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    We just got a 25-year-old All-Pro at a crucial position on the defense.
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    This goes out to all my colt brothers and sisters to be safe during this time. We all bleed blue and in all honesty you guys are like a second family to me and I truly mean that. God bless.
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    Colts don't spend... We're losers.. Colts spend... Spent on Wrong guy... Colts trade... Don't like the trade. Can't win with our fanbase.. Lol
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    I like it a lot. I was wanting a DT at 13 anyway. Now we have a young pro bowl caliber DT. Plus we wont be taking Jordan Love Lol.
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    Finally an all pro difference maker at DT and only 25 yrs old. What's not to like? Or take a chance on a rookie with the 13th pick who has yet to play a down in the NFL. I'll take Buckner. Expecting a QB signing now.
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    Couple thoughts on this: 1. This clearly signals that Colts will sign Phillip Rivers and/or draft a QB at 34. 2. Buckner was named an All-Pro last year at DT. He's a great player and still relatively young at 25.
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    No offense, but I feel more like the fan base is just....meh. Ballard freaking rules. If I ever get to meet Jim Irsay, I'm high fiving him on this hire.
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    I watched alot of clips on Phillip Rivers over the years, both on the field and off. Personally, I resonate with his leadership style and personality. In my opinion he will represent the "horseshoe" super well. He is REAL, meaning that he shows his emotion and is an expressive, entertaining character. He is honest and no nonsense. Bottomline, he is very comfortable in his skin. He knows his football and will be a fantastic coach when he decides to leave football. I am rooting for him 1000%.
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    Sometimes all a player needs is a change of scenery. Hope it works out.
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    Who is Kent Sterling and why should we care what he says? Never heard of him. Was it racism that caused the Colts to trade for JB? Was it racism that caused the Colts to publicly call Brissett a top-20 QB? Was it racism that had Ballard say he wouldn’t trade Brissett unless he was overwhelmed by an offer? Was it racism that made Ballard say JB has ELITE leadership skills? Was it racism that had Ballard make Brissett the starter after Luck retired? We could have traded for someone. Was it racism that drove Ballard to give Brissett a two year contract worth $30 mill when JB was already signed to a contract? The Colts were under no obligation. Was it racism that now made Ballard keep JB as the highest paid backup in the NFL? The Colts could’ve cut him and saved good money. Look.... a nobody has a blog. But he doesn’t have the brains to back it up. Very disappointing. He’s clueless and he’s wrong.
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    What people aren't talking about that I think should be mentioned more is that Day and our new prize defender Deforest Buckner played (and even started some) side-by-side last year with SF. These two already know each other's games, and that should really help them both with consistency and comfort on defense! Great add!!
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    Last year was an anomaly year for Philip. I have watched every game he's played for our team and though I love him as a player I try to watch with a very clear eye. 1. This year was a freaky year for the Chargers. We had terrible injuries to the O-Line (that wasn't exactly top rated to begin with). I believe we had 20+ different configurations. The last bad interception year Philip had the O-line injuries were even worse. His biggest fault is trying to put the whole team on his back and make it happen. I'm guessing, but something like 6 interceptions were in the last few games. They were last minute in games where we were so far behind we had no chance, but he darn near pulled it off. 2. Melvin Gordon's useless, ill-advised hold out never let our running game get rolling. Rivers can throw the heck out of the ball, but really shines in a balanced offense where the D has to respect both sides of the ball. He never complains or makes excuses. He never throws a team mate under the bus or grumbles. He NEVER QUITS. If anything goes right he spreads the praise to everyone but himself. When it goes wrong he puts it on his own shoulders. 3. His arm is still good. He threw for 4615 yards last season, 4308 in 2018 and 4515 in 2017. Protect him and give him anyone with talent to throw to and he'll figure them out very quickly. His life time completion rate has always been around 65% and he won't hesitate to throw the ball away when he needs to. His interceptions have almost always been trying to make the game winning plays. 4. His best years have always come after really tough years. He went from 21 interceptions in 2015 down to 10. That's because he spends a lot of time in the film room after the season tearing apart his own game. You'll get the benefit of that dedication and ruthless self evaluation. I wish him the best, and that he finally get the ring he's been denied thus far.
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    Meanwhile .... “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released their estimates for the influenza season from October 1, 2019 and February 29, 2020. During that period, an estimated 34 to 49 million people have been sickened with the flu, with 350,000 to 620,000 hospitalized. The estimated deaths from the flu is between 20,000 and 52,000 people.” The panic over corona is relatively just so out of hand.
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    Love it on 2 fronts 1. Player at a position of need 2. ends the QB talk
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    I was reading a lot of your guys post on Rhodes. I was hoping I could shed some light on his play the last 2 seasons. The Vikes run a very complicated Double A scheme. In 2017 it was super effective when paired with a lot of blitzes and **Press Man**. In 2018, more teams started running the double A due to our success (it is a copycat league after all). As a result, many offenses were prepared for the double a scheme and we saw a lot of schematic counters to the defense. What Zimmer then did to counter this was to blitz less, send more corner blitzes instead of sending our Lbs and switch our CBs to a weird fusion of off man and cover 3. Both corners are press corners. They excel by putting immediate hands on a WR and then running with them. Rhodes, unfortunately, has been banged up and has continue to add one muscle to his already large frame. He looks almost like a strong safety at this point. He is too big and off man already was a weakness of his. His previous injuries have robbed him of some foot quickness and change of direction ability. When paired with being heavier, it is a recipe for disaster. He really needs to get lighter and leaner. Not sure if he added on the pounds to be more stout in run support but it has been detrimental to his ability to shadow. The good news is, not all is lost. He is still one of the best press corners in the league, when allowed to press. If you DC puts him in a press role, he will improve and if he decides to shed all of that excess weight, he will return close to his old form. These are all big ifs though. If your scheme is off man or a lot of cover 3's/clouds, it is going to be Roads Open.
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    Hello everyone, first time here. I've followed Rivers ever since his freshman year at NC State. Became a Chargers fan in 04 when he was drafted, and now I'm here. Hope you all have room for me. Just wanted to say that the man can absolutely still play, and he has never had an OL as highly touted as this Colts team. I don't know the Colts as well as all of you, but if they are a QB away from being legit contenders, then you should be very excited. Rivers' below-average stats last season had nothing to do with age or deteriorating physical skill. His play style requires good OL play. The Chargers have had a bottom 5 OL for a decade (see PFF ratings), and this past season had no speed at WR. Couple that with a record-breaking bad running game, and you get 20 turnovers and a losing season. If Rivers has time to throw and/or a pocket to step up in, he can and will shred any defense apart. I understand the skepticism from those who have not watched him play or don't know anything about the Chargers' awful franchise, but some of you are going to be pleasantly surprised with the player you just got.
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    I was planning for this one to be a less aggressive mock but Ballard's recent statement that the locker room is ready for big name free agents emboldened me to go wild again This is mostly for fun, so I wouldn't be surprised if Ballard still doesn't spend a ton. But for the time being enjoy this one: I'm using Overthecap's Colts page for salary numbers. I'm using this article for Colts' own free agents. I will be using spotrac's free agency tracker to find other teams' free agents and if there is market value figure listed, I will try to be close to it, unless I deem it unreasonable for one reason or another. For the draft I will be using The Draft Network's mock draft machine. I will run it with their predictive board, but I will try to take players based on how I feel about the players without trying to cheat the system(for example if a player I have ranked no. 8 is there on the board at 13 and is BPA, but is ranked 44 on their board I will NOT pass on him because I know I can draft him in later rounds, I would consider this cheating the system because I have information that in the real world GMs don't really have). Starting Team Cap Space: $86,162,964 Own Free Agents: Unrestricted FAs Josh Andrews OC 1 year 2M, reliable backup, secure him as our backup C for next year Anthony Castonzo OT 1 year 16M ... We heard AC will be back but we still don't have the contract. From what Ballard is saying it looks like it will be year-to-year contract so... 1 year contract here. Devin Funchess, WR 1 year 5M... Ballard left me with the impression that they are actually happy with the way Funchess handled himself in his recovery behind the scenes. Give him one more year to prove himself. Joe Haeg OT/OG 2 years 7M (4.5M guaranteed, 3.5M cap hit for 2020) He's our most universal OLineman and has done good job filling holes throughout the whole line. Deserves to be paid Jabaal Sheard DE - 2 years 12M (7M guaranteed, 6M caphit), solid lineman. Ballard stated he regretted not retaining some more vets to help the young guys. IMO it's possible Sheard becomes one of his learned lessons and he gives him a solid contract to stay and mentor the youth Jonathan Williams, RB 1 year 1M Briean Boddy-Calhoun, CB 1 year 1M Marcus Johnson, WR 1 year 1M Le'Raven Clark OT Eric Ebron, TE Clayton Geathers S Adam Vinatieri K Dontrelle Inman WR Chester Rodgers WR Restricted FAs Trevon Coley DT Exclusive Rights FAs Daurice Fountain, WR $525,000 Rolan Milligan, S/CB $495,000 Cuts: Bryan Hoyer (3M cap savings) Margus Hunt(4M cap savings) ---Total Spent on Own FAs: $29,520,000 ||| Remaining Cap Space: $56,642,964 Other Teams' FAs: Phillip Rivers, 2 years 40M, 25M guaranteed(20M fully guaranteed year 1) - The Colts get their upgrade at the starting QB position who can also serve as a bridge QB and mentor to a future of the franchise at the position that is going to be picked in the draft. Rivers has been one of the best QBs in the league over the last dozen or so years but has lately suffered decline in his mobility which paired with his horrible OLine in LA resulted in his worst season in the league. He still is one of the premier processors and masters of the mental game of football and hopefully with better protection from our OLine he will have a better season or two with the Colts. Javon Hargrave, DT 4 years 55M(30M guaranteed, 14M guaranteed 1st year) - this is our big time FA signing. One of the best interior pass-rushers in the league and he's young(27). He played in an uneven front and still managed to record the highest pressure rate from all interior players in the NFL last year. This is something we desperately need and something I feel like Ballard might actually splurge on. He's an explosive athlete who beats opponents with quickness and leverage thanks to low center of gravity. Ballard emphasized again in the exit interview/press-conference that the 3T is extremely important for our scheme... well... lets see what we can do with a player who IMO might be even more successful in our system than in the one he was playing thus far in PIT. Daryl Worley, CB 3 years 21M (12M guaranteed, 7M guaranteed year 1) Worley is versatile cornerback who can play all over the defensive backfield and he fits the length component that Ballard and co value - 33 1/4" arms. He is also only 25 and still has room for improvement. We suffered a lot once we lost Kenny Moore last year. This addition will serve as an injury insurance and 'swing DB"/swiss army knife for us. Sean Davis, FS 1 year 1M - reclamation project/depth at safety. A safety with great athleticism and ability to hit, but very inconsistent Jason Spriggs, OT - 1 year, 1M this is a reclamation project for the Colts with athletic upside. He was drafted in R2 by the Packers but injuries and great competition at the position leaves him with a lot to prove and not much to show for in his early career - he started only 9 games in his career so far. ---Total Spent on Other Teams' FAs: $43M ||| Remaining Cap Space: $13,642,964 Trades: Quincy Wilson for a 7th round pick(#202 from Oakland on draft day($1,251,309 savings) Jacoby Brissett for a 4th round pick(#115) from New England (9M savings) ---Savings in trades: $10,251,309 ||| Remaining Cap Space: $23,894,273 And here comes the draft... Draft (trade) Colts trade up from #13 to #11 using the pick acquired from the Jacoby Brissett trade to get in front of Oakland and secure the future franchise QB for the team: Round 1. Pick 11 Jordan Love, QB, Utah State - my love for Love is not a secret around here, so I'm not sure I have to write much of a justification for this pick. IMO Love has the highest upside of all the QBs in this year's draft. He has high level QB traits and attributes. He already has some of the things I most value in a QB - pocket presence(one of the best in the class) and ability to make plays out of structure and on the move. He has one of the strongest arms in the draft and he has pretty much all the throws in his arsenal - he can throw bullets, he can throw with touch over defenders, he can throw the deep out, he can throw the seam, he can sidearm it to create different angle, he can throw with anticipation and timing. With that said, I expect him to need a year because his decision making needs to improve and makes some very weird mistakes with his reads + he needs to learn to run a pro offense without constantly looking to the sideline for instructions(Rivers will be good for him to learn from here). This is as much a bet on him as a prospect as it is on Frank Reich and the rest of the coaching staff to develop him. So here we go... Indy, meet your franchise QB of the future - Jordan Love. Round 2. Pick 34 Justin Madubuike, IDL Colts get one of the most explosive and agile defensive tackles in the draft. He fits perfectly in our scheme - can burst through gaps with his first step quickness, but also has the lateral agility to be able to execute some of the stunts and twists Eberflus likes to employ from time to time. Round 2. Pick 44 Denzel Mims - Not sure he will last until this point, but in this mock he did. I would love to pair him with TY Hilton and Parris Campbell. This will be some serious speed on the field. Mims is an explosive athlete who plays physical brand of football, but also has the long speed to punish defenders with double moves. His release off the LOS is very sudden and forceful and he creates advantage immediately on his routes. Great hands, great in the air. There were questions about the variability of his route tree early in the process because Baylor didn't make him run a lot of routes, but he answered those emphatically at the senior bowl where he was arguably the best receiver at the event. I would have been happy to get him at 34 too, but decided to go with Madubuike and he was still here for me to pick at 44. Round 3, pick 75 Matthew Peart, OT, UConn - here's a developmental OT with look for the future. 4 year starter in college. He's a bit raw but he has the physical and athletic traits to be a starting tackle in the league. He has nimble feet for his size and great length(36 5/8” !!! arms). Tons of athletic potential. He lacks refinement with his hands and gets overpowered by opponents, but hopefully a year with an NFL coaching and strength and conditioning program will do him good. Round 4, pick 112 Albert Okwuegbunam, TE, Missouri - he was the winner at the combine... has the potential to be good versatile TE - he's not only a good pass catcher, but shows some flashes of ability to do the job as a run blocker. He had a great freshman year in Missouri with 11 TDs but he never really took off after that. Injuries have stunted his development. Still, his movement skill and speed will get him drafted relatively high. Will be great complement to Doyle and Alie-Cox Round 5, pick 142 Harrison Hand, CB, Temple - Yep... another CB from Temple. This will make it 3 in the last 4 years. He's a big corner with the toughness and physicality that Ballard likes, willing tackler, good in zone coverage. He did very well at the combine acing the explosiveness drills and he also measured with long arms (31 3/4”). Round 6, pick 173 Khalil Davis, DT, Nebraska - another explosive defensive tackle with developmental upside. Very quick for his size, but short arms might limit his ceiling. Might be situational inside rusher. Round 7, pick 204 Jauan Jennings, WR, Tennessee - very competitive and tough receiver... but his slow speed will limit him to being a big slot type of receiver. Still, he shows some ability to break tackles after the catch and gain additional yards. Round 7, pick 206 Keith Ismael, IOL, San Diego State - developmental interior lineman, he did well in the Senior Bowl against Kinlaw. Get him on the roster and lets see if he can make his way on the 53 man roster. ---Total Spent on Draftees: ~$10M ||| Remaining Cap Space: $13,894,273 Depth chart: Offense: QB: Phillip Rivers, Jordan Love, Chad Kelly RB: Marlon Mack, Nyheim Hines, Jordan Wilkins, Johnathan Williams, Bruce Anderson, Darius Jackson WR1: TY Hilton, Zach Pascal, Marcus Johnson, Daurice Fountain, Steve Ishmael WR2: Denzel Mims, Devin Funchess, Ashton Dulin, Malik Henry Slot: Parris Campbell, Jauan Jennings, Chad Williams TE1: Jack Doyle, Billy Brown, Cedrick Lang, Ian Bunting TE2: Albert Okwuegbunam, Mo Alie-Cox, Matt Lengel, Xavier Grimble, LT: Anthony Castonzo, Matthew Peart, Chaz Green LG: Quenton Nelson, Jake Eldrenkamp, Keith Ismael OC: Ryan Kelly, Josh Andrews, Javon Patterson RG: Mark Glowinski, Joe Haeg, Andrew Donnal RT: Braden Smith, Jason Spriggs, Travis Vornkahl Deffense: LDE: Jabaal Sheard, Ben Banogu, Al-Quadin Muhammad DT: Grover Stewart, Justin Madebuike, Iseoluwapo Jegede 3T: Javon Hargrave, Denico Autry, Khalil Davis, Tyquan Lewis RDE: Justin Houston, Kemoko Turay, Gerri Green WILL: Darius Leonard, Bobby Okereke, E.J. Speed MIKE: Anthony Walker Jr., Skai Moore SAM: Bobby Okereke, Matthew Adams, Zaire Franklin SS: Khari Willis, George Odum, FS: Malik Hooker, Sean Davis, Rolan Milligan RCB: Pierre Desir, Harrison Hand, Briean Boddy-Calhoun, Lafayette Pitts LCB: Rock Ya-Sin, Marvell Tell III, Jackson Porter Slot: Kenny Moore II, Daryl Worley, Picasso Nelson Special teams: LS: Luke Rhodes P: Rigoberto Sanchez K: Chase McLaughlin *names in green are rookies **names in blue are new FAs Final thoughts: - I did the full replacement of the QB room in this one. I'm not exactly sure how likely this is and how likely Rivers is to come if he knew we are planning to use a 1st round pick on a QB instead of on players that will help him compete? But does he have leverage? I kind of feel like we are offering him more than most other suitors will with or without the 1st rounder being spent on a win-now piece. - I really like our offensive weapons. That group of receivers can be pretty good and I feel like it is very complementary in variety of ways. You can have big possession X(Funchess) or big explosive field stretching X(Mims), you can put in small blazing fast slot(Campbell) or a big possession slot(Funchess?/Jennings?)... and TY complements all of them from the Z or slot. You have a great OLine and very solid stable of backs with varying skillsets. You have the solid versatile vet TE Doyle and Albert O who can go wild on mismatches. I feel like Rivers will be real good with this type of supporting cast. - Hargrave + Madebuike are a bit of an awkward fit together on run downs(both are best at 3T). That's why I put Grover still as a nominal 'starter' in base defense. But make no mistakes - on majority of snaps Hargrave and Madebuike will both be unleashed to pursue the passer. I still like the rotation a lot. I decided against spending money on EDGE players and I don't think the draft is particularly strong on the EDGE, so I decided to bring back Sheard and allow Turay and Banagu to show what they can do as rotational pass-rushers. - the defensive backfield is still a work in progress, but I tried to give it a bit of depth with a versatile piece like Worley who can play multiple positions. He's not a world beater but he's a solid corner who fits what Ballard likes in CBs. I feel like this is the year Rock. Tell and Desir have to show what they can do. This is a sneaky position of need going forward if Desir can't cut it and Marvel is either not ready or not good. In my mock draft I had the chance to draft a CB like Diggs in the second. What do you guys think? Would he have been better pick at 34 than Madebuike? Maybe if we do get a premier 3T FA(like I did), we should skip that position in the draft(or at least not pick this high)? What do you guys think? - I tried to balance the present and the future with this one. I spent a 1st and a 3d on what is clearly investments for the future rather than for the now(QB and OT), but I feel like I brought enough reinforcements in FA and with other picks to think this is an improved roster that can compete for playoff berth this coming season. Any thoughts and critique are welcome. Cheers everybody (Disclaimer: I used the blueprint from my last mock so it's possible there are some mistakes/leftovers from it. Please don't hesitate to point out any glaring errors or things you think are overly unrealistic.)
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    That class was loaded, and he went #7 overall. He's entering his prime, and I assume (hope?) he's hungry, coming off the SB loss. He's missed one game in four years, and that was as a rookie. He's started every game he's played in. I'm sure the contract structure makes sense (and people expect the cap to jump $20-30m in 2021, then another big jump in 2022 because of the 17th game and the new TV deals) because Ballard and Bleum don't do poorly structured deals (so far). I have no problem with this trade, the player, or the contract. This is the kind of player you trade #13 for, IMO.
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    The amount that this will help Leonard and Walker can't be understated either. Buckner will demand a double team.
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    Do NOT be fooled by total number statistics. The official number looks small. This is a NEW virus. There aren't enough tests. Not everyone that has it gets tested... not even close. People usually don't go to get tested for random flu/cold-like symptoms(about 80% of coronavirus patients get a mild form that goes away), this is in addition to tests not being widely available. There will be more. Germany has estimated 60% of their population might get the virus by the end of the year. More conservative estimates are that between 20 and 60% of the world population will get it. Even if you take the lower bound. this is a serious issue. Stop comparing it to the flu. Flu has mortality rate of 0.1%. As it stands now coronavirus kills about 2% of the people confirmed to have gotten it, but the mortality rate is likely lower, again - because not everyone gets tested right now and a lot of mild cases go unnoticed. More conservative estimates coming from South Korea, where they've had it for a while and have the most advanced screening is around 0.6%. So yeah... this is likely somewhere between 6 and 20 times more deadly than the flu. One of the biggest factors for limiting the mortality rate is quality and availability of care. While huge majority of cases get the mild form(about 80%), there are significant number that require hospitalization(this includes younger people, not just old folks). This is the real problem here - the healthcare system can get overwhelmed if it spreads too quickly. This is not about panic and hysteria, this is about taking reasonable measures to limit and delay the peak of contagion. Wash your hands regularly, try not touching your face in public, avoid large gatherings, if you can work from home - work from home, if you are sick - stay home, etc. It's important to flatten the curve of contagion. One of the biggest problems right now is that this is a new virus and there are no vaccines for it and no approved anti-virals. This won't last forever. Next year we will probably have a vaccine for it and in a few months we might have effective anti-virals for it. This should severely limit the damage long-term and it might indeed turn into a flu-like disease. But right now - it is NOT. So yeah... don't panic but don't be dumb either. It's not the end of the world, but it's not something to underestimate either.
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    You guys are out of your minds. Herbert can make every throw and make plays outside the pocket. Has an arm and can dissect defenses. I don't know what you're watching.
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    He should have been a Colt all along... I don't know how well he fits the defense, or why he fell off last year. I'll have to dig into what the Vikings were doing with him.
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    I mean, this is potentially huge. Buckner has had two great years in a row, is only 25, and is very likely more talented than who we may get at 13. 13th overall is a lot to give up, but Buckner is a fantastic player.
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    So another thread about the '95 season got me thinkin... The last quarter century has been pretty Gosh Darn Good for the Colts. 1 SB Trophy in 2006. 2 SB appearances in 2006 and 2009. 4 AFCCG appearances in 1995, 2006, 2009, and 2014. 17 Playoff appearances in the last 25 years. Holy Cow, that's pretty darn good. That's borderline elite compared to the rest of the NFL. The Pats are the only franchise that can boast more playoff appearances in that time frame. 1 Jim Harbaugh. 1 Peyton Manning. 1 Andrew Luck. Dang, that's a loaded stable, no matter how you rate your horses. 1 Bob Sanders = 2007 Defensive POTY 1 Dwight Freeney = HoF DE 1 Robert Mathis = HoF DE Dang, we had all those guys for a good stretch... Some might try to say that wasn't good enough. But when you look at what the Colts organization has accomplished in the last 25 years, we're right up there with the best of the best. We've been near the top in both offensive and defensive stats. Without cheating. Without rampant PED use. Without the worst of the questionable. For the most part, it has been done the right way, by the right people. Let's take a moment to appreciate what we, as Colts fans, have had the privilege to experience for the last quarter century. It comes straight from the top, from Mr. Irsay down to the ballboys. Tony Dungy, David Thornton, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, the list goes on and on. The Colts is a top-notch organization that we should be proud to root for as fans.
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    At this point, I want to say thanks to @csmoparand @chad72for putting all that work in this stuff and taking all that time to make this simulated draft possible as it is. It's a common distraction, especially with all that corona stuff around us.
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    He inherited a bad roster that had the franchise qb so beat to hell, he retired 10 years early. I don’t care if he rushed the qb spot or not, he was dealt a % hand and set back with Andrew on that. He’s built a roster that is set up for success long term, regardless who is under center, and he’s made moves to put this team in a contention mode for the next couple years while they figure the qb spot out. I think Chris has done an unbelievable job of finding talent at different levels, being approachable with the media. He handled the Pagano situation with class. He handled the McDaniels fiasco with class. He’s brought in high character players, and put high emphasis on that with Brian Decker leading the cause on that aspect. He put together a top notch front office with Ed Dodds, and previously Rex Hogan who left for the Jets. You also mention Irsay and the money spent. You do realize he has saved the Irsay family hundreds of millions in the last three years in payroll, right? That was his pitch to get this GM job from day one. A complete overhaul of the roster, with an emphasis on the draft and cheap rookie deals. Frugal spending in FA until the roster is built well to hit it hard, and then after several years of saving cap space and the organization money on payroll, we’ll push the chips in and sign our draft picks/some big FA and go for it. All in all, if you only point out the misses, as you did, and not the positive highlights that encompass the overall body of work, you miss big time... and your post missed big time.
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    Are you serious? Ballard has way improved our OL, this thread seems like a joke. People get mad when he doesn't spend during Free Agency, now people are mad because he spent money on a QB and DT which filled our biggest holes. Now on the Drafts, no front office hits on every pick its impossible, they'll have some good drafts and bad drafts the key is to have more good then bad.
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    If he 'backs up rivers' would he be considered a Dam?
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    DT was a MUST and getting a Stud for the 13th pick, I'll take it. For the ones that don't like it Why? QB was never the move at 13... EVER.. Listen to CB talk he wasn't going with one at 13.
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    I don’t think we should fault CB for the QB situation just yet. Luck retired unexpectedly at a ridiculously young age for a QB. Being patient with JB is not a failure of his albeit how frustrating it has been for the fan base. QBs are not weeds growing in your yard that shoot up overnight. They are Japanese Maples. They take time, patience, and support to grow. Using Mahomes as an example is not the right way of thinking - he is the exception, not the normal. Solving the franchise QB problem is obviously not a trivial exercise - considering most franchises in the NFL do not have one. Throwing QBs at the problem hoping one becomes Mahomes is what the Jaguars and Browns have done for a decade and look how well that has worked out. None of the greatest GMs of our generation have a 100% hit rate. Occasionally you get a Basham. But getting a Leonard where the majority of the NFL and media were mocking him for taking a small school guy that high - and looking at him now - I will take that GM every day of the week.
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    Im sure the front office is worried about you're overreacting opinion
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    Just for laughs I hope it's for Dorsett
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    As much as I like the NFL and how it takes us away mentally from everyday problems this virus has to be contained at any cost. When you realize just how many people are effected with their jobs and getting the essentials of everyday life, the NFL is not a necessity. My age and medical problems puts me in the high risk category. It's scary for sure. Right now I am depending on my forum friends to help me pass the time and I appreciate all of you in here. When you look at the big picture the possibility of the NFL being suspended or canceled is pretty small potatoes.
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    Texans got worse and Colts better
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    There goes everybody’s mock drafts. lol
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    So the QB spot is still a mess and CB appears to have either poorly judged JB or panicked into a high signing price. Now he signed to Hoyer to a ridiculous signing last year to mentor and help JB in the film room now neither of them are the answer. Did he panic and bring Rivers here too under a 1 yr deal with what follow up plan? No option for if Rivers does well, we keep him. Was Rivers that highly sought after that we couldn’t do a deal that gave either team control of next year or lower money this season? I’m seriously questioning his talent for this QB search at this point. Add into this how confused many are at how Kelly was handled last season. On the 53 but never active, kept when we needed a spot and we had 3 QB’s with Hoyer being the bad option of back up. Now what do we have in him and if nothing, why in the heck was he kept at the end of the season games when we could have cut him and kept Cain or brought in someone else, CB or WR? im tired and don’t have energy tonight to look but CB has signed guys to decent contracts and they failed or cut right early or drafted and cut. Desir, he was talked up, given some money and cut this year. We have Basham, Banner (gone), Wilson, looks to be gone. Hooker, looks like an a great player except first year. Hairston gone. Cain was talked about like a 5 star guy and he is gone. The whole kicker ordeal last season. What’s Tyquan Lewis? his free agent picks? Hankins Simon Webb slauson I know I’m missing some and didn’t include our failed ones. he has had some nice draft picks for sure. Much like Grigs, he couldn’t fix the oline. Polian couldn’t fix the defense near his end. Now CB hasn’t been able to solve the QB situation and he seems like he panics with availability and he has overpaid and n other areas with contract concerns. If you overpay, better get some future control. Idk, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he has had bad luck with 2019 being an absolute disaster in every way possible, he didn’t make good choices imho. If JB is his guy but couldn’t play well because of the knee, IR him, use your high paid back up. If he can’t play because he is bad, try your project guy or bring in another guy. He didn’t manage that well. The WR spot just got nothing from it. Ty hurt, DF hurt D. Fountain hurt, Cain cut, Ebron quit, kept a WR that was special teams at best that eventually got hurt. Just misfortune. at any point, just a lot of very concerning choices and odd decisions made by CB. If I were Irsay, I’d be like dude, you’ve spent my money like a 50/50 pot was on the line. You’ve guessed wrong a lot. I need to see you do better here this year. I’ve cut you a lot of checks.
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    So while doing doing our forum mock draft and seeing Derrick Bown and Javon Kinlaw on the board at pick 13 it got me wanting to compare those two to Buckner. Javon Kinlaw 6'5 324 LB's 34 7/8 arms and unfortunately did not work out at the combine due to a knee issue flared up at the senior bowl. In 29 Games he had 42 solo tackles, 40 assist, for a total of 82 with 17 tackles for a loss and 10 sacks. Derrick Brown 6'5 326 LB's 34 1/4 arms 5.16 40 yard, 28 reps, 27 inch vertical, 108 broad jump, 8.22 3 cone, 4.79 20 yard shuttle In 46 games he had 89 Solo 81 assist for 170 total tackles with 33 tackles for a loss and 12.5 sacks. Deforest Buckner 6'7 291 LB's 34 3/8 arms 5.05 40 yard, 32 inch vertical, 116 inch broad jump, 7.51 3 cone, 4.47 20 yard shuttle In 53 games he had 109 solo 123 assist for 232 total tackles with 36 for a loss and 18 sacks. On paper Deforest looks to be the best athlete and prospect. It helps that during his time in the league he has secured himself as an all-pro talent. The people who were banging on the table for a DT at 13 should be ecstatic about Buckner because he was a better draft prospect and has put it all together.
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    Is it just me or is it funny how quickly people change their tune to suit what they want. Just a couple of weeks ago everyone wanted Love or Herbert. So much so that everyone believed we had to trade up to get one of them. That Love was moving up the board so fast and would be the third QB taken behind Burrow and Tua. We had to move up, there was no way he would make it to 13. Now, we don’t have the 13th pick and suddenly everyone is saying, well...they both could slide and we can get Love at 34 or trade up into the 1st to snag Herbert. Stop it, this is crazy. I understand that QB needy teams are getting veterans but the Dolphins, Chargers, Raiders, Jaguars, Bucs and Broncos could all still need a QB, especially if Herbert and Love slide. That is not even counting Patriots and Packers who could be looking to grab a QB to groom. They are gone. They won’t slide. Just settle into taking a QB later, like Jalen Hurts, Anthony Gordon or James Morgan. Heck it is even possible that the QB room looks like this: Rivers, Kelly, Mid Round Draft Pick As it pertains to Love and Herbert, In the words of Frozen...
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    If the Colts sign him will the headline be... Colts get a Walker for Old Man Rivers.
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    I think they should give Bill O'Brien a lifetime contract myself.
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    The argument is this: if the Colts were determined to improve at the 3T position, as it appears they were, then you are hoping that Kinlaw falls to you with the #13 pick (Brown will be gone by then). And Kinlaw was unable to play in the Senior Bowl or run at the Combine because of tendinitis in his knees. That's a dice roll right there. With no proof that Kinlaw, even with good knees, will ever approach All Pro status. So... the Colts instead traded that pick for one of the best 3T linemen in the NFL--a proven commodity and All Pro-- who is young with his best years likely ahead of him and now signed for 5 years. And the Colts still have plenty of cap space left while the cap itself is going to increase significantly in the next few years. Ballard waited and utilized that cap space to grab a star at a major position of need. How is this not an outstanding trade?
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    let's see....25 yr old proven Pro Bowl/All Pro player at a huge position of need. Ballard has literally said the 3-tech drives the defense and the Colts just got one of the best in the league who's just now starting to hit his prime and locked up for the next few years. Does giving up #13 sting a little? sure does, but that's the price you pay for proven elite young talent.
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    GO BALLARD! We just got a monster at DT! Love this deal! 2nd best DT behind Donald in the league!
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    Starting Cap Space: $86,162,964 Releases QB Brian Hoyer – Saves $3M DL Margus Hunt – Saves $4M QB Jacoby Brissett – Saves $9M Cap Space after Cuts: $102,162,964 Re-sign Unrestricted Free Agents G Joe Haeg – 2 Years/$6.5M (2020 Cap Hit - $3.5M) DE Jabaal Sheard – 2 Years/$14M T Anthony Castonzo – 2 Years/$30M (Year 1 fully guaranteed - $15M) WR Devin Funchess – 1 Year/$7M RB Jonathan Williams – 1 Year/1.325M G Josh Andrews – 2 Years/4.5M (2020 Cap Hit - $2.5M) Restricted Free Agents WR Marcus Johnson – RFA Original Round Tender ($2.144M) Exclusive Rights Free Agents WR Daurice Fountain – ERFA Tender (660K) S Rolan Milligan – ERFA Tender (660K) Money Spent on Own Free Agents: $39,789,000 Cap Space Remaining: $62,373,964 Trade Raiders trade QB Derek Carr to Colts for #44, #75 Carr Cap Hit - $18.9M Remaining Cap Space: $43,473,964 Free Agents DT Javon Hargrave – 4 Years/$60M ($35M guarenteed) A disruptive 3 Tech on the DL is something the Colts need desperately. Autry has been solid but is also entering a contract year. Stewart did well this year but is more suited as a 1 tech. Pittsburgh will most likely have to choose between Dupree and Hargrave with their cap situation. Hargrave can play any position along the line, despite playing as a 3-4 NT in Pittsburgh. Hargrave can transition into a 4-3 3-Tech in the Colts' scheme and be a disruptive pass rusher. $15M/year might be a bit high but that approximately what the market value is for a young, free agent DT. Usually the Colts do not bring in any big name players, but I believe this is the year Ballard goes after a top tier player at a position of need. S Eric Berry - 1 Year/$3M There has been talk that Eric Berry and the Colts have displayed interest. Didn't play last year, but said he wanted to sit out a year to get healthy. Injuries have been a concern and he's 31, but even if he becomes 75% of the player he once was, he would be an excellent addition in the secondary and a mentor to our young safety group. Plus, he's good friends with Justin Houston. WR Rashard Higgins - 1 Year/$2M Fell out of favor in Cleveland. Had a decent season in 2018 with 572 yards and 4 TDs. Bring him in to compete for one of the final WR spots. Money Spent on Free Agents: $20,000,000 Cap Space Remaining: $23,473,964 NFL Draft Trade: Colts trade #13 to Eagles for #21, #53 Round 1 Pick 21: WR Justin Jefferson LSU Colts trade back in a WR heavy class and get their WR #2. Jefferson led the country with 111 receptions, was second in receiving touchdowns (18) and third in receiving yards (1,540). It helped being apart of LSU historic offense with Joe Burrow, but Jefferson is a versatile WR that has excellent ball skills and hands. Had a very good combine with a 4.43 40 time and 37.5" vertical jump. His main issue is route running, which I think he can work on at the NFL level with his superb pass-catching traits. Round 2 Pick 34: DT Ross Blacklock TCU Despite grabbing Hargrave in free agency, I think the Colts need to draft a DT on Day 1 or 2. Madabuike or Gallimore could be the pick here is well, but I prefer Blacklock over those two. Blacklock can play in any scheme and has the physical tools to a disruptive DT. His explosiveness and athleticism will help him to excel as a 3-tech in the Colts' scheme. Can become a building block defensive piece if he develops the necessary skills. Round 2 Pick 53: TE Cole Kmet Notre Dame With the departure of Eric Ebron, Colts need another vertical threat TE to play alongside Jack Doyle. Kmet runs smooth routes and has very good hands. His blocking needs to be improved on, but he has the physical tools to become an effective run blocker. He is not the fastest with a 4.7 40 time but is strong enough to tackles. Not as athletic as Ebron, but is definitely a stronger pass catcher. Round 4 Pick 112: DT Leki Fotu Utah Fotu will rotate with Grover Stewart as the 1-tech. Has elite upper-body strength and an impressive motor. Does not possess the leverage and block shedding to be an elite pass rusher, but will work well as a rotational 1-tech. Round 5 Pick 142: CB Harrison Hand Temple Hand is an outstanding in zone coverage with good length and physicality. Comes up to the line of scrimmage to make tackles on WR screens and outside run plays. He's a bigger CB that could potentially end up replacing Pierre Desir on the outside. Round 6 Pick 173: S Geno Stone Iowa Not going to lie, one of the main reasons I made this pick is because he is from my dad's hometown, like Malik Hooker. Stone does not possess fantastic athleticism, but is a smart player that anticipates routes and is a strong tackler. Also has decent ball skills in zone coverage. Round 6 Pick 191: QB Cole McDonald Hawaii Has the physical tools, mainly the strong arm, but lacks decision making. A low risk, high reward type of prospect if he can understand the mental side of the game. QB is not a pressing need with the trade for Carr, but it's good to grab a QB that can be developed into a decent backup. Round 7 Pick 204: OT Jon Runyan Michigan Son of the Eagles OT of the same name. Not the most athletic but is a very smart player. Can be a decent backup OL that could shift inside to guard. Money Spent on Draft Picks: $10,000,000 Cap Space Remaining: $13,473,964 Notes - I think Derek Carr can work well with the Colts. He's still young (29 at the start of next season) and has been a very accurate passer during his time in Oakland. Carr is an upgrade over Brissett and would put the Colts back in contention. Hasn't been as good as he was early in his career, but I think he can flourish with a change of scenery and new weapons and elite offensive line. I believe #44 and #75 is fair value for Carr. - I think the Colts are willing to give Funchess another chance this year. $7 million may be a bit too much but the Colts have the cap flexibility. - Hargrave is really the only major free agent signing due to the Carr trade. I still don't think Ballard will be overly aggressive in free agency, though you could say he would be aggressive in acquiring Carr and going after Hargrave. I expect a small free agency class and getting impavt players through the draft. - Kmet may not last until #53, but would be a great pick if he lands until the middle of the 2nd round. If he gets snagged earlier, I can see us going after Albert Okwuegbunam in the 4th. - I don't think CB is a pressing need quite yet, but I think we need to bring in another CB in Day 3 of the draft.
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    Please! Everybody and their momma saw that coming after what we witnessed for that stretch of games. I totally believe they have deep reservations. I mean who wouldn't after we literally sat there and watched an entire football game of Reich calling run play after run play after run play against the Texans. The guy totally did not trust his QB to pass the football against a bad secondary at that. I can't remember the last football game I watched where an experienced QB lost the trust of the coach so bad to where they literally refused to throw the ball for damn near the entire contest. I lost all faith that I had in the guy after that game. And we all know the other issues. I don't doubt at all they are moving on.
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