that +, Tom Brady.
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    This answers the OP's question. I'm glad to hear he's enjoying his life. https://www.sportscasting.com/former-colts-star-bob-sanders-made-23-million-and-still-owns-the-house-he-bought-as-a-rookie/ BTW, he's a great example of how an All Pro Safety can change a defense.
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    Can everyone support the weekend of the 29th and 30th?
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    I want B but know it will be A
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    Top 5, no. Top 25, yes. He's much better inside at NB than outside. Keep in mind that he played a bit outside when we came out of Nickel and into straight C2. Especially when Desir was out. He has low YPC but also gave up a decent catch rate (comp/targ). The low YPC is likely also a product of our soft zone. I love the guy, and he's definitely good, I just think this is a bit of over-hype. In his defense, I think his numbers will look a lot better with a better pass rush. I do think he'll have his best year this season. If we see more man I could see his INTs going up! And I'd love to see some corner blitzing.
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