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    The divorce of the Chargers and Rivers had multiple layers. It was not simply a case of "He's not good anymore, so we're moving on". The LA move, Lynn's philosophy, and Rivers' growing frustration with management (ignoring the OL disaster for over a decade) all played a part in what was described by both parties as a mutual decision. I fully expect Rivers to "rejuvenate" his career in Indy, and I think many Colts fans will end up loving the guy.
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    At the same time, not everything that happens, good or bad, to someone is due to racism either. For the very reasons you mention. are there racist people yes, does that make everyone a racist, no. Should we attack people just because they are are different color, no. Should we point a finger at someone and claim they have some sort of privilege due to their skin color, no. i, as I’m sure most of you do, have friends of just about every creed and color there is on earth. Some are very successful, others, not so much, depending on how you define “successful” and for that matter, rich. There’s no color pattern involved. The successful people have one thing in common, they generally at one point or another in their lives busted their butts for a while to get where they are. My friends who are living off government support, they expect someone else to make something happen to enrich their lives. They’re not bad people, just a bit misguided I think. I don’t call it lazy, I call it unmotivated and unwilling to take responsibility. And that applies to every race, color or greed. Want something out of this life, then make it happen. I grew up in the streets of Chicago, a mixed race kid. I got the crap from all sides because of that. But I got out, joined the Army, dumped everything I could into my education, never got a grant or scholarship outside of what the Army would cover, which was about half. Now, I’m no longer active duty, got my Masters degree from a top 30 school and am finally starting to see some of the fruits of all that work. It sure wasn’t easy and it sucked. But I’m not like many of the kids I ran with back then. Most of them are dead, the rest are either in prison or have been. life is full of choices and consequences, we can either let race and racism hold us back, or we can kick it in the nuts, and rise above it. adding a separate “black anthem”, does exactly the opposite and sets us back 70 years. And anyone championing it and acting like it’s a good thing, is part of the problem. We are all either equal Americans, no matter color or creed, under the same flag, colors and anthems, or we are not. We can’t scream, protest and riot for equality if we’re not going to act as equals ourselves
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    According to this article on NFL.com, Darius Leonard is one of the best defenders in the NFL against the pass, and is THE best LB in coverage. He comes in as the #10 ranked defender in the NFL against the pass. And he is the ONLY LB on the list, the rest are all DBs. https://www.nfl.com/news/stephon-gilmore-tyrann-mathieu-among-nfl-s-10-best-in-coverage Now we already knew Leonard was one of the best run-defenders in the NFL, putting up some insane tackle numbers and awesome forced fumble highlights his first few seasons. The only knock some people seemed to be able to come up with was that he wasn't great in coverage. So what did he do in 2019? Oh, and... Keuchly retired. Wagner turns 30 on Saturday. Leonard could set himself apart as THE BEST off-the-ball linebacker in the NFL this year.
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    Well here you go.
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    Thanks for the shoutout! Really happy for Ballard and the organization. Very well deserved. And I'd give props to Irsay. All of these productions cost money. I think we've beefed up the staff in pure numbers. And they now have a much bigger budget. I assume we've bought cameras and the staff flies around the country to shoot the scouts wherever they go (with the next pick series) and to shoot players in their hometown (Colts Life series) to tell their stories. It's a real commitment. The whole organization would appear to be on board. So, I think Irsay deserves his share of credit for buying into Ballard's vision. The productions are professional level. The do a first-rate job. Pro Sports teams have a tendency to be borderline paranoid about this type of information. They hold their cards very, very close to the vest. Obviously, Ballard and Reich and maybe even someone else has to approve the final product before it's put up for viewing. But it helps when everyone is on the same page, when everyone is pulling from the same side of the rope. Glad Ballard tries to maximize this opportunity for good PR. When an organization reaches out to the community, the fan base, good things can come from it. Right now, we could all use the good juju we can get!
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    I read the transcript of Philip's (and Frank's) Zoom meeting with season ticket holders this past Wednesday evening. During the call, he said, "...I've always had a love for Indy from afar in a weird way, and it's ironic that it's ended up here in now my 17th season, and hopefully a few more that I'm gonna be a Colt." He's apparently changed his mind on playing a max of 2 more years in the NFL, as he was quoted as saying as recently as February of this year. Interesting...I hope he kicks butt and continues kicking butt for 3 SB wins in a row.
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    Cut JB and eat the cap. Holding onto him for a year only hurts us long term. Would rather see the 2 young QBs with more potential get reps in practice. There is not a single good reason we should keep him. If rivers goes down, our only hope is if one of the other 2 QBs is ready.
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    I appreciate the update but this thread has turned into another thread calling him and anyone reporting racial discrimination and also woman as all liars. Closing
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    Mathis will be inducted to ring of honor on November 22nd. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/06/15/robert-mathis-to-enter-colts-ring-of-honor-november-22/ Excerpt: “From a fifth-round pick from a small college to one of the most effective and feared defensive players in the NFL, Robert Mathis was a centerpiece of the historic Colts teams of the last two decades,” Colts owner Jim Irsay said in a statement. “He was undersized and underrated, but he made up for it with a motor that wouldn’t quit and a flawless technique that outmatched the most talented lineman in the league. And to watch him strip-sack the quarterback — which he did better and more than anyone in NFL history — was a thing of beauty.” Congrats Mathis, well deserved.
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    He may play 2 or 3 more years, it depends on how he looks in 2020. He is still a top 15 QB in this league IMO so with a great running game, great O.Line we can do a lot of things.
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    If this don't get you excited about this upcoming season with this Colts team nothing will. It's a great time to be a Colts fan barring interruption of the season. I'm interested in what everyone is feeling about this team right now I'm excited. https://www.colts.com/video/what-the-experts-are-saying-about-the-2020-colts
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    Yay let’s divide the nation even more !!!!! What is next, let’s have a separate black president and Congress and while we are at it let’s annex the northeast and call it new Africa and make two separate countries. I cannot believe the insanity going on in this country. I feel like I’m living in a real life episode of South Park. It’s like we are living in a computer sim and once the matrix came out god or the programmer decided “ screw it they figured it out, no need to hide it anymore, I’m just going to have fun from here on out.” Like someone else said , just not sing anything. Having two separate anthems isn’t the road I think this country should be heading down. It’s just another thing that we won’t have in common. God help this country.
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    I heard when he was born, he had already chewed through his own umbilical cord and then pancaked the doctor on his way out of the womb.
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    https://www.colts.com/news/chris-ballard-jack-horrigan-award-2020-pro-football-writers-of-america Ballard was also nominated for this award in 2018 and 2019. On top of that, Colts Productions won two Emmys recently. https://www.colts.com/news/kenny-moore-ii-hunter-smith-colts-productions-two-emmy-awards This is all very cool. Ballard gets it, man. He is savvy when it comes to the media and the fans. I'd love to hear from @NewColtsFan about this type of stuff!
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    The whole draft class is signed now
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    C2, and especially C2 soft zones without a pass rush, are not conducive to lurking FSs. Anyone who understands the C2 concepts knows that the back end is divided up into 2 or 3 vertical sections typically depending on what the MLB does. That in itself limits the ability of a FS to lurk (they have to stay in their zone). And anyone that watched Hooker play in college knows he is was a QB eye following, ball hawking FS with range. NFL.com called him the ultimate lurker IIRC on his draft profile.... So it's not an off the wall idea to think a guy who is considered the ultimate lurker, who is not allowed to lurk, is potentially used in a way not supportive of his skill set. Coaches and GMs are not above question.
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    https://www.nfl.com/news/state-of-the-franchise-colts-built-to-win-now-with-philip-rivers High praise from Adam Rank of NFL.com. In short, he feels we are built and ready to win big, and believes we are a really good team this year.
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    Great interview. And I always loved Bill Polian. Unfortunately, it doesn't cover the things that led up to his firing. Namely, the disastrous 2007 draft, #1 pick Anthony Gonzales being a bust, #2 pick Tony Ugoh not only being a bust, but also costing the #1 pick in the 2008 draft as well. The 2008 draft being utterly forgettable. The 2009 draft being, well, okay, but still lackluster. The 2010 draft being underwhelming. The 2011 draft being lean. Bill having his son, Chris, make the decisions was turning into horror show. Jim Irsay made the right call. It was time. Bill still has respect. And should. But it was time.
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    I'm thinking of adding "dream team" to the banned words list...
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    What's the point of having a message board if folks can't state their.... opinion ?
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    I can't blame him for making the statement about the police. Especially in the current environment. He's a black man in South Carolina who was racially profiled and tossed from a restaurant after having conversations about BLM. Certainly not all police are the same but if I were him I would be more than nervous about seeing police cars pulling up. He is just echoing the feelings of many black men now. White men would not feel nervous but black men are fearful. For obvious reasons.
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    A young Chris Harris (Broncos CB) is what I see in him.
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    This guy is a really good YouTuber. He makes videos like this all the time. Enjoy!
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    This Continuity... Plus the addition of many players who are going to contribute many quality snaps even as newcomers to the roster is why I am very high on the Colts this year. I am loving Ballard's vision for this franchise.
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    And to think, there were more than just a few here at the forum that laughed at the notion I supported, which was taking Big Q with the 3rd overall pick. As it turned out, though, the trade Ballard pulled off moving down and still getting Nelson was brilliant, thus making the selection of a Guard a little more palatable, though some still complained that it was too high of a spot to select a Guard. I stand by the notion, though, that Nelson was well worth that 3rd overall pick, if that had been what it came down to. A notion that has been reinforced over and over and over by Nelson’s performance and growing reputation as a teammate that makes everyone around him better. Go Colts!
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    What's the difference between Rivers and Brady/Brees? Brady and Brees have played for much better teams and much better franchises, and therefore have won more. Remember, Brees played for the Chargers for 5 seasons, having a passer rating of 85 and failing to win a single playoff game. He goes to NO, gets the #1 defense in the NFL (among other improvements) and wins a super bowl. Brady has had a top ten defense and OL pretty much every single year of his career, as well as having arguably the greatest coach of all time. The truth, and the Colts' management and coaches know this, is that Brady/Brees don't do things that Rivers cannot. Reading defenses, accuracy, leadership, etc...Rivers is on the same level as those other guys. He just wasted his whole career playing for a terrible franchise. I would expect Colts fans of all people to understand that winning requires much more than an "elite" QB. I consider Peyton to be one of the GOATs, and he couldn't even do it all on his own. Ironically, his two SB wins came while he threw more INTs than TDs in the playoffs. Rivers is undoubtedly worth $25 million. What's really absurd is a guy like Dak Prescott demanding $40+ million.
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    I enjoyed that interview so much. This offense should be able to get back close to where it was with Luck. I thought it was funny he didn’t want to say who he was throwing to. Also how he didn’t want any of the credit for organizing the mini camp they are going to do. I wasn’t a fan of going after him at first. By I think it’s going to work well. He will get on the players if they aren’t working hard or give maximum effort. He is going to be good for the QB as a whole to learn how to lead a team. This young team needed I guy like him. What is up with Gregg Doyle asking him what neighborhood he lives in and where his kids go to school. That was way out of bounds.
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    Possibly the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen. Should have drafted a unicorn and santa claus while they were at it.
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    The NFL wants social justice to define it's brand. Half of the country who accepts the premise of systemic racism defining modern life (and largely thinks CTE should end the game of football) are happy that this is taking place. The other half should turn the NFL off now, parties over. They don't like you. They're calling you racist. They made Drew freaking Brees a bad guy for saying he's honoring his grandparents who fought and died in WW2. This, this is absurd. "Hey we can take a knee for the NATIONAL ANTHEM OF THE UNITED STATES, but let's stand for the Black National Anthem and anyone who notices or has a problem- let's call them the problem. I'm not overly surprised, but I'am ... I dunno what the right word is exactly. Bummed out that sports is nothing but cultural war now. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes NFL.
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    For those that are wondering... This is NOT an insignificant penalty for the Pats. $1.1 Mill is not a slap on the wrist. The money won't hurt them at all, but its the public admonishment of the NFL saying they screwed up --- again --- that hurts. It's embarrassing for the franchise. Plus the loss of a third round pick as well. I don't know which it will be, their own, or a compensatory pick, but the loss of a top-100 pick always hurts in one degree or another.
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    In other news... Bill O’Brien has been named the winner of the Jack Daniels award.
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    That instance was just plain wrong but can we really say “no black person can eat a meal without being harassed”? That just seems like a stretch to me. The individuals that perpetuate bigotry should be dealt with on an individual basis, because (as in this case) it’s ugly and shouldn’t happen in America. Most of my friends of color are decent people and I’m proud to call them friends. And most would agree the current narrative has gotten out of hand. I’m sorry if I offend anyone but BLM is doing more harm than good.
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    I have to admit the way Andrew just left our team didn't sit well with me. That is probably why some people in here don't like him? It was just the timing of it. Having said that I loved him as a player and IMO he is the 2nd greatest QB ever to play in an Indianapolis uniform only behind Peyton. He gave his heart and soul to the team IMO and got beat up in doing so. He was 57-37 record wise as a starter and always gave us a chance to win which was great about him. When we smoked the Texans in the 2018 playoffs that was the proof he was better than a QB like Watson and Watson is good. If Luck was in the league today only maybe Mahomes and Jackson would be better. Rodgers and Wilson possibly? I always thought Luck was better than Wilson but that is a different topic. Wilson had one of the best defenses ever when he won the SB and Lynch was a beast.
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    Some will say “meh, big deal”, but i think it really speaks to his professionalism and character. well done sir.
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    Beat the Steelers @ Pitt in 2008 for the first time since 1968 I'm still coasting on this. It was glorious
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    Gil Brandt wrote a piece for NFL.com about 12 players whose teams should never let them leave to play for another team. https://www.nfl.com/news/twelve-players-whose-teams-should-never-let-them-leave Some obvious names like Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Donald, and Saquon Barkley. Steelers had two defenders in TJ Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick. Colts had two players in Nelson and Leonard.
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    That's not correct. I do work in the medical field, am HIPAA certified, and take yearly re certification training. HIPAA only applies to Covered Entities (and business associates of covered entities): Covered Entities include: *Health Plans, including health insurance companies, HMOs, company health plans, and certain government programs that pay for health care, such as Medicare and Medicaid. *Most Health Care Providers—those that conduct certain business electronically, such as electronically billing your health insurance—including most doctors, clinics, hospitals, psychologists, chiropractors, nursing homes, pharmacies, and dentists. *Health Care Clearinghouses—entities that process nonstandard health information they receive from another entity into a standard (i.e., standard electronic format or data content), or vice versa. *In addition, business associates of covered entities must follow parts of the HIPAA regulations. Often, contractors, subcontractors, and other outside persons and companies that are not employees of a covered entity will need to have access to your health information when providing services to the covered entity. We call these entities “business associates.” Examples of business associates include: *Companies that help your doctors get paid for providing health care, including billing companies and companies that process your health care claims *Companies that help administer health plans *People like outside lawyers, accountants, and IT specialists *Companies that store or destroy medical records It does NOT apply to anyone who is not a covered entity (or business associate of a covered entity), for example: *Life insurers *Employers *Workers compensation carriers *Most schools and school districts *Many state agencies like child protective service agencies *Most law enforcement agencies *Many municipal offices Just having someone's health information does not make you liable for HIPAA violations. It all depends on your business relationship to a Covered Entity.
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    Give the kid a chance. Although it was an awkward interview, he did very well in face to face interviews and press conferences at USC. The university does not shield them from the L.A. fishbowl media market. They’re groomed for it from their sophomore year on. It says a lot about Mike, and overcoming a speech impediment, that he chose USC knowing the requirement is also to be active And participate in interviews and social media. Don’t let his quiet demeanor off the field fool you, watch his tape. Mike was a 5* recruit, on both sides of the ball. We had another very shy and soft spoken player off the field, that was a terror on it....Troy Polamalu. *Mike was also a good student, could have been accepted to USC on his own academic merit, without the lower athletic academic acceptance requirement.
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    Are you serious? I hope your post gets removed entirely. I had to sign in and say something for this one. Shame on you.
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    Ahh... uhhh... ehhh.... I think your info is false... outdated... and completely discredited. Sorry.
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    I'm good with whatever it takes to keep this kid on the team. As of today the best draft choice Ballard has made in my opinion.
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    I keep seeing the comment that our 4th round pick might get beat out in camp. Short of getting arrested or being completely unable to throw the football, he will not get put on the practice squad. End of story.
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    Worried about Philip? Really? You mean THIS Philip Rivers? https://www.stampedeblue.com/2020/6/9/21285296/report-new-colts-qb-philip-rivers-is-driving-force-behind-organizing-imminent-player-only-practices “Rivers, who joined the Colts as a free agent in March, is taking a lead role in organizing player-only practices in the Indianapolis area next week, multiple sources told The Athletic Indiana,” Holder writes. “Meanwhile, cornerback Kenny Moore is among those making arrangements to get defensive players on board.” “The workouts, to be held at a local venue – not at the Colts’ training facility – will likely feature a 7-on-7 format involving offensive and defensive players. It will be a welcome change for players largely unable to conduct organized workouts while quarantined in recent months because of COVID-19.” “A full list of players expected to participate remains unclear, but sources said attendance is expected to be quite healthy.” Ha ha, just ribbing you some. Good stuff in that article though. But no surprise coming from "Coach" Philip.
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    Obviously, the Colts are reading this forum. They see the post from w87r and say "okay, we need to let everyone know he's in town." Well done w87r!
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    I prefer that they go back to coming out of the locker room after the national anthem. That's that way it was for decades.
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