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    Bradshaw and Aikman may be the 2 luckiest QB's ever. Their teams were so loaded that they could beat pro-bowl teams on any given Sunday.
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    He was also FAR better than Bradshaw, who is also in the HOF. It is sad how Jones never got the legacy recognition he was deserving of. My Rushmore is Unitas, Montana, Marino, & Manning. Brady is the winningest, but to me, from a day to day talent standpoint, he was more the benefactor of great all around teams, than a do it yourself immense talent. He’s in my top 6, though, to be fair.
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    Having watched every snap of Rivers NFL career he’s better than Carr. Rivers is older granted but he’s basically like having a coach at QB. Similar to Manning in that way. I think Gruden also would rather have Rivers over Carr. Luck was such a stud and incredible athlete - very different player than Rivers. But I think Rivers has a lot left in the tank and he’s never, ever had a good O- line.
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    Good qualification there, as I was about to say 4th, but then noted the emphasis on ”Indianapolis”. Thus, I agree! Such a shame we didn’t get to witness Luck’s true potential realized. If we had, there might not have needed to be that “qualification”.
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    Probably saying duh, but if you recall last year he didn't even make the list which was the most ridiculous think I've ever seen.
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    "I don't care" isn't part of a good debate, and it's not an opinion worthy of posting, in my opinion. I think it shows what kind of character Ballard has, which is important to me. I'd call it a love/hate relationship. When they're in the SB, not many (if any) people outside their fanbase are rooting for them to win it. But when a guy like Dungy was in the SB, there were A LOT of non-Colts fans rooting for him to win it. And I think that comes back to character. It's not important to some, but it's important to me.
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    https://dailysnark.com/designer-swaps-nfl-nba-jerseys-and-the-results-are-awesome/ Thoughts
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    Double ewwwwww! lol All ND. I like IU too, but only for B-ball. Grew up loving Lou Holtz and The General. I was a big fan of Jimmy Harbaugh though when he played for the Colts. Once a Colt, all past is forgiven :-). Just kidding though about the Pacer FB jersey. I'd wear it as long as there's Pacers clearly labeled. It would have to be a #31 though.
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    On the contrary, I think the NFL going forward is exactly what we as a society need to get a dose of normalcy. The virus will spread as all viruses do among us, with the so called "herd" immunity growing broader and stronger. Most will get through an infection just fine, while we also continue to use intelligent social distancing, etc. to avoid unnecessary contact. And we'll be better served by the engagement of our governments in providing money for a vaccine and medications to get us through it. Time to recognize that we cannot survive economically if we don't get back to working and living. If there aren't any fans in attendance at NFL games through an abundance of caution, so be it. Its the ultimate made for TV sport and the games should go forward. We'll get through this moment in time, and come out of it better prepared and safer. You cannot destroy our way of life hiding from this. My opinion of course.
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    They would lose far too much money to cancel the season plus this virus will be gone by the day after the election anyway every election year they drum up some kind of killer virus and say its more lethal than any virus they have ever seen but then after the election you hear not a peep of it same will happen hear.
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    The Pacers FB jersey looks too much like Michigan. Ewwww.
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    Regarding the bolded. If we compare 2018 stats. Danger plays - Luck #7 vs Rivers #12 Interceptable passes - Luck #3 vs Rivers #10 Money throws - Luck #20 vs Rivers #10 True completion rate - Luck #11 vs Rivers #10 Accuracy rating - Luck #10 vs Rivers #4 In short, let's hope we see the 2018 Rivers. If so, he was more accurate, less risky, and threw better balls than Luck.
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    Irsay should always get credit for allowing the guys he hires to do their jobs without interfering much. We see what other owners do, and it’s not a great situation. Ballard has a lot (if not practically all) of control of the organization from the football operations side of things. I have said from day 1, a big part of his vision wasn’t just building a team but changing the culture and rebuilding everything from facilities to media and public relations to branding. They have worked fast and furious on all those fronts. His pitch to Irsay on facility upgrades (which were huge) and rebranding (Colts forged and the changes we have seen the past few years with things like the new team entrance on game day, etc) had to have been predicated on the first few years of focusing on the draft and not using a lot of capspace, which saved the organization tens of millions of dollars in player salary. If that was what it took to beef up staffing, upgrade practice facilities, and put a lot of resource into PR and media relations, then it was clearly part of a bigger vision. When Ballard’s career is over, he might not have championships to show, but no one will say he didn’t have a vision and didn’t make serious positive change.
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    I truly hopes he does. I know everyone has their own opinion of HOF worthiness. For some it is SuperBowl wins. For some it is MVP's. For some it is longevity stats. For some it is comparing stats to players already in the HOF. For me it is if the player was considered a top 2 or 3 at their position for multiple years. Can't compare era's as the game changes. Comparing against common era players is all I really have. Marino never won a SB, but most fans and experts thought of him as one of the top couple QB's in the league through most of his career.
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    For that reason he will get in. The NFL consistently puts very good players in the HOF. I wish they wouldn't, because I'd like to see the HOF for the elite players only. Manning and Brady. Rivers was 2nd level or 3rd level most or all of his career. If teams were able to draft a QB each year, Rivers would be the 5th or 6th one taken. Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Brees and some years Wilson, Ryan, Mahomes, Luck, Roethlisberger, Romo, Warner, Favre or McNabb. He was a very good QB. But that's just my opinion.
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    It's a big bummer. I think this Colts team has the most potential of any Colts team for many years. To lose this season will suck. Not just because of the loss of football, but losing what could have been a great years for the Colts. Mack and Taylor in the backfield was going to be fun to watch.
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    I have to admit the way Andrew just left our team didn't sit well with me. That is probably why some people in here don't like him? It was just the timing of it. Having said that I loved him as a player and IMO he is the 2nd greatest QB ever to play in an Indianapolis uniform only behind Peyton. He gave his heart and soul to the team IMO and got beat up in doing so. He was 57-37 record wise as a starter and always gave us a chance to win which was great about him. When we smoked the Texans in the 2018 playoffs that was the proof he was better than a QB like Watson and Watson is good. If Luck was in the league today only maybe Mahomes and Jackson would be better. Rodgers and Wilson possibly? I always thought Luck was better than Wilson but that is a different topic. Wilson had one of the best defenses ever when he won the SB and Lynch was a beast.
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    Everyone good with this? Anyone have any objection to this? I think it will be interesting to see who supports the poster's position. My objection with the viewpoint is that I think the poster has conflated several issues. Luck's willingness to walk away from his career while he had many potential years left, with the unfounded idea that Luck was not dedicated to his career or prepared during his career. I don't mind anyone having a different opinion from me, all I've ever asked is to have some facts to back up your opinion. And I'm sorry, but there's no evidence, that Luck wasn't prepared or dedicated. There are no stories. It's never been discussed here until his retirement when all Hell broke loose. There are no stories about the Owner, or the GM or a coaching or teammates saying Luck wasn't dedicated or prepared. If there is, I'm unaware of it, so please feel free to link. Otherwise, to me, this is opinion without facts to back it up. Is the poster entitled to his opinion? Of course he is. I just want to see who here supports this, and can anyone prove this view is correct? I look forward to seeing what gets posted....
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    Honesty can't say I've intently watched rivers every play in every game over the years. But I would say he's better at pre snap reads which of course helps him being better at quick post snap reads. One of the reasons Luck held ball long was his lack of pre snap/quick post snap reads compared to the more dedicated and more prepared qb's. And of course there's the Availability Factor, Rivers has NEVER missed a game due to injury while Luck was injury prone and then Retired roughly a decade before other QB's putting the Franchise in a bind.
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