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    At the same time, not everything that happens, good or bad, to someone is due to racism either. For the very reasons you mention. are there racist people yes, does that make everyone a racist, no. Should we attack people just because they are are different color, no. Should we point a finger at someone and claim they have some sort of privilege due to their skin color, no. i, as I’m sure most of you do, have friends of just about every creed and color there is on earth. Some are very successful, others, not so much, depending on how you define “successful” and for that matter, rich. There’s no color pattern involved. The successful people have one thing in common, they generally at one point or another in their lives busted their butts for a while to get where they are. My friends who are living off government support, they expect someone else to make something happen to enrich their lives. They’re not bad people, just a bit misguided I think. I don’t call it lazy, I call it unmotivated and unwilling to take responsibility. And that applies to every race, color or greed. Want something out of this life, then make it happen. I grew up in the streets of Chicago, a mixed race kid. I got the crap from all sides because of that. But I got out, joined the Army, dumped everything I could into my education, never got a grant or scholarship outside of what the Army would cover, which was about half. Now, I’m no longer active duty, got my Masters degree from a top 30 school and am finally starting to see some of the fruits of all that work. It sure wasn’t easy and it sucked. But I’m not like many of the kids I ran with back then. Most of them are dead, the rest are either in prison or have been. life is full of choices and consequences, we can either let race and racism hold us back, or we can kick it in the nuts, and rise above it. adding a separate “black anthem”, does exactly the opposite and sets us back 70 years. And anyone championing it and acting like it’s a good thing, is part of the problem. We are all either equal Americans, no matter color or creed, under the same flag, colors and anthems, or we are not. We can’t scream, protest and riot for equality if we’re not going to act as equals ourselves
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    Yay let’s divide the nation even more !!!!! What is next, let’s have a separate black president and Congress and while we are at it let’s annex the northeast and call it new Africa and make two separate countries. I cannot believe the insanity going on in this country. I feel like I’m living in a real life episode of South Park. It’s like we are living in a computer sim and once the matrix came out god or the programmer decided “ screw it they figured it out, no need to hide it anymore, I’m just going to have fun from here on out.” Like someone else said , just not sing anything. Having two separate anthems isn’t the road I think this country should be heading down. It’s just another thing that we won’t have in common. God help this country.
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    I heard when he was born, he had already chewed through his own umbilical cord and then pancaked the doctor on his way out of the womb.
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    https://www.nfl.com/news/state-of-the-franchise-colts-built-to-win-now-with-philip-rivers High praise from Adam Rank of NFL.com. In short, he feels we are built and ready to win big, and believes we are a really good team this year.
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    Here's the link to the podcast(Colts OLine part starts at about 9:45): And here's the accompanying article: https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-offensive-line-rankings-all-32-units-entering-the-2020-nfl-season The part about the Colts:
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    The NFL wants social justice to define it's brand. Half of the country who accepts the premise of systemic racism defining modern life (and largely thinks CTE should end the game of football) are happy that this is taking place. The other half should turn the NFL off now, parties over. They don't like you. They're calling you racist. They made Drew freaking Brees a bad guy for saying he's honoring his grandparents who fought and died in WW2. This, this is absurd. "Hey we can take a knee for the NATIONAL ANTHEM OF THE UNITED STATES, but let's stand for the Black National Anthem and anyone who notices or has a problem- let's call them the problem. I'm not overly surprised, but I'am ... I dunno what the right word is exactly. Bummed out that sports is nothing but cultural war now. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes NFL.
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    Not... But I am willing to look at my OWN interactions and see if I can be better as a person. I hope others on this forum can do the same.It is NOT an easy task to feel what another individual is feeling but it CAN be done. Thanks for saying. I bring up the injustice that the Irish immigrants suffered when originally coming to america. I could have talked about the internment of the Asians in this country, the Italian discrimination or Hispanic downgrading . Just wanted to not bring up every ingredient of our Melting Pot. The Irish were looked at being lesser people due to their lineage. So did the others individuals that I mentioned. This is why I bring this up. We should all see that downgrading individuals due to their ethnicity is wrong. You understand this. Just trying to get people to see that injustice can effect ALL people. This country can be better. Let's just give EVERYONE a fair shake. Just saying.
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    I hope you can say that to the guys who walk around with a shirt saying "Kiss me i'm Irish" every St. Patrick's Day. That statement has no basis in reality. Ask yourself... How would I feel to be constantly told you have been turned down for a promotion or just didn't get hired because of your race? Just take time and think why their are people who feel this is wrong. If you can't see this check your heart and soul.
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    I live in a community that is quite diverse because of the Japanese ran companies and Cummins Inc that is quite large and global. About 5 years ago my neighbors moved and a black american family moved in. Slick talking car salesman. We are butting heads to this day. For instance, just 4 days ago on the lake he tried to tell me I needed to throw a deep crankbait instead of my dropshot. Challenge accepted! We caught our limit and had a fish fry. He gets so mad when i shoot free throws and call nothing but net playing HORSE on his goal lol. Our boys are no different. Tied at the hip. They will be in kindergarten together. Cant wait to stand at the bus stop with him first day of school. Instead of building a privacy fence, i built a bridge so its safer for our little ones to climb over. When im told that its not good enough to say im not racist, is nonsense. I dont just love my neighbor because im supposed to. I love him and his family because they are great people and 5 years later would do anything we can for each other. Our children will be the same.
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    My church, which I’m about to head out to, is not only not empty...it’s quite full. And in attendance today will be white people, black people, Asian people, Hispanic people, gay people, straight people, old people, young people, Democrats, Republicans, wealthy people, not-wealthy people. It’s a Catholic Church, but there are always many non-Catholics who attend (you can tell by those who remain seated during Eucharist). The only commonality will be a desire to worship God. Maybe it’s different in your town.
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    Why don't they play the anthem before the players come out of the locker room. Problem solved. They used to do that.
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    I'm not gonna freak out over a song. However we do this, we need to come together But honestly, with this pandemic I think no song at all is the smartest choice
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    Voted 8th. I'll put us in the top 25% based on how deep this team is, and the fact that Rivers should be able to give us above-average QB play for a year behind this O-Line. Buckner should be a big difference maker as well.
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    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29402477/nfl-players-fined-breaking-coronavirus-related-protocols-source-says Couple key excerpts: One source told ESPN that players on the call were told that they could be fined for conduct detrimental if they are found to have engaged in "reckless" behavior away from the team facility, such as eating out in restaurants and using rideshare services. The call began, sources told ESPN, with updates from Mayer on the virus in general. They were told, among other things, that testing can decrease transmission but that the virus is very serious and should be taken seriously, that African American males are more susceptible to it, that it is possible to get it a second time even if you've already had it and that false negative test results are enough of an issue that players who test positive would be required to test negative twice before they are allowed to return.
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    But but but he's a guard! LOL Seriously though, IMHO he's the Aaron Donald of offensive lines. He's a game-wrecker. I would LOVE to see those two go at it. I'm sure he'd lose some, but I'm sure he'd win his share too.
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    Soon? what else does the guy have to do, play defense and take over coaching duties?
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    On the contrary, I think the NFL going forward is exactly what we as a society need to get a dose of normalcy. The virus will spread as all viruses do among us, with the so called "herd" immunity growing broader and stronger. Most will get through an infection just fine, while we also continue to use intelligent social distancing, etc. to avoid unnecessary contact. And we'll be better served by the engagement of our governments in providing money for a vaccine and medications to get us through it. Time to recognize that we cannot survive economically if we don't get back to working and living. If there aren't any fans in attendance at NFL games through an abundance of caution, so be it. Its the ultimate made for TV sport and the games should go forward. We'll get through this moment in time, and come out of it better prepared and safer. You cannot destroy our way of life hiding from this. My opinion of course.
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    And to think if the highest levels of our government would have followed the experts leads, and common sense, and Just mandated masks from the start, we wouldn’t be anywhere near this state. We were led to believe it wasnt that big of an issue and enough people believed the misinformation and pushed reopening leading to a much bigger problem in our country. Here in Pa, i stopped at a convenience store yesterday and i was the INLY person (of 11) in the store wearing a mask. Sure i have 3 degrees, including a masters, but you literally dont need to be a rocket scientist to understand the basics of viral transmission. It only takes a few dummies to spread a pandemic unfortunately. In the future, papers will be written on the complete incompetence shown In handling this in the U.S. So much unnecessary death and sickness. Not to mention the avoidable level of economic strain due to a rush to reopen. We shut the economy down for basically nothing at this point. So much could have been avoided and minimized had there been more acknowledgement and precautions taken. We could be on the downside of this thing, rather than the beginning. Its gonna get worse i’m afraid.... much worse.... and soon. Those responsible should be held accountable. Legally.
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    Irsay should always get credit for allowing the guys he hires to do their jobs without interfering much. We see what other owners do, and it’s not a great situation. Ballard has a lot (if not practically all) of control of the organization from the football operations side of things. I have said from day 1, a big part of his vision wasn’t just building a team but changing the culture and rebuilding everything from facilities to media and public relations to branding. They have worked fast and furious on all those fronts. His pitch to Irsay on facility upgrades (which were huge) and rebranding (Colts forged and the changes we have seen the past few years with things like the new team entrance on game day, etc) had to have been predicated on the first few years of focusing on the draft and not using a lot of capspace, which saved the organization tens of millions of dollars in player salary. If that was what it took to beef up staffing, upgrade practice facilities, and put a lot of resource into PR and media relations, then it was clearly part of a bigger vision. When Ballard’s career is over, he might not have championships to show, but no one will say he didn’t have a vision and didn’t make serious positive change.
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    Yeah it's hard to follow one of the greatest QBs in league history no doubt but Luck lead in the sense of coming to play with a linebackers mentality. He was more of a football player than a QB mentally. What was so fun watching him do is what lead him to a injured career. (on and off the field with the snowboarding incident)
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    And playing a “black national anthem” is just gonna stroke that even more. As someone is who is half black, ive never even heard of such a thing until this
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    So how is this a step forward in equality? If anything this looks like step back to segregation.
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    People will turn the channels off across the nation if one anthem FOR ALL isn't enough!
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    One reason why I have always said sports and politics don't belong together. They are 2 different separate things. If I want to follow politics I watch CNN or FOX news. Sports was a get away for most people in this country from things like politics, crime, and other bad things going on in the world. I could watch 12 hours of football 10, 20 years ago on Sunday and only think about football and nothing else which was great. Having said that I have no problem with players speaking their mind about politics and inequality, I would just use a different platform like CNN news or in protests. I would not use the field or flag for it but that is just me. Drew Brees getting ridiculed is still ridiculous and then he had to apologize like 5 different times. He didn't even say nothing wrong.
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    The good old days in sports are over. It's time to cancel the NFL ticket and invest time and money into other less aggravating hobbies.
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    Positives: Good “jumpball” ability Good blocker Good hands Good football IQ Negatives: Lacks elite speed Lacks explosiveness Needs to improve route running I remember Polian emphasizing what they (back then) looked for in a WR (and I don’t think it’s changed) Soft hands Football IQ Ability to make adjustments when play breaks down I wonder how much the Rivers signing had to do with the Pittman selection?
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    Anyone else think the Bucs are getting overhyped? I mean come on 6th
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    I voted 10th, I think we will be barely better than teams like the Patriots and Bills. Patriots at #5 is way too high. They could win their division now with Cam but #5??
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    I think they should be the Washington Impeached and have profiles of Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Trump on the helmets like a Mount Rushmore of disgrace. Lol.
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    With 100-plus players, coaches and support staff in a locker room in July and August, I don’t see how the NFL survives the season. And I hope I’m wrong. But I AGREE with you that the NBA and MLB are completely different. But since both have dramatically fewer players and coaches, etc, I think the NFL has a much more difficult hurdle to clear. I think the odds for football have to be much more difficult than those for MLB and the NBA. Please let me be wrong. Nothing would make me happier.
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    Not sure why this thread is even relevant? Andrew is gone, history, He left on his terms, I respect that, although the timing was a little messy. I enjoyed watching him play, and cursed him at times, but he was our QB. We got a new sheriff in town that I think is going to push us over the top. Why not stop the comparison with Luck and get behind our new QB? Andrew isn't coming back, for god sakes, move on.
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    Ignoring value of position, good luck finding a better football player. Guys like Nelson are very rare
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    This is now verging away from the original premise of the topic. There is a dedicated topic in Misc covering these conversations.
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    If he can learn the route running as well, I think his ceiling is All Pro Mike Thomas of the Saints, who has similar speed and size No guarantees of course If he is 80% of Thomas, we will be happy
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    Personally I don't think Rivers had much at all to do with Ballard drafting Pittman. Pittman had first round talent so it was kind of a no brainer for him to be drafted where he was. After our WR room got hit by a tornado last season it also was needed.
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    To me, the "good hands" piece is key Reggie Wayne developed an amazing route running ability. If Pittman can develop that part of his game, to go with the rest of his attributes, we may have something I look forward seeing what the kid can do
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    I mean... you ARE the one that unnecessarily brought BB into this discussion. So who's obsessed? And for the record: Deciding to chime in on a thread about how much you don't care about it (kinda like that other thread where you just had to let everyone know you thought these awards were "participation trophies")... is a major Richard move. You obviously care about stats because you make so many threads about stats, but probably wouldn't like it if I spammed all of your threads about stats with "I don't care about stats, I only care about Ws" posts... just sayin.
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    It's a big bummer. I think this Colts team has the most potential of any Colts team for many years. To lose this season will suck. Not just because of the loss of football, but losing what could have been a great years for the Colts. Mack and Taylor in the backfield was going to be fun to watch.
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    You make a good point there... Thanks Gotta find a way to meet in the middle somehow!
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    I posted some other stats last week. Rivers hasn't had an OL ranking outside of the bottom 3rd in pass protection since 2014 IIRC. Can't remember the exact numbers, but it's clear Rivers has had an uphill battle for half a decade. The upgrade in OL, and the chip on his shoulder, IMO, will be enough for him to easily land in the top 1/2 of the league, if not top 10
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    To PLAY a victim means this is a game. This is not a game for people to be given a chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Certain groups have been VICTIMIZED. And this is a tragic fact. Many people check those boxes of working hard, doing well in school and staying out of trouble but when they apply for the jobs or just want an equal chance, it just doesn't happen. You hit the nail on the head. Opportunity needs to be the same but sadly this is not happening. This has happened with different ethnic groups, genders or sexual persuasions. Just think about the fact the NFL realized they had an issue back in 2003. The Rooney Rule was put in place to let the organizations making decisions to at least TALK to an individual who may not be of the same background or persuasion.
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