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    It was a Colt's offense choke-fest. Colts first 9 possessions : 1) 3 plays & punt 1:54 2) 3 plays & punt 0:33 3) 3 plays & punt 2:16 4) 3 plays & punt 2:07 5) missed F/G 1:40 6) 5 plays & punt 1:54 7) 4 plays & punt 2:40 8) Fumble 0:10 9) 5 plays & punt 1:29 When the Colts began their 10th drive with 8:35 left in the game, the offense had the ball for a total of 14:43 while the Chief's offense had the ball for over 36 minutes. With 3:33 left in the game, had there not been the roughing the kicker call, and Vin. had not missed twice, The Colts get the ball with the score 24-17 with a serious chance to tie the game. The game ended with the Colts having the ball for 20 minutes and the Chiefs having the ball for 40 minutes. How many NFL defenses hold the Chiefs to 31 points when the Chiefs have the ball for 40 minutes? Against the Pats the next week, the Chiefs scored 31 points when having the ball for only 20:53. So the Chiefs score 31 points against the SB champs in 20 minutes. And 31 points against the Colts in 40 minutes. Not saying the Colt's D was great, or even good, but it was good enough to win that game. The Colt's loss was on the offense.
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    I'm starting to think that whatever CB does, it will always somehow involve a 2nd round pick. Not only has he stockpiled and drafted great players of our own in the 2nd round, 5 of our 13 2nd round players are also free agents that CB pulled from others teams. The guy needs to claim it as a nickname. Here are the 13 players Jabaal Sheard, 2011 2nd round, 37th pick by the Cleveland Browns Margus Hunt, 2013 2nd round, 53rd pick by the Cincinnati Bengals Devin Funchess, 2015 2nd round, 41st pick by the Carolina Panthers Jalen Collins, 2015 2nd round, 42nd pick by the Atlanta Falcons Jihad Ward, 2016 2nd round, 46th pick by the Oakland Raiders Quincy Wilson, 2017 2nd round, 46th pick by the Colts Darius Leonard, 2018 2nd round, 36th pick by the Colts Braden Smith, 2018 2nd round, 37th pick by the Colts Kemoko Turay, 2018 2nd round, 52nd pick by the Colts Tyquan Lewis, 2018 2nd round, 64th pick by the Colts Rock Ya-Sin, 2019 2nd round, 34th pick by the Colts Ben Banogu, 2019 2nd round, 49th pick by the Colts Perris Campbell, 2019 2nd round, 59th pick by the Colts And we already have two 2nd's in the 2020 draft. Next!
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    We were 32 just 1 year ago... so there's that.
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    https://www.colts.com/news/darius-leonard-ranked-nfl-s-third-best-linebacker That's pretty incredible to be considered the third-best linebacker in the entire league by some people after just the one rookie season. Some of the best off-the-ball linebackers in the game are getting up there in age and might retire soon (Luke Keuchly, Bobby Wagner, Telvin Smith). Could Darius Leonard be the new face of linebackers in the NFL in the near future? Could Leonard and Hooker be the Colts version of Ray Lewis/Ed Reed?
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    It amazes me how underappreciated Walker is on this forum. Reminds me of what fans say about AC. Leonard has said multiple times that Walker is the reason he can do what he does on the field. He said walker is actually the leader on the defense that makes sure everyone is in position. Leonard said that walker is the one that taught him how to break down game film. They frequently watch game film together. If you want to hear Leonard’s interview it’s on the colts podcast. Now I do think it’s posdible Bobby could get some snaps on third down. Walker is only going to keep getting better. Quit trying to compare walker to Leonard. He is not Leonard but he compliments was Leonard does very well.
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    This is a long but great read on Eric’s road to Indy. https://www.colts.com/news/i-didn-t-know-it-would-be-this-good-eric-ebron-s-spark-is-back
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    A part of Brandt's criteria is that the Eagles have significant, proven contributors under contract well into the future. A lot of those guys are top five at their position -- Cox, Ertz, Kelce, who he named. Even Wentz, while not top five overall, had an MVP caliber season a couple years ago. I also think Colts fans overrate some players on our roster. I like where the OL is headed, but the Eagles have had a top five OL for three or four years now. Ebron had a productive year, but in a specific role; Doyle is a nice utility player who is dependable (when healthy); Ertz is better than both of them. Our secondary and receiver corps are almost entirely unproven. I think 10-ish is appropriate for the Colts. I don't see that ranking as a diss at all. After all, just a couple seasons ago, people had the Colts as a bottom five roster. One good season doesn't take us to the top of the league.
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    And even with the shortened career, he still fit in a league MVP award. Fact of the matter is, during his time healthy, he was the premier QB in the league. Better than Bradshaw, better than Staubach, better than Stabler, and better than Fouts. If not for the injury, Bert Jones would have been a HOF lock. Unitas, Jones, Manning, & Luck ... without any hesitation, that Colts foursome trumps all others put out there by the article. Montana & Young are hard to beat as a twosome, but throw in two other QBs and it’s pretty obvious to me that no franchise can match the Colts for stellar QBs.
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    His first two years in the NFL compared to other great RBs' first two years were two of the best ever. They were both very good seasons, I meant specifically compared to the first two years of other RBs. I believe Eric Dickerson is the only one who really compared to Edge in terms of his first 2 years in the league. As a rookie he had 1,553 rushing yards along with 62 receptions for 586 yards (2,139 all purpose yards). In year two he had 1,709 rushing yards along with 63 receptions for 594 yards (2,303 all-purpose yards). He was First-team All-Pro as a rookie and 2nd-team All-Pro in year two (kind of shocking, as he was better year 2 than year 1). He led the NFL is rushing in both his rookie year and his 2nd year. He had 13 rushing TDs both years and 4 & 5 receiving TDs respectively (so he averaged over a TD per game). Some other All-Time greats that got off to a fast start: Adrian Peterson: 1,341 rushing yards 12 TDs, 19 receptions 268 yards 1 TD year 1... 1,760 rushing yards 10 TDs, 21 receptions 125 yards 0 TD year 2. Eric Dickerson: 1,808 rushing yards 18 TDs, 51 receptions 404 yards 2 TD (2,212 all-purpose yards -- slightly better than Edge) year 1.... 2,105 rushing yards 14 TDs, 21 receptions 139 yards 0 TD (2,244 all-purpose yards -- slightly less than Edge) year 2. Barry Sanders: 1,470 rushing yards 14 TDs, 24 receptions 282 yards 0 TDs year 1... 1,304 rushing yards 13 TDs, 36 receptions 480 yards 3 TD year 2. Emmitt Smith: 937 rushing yards 11 TDs, 24 receptions 228 yards 0 TD year 1... 1,563 rushing yards 12 TDs, 49 receptions 258 yards 1 TD year 2. Walter Payton: 679 rushing yards 7 TDs, 33 receptions 233 yards 0 TD year 1.... 1,390 rushing yards 13 TDs, 15 receptions 149 yards 0 TD year 2. LaDanian Tomlinson: 1,236 rushing yards 10 TD, 59 receptions 367 yards 0 TD year 1... 1,683 rushing yards 14 TD, 79 receptions 489 yards 1 TD year 2. I could go on and on, but nobody else is really too close in this discussion as far as 'first two years only.' Marshall Faulk had slightly less receptions and receiving yards, but was one of a few RBs to have over 50 receptions in both of his first two seasons. Saquon Barkley, if he has a year like last year (1,307 rushing yards 11 TD, 91 receptions 721 yards 4 TD -- 2028 all-purpose yards, 111 yards less than Edge and 174 yards less than Dickerson as rookies) will be in this conversation. Edge should already be in the HOF. I cannot imagine what his career would have been like had he not gotten horse-collared and blew out his knee. He was on pace for ~1,800 yards rushing and 64 receptions that year. He came back the next year and was obviously not full strength and still had 989 yards in just 14 games to go along with 61 receptions. He was truly one of the greatest backs in NFL history. I will be shocked if he doesn't get his Gold Jacket next year.
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    Edge's first 2 years in the league were the best by a running back in NFL history. Amazing that he came back from that injury and still had 5 more 1,000 + rushing yard seasons. Aside from being a great runner and receiver, he was widely considered one of (if not the) top pass blocking back in the league. He deserves HOF very soon.
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    I have respect for all y’all that rewatch and analyze crushing loses. when the clock hit 0, I turned off the TV and haven’t seen a single play from that game since then
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    I am purposely not reading this article. Campbell is a Colt now, I want to like him. Even Buckeyes deserve a second chance.
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    I didn't see this posted anywhere. I hope this is the right place to post this. Irsay has purchased this iconic guitar that has been used on many Pink Floyd & Gilmour solo albums. It is a 1969 Fender Stratocaster that has been modified through the years. It has had at least 3 different necks installed since new. The purchase price is said to have been a bit north of 3 million dollars. David Gilmour has sold most of his iconic guitars via Christies Auction & all the proceeds are going to charity. The Colts owner is a serious collector of musical instruments & also owns the piano used by John Lennon to write the famous song Imagine. I would love a tour of Jim Irsay's collection some day.
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    People need to stop this nonsense. Im begging prople to go watch film on him and tell me what they see that tells you hes better then Walker or even a 3 down LBer. We needed depth and players to matchup against certain teams and that is what Okereke is. Be appreciative that we have Walker.
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    The auction raised $21 milllion to fight climate change https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/music/pink-floyd-s-david-gilmour-auctions-guitars-21-million-fight-n1020161 Props to David Gilmour Dark Side of the Moon is an amazing album
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    Funny thing about Marshall, and I love his game......he only topped out at like 1300 yards a couple times and had 7 1000 yard seasons (and like like 5-6 under a 1000). He did pull the Roger Craig and have 1000/1000 rushing and receiving one year though. Total scrimmage yards he was a beast. Having said that, I'd love to see pre-horsecollar tackle Edge run behind this line.
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    https://scholarblogs.emory.edu/esma/2019/06/24/nfl-fandom-report-2019/ Dr. Michael Lewis of Emory University does this study every year. He bases it on Fan Equity (spending money on the team), Social Equity (fan engagement in social media), and Road Equity (how well the fan base travels with the team). Interesting notes: Three of the top four teams are in the NFC East (what Lewis calls the "glamour division") with the Cowboys remaining in their annual spot at #1. The Pats are #2, but Lewis wonders if that will change when Brady and Belichick retire (fair-weather fans). Two AFC South teams are in the bottom four (Jags and Titans). The Chiefs are second-to-last, and their fans are not happy about it. kansas-city-chiefs-near-worst-in-nfl-fan-base-study Colts rank 11th in Fan Equity, 19th in Social Equity, and 10th in Road Equity. So we travel well and are willing to spend money on our team, but we're not as involved in all the social media as some fans (Pats fans are #1 on social media... probably all that time they spend on the internet defending all the cheating and other scandals... ).
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    You forgot our head coach.... 2nd pick - Frank Reich
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    Unitas, Jones, and Peyton are awfully tough to beat!!!
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    It seems like we have got a lot of guys on this team who really are good to the community. That story about Kenny... Glowinski helping push the car of a stranger a few weeks ago... The Maniac helping fix a stranger's flat tire last year... etc. etc. etc. I like that Ballard and Co. really place an emphasis on character of the guys they are bringing into this team.
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    I go the other way on this. I think it is an outstanding representation of the quality culture and organization that Indy has and is developing. I think you want people to be in demand. People in and outside of the building notice that there is a path forward, even if it means leaving the Colts. I also think it reflects well on the pipeline that Ballard believes he has internally.
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    Colts fans undermine Wilson almost as much as Seahawks fans undermine Luck. They're both great. What probably tips the scales in Wilson's favor for this discussion is three things: a) Wilson has not missed a game; b) Wilson has been to two SB and has won one (and was the most important player on the field for his team both times); and c) he was a third rounder, representing a tremendous value for the Seahawks. I'd rather have Luck and wouldn't change what we did in that draft, but saying Wilson has had a better career or even grading him as a better draft pick doesn't bother me.
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    Anyone remember Ballard talking about how he hopes the colts can build a culture here where we can bring in guys that may be troubled and it could help them turn their lives around because of the good character of the team. I find it interesting this philosophy might already be working. I see Jaylon Collins hanging out with Kenny Moore and Desir a lot on IG. He is at Moore’s camp this weekend with Desir. Also have seen Kelly hanging with a couple great guys. Maybe we are at the point Ballard was talking abut. Hopefully If guys like Collins don’t make the team the influences of guys like Moore will help him stay on the right path and he will make another team. Not much to talk about and thought this could be a interesting conversation.
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    His top 10 has some really good teams. And there really isn't that much separating 1-10. We have as much to prove as any.
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    Sorry.... I don’t mean to be argumentative, but I couldn’t disagree more. The site is putting out more good info than ever before. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kevin! I still write him about once a year or so... but my post was NIT meant to imply laziness. Far from it! But the site has hired more people and are doing many more things. Don't you remember the great 5-part video series on the draft? Don’t you remember the 3-part video series on Deon Cain? (Only two parts have aired so far.) Right now on the front of the website, there written stories hearing from our scouts about each of our first four picks. There are written stories with every guy we just signed to newclong deals. There are stories about the upcoming training camp. And now, today about new game day activities for thise attending games at LOS. The staff is cranking out much more material, not less. I may be disappointed about the roster not being updated, but there’s a perfectly good reason. I just don’t happen to know what the reason is. Sorry for the confusion. But check out the front page of the website. Look around. I think you’ll be pleased!
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    I think we just ran out of gas. The run game for KC was good because we were worried about Mahomes. TY was playing on one leg on a bad field. We had two safeties out which forced a lot of players out of positions. As good as we were stopping the run last year that game taught us a lot. It will be interesting if we can this year with the great QB we will be playing. Something will have to give. The only player that stood out that KC game for the colts was Kenny Moore.
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    Honesty I think this Colts teams has been OVERhyped so far this offseason. 10th on this list is probably a good place for them right now. Let’s not act the Colts were complete world beaters last season. This team still has work to do and has a tough schedule ahead.
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    We were in Evansville last weekend and went to an Otters game. Great experience. The field is about a hundred years old but is pretty well kept. We were given free tickets because they had some turned back in by people who couldn't go. Concessions are priced nicely. A 16 oz beer for 5 bucks. They have beer battered french fries which are the best. I enjoyed it so much.
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    Nelson and Leonard faces of the franchise over TY? No. Perhaps in the future.
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    Here you go... https://www.espn.com/blog/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4793076/qb-jacoby-brissett-continues-to-stand-alone-as-patriots-only-unsigned-pick "One NFL salary cap man relayed that third-round negotiations have proven to be more challenging than other rounds in recent years. The reason is that first- and second-round picks can receive a maximum of 25 percent allocation of a team's rookie salary cap, but because the third round doesn't max out at 25 percent, there is often debate over what the correct percentage should be. That has created a situation where the third round has been the spot in the draft where some agents are pushing for more annually, such as the inclusion of workout bonuses in the deals."
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    NFL-Throwback-Top-10-QB-receiver-duos-of-all-time 1. Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison - 112 TDs 2. Philip Rivers to Antonio Gates - 89 TDs 3. Steve Young to Jerry Rice - 85 TDs 4. Dan Marino to Mark Clayton - 79 TDs 5. Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski - 6. Ben Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown - 74 TDs 7. Drew Brees to Marques Colston - 72 TDs 8. Peyton Manning to Reggie Wayne - 67 TDs 9. Jim Kelly to Andre Reed - 65 TDs 10. Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson - 65 TDs I like how the highlights featured amazing TD catches by both Wayne and Harrison in wins against the Pats in New England.
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    Lol I'd take Peyton any day of the of the week over Rogers. Any day!
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    How does Unitas / Manning alone not top the others? i could argue the Montana/Young duo, and i respect Staubach/Aikman. But COME ON !
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    As someone who has coached a lot, the last 6 years was a team that I stayed with from 3rd grade thru 8th grade. And teaching football is really secondary, especially at the 3rd/4th grade level. In the area I coached half the kids had no significant male figure in their life. So, in additional to teaching how to block, how to tackle, how to hold the ball, you also have to teach, how to push themselves beyond where they think they can go, how to plan and execute, how to prepare and how to be responsible, how to be a good sport, how to be grow into a man. Over the years I had to help a child who was being abused, help a kid get settled after his mom got arrested and sent to prison for a couple of years, helped a kid with dyslexia learn to read better, helped a family who's kid (the player) having a crisis of faith, steered a kid away from drugs... and yeah, I taught them a little bit of football as well. If Dilfer really felt a calling to this, then great for him, coaching kids has to extend beyond the football field.
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    That's the best thing I've read in a long time. Goes to show how one act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone's life. We get so tied up in petty things that we miss opportunities. Kenny could have just as easily kept driving that day because he could have felt had more important things to do. These are the guys we need in our locker room and our community.
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    As bad as it was, our young roster needed to feel the sting of a disappointing season ending loss to put things in perspective. As a result I fully expect a much better performance when we travel to Arrowhead in week 5.
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    That's good to know. Thanks. Most people's memories are a bit 'foggy' of that night I waited up all night outside Karma records and tapes to get tickets. We were in row 29 on the floor, good seats!
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    I think the missing element about this FO and bringing in a potential locker room cancer is much simpler than Collins or Kelly. The bad apples that they are worried about are high dollar, prima donna free agents who won't work as hard as the young guys and won't buy into the team concept. Collins and Kelly are easy - if they slip up in the least they cut them and move on. Not so easily done with a well paid free agent.
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    NFL I have not got a good read on the Mets , one second they look like world beaters the next oh well . Someone needs to reel in the Braves over there . I believe the Mets still can make a move . The Phillies are not as good as some thought they would be . Still a lot of season left , things may change totally .
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    Pete Townshend called him the best, good enough for me. What a great piece to add to his collection!
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    One of those stinkers I guess . Cubs have had these from time to time.
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    I wish they had a Vegas line on this. Easy money on Walker lol. Okereke might steal some passing down snaps, but he's not starting over Walker. He's a tweener that's probably more suited for WILL or SAM. And because we're in nickel so much, we don't use much SAM at all. He's depth... If he's starting, I don't like our chances against good running teams.
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    I agree. Mahomes as a teenager wouldn't win the SB with us!
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    Welcome back Jay!!! I knew you’d be back!!!! This place wasn’t the same without you, but absolutely understand you have more important things to handle. Cubs start a 4 game series against those Bums the Mets...........lol just messing with you again NFLfan, should be a good series, hopefully! Chatwood ()gets the start on the mound tonight in place of Hendricks who is on the IL, and our up and coming prospect Adbert Alzolay was called up to back him up, so hoping for a good one tonight!
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    So glad to have you back here with us. Hope it gets easier for you and your wife and you can enjoy the rest of the summer.
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    Well Im back been a long haul , my wife being blind had rotator cuff surgery and been in bad turn at same time so my cups been full. But look lol the Central is just about where I left it. 162 games tells the story . Cards Cubs Brewers all right there together.
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    Bert Jones....if not for that shoulder injury, who knows what might have been.
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    Then Luck on top of that. Luck has made the playoffs 4 times and has been to a Title game. He has thrown for 40 and 39 TD's in 2 different seasons. We are #1 in this category.
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    Why include Unitas and omit Starr? Another list with no merit or thought
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