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    Im wondering if that's the reason for the calf strain in the offseason?
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    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26943229/the-surprise-offseason-standout-all-32-teams Not that there's a lot guys do, or can do during the offseason before training camp, but it's nice to hear him getting mentioned. He's come a long way in two years given he didn't play football in college at all.
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    They just got married a few months ago... The wedding was definitely consummated. HONEYMOON BABY!!!
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    10 to 1 odds the kid comes out with a full beard....... 20 to 1 if its a girl.
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    Hypothetically, if she had it on Super Bowl Sunday, and we are playing: it would put Luck in an awkward spot lol
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    What a thread filled with nostalgia. Can't say I miss @crazycolt1 posts, but I do wish him good health and good fortune. I do particularly miss @southwest1 & @BrentMc11 the most. Those dudes looked at everyone's opinions and never discounted them, no matter right or wrong.
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    And don't forget a certain charming, eloquent, upbeat, positive, and all-around "good guy" with the "best" jokes on this forum! oh, and he's pretty modest too.
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    Thanks, I have to say you are one of the posters who makes me laugh. I enjoy your posts and am glad you are here
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    Kenny is physical for a corner. But safety is an entirely different beast. And Sanders was on a short list of incredibly physical safeties. The only thing that stops him from being with the best is that he was hurt so much he couldn’t play enough to have a fully realized career. Safety can be a sledgehammer position. Corner is more of a finesse position. The comparison is just not apples to apples. That takes nothing away from Kenny Moore who is one of my favorite players and I think we’re lucky to have him.
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    Wouldn't call Moore a "Hitman", or the "Eraser"..... I just hope Moore doesn't have Sander's injury issues.
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    I would start to worry about cheating and hacking if it were made by Boston Dynamics . https://www.bostondynamics.com/
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    If she got pregnant two months ago then it will be a playoff baby. That is the best luck we can get!!!!!!!!
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    I saw the NHL is trying a walrus at goalie too.
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    Its all about setting the bar If you KNOW that someone can take your Million dollar job - You lift more weight - You study more tape - You run more windsprints If you are in a race...... all by yourself...... you set your pace If you are in a race...... with someone as good as you........ You pick up the speed You get..... better Will Walker be the starter? I dont know Will Walker be better in 2019........... I think so Will the MLB spot be better in 2019.......... I think so
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    We often hear of competition among the various players at a position. In truth, there is probably "coopetition" (cooperative competition - Google it) that Walker exhibits. That is a healthy form of team collaboration that makes all players better.
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    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/14/report-nick-caserio-has-a-contractual-provision-that-keeps-him-from-leaving-new-england/ With New England prohibiting Caserio from interviewing with other teams for GM jobs, could Ballard possibly do this for Dodds and also give him a pay raise so he is more than fairly compensated to stay in Indy? He is a vital part to our scouting and front office team.
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    You want balance, but not in spending. You want good balance in age/experience. You want a good mix of veterans and youngsters, as much as possible, at each positions. It will never happen, there will always be "aging" positions, and positions full of young guys, but that's inevitable. But until the team has an overall good mix of veterans and youngsters, it's fine. The salary cap is for 53 players, not by positions. It doesn't matter how much you pay per position. This year it's TE, next year it might be OL, the next CB, whatever. All that matter is if you have a good mix of veterans and youngsters. If you have, you can fit them under the cap. If not, there are too many veterans overall, then you can't. Or you can, but they're bad/average. The Colts have a good mix at TE regarding age and talent as well. Doyle is 29, Ebron is 25, Travis is 25 and Cox is 23. That's probably the best mix in the NFL at the moment.
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    Maybe he wanted to get out of the rain.
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    I don't know how sweet they were, but both are short.
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    Both are difference makers
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    ** John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Caserio “has a clause in his contract that says he can’t interview with other teams.” ** I'm pretty sure there was extra pay in his contract for that as well.
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    Anyone else think it’s absolutely hilarious to see the one organization that cheats every time they can, start waiving the rule book at other teams?
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    Andrew Jr.: Daddy....tell me a bedtime story! Andrew Sr.: Sure son... Chaucer, Shakespeare, Tolstoy or Reich's playbook? Andrew Jr.: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz......... Congrats to Andrew and the Mrs.!
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    Don’t know why everyone thinks walker is subpar in coverage. Rookie year when he bilked up to around 240/245 maybe because he was slowed. But just came in at 227 and 4% bodyfat so should be back down in the 4.5 speed range and have no issue covering
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    People need to pump the breaks on Okereke replacing Walker. I just don't see it. As I have mentioned in my previous thread, Okereke is a lot like Gary Brackett. He is a smart sound player that will do his job, but nothing that wows you. Unless he learns to shed blocks and take better angles, Brackett will be his ceiling.
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    Not very mobile in the pocket. Need to add wheels.
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    No, that was the new robot guard, Quantum Nelson. (This whole thread is turning into bad dad jokes - just in time for Fathers Day!)
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    just a camp body. he won't make the final roster.
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    My dad was a natural born coach as well. People like this touch a lot of lives for the better, and not only through sports. It's been 4 years since he passed and I still see people randomly posting about dad and the difference he made in their lives. I'm glad Trent listened to the people around him who told him to embrace his gift. It sounds like he will make a difference for a lot of people. Thanks for sharing this
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/06/13/why-is-trent-dilfer-coaching-high-school-football-one-reason-is-son-he-lost/?utm_term=.5612327a85b4 I thought you guys should read this.
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    I think there's a subtle transition in our defense going on. It looks kinda like a hybrid, 4-3 under with Cover 3 along with the ability to man press (flex) when needed. Walker may not be a superstar, but still shine because of the play of others in this scheme. IOW, the sum will be greater than the parts.
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    I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you but I do believe that he can definitely coexist with Leonard and share the shine.
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    The reason was we had absolutely zero depth at the position. Plus they all play a different linebacker role. How much different would the Patriots game would have been if we would have had depth behind Leonard? I doubt it was to replace Walker more so to replace najee moore and franklin
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    Luck and his wife expecting a baby according to wthr app "big news" notification on my phone. Will add link when it shows on their site.
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    I get where you are coming from, and was really excited with what Eb was getting from him by seasons end. The ability to defend the middle of the field may be the #1 thing a D can do in todays NFL. Kenny hasn't earned Elite status YET, but he is looking very good. His aggression, tackling ability around the LOS was top notch. We will see if his pass rush is as effective as it was at seasons end. He was showing a high level of quick thinking read and reaction. When you put all of that together, he was a serious difference maker. With a little more quick pressure from out pass rush forcing the ball out quicker, and better LB coverage, Kenny should only increase his passes defended and INT #'s. Comparison or no, i believe our managment see's a Stud.
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    I don't need to pump anything. Okereke has a higher ceiling. Walker is serviceable. If Okereke takes reps it's a good thing. I had you muted for a couple months because of your need to respond to everything. Just changed that yesterday or day before and here we are. Here is when I made the change. How did it work out? Though I guess you were right, CB didn't get a corner at 26.
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    Will this trip out to LA has been a total dud so far. What is scary is they clearly look like the better team compared to us and we are halfway through June. Good thing is as of now we are still only 1 game out of 1st place in the NL Central at 38-31 behind the 39-30 Brewers. We also hold 1 of the 2 Wildcard spots so if the season ended today the Cubs would make the playoffs. The Cubs schedule has been the toughest in the league over the last 3 weeks as we have played the Cards two 3 game series, the Astros in Houston for a 3 game set, and now 4 at LA. That is rough. It gets a tad easier after this LA series which is the good news. Kris Bryant (MVP) is 100% healthy now too. He crushed another HR tonight.
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    Kenny might not hit as hard but he brings the guy down. Kenny is all over the field like sanders was. I just think they bring a lot of the same things to the game. Of course moore play outside corner some. He flies around the field a lot like Sanders.
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    Drafting 2.5 linebackers in the draft should get any veteran linebacker enough motivation to pick it up a notch.
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    Can we calm down about the calf strain now
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    I think the deal for Davis to go to the Lakers for the No. 4 pick, Lonzo, Hart and Kuzma ..is about to happen
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    i saw some highlights of him in college. CB definitely got a steal here
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    hopefully Boston trades for Conley so we cant. last thing this team needs is an often injured over the hill PG with a horrible contract. but it sounds very pacer like cause we love being average.
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    I like Anthony Walker as a two down player but I fear Okereke will steal snaps from him as the season wears on - especially in passing downs.
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