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    What if the kickers they work out all have terrible tryouts? Is that Ballard "not having guts" to not drop AV for someone else to produce the same results? SMH... why a personal attack on Ballard? It serves no purpose and is low class in this instance
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    Next two games are against Houston and Titans. Win both, we're 8-4, and 5-0 in the division and 2-0 against HOU and Tenn. Houston has New England right after they play us. If they lose that game too that puts them at 6-6 and 2.5 back of us with just 4 games left. Colts have a huge opportunity to gain a stranglehold on the division. Great win today. I decided to stay off the forum for a week after the Dolphins loss because I ain't gonna lie, some of y'all can become quite insufferable when we lose
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    On the last drive a field goal would have tied the game if our kicker kicks a freaking extra point. This loss is squarely on him
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    There was not one player come and pat him on the back, offer condolences or encouragements to AV during the game. Riech is losing the locker room for his defense of AV. These players have busted their buts to win and have a glorified kicker past his prime costing them games. This is just wrong!
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    At least it is at home, hopefully Mack, Pascal, Ebron, Rogers, Doyle and Hines step up. I still believe we break our 0-7 streak without TY with a close win this weekend.
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    There is the solution, when the Colts are within FG range they need to keep getting delay of game penalties until it's a 50+ yard FG and then send AV out. And you guys want a new kicker, when the solution is that easy.
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    What happened to no excuses? Brissett isn't any better than Hoyer.
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    Predicting we just miss the playoffs (which changes if we win the next two): 1) Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina 2) Ben Bredeson, OG, Michigan 2) Devonta Smith, WR, Alabama 3) Hakeem Adeniji, OT, Kansas 4) Mitchell Wilcox, TE, South Florida 5) Julian Blackmon, S, Utah 6) McTelvin Agim, DT, Arkansas 6) D.J. Wonnum, DE, South Carolina 7) Jacob Knipp, QB, Northern Colorado
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    The Colts seem to play pretty well at home but I definitely would agree from a noise perspective. I’ve been to several NFL stadiums and Lucas Oil is by far the tamest/quietest of the bunch. It always amazes me each year I’m there.
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    If Reich can guide a 1-5 team to the playoffs he can guide this one.
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    Well after a while Ed Reed wasnt thrown at....Same has happened with Hooker.
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    We would be 7-2 with him and this discussion would be comical. OK I guess we will find out what he does against the Jags, Texans, and Titans because we have to win them all now.
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    Mack had 109 yards and was second in rushing on the team. Awesome day
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    I think the Colts take a WR on Day 2. We've got 3 picks to find one we like. As we all know, this is a very good WR class coming up. I'd be beyond stunned if we didn't draft a WR in Rounds 2 or 3. Seems like a natural fit of need and opportunity. It's a love connection.
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    So noted for the record. Didn't you also say that you would laugh if the Colts went a different direction at QB and ended up in QB purgatory for years? I'm just asking for the record.
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    I hope you are joking. If not, you may want to consider medication. Get yourself some of those "left-handed" cigarettes. I think they're legal up there in the Great White North, eh?
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    Ultimately, you have to play to win. You scout, you practice, you elevate the best players to the starting lineup, you coach, and you do your best to win. Hanging with an ineffective kicking game, proven over 9 games this year, and through last year as well, is so contradictory to playing to win. Especially without a high quality qb like Luck, you have to have all the other elements of your game performing at their highest levels. I understand the "loyalty, he deserves it" for Vinatieri but didn't Manning deserve that loyalty even more, and the Colts moved on from him with winning and their future in mind. The message the Colts front office is sending now is both confusing and contradictory to "you play to win".
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    Nice to see the Colts ps being poached.....means they're starting to have consistent quality depth. Or the Chefs......great googily moogily.
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    Except the same number of wins as the Falcons.
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    Agree Mack should have been in the game and the 3 shots to the end zone were very ugly. The third one was a horrendous call as needing 10 yards on a short field is pretty tough.
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    Colts announce Blue out for the rest of the game due to an arm injury
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    @ColtsBlueFL & @EastStreet, I don't really have anything to add to your back and forth, but just to say I'm enjoying the appreciating the amount of thought and depth that's going into it. Good reading guys
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    Maybe that will change if we start winning more. Become dominant instead of squeaking by.
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    Jiminy Christmas, you're a yo-yo of emotional overreaction. In a previous post, you said you're "done" with this team. Yet here you are, still posting, still getting ready to watch the next game, and every game after that. You're obviously not "done", and you obviously "care", so please take a deep breath and reconsider posting this kind of nonsense.
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    Well, IMO it's 2 things: 1. It's possible that they did not impress, thus they didn't sign any of the try-out kickers. 2. It's possible that they did impress, just not enough to get rid of AV, who is a leader in the locker room and perhaps the greatest clutch kicker of all-time, (just not now). The try-out kickers would've had to be incredible to move on from AV. They could have been good, real good, but not incredible. Think of it like this (disclaimer: completely joking here by the way): AV was your hot girlfriend for many years. She had it all, looks and a great personality. Recently, she's really let herself go, but overall, as a person, she's wonderful. You still like her very much, but these other girls are showing you a lot of interest and you're beginning to think, "what would it take for me to move on from her?" In all likelihood, they would have to really "wow" you to move on. They could all be great and wonderful, but if they're not amazing, chances are you are staying with the girlfriend that you know and love.
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    Well our only hope now is to start blowing out teams. If the games keep being close vinny will lose it for us
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    My man that was one kick. Also not the sole reason for the issue people have with AV.
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    Yep Forgive the short reply. I need 664 posts to reach 10,000. Plus Nadine has not censored me in almost 2 years.
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    What's weird to me is Ive seen her in the moment go after JB even. Ive seen her flip flop and then flip back all within 10 posts of the same thread lol... Im all for sharing thoughts and opinions... but I wont waver that there is still no place for unwarranted personal attacks... If someone says something where a witty reply is justified- thats one thing... calling Ballard gutless for not firing a HOF K with no replacement.. thats just ignorant
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    This OL has regressed since last year, and I think it is all on coaching. They haven't dealt with injuries on the OL this season, so you can't use that as an excuse. They have the obvious talent to be dominant, as last year showed. I think the new OL coach, Chris Strausser, is mostly to blame for their poor technique, especially when trying to block stunts on the right side with Smith and Glowinski. They are simply playing dumb football on the OL right now.
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    Yeah to me Seattle is more dangerous than the 49ers. I could make a strong argument that JB is better than Jimmy G. Russell Wilson is magical at times a lot like Luck was.
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    Playoffs, playoffs, don't talk to me about playoffs, we couldn't do diddly poo against the Dolphins, I just hope we win a game.
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    Big mistake. Can't preach accountability , cut Cain , and keep what is now the worst kicker in the league on the team. Now Ebron is popping off , and he has been dismal most the year.
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    Ugly game all around but Darius Leonard was the bright today. People on Twitter, as well as Facebook and this forum were saying "Whats wrong with Darius?" He balled out today, and he looked like the All Pro maniac that we know and love.
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    Honestly the NFL as a whole isn't a great product right now.
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    Who do you guys want them to throw it deep to?
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    He was basically clubbed in the head. Its probably a miracle he didn't get knocked out cold. If I were in a park playing with people and picked up a rock and slammed it on someones head I would've left in hand cuffs. They gotta make sure that type of thing never happens again.
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    Anybody else hear about the controversy involving the Astro’s and using video and sounds from the dugout to tip pitches?! If proven true wow that would would be a real bad look for them!!! Wonder how far back they’ll look, and what the punishment could be? Nuts.
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    A lot of speculation on a person you've never met . The guy is a freak athlete. He is odd, no doubt, but he is talented
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    I don’t have to dumb myself down and accept or agree with everything my team does to be a fan of that team. I’m a Colts fan because that is the team I fell in love with. Simple as that. Doesn’t mean I close my eyes to their faults and shortcomings. I support them in spite of them and hope for them to rise above. You can do better than that one man. Lol The Colts are a professional team in the business world of sports entertainment. You should not be making decisions in the best interest of your business enterprise based on emotion. It seldom leads to success. I hate the Pats but their model is proven successful in these type of situations. Irsay has found little success making his heart-led business decisions of late. It is what it is. Fandom has nothing to do with it.
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    What is sad they are making it worse on AV. He about broke down and cried after the game Sunday when asked about the missed kick. He also needs to do the right thing and think of the team and retire.
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    But then you have some that came out too that are phenominal. Watson, Mahomes, Jackson. None of those guys looked like Andrew Luck coming out.
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    Gramz out.... Catch all you experts next game.
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    Hoyer and Vinateri great job today thanks for the crushing loss
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    Yeah, I'm really not with Frank on those 2nd and 3rd down calls there.
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