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    Next two games are against Houston and Titans. Win both, we're 8-4, and 5-0 in the division and 2-0 against HOU and Tenn. Houston has New England right after they play us. If they lose that game too that puts them at 6-6 and 2.5 back of us with just 4 games left. Colts have a huge opportunity to gain a stranglehold on the division. Great win today. I decided to stay off the forum for a week after the Dolphins loss because I ain't gonna lie, some of y'all can become quite insufferable when we lose
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    I'd blame that more on scheme and LB coverage than DB performance. And a little to the DL.... Our DL blitz % is one of the lower %s in the league, and our QBHurry, QBKnockdown, and pressure ranks are mediocre and bottom half of the league. Opposing team's average depth of target is only 7.5 (bottom 10 in league), which means either teams respect our DBs, don't respect our LB coverage, or are quick hit Os..... or a combination. Here's a good place to check out if you're interested in advanced stats. Pretty straight forward and easy to sort. One of the better FREE and easy advanced stats sources. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2019/opp.htm
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    Mack can borrow Jamie Lannister’s gold hand. The weight of it may slow him down, but the hand will be protected. Might make a nice fashion statement too.
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    I will definitely be skipping into work like this if we can pull out a win vs. the Texans on top of this victory! In fact, might even call out of work that next day and just skip around my neighborhood
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    I know Ballard has said this...and I don't disagree with the concept...a strong run game and stingy defense do built for those type of conditions. But does it really matter? That's a serious question...is there empirical evidence of this? Recent history seems to suggest that the goal should actually be to NOT have to travel. And I agree with this...getting HFA and being able to use that advantage is critical. I know people say "just getting in is important"...but that hasn't really been the case. The 2012 BAL team was the last seed ranked lower than a #2 seed to make it to the Super Bowl. A truly elite defense (DEN in Manning's last season)...or a dynamic MVP QB (CAR with Newton) have been outliers...but it's typically the teams with top tier QBs and (passing) offenses that have occupied those top two seeds. And setting aside that DEN team in Manning's last season, I believe that SF/BAL Super Bowl is the last one to not feature two QBs inside the top 10 in QBR. SEA is a pretty good example of the stingy defense and strong run game approach...but they also had an elite QB. And when they went to those Super Bowls, they had HFA. When they didn't have HFA...they didn't make it out of the divisional round. I also look at the pre-Mahomes KC teams (specifically from 2014-2017)...they fit the model (stingy defense and strong run game)...definitely built to travel well and win in the playoffs. They were 1-3 in the playoffs...and two of those losses came at home. And then, with Mahomes and a top passing offense, they looked pretty damn good in those conditions. I actually think there are parallels between those pre-Mahomes KC teams and these Colts teams...and I have thrown out a less athletic Alex Smith type as a ceiling for JB. I hope that the Colts can do what KC couldn't do...but I think QB is an area that will have to improve (or upgrade) for them to get to the next level.
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    Honestly getting tired of the celebrations. To each their own I guess
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    If TY comes back I think JB will have the same type of game as last time. Not sure what will happen if he doesn’t. I think we will run better without Watt and Reid.
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    It's for that reason that the Colts have to go all in this week. The wounded need to play if they are close. The game is too important. The stakes are extremely high. They have extra days to recover if needed. Our playoff hopes will most likely be determined by this game. All hands on deck as they say.
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    Just heard some new info on Rivers, Last 4 full games- Cmp Att % Yds Y/A TD's INT's Win Loss 85 140 60 1055 7.7 4 8 2 2 Brissett over his last 4 full games- 74 117 63 827 6.7 5 2 4 0 Sometimes less is more... and more is less. According to the data...
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    Stats scare folks when they love a guy that struggles. They love stats though as soon as it fits their argument. IMO, stats are just stats... not good or bad, just data.
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    I don't think the plan was for JB to win the game for us in that one anymore than it was Bellichicks plan for Tom Brady to win the game when the Pats came in here and steamrolled us with Jonas Gray. The plan was to run the ball, run the ball, run the ball! Any QB is going to be average with that type of plan. Running the ball was best for the team considering we were playing backups at just about every single WR position. Pass rushing is the Jags strength and their best players outside of the DL are in the secondary. The plan was to attack their weaknesses. Jacoby executed the game plan exactly as they planned it. I ain't tripping!
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    Defense is playing fast and tackling has been good. Youth!Although not getting home with high numbers of sacks, the front is doing a good job of QB pressures. How goes Vinnie is how we go, and fast starts and time of possession drives are critical down the stretch. Not one easy game on the schedule, go 1-0 this week and get a nice break. Go Blue!
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    Funny how this weeks prediction thread is NOT filled with doom & gloom like last week & having AV miss all his kicks & costing us another game. Colts 31-17
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    Same. I think our defense is fast enough to contain Lamar if we ever match up in the future. Don't care how scary Baltimore looks in the regular season. Records reset in the playoffs and it's a whole 'nother ball game. We need to beat Houston on Thursday. I cannot take the Texans seriously as a playoff team with BoB coaching and no Watt anchoring their defense.
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    Why is this man not calling Monday night games? John Madden 2.0
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    No. I understand his reason for retiring, and actually applaud his decision to put his family first but the whole process of him being signed here sucked from the start. Andrew had all the talent to get us to the big prize but didn't have the help he needed. I have said many times, we have the best owner in the NFL but his decision to hang on to Grigson, who failed to draft or sign players to protect Luck was one of reason's for the injuries that caused him to walk away. I refuse to put any blame on Pags, or his coaching staff, they only had the tools Grigson provided them. Now we have the off field injuries. rumor or fact? I think Andrew done as well as any QB could do in this whole situation. Great QB? IF he would have stuck it out this year, could have been epic, Ring of Honor, sorry, not in my opinion.
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    I feel safe using the word "nobody" did. I picked us to go 8-8 before the season started and that was assuming players like TY and Leonard wouldn't miss games. I had JB rated around 30th out of starters entering game 1. I now have him at 15th. Frank Reich has done a good job in reality to have us at 6-4 and in 1st place considering the points you have brought up.
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    He didnt say he wanted to buy an elite defense. He said he wanted to build one from within. You get elite play from guys playing together under the same systems for years and being on the same page
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    Between Walker, Speed, Okereke I dont think we are bypassing all those guys to pay a free agent MLB. He didnt draft all that depth behind Walker to then go out and pay a FA to be the starter. I think its more likely we find his replacement from within before we went that route. Thats assuming we replace him at all. Good ball player to me. Although i do like Bobby O quite a bit.
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    FWIW, played only 19 snaps though
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    Yea, but it sounds good so who cares if it's actually true. Lol
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    You cannot blame this on Saban. Teams run up the score well into the second half all the time in college football. This was at the end of the first half. The coach intended to pull him after the half anyways. It is just easy to blame the big guy at the top.
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    I feel good about this team if we can get this win on Thursday and start getting some of our boys back. I'm not even scared of Baltimore. I think we'd play a really good game against them with our full squad back.
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    It was nice to see Adam Vinatieri bounce back and make all the kicks vs the Jags.
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    Considering that we have been subjected to massive Quarter Back trauma by Luck, have a major number of our top players injured, and have a kicker who has constantly shifted from Pro-Bowl quality one week, to sub Rookie performance level in the very next week , I would say that we are doing VERY well ! I am not blind, and would therefore not be surprised if we failed to make the play-offs . But I really think that we have a good chance to show our quality this year !
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    You don’t know who Randy Savage, Ric Flair, The Ultimate Warrior, or Stone Cold Steve Austin are?
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    To clarify what I thought was obvious. .... I said "maybe" he would bring a conditional 6th or 7th. Then I said , IMO , it's more likely he's waived. That would mean that Ballard couldn't get anything for Wilson, so he just waives him. In any event , I don't think Wilson would be considered "trade bait." Usually that term refers to a talented player that other teams have interest in. It could be a player that has a big contract for a cash strapped team. Or maybe a team with a multitude of skilled players at one position. Garoppolo would be a good example. Antonio Brown is another. My point is ,IMO, Wilson has zero to very limited value in a trade. Hopefully I'm wrong . We'll revisit if you like and hopefully I will be proved to be way off.
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    Whoever is making decisions in NY is just blowing it on these PIs. That no-call on Rock was clear and obvious and should have been changed upon review. Same thing for the no-call in the Texans game.
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    We are good at all the above. We arent great at everything. But the teams we play dont see Jacoby as incapable, trust me. You can't comprehend that because you are too busy looking for chinks in the armor.
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    At this time of the year, having been what this team has been through thus far, I am ecstatic being in 3rd. Plenty of ball left in the season, but for right now I am overjoyed. I'm hoping the players can feel that they can overcome all adversity at this point and focus on beating the Texans. Thursday is BIG!
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    Good. Now go do your little circus act somewhere else, and be gone once and for all.
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    jb knows how to use the whole team to win, some qbs are more concerned with their personal stats and then they throw ints trying to do it all themselves.
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    I want to echo pacolts56’s comments. This and several other topics can be very difficult to avoid dipping into some form of politics and I know I am part of your difficulties from time to time. I honestly try not to be, but admittedly can get fired up and a smart beep Attitude on occasion. That said, I do appreciate the hours of hard work you and the other mods put in to this. Not sure if you all get paid, I doubt it, but you all do a great job. Fair and firm. As to this topic, Kaepernick really needs to wake up and realize all his troubles are by his own actions. I used to work with at risk youth and this is the number one toughest thing to instill in them. I don’t know if it’s a generational thing or what, but the common theme was to blame others for everything that happened to you. Take no self responsibility.
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    The problem with Wilkins is that he has had turnover problems. Not so much this year but it for sure was an issue last year.
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    It's called 'taking what the defense gives you'. To abandon the run and throw more would be ludicrous. Here is the results from the 'Greatest QB ever' last night- C / ATT YDS AVG TD INT SACKS QBR RTG Tom Brady 26 / 47 216 4.6 0 0 1-7 32.5 67.3 and he threw twice as much as JB7 because they only had 74 yards on 22 rushing attempts. Guess that guy isn't all that great... Define "QB worship?' Most teams/QB's it's the same. I'm fine with that, for now, as a better option isn't readily available. That game, and more after.
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    Yes, I’d play Adams at home. Yes I’d try to pick up Jonathan Williams.
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    JB was playing on 1 1/2 legs and didn't have his top 2 receivers. That scramble and TD pass was as good as any QB in the league. Every QB in the league is only as good as the pieces around him. Every QB in the league is 'charged' with not making mistakes. IMO you are wrong in him not being the guy. He is this teams leader and this team is only going as far as JB takes them. The Colts would be 9-1 had Vinny made his kicks. I am sorry you don't see it.
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    2 RB’s ran for over 100+ I think I’m happy enough with that. Lol
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    Maybe that will change if we start winning more. Become dominant instead of squeaking by.
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    Nice effort. My only negative comment would be that trading down from 34 to 37 will not get you a 3. Not even close. The value chart shows the drop us only 30 points. That gets you a 5. Remember... in this past draft, when we traded down from 46 to 49 (Benogu) we only got a 5. And in the 18 draft, when we traded down from 49 to 52 (Turay) we again only got a 5.
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    A lot of speculation on a person you've never met . The guy is a freak athlete. He is odd, no doubt, but he is talented
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    Curious where we compare to other teams with injuries? Remember they hired a nutritionist and other folks so we won't have as many injuries,
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