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    Wow, that is nice to hear that Papa John's management saw fit to recognize Amy for all her years of service & dedication to the company. No job is insignificant & I'm sure that there's an artform to folding that many boxes over the years. I hope Amy was touched by all the well deserved attention she was given for her hard work, steadfast loyalty, & sense of team cohesiveness. Delicious pizza, thirst quenching refreshments, relaxing music provided by Gramz & Ron, & a roomful of proud people. Way to Go Amy! Thank you Gramz, Ron, & all the people who make disabled individuals feel part of the crowd & everyday society. You Rock!
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    I really like this reminder. I want to add it is not fun in the least being away from friends that you develop on this site. Being away means missing out on the great people and posts. Being away sucks in the off-season let alone when the real stuff is here. There is nothing like being on here on game day whether in chat or in a game day thread!!! I am on nearly every day, and want to say there are varying levels of knowledge. I encourage new posters to read a lot of posts before starting your first thread. Also introduce yourselves in Member Introductions: If you are a 'kid' jjust wanting to learn football tell us. We will be glad to help. Lastly the moderation team works together very well in coming to decisions. Debates can get heated....when it is obvious that you both are 360 degrees apart....just agree to disagree. I did that with one of my best friends on here...and we laughed about it. And in difficult cases...use the Ignore function. I learned the hard way, but I am glad I did. Happy posting!!
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    *- You have no clue as to what took place. It was a joke that was played on the Steeler fan by his friend and the coach. The Steeler fan got to meet a couple of coaches after practice and got a free Luck jersey that he gave to his friend. It would be smart for you to know you're facts before running you're uninformed mouth. The steeler fan was told he would be escorted out by a joking Pagano. It was all done and said in fun with a touch of sarcasm. How dare you talk about the Colts fans after the way outside fans are treated in Pittsburgh. I was there a few years ago for a game and got threatened and had beer and trash thrown on me.
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    Being a student of history myself, having a Masters degree in American History, I am well aware the bloodshed spilled in this country & young Republic to preserve & protect our civil liberties. I know what "shared sacrifice" & paying the ultimate price really means. I am also intimately aware of what guilt over survival really means among veterans too. Why did I live & my buddy standing right next to me drop? To me, honoring veterans is more than a parade or salute of gratitude. When our men women come home from duty without limbs & brain trauma, does our citizenry & federal government cut through the red tape & get these men & women the surgeries, medical attention, & psychological assistance they need? When Humpty Dumpty comes back broken & weak, what do we do as a society to make them whole again? Once the crowds & fanfare does down, who comforts the sick, the ill, & the lame? Who quiets the voices of fear, pain, & nightmares? Who counteracts the images of death & decay that time can not completely erase? Who reminds these noble men & women that they matter & have value? Who can step in listen, let them cry, & prevent a suicide? Another point: Veterans of Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, & Afghanistan really resent the implication that only WWII Vets fought in the only "noble war" & that any wartime experience beyond 1945 does mean anything. WWII vets got parades, national respect, & the GI Bill to attend college & rise in terms of social & income mobility. Beyond WWII, media appreciation for veterans sacrifices has significantly diminished. VFW Posts will crumble unless WWII veterans loosen the misconception that theirs was the only war that really mattered. Also, the public isn't asked to ration sugar & other products for troops overseas anymore. So public awareness is almost completely unknown which is so sad. The fighting is now largely down by drown attacks at the push of a button or drop of a missile. The public doesn't see investigative journalists like Walter Kronkite anymore at the dinner table who keep the public aware of casualities, political power plays, & ultimately change the scope, mindset, & opinion of the War in South East Asia. Good Bless All The MEN & WOMEN WHO SERVE IN EVERY BRANCH OF SERVICE WHO SERVE IN A REMOTE CORNER OF THE WORLD WITH A SPATULA, MOP, OR MACHINE GUN. I WILL NEVER LET YOUR SACRIFICE DIE, DISAPPEAR, OR SLIP AWAY. THANK YOU.
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    I find those comments from players both disappointing and disturbing. My daughter is friends with several college football players and she says they have the same reaction as these NFL players. So, it's a very good thing that these punishments included players. A solid reminder to them that yes, you will be held responsible for what you do. Sorry guys but it comes with being an adult
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    I just want to say I am a woman and I'm not jumping ship! I don't know why that comment was even made but it irritates me. I have stated in many posts I am a colts fan no matter what. It does not matter what happens, I will be loyal to this team and will die a colts fan. I wish fans would not turn on each other and just let it be. To each there own. Can't we all just get along?
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    So sorry for your loss. My dad died 6 years ago from pancreatic cancer. It's awful. Sending prayers your way.
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    Your dad will be missed by the entire Colts Nation!!! I am sincerely sorry for your loss.
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    My thoughts and prayers go out to both YellScream and pacolts.
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    Our oldest daughter Alex just got offered a job working with autistic children. This is something she has had on her heart for awhile. So, we are anxious to see how it works out. I think she will be fabulous!
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    I am sorry but I have been a die hard fan since the Johnny U days back in Baltimore. I have never heard a professional athlete use the excuse that he hasn't learned the playbook yet. Running is a lot of instinct too and all Trent has to do is go home and look at the films. He runs into a pile up and never hits the hole. He is paid millions and its time he stepped up stopped using excuses about the playbook. I would hope the Colt's would have tested his intelligence before trading for him also and if he was that slow to learn they would have passed. Let Boom Herron get a chance. At least he hits the holes quickly and Bradshaw is a hard runner too. Trent run like a real professional running back or get out of the league because your playbook excuse is old.
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    Trent just doesn't seem to have the speed to hit the holes that our line can only hold for a fraction of a second apparently. I know our line is not very good at run blocking and perhaps we need to rethini our offensive line coach if it is not the talent that is at fault. Herron just appears to be faster and quicker than Trent, just like Donald Brown was last year. If we made a mistake on Richardson, we need to just bite the bullet and start Herron and use Richardson on short yardage situations where his size will be to his advantage instead of making him just too slow.
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    Wow! Maybe you should not be so literal. I realize he cannot be stolen from them and they can match any offer (transition tag). If you read the post, I also said that it would take a deal that the Browns would not want to match, which would be a crazy offer! I also talked about it possibly being smoke, and that free agency filled with rumors, I NEVER said it would be a smart move by the Colts. If all you do is go around and correct peoples posts then maybe you should actually read them before you respond. I thought us Colts fans were more intelligent than that, but I guess there is one of YOU in every bunch. My "sources" say your an *......
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    We've got to upgrade our O-line! Whether it's re-shuffling, draft or FA we got to upgrade it. Wayne is nearing the end of his career with age and injury so we also need to find a successor. I see Hilton as a great #2 with Whalen and Brazil great complimentary WR. Rodgers has potential but needs to elevate his game to another level. Hopefully with the upcoming camp the wr corps will be able to raise the bar. I have more confidence with the wr corps coming around than the O-line. With the wr or rb's you could spread the ball around you can't with the O-line. With that said one player may be able to stabilize the line.
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    Ijalana has elite ability and could be a factor anywhere on the line, he is prob the best linemen we have, at least potentially, he just has to stay healthy and get reps
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    We need to focus on getting revamping the O-Line and Secondary, and Linebackers. However, Mathis and Hughes did very well in those positions.
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    Don't you remember that guy from a week or two ago? He enjoys your discomfort - don't give him the satisfaction. Probably not even Colts fan.
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    It seems as though my good friend CP11 had what is called a "once in a lifetime" vacation....a well deserved vacation!! I envisioned myself all the way through Kansas and on the Arkansas River. I am a huge whitewater rafting fan. I bet you were a little let down that the river was down, but it sounded like a fantastic time. I would have loved to see the ghost town. It would be my luck it would not have been Casper, but some mean old ghost. HA HA! Looking for some pictures of your Rocky Mountain high vacation!! Super blog!!!
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    Wow, I feel like I just read a journal for a reporter on the Travel Channel. The trees, the grass, the rolling hills, & the mighty & majestic Colorado River. I was transported from 2012 to the 1920's & back again. No phones, no internet, no modern day technology just rugged individualism, breathtaking scenery, & tranquil sunset backdrops. Our experiences of a simpler less complex time color of memories & remind us all not to be clouded by possessions & materialism. I understand this is only a fraction of your adventure, which is told in crisp & vivid detail documenting the sights, sounds, & smells on your trip. You touched on it, but I wanted to know the fear & exhileration [sic] of the cold water as it splashed in your raft, the thrill of not capsizing the boat, your anxieties of not slamming against the rock formations, & the thrill & adreneline rush of surviving a trip down the Colorado River. Beautifully written piece CP11!!! I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you. Nice work buddy!!!
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    ColtsPRIDE11,Thank you for posting that,now im gonna speak even if i do get a warning or whatever,our service vets have been denied treatment they should get ,as far as medical, restitution so on,and we all know who denies this.You are so right they have maulled our history books,and removed so much that is ultimatley important,my teens have learned from myself,history channel helps.Im a Marine i will die a Marine ,tell your freind Semper Fi, and he and all vets of all our armed services will always have my and all of my familys respect,no matter what war,conflict or so on
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    I no longer wear the uniform but I will forever keep it.
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    I agree with you Maureen. For the most part your average American citizen does appreciate our veterans. But then we have those that do not. I am a firm believer that no matter what, you support the service people. Many times it is forgotten that they are just executing what their Commander and Chief (the President) tells them to do. Many times if someone disagrees with a war or what ever our military may be doing, they take it out on the soliders themselves. This to me is completely and utterly wrong on top of being disrespectful to them. As I said in my post, I needed to vent a bit. I too was dismayed when he told me that the high schoolers seemed to not have a good grasp of WWII. It took me aback actually. I guess the argument could be made that maybe it was a student that has yet to have US History or even World HIstory, but still, should a 15, 16, 17 year old kid not have knowledge of our history? Maybe this should be taught at younger ages...I remember learning about things such as this in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. All in all, we should be proud of our countries history and we (even at home) should teach it to the younger generations. And likewise, we need to make sure we pass down that service men and women are to be respected and honored for their service for us. Thanks for reading Maureen
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    It seems to the attitude "of it's just football" with regards to intentionally hurt someone directly opposes the law suits against the league for injuries sustained "just doing their job and just playing football" .... how many of the injuries in the law suits resulted from certain players versions of "just playing football?" There is no place in any sport for intentional injury. Play the game with skill and leave it on the score board.
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    I love my Colts and I love Chuck Pagano!!! I am so excited about the new year!! Thank you for this blog, I absolutely love it. I am just full of love today I guess, !! I can't wait to see us have a legitimate defense!! I posted in a forum the other day how glad I was we got rid of Coyer. Someone quoted me and said I need to be careful what I wish for. Well, why wouldn't I wish for this? Let's Hunt!!
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    "If we had won the Superbowl in 2009 against the New Orleans Saints, would Manning's longevity within this organization still be in question?" If we had won the Super Bowl in 09, Peyton Manning would have been crowned as the indisputable GOAT. I think that is what bothers most Colts fans when they think of him in another uniform. It is all so silly and trivial to place his future with this team on a nerve regeneration time-frame. Doctors have said that once the regeneration process begins, it will never stop, and the gains made will not be lost in regression. The regeneration HAS started! Thus, we can safely say that Peyton will be healthy at some point, and to not have him in the blue and white because it might take a month longer for that healing to complete than the Front Office wants---is absurd. Had we won the 2009 Super Bowl, Peyton would be happily collecting his well-deserved $28 million bonus, and there would be no questions whatsoever. Sad, isn't it? Oh well, I guess I'll just go cry myself to sleep...
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    I'm with you Wyld1.. are far as child psychology goes, many parents fail to account for their childs readiness to deal with violent images, sex, inappropriate behavior etc, whether it's a video game or a movie. If a child is still believing in santa or other such fantasies (tooth fairy, etc) they are unable to separate fantasy from reality and are very likely to believe those images they are seeing are how people are supposed to behave. The age children are exposed to these images is very important and some people start that way to young, then wonder why their 13 is pregnant. I'm not blaming media for people's actions, it's just a small part of the psychological puzzle in child development and I again go back to a child knowing their self worth, this starts very young.
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    As we now teach our kids to write? In some states cursive is no longer taught! Not starting a debate on this...AS I TYPE! We as a nation...formed as a union! I shalt not recite the rest. ESPN has decided to eliminate employees (cannot call them journalists in today's world) and have decided to desecrate individuals for WORD CHOICE!!!! Either one would incriminate them selves in the court of public opinion! ESPN should now look at their principles as so-called journalists name no sources. Why not talk about the WINK? As Southwest so eloquently conveys, reporters{real reporters} are using historical references....and it could have been a whole lot worse. I hope that ESPN would recognize a difference. If ANYONE disagrees so be it. One of my best friends adopted three gorgeous girls from China....call ME a racist!!!! I DARE YA! Brent
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    Sorry for your loss. RIP to your dad.
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    That's a great story, Gramz. I spent three years as a job coach for high school students with special needs (I'm in school now to get my special education teaching license). One of the jobs that one of my students had involved folding boxes at a pizza restaurant. Completing one million is a big feat for anyone, so is lasting for 20 years at one job. Congratulations to Amy, and thanks for sharing her awesome accomplishment.
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    You can't be serious. Let me summarize. You don't like Grigson or think he has done a good job: you claim you want Polian back, we need more Freeman type players (that Grigson found), & we lost to NE because their talent pool was better than ours. 1st, Polian decimated this team with his nepotism of having his son Chris as GM elevating himself to President. Since 2008, he had a series of dud drafts; overpaid several players; he was totally unprepared for Peyton's absence even though Polian knew he had 1 or 2 surgeries. He put us in salary cap hell. He had long overstayed & talk about pompous with the media! 2nd, we need more Freeman type players, diamonds in the rough. That's exactly what Grigson does by signing a rugby player & a West Point guy that no one else even looked at. Grigson built a team that exceeded expectations 2 years out of 2. Yet you 2nd guess the moves that may not work without praising the ones that do. You have no idea how to do his job, but act as if you could not only do it, but better. Ridiculous. 3rd, NE has had the same coach & system for 14 years & they have a better talent pool than Indy after 2 years of total reconstruction. That one gets a big, DUH! The rebuild job here in 2 years was from small, fast guys in a Tampa 2 4-3 defense to a bigger, tougher 3-4 & offense from a "keep Peyton off his butt" to move the chains style. Not to mention losing our OC after 1 year (previous OC was here 12 years - Peyton had Tom Moore his entire tenure). Belichick has put players that fit his system in place for 14 years; we are still trying to build the base or core. The game was in NE; they finished 12-4 & 8-0 at home. Yes, this was your blog, but you don't speak for even the average Colts fan, you're negative, impatient, spoiled, & frankly I wish you'd take your attitude elsewhere. Pick another team, we deserve better fans than you.
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    I'm going to love it when Luck proves all these 50/50 fans wrong. Stick with the Colts or go root for another team. When the Colts are hoisting the Lombardi this February, all you bandwagon fans will not be allowed back on the train.
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    I just hope the OL does not get more of a bug....we will be hurting. Cannot afford losses. The schedule is tough enough!!!
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    Jay, Thanks for reading, and thank you for serving so I can be free. I truly mean that when I say it. You have my respect and are counted among heros in my book.
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    MICF, God bless your father! Dispicible is just the tip of the iceberg on how wrongly Vietnam vets were treated when they came home. I watched a documentary on the Vietnam War with interviews of vets, and I was so angry and mad and saddened to tears when one of the vets said that he was so excited to come home and to be appreciated and to see his family and be assured by the pulic that what they had done was indeed worth it. He said that when he got home there were no parades. No instead he was spit on and made to feel like an outsider. He said he sat in an auditorium in his home town and not a soul would look at him or talk to him. He felt shunned. He felt like he was less than dirt. HOW DARE WE???? I want to go on a rant of how so very wrong this was but I will refrain. Instead, I will just say that I agree whole heartedly with you my friend--all veterans deserve honor. No matter the war served. I too could go into a long rant about what is so terribly wrong with our education system and what we are teaching--no cursive, really???? Computers in kindergarden, really??? etc...but again I will refrain. Instead, I will say that you are completely right that not enough time is spent on AMERICAN history, and as you stated, it isn't accurately taught much of the time. AMERICAN history is something to be proud of, it is something we should not take lightly, and it is something we should engrain in our children's minds. If we don't teach them to take pride in our country, then who will? And if there is no national pride, just how long will our great country last? I am all for teaching about world history, but I value American history a whole lot more and deem it more important...and I don't think it is wrong to feel that way...need we ask Russian schools what histroy is taught there? Or German, or Japanese, or Chinese, or French, or Spanish, or English... ...I think--no I know you would find they spend a whole heck of a lot of time on their own before they do ours or anyone elses. COME ON PEOPLE! We are too focused on being "politically correct" and honoring people's heritage that we forget that people's heritage is AMERICAN history. Time to get our FOCUS right....but I digress, I'm sorry. The last point on the giggling during the national Anthem...this does more than upset me. Shoot, it makes me mad when someone does not put their hand over their heart during the playing of the Anthem. This goes back to respect. Where does our younger generations respect lie? And do they even know what respect is anymore? I have begun to wonder, but if we don't teach them and raise them up right, who will? They are our future...and I have begun to worry about our future... ... Thanks for the post MICF!
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    I am not great at looking ahead a year. I am better at what is immediately at hand. However, this is a well written piece so I need to give my new friend a thumbs up!! At WR I would love a Mike Wallace or a Dwayne Bowe....and I know we will have the money to go get them barring unforseen injuries. I like Tracy Porter.....I like Jake Long....and as I said I am a huge Te'o fan. That said I am interested in seeing the unknowns on our own roster and watching our new coaching staff make the Colts the surprising team in the league. Chuck Pagano had a great interview today on ESPN. He once again said everyone has "rolled up their sleeves" from top to bottom. The future is now, and I think we are more talented than some think. Let roll Colts!!!
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    Here you go Maureen, found you a Monster on Smiley Central
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    what a wonderful post! I felt like I was right there with you the heck with acting how you think other people expect you too baby boomers are redefining age appropriate rock on!
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    Thanks for posting something worthwhile....!!!! Enjoyed the read.
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    Money makes the world go round. Oh how easy things would be without the complication of money. I would love to see Peyton remain a colt, if they do not come to an agreement on the money, I just don't see it happening. They will not spend too much when they are not sure if he will be able to produce. I have no doubt in my mind Peyton is doing everything to come back and I believe he will play in the NFL this year. I hope it is for our team. I am already dealing with those 5 stages of grief. I started out in disbelief and then got angry. Did all the bargaining in my head and have felt the numbness. Time is slowly ticking down. If it is announced he is being released I will have to work on the acceptance. I will root for our team and whoever is our qb. It will just be a tough pill to swallow if it is not our beloved #18.
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    I have a son and he had video games but none like that. He has cartoon video games like Star Wars and Mario, and games that help him learn. I am a single parent and do my best to teach my son right and wrong. We have a set of rules and he knows the consequences. In his parent/teacher conference, his teacher told me how he was such a good and sweet boy. She said I can tell you work with him at home and that he has rules. Apparently there are some who do not. Some of the things he tells me other kids do just shocks me.
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    I posted this 5 am, It lists salient points nicely & has 2nd article . http://direct.colts....ansition-to-3-4 . Encase lost on direct colts, u never know 2 Articles Pagano New Colt Vision & -Colts Plan To Keep "game-wreckers" Freeney and Mathis,, transition to 3/4, certain positions will get bigger players, Wants Saturday to return, Praises Luck From Pagano: Called Freeney and Mathis "game-wreckers" The Colts will transition to a 3-4 defensive scheme The Colts system of smaller players has worked in the past, but team will get bigger at specific need positions The transition will be hard, but not impossible Colts system will work well with players the Colts will bring to camp Pagano has spoken to Jeff Saturday, who is pondering retirement. Pagano wants him to stay Pagano had high praise for Andrew Luck When asked about Peyton Manning, Pagano said Manning will do everything to play again http://www.stampedeblue.com/2012/2/23/2819864/pagano-colts-plan-to-... Chuck Pagano has a different vision for the Indianapolis Colts The Manning Colts were built on speed on both sides of the ball. Built to throw first, with precision and timing. Pagano sees the future a little differently. it's a big-man's game," Pagano said. "That doesn't discount having little fast guys. You've got to have a good mixture of them." Asked what specifically that would mean to an offense that has been among the most pass-first affairs in the league, and Pagano said: "You watch the Steelers play, haven't you? I've always said this and I learned this from my dad growing up, you've got to run the football and you've got to stop the run to be successful, at any level. "We want to be explosive, we want to be physical, we want to be tough, we want to dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball." That means Pagano has plenty of work to do to both mold the roster that way as well as be the face of a franchise set to embark on historic change, moving on from one of its greatest players. It means when the Colts make their picks in April, power will be on the agenda, especially up front in the offensive line. Where the Colts have been relatively small up front, they will now have a far different profile — a team once again built around its quarterback, except this time the guy's name will be Andrew. ( assumed by author ) Read more:Chuck Pagano has a different vision for the Indianapolis Colts - Th...http://www.denverpos...s#ixzz1nJsRmM9V
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    If there was a love it button for comments I would of clicked it Brent! I can't agree more with what you said. People have the freedom to choose whatever words they want and as pointed out, sometimes words do not mean what people think they do. So maybe before people think something they should find out for sure that way they can know something. I honestly think no matter what someone writes or doesn't write people will always find something wrong with it and criticize it.
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    After this last PRO BOWL game they should close it down ( i dont blame the players ) maybe they can select the best players to compete and win some money for some charities.
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    Here are some helpful tips: On the main Colts Forum page, clicking the blue tab Blogs will get you to the most recently written fan blogs including yours By clicking on you name MIColtsFan at the top of the page, a pull down menu will appear, 1 option there to choose from is manage my friends. Click it & once there go to the far side of a person's picture. You have several tiny icons there: PM [personal message] a friend, view blog, remove a friend, etc. etc. Feel free 2 experiment as well. On your name, if you click on setting you can set up your profile page. Click the About Me Tab. A pop up window will appear & you can give fans cool info about yourself: Favorite food, music, etc. On the left side of the page click on personal customizations. Once you find a picture you like on google, enter the URL/ http: address line here, check tile at the bottom of the page & hit save. Go to your name at the top of the page on the right side, pull down & click on profile page, & you will go to your newly changed profile page. I hope these tips help you MIColtsFan.
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    That is too cute! Love her "mean" faces, then she looks all sweet again . @ Brent love it, Dog Biscuit, thats great.
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    My cousin was one of the operators on the zip line and she told me she had a great time there!
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