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    On that list they have Deshaun Watson ahead of Luck
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    https://www.albertbridgecapital.com/drew-views/2019/6/17/stay-in-the-game Yeah, must read.
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    Im wondering if that's the reason for the calf strain in the offseason?
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    He told me he would be off line for a while to deal with some health issues. Hoped to be back here for the start of the regular season
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    Ok but honest to god I love how wholesome this place gets when a member is gone for a while and people wanna check on them to see if everythings alright. We like a big family
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    After watching Kevin Durant blow out his achilles last night by coming back too soon, Luck can take all the time he needs.
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    He's the only draft pick that was announced as a future Hall of Famer. He wants to be compensated accordingly.
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    It was a Colt's offense choke-fest. Colts first 9 possessions : 1) 3 plays & punt 1:54 2) 3 plays & punt 0:33 3) 3 plays & punt 2:16 4) 3 plays & punt 2:07 5) missed F/G 1:40 6) 5 plays & punt 1:54 7) 4 plays & punt 2:40 8) Fumble 0:10 9) 5 plays & punt 1:29 When the Colts began their 10th drive with 8:35 left in the game, the offense had the ball for a total of 14:43 while the Chief's offense had the ball for over 36 minutes. With 3:33 left in the game, had there not been the roughing the kicker call, and Vin. had not missed twice, The Colts get the ball with the score 24-17 with a serious chance to tie the game. The game ended with the Colts having the ball for 20 minutes and the Chiefs having the ball for 40 minutes. How many NFL defenses hold the Chiefs to 31 points when the Chiefs have the ball for 40 minutes? Against the Pats the next week, the Chiefs scored 31 points when having the ball for only 20:53. So the Chiefs score 31 points against the SB champs in 20 minutes. And 31 points against the Colts in 40 minutes. Not saying the Colt's D was great, or even good, but it was good enough to win that game. The Colt's loss was on the offense.
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    1. Never dismiss a rape allegation. They should always be taken seriously. 2. This report is from 1 website. Wait for other outlets to confirm. As of the time I'm posting this, it's the only website to mention Okereke involved in this. Google "Bobby Okereke rape". The reddit thread is the only one that came up. 3. There are serious issues with the Title IX process over the past few years. 4. "Innocent until proven guilty" and "Take every rape allegation seriously" are not mutually exclusive.
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    I'm starting to think that whatever CB does, it will always somehow involve a 2nd round pick. Not only has he stockpiled and drafted great players of our own in the 2nd round, 5 of our 13 2nd round players are also free agents that CB pulled from others teams. The guy needs to claim it as a nickname. Here are the 13 players Jabaal Sheard, 2011 2nd round, 37th pick by the Cleveland Browns Margus Hunt, 2013 2nd round, 53rd pick by the Cincinnati Bengals Devin Funchess, 2015 2nd round, 41st pick by the Carolina Panthers Jalen Collins, 2015 2nd round, 42nd pick by the Atlanta Falcons Jihad Ward, 2016 2nd round, 46th pick by the Oakland Raiders Quincy Wilson, 2017 2nd round, 46th pick by the Colts Darius Leonard, 2018 2nd round, 36th pick by the Colts Braden Smith, 2018 2nd round, 37th pick by the Colts Kemoko Turay, 2018 2nd round, 52nd pick by the Colts Tyquan Lewis, 2018 2nd round, 64th pick by the Colts Rock Ya-Sin, 2019 2nd round, 34th pick by the Colts Ben Banogu, 2019 2nd round, 49th pick by the Colts Perris Campbell, 2019 2nd round, 59th pick by the Colts And we already have two 2nd's in the 2020 draft. Next!
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    I believe he deserves it, and it shows the rest of the team if you work hard you get rewarded. It's be absolutely amazing to see the transformation from where he was when he got here to where he is now. Congrats Kenny!
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    Innocent ....until proven guilty ..........by a court of law Its a great concept our country needs to go back to.................
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    https://www.colts.com/news/darius-leonard-ranked-nfl-s-third-best-linebacker That's pretty incredible to be considered the third-best linebacker in the entire league by some people after just the one rookie season. Some of the best off-the-ball linebackers in the game are getting up there in age and might retire soon (Luke Keuchly, Bobby Wagner, Telvin Smith). Could Darius Leonard be the new face of linebackers in the NFL in the near future? Could Leonard and Hooker be the Colts version of Ray Lewis/Ed Reed?
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    Booo! Colts are wasting all of their precious cap space by extending all of their really good players instead of overrated and old outside FA's. Booo, Irsay is so cheap! Am I doing this right? Well done Colts and congrats Kenny.
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    Was it the word "Crazy" that gave it away?
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    I want to know where my boy Southwest1 is! Haven't heard a snippett from that brother in quite some time. Hope he's okay.
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    So, just to confirm, Andrew Luck is out today?
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    We were 32 just 1 year ago... so there's that.
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    It amazes me how underappreciated Walker is on this forum. Reminds me of what fans say about AC. Leonard has said multiple times that Walker is the reason he can do what he does on the field. He said walker is actually the leader on the defense that makes sure everyone is in position. Leonard said that walker is the one that taught him how to break down game film. They frequently watch game film together. If you want to hear Leonard’s interview it’s on the colts podcast. Now I do think it’s posdible Bobby could get some snaps on third down. Walker is only going to keep getting better. Quit trying to compare walker to Leonard. He is not Leonard but he compliments was Leonard does very well.
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    Don't have a cow! It's only his calf.
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    People tend to judge DBs on the plays they see the DB have an impact on. For a FS, that might be 8 plays a game, to the casual viewer. If you watch the all 22 carefully, you'll see how many plays the QB is looking at a primary target down field, yet chooses to come off that target because of the position of the deep safety. Hooker influenced a lot of plays last year. He seemed to always be in the right place. QBs also respected him because of his range and ball skills. And he wasn't 100%. It's not all him, though. Our scheme protected deep by design. We also struggled to cover the intermediate part of the field, so offenses could take safer shots and still move the ball, without challenging Hooker. But if not for his awareness, range and discipline, the defense might have given up a lot more big plays.
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    I absolutely loved these episodes last year and, as someone who enjoys seeing more of the detail within the playbook, I can't wait to see the full episode with our own #12!
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    You are wrong on every account in your opening thought! Hooker was projected to go HIGHER than 15 and Wilson was rated a borderline 1st Rounder. They were drafted right where they should have been. Hooker was having an incredible DROY type season until the cheap shot he took against the Jags that cost him the 2nd half of the season. He played solid last year considering he was still healing AND very few teams dared throwing to his side which stats bear that out. Wilson has taken a bit of time to percolate, but, when he has played and started turning it on that lock down corner started to emerge last year and once again the stats are there to prove it. Basham plays for the Jets in their 3-4 defense. Still in the league. Basham played in 9 games as a rookie with the Panthers and is now a Steeler. Still in the league. Hairston had a great rookie season per stats and took a step back last year while a certain Kenny Moore took a monumental leap and TOOK the nickel back spot and never giving Hairston a chance. Hairston may lose out to Collins and/or Rock Ya-Sin this year but he'll be claimed quickly and be a solid contributor elsewhere. Mack is a rotational back? Seriously? Where were you when he finished the season as a top 5 back when was healthy? From like week 6 thru 17? Did we not watch the same games? Sheesh.... Grover Stewart has been a solid rotational piece and due an increase in minutes this year as a 4th rounder in 2017 from tiny Albany. Solid pick. Oh, what about our final pick that year? The 5th rounder who is the starting MLB and racked up 100+ tackles last year? He's not too shabby either. Anthony Walker Jr...... 8 picks. 4 Starters. 2 Depth Players. 2 With other teams. Every one of them still in the league. 50% Starters is NOT an ordinary draft.
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    You guys need to read these 2 articles, as to how NFL defenses have lost their way by not adapting, very englightening. I see a lot of pattern matching within zone concepts in Eberflus' D. That is why our CBs are not going to be just zone guys. The NFL is different now and offenses are different now from the Dungy's Bucs and Colts days. Read both these articles by Doug Farrar, well written, IMO. Vic Fangio does a lot of this in his D and that is why his D is largely successful and has adapted to the current NFL. https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2018/11/06/the-match-game-part-1-how-nfl-defenses-lost-their-way/3/ https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2018/11/08/the-match-game-part-2-how-nick-saban-re-imagined-defensive-coverage/ Read Part 1 before reading Part 2. My favorite line from Nick Saban in Part 2 is, "but if their [players] are better than your [players], you can’t play Cover-1".
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    And even with the shortened career, he still fit in a league MVP award. Fact of the matter is, during his time healthy, he was the premier QB in the league. Better than Bradshaw, better than Staubach, better than Stabler, and better than Fouts. If not for the injury, Bert Jones would have been a HOF lock. Unitas, Jones, Manning, & Luck ... without any hesitation, that Colts foursome trumps all others put out there by the article. Montana & Young are hard to beat as a twosome, but throw in two other QBs and it’s pretty obvious to me that no franchise can match the Colts for stellar QBs.
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    His first two years in the NFL compared to other great RBs' first two years were two of the best ever. They were both very good seasons, I meant specifically compared to the first two years of other RBs. I believe Eric Dickerson is the only one who really compared to Edge in terms of his first 2 years in the league. As a rookie he had 1,553 rushing yards along with 62 receptions for 586 yards (2,139 all purpose yards). In year two he had 1,709 rushing yards along with 63 receptions for 594 yards (2,303 all-purpose yards). He was First-team All-Pro as a rookie and 2nd-team All-Pro in year two (kind of shocking, as he was better year 2 than year 1). He led the NFL is rushing in both his rookie year and his 2nd year. He had 13 rushing TDs both years and 4 & 5 receiving TDs respectively (so he averaged over a TD per game). Some other All-Time greats that got off to a fast start: Adrian Peterson: 1,341 rushing yards 12 TDs, 19 receptions 268 yards 1 TD year 1... 1,760 rushing yards 10 TDs, 21 receptions 125 yards 0 TD year 2. Eric Dickerson: 1,808 rushing yards 18 TDs, 51 receptions 404 yards 2 TD (2,212 all-purpose yards -- slightly better than Edge) year 1.... 2,105 rushing yards 14 TDs, 21 receptions 139 yards 0 TD (2,244 all-purpose yards -- slightly less than Edge) year 2. Barry Sanders: 1,470 rushing yards 14 TDs, 24 receptions 282 yards 0 TDs year 1... 1,304 rushing yards 13 TDs, 36 receptions 480 yards 3 TD year 2. Emmitt Smith: 937 rushing yards 11 TDs, 24 receptions 228 yards 0 TD year 1... 1,563 rushing yards 12 TDs, 49 receptions 258 yards 1 TD year 2. Walter Payton: 679 rushing yards 7 TDs, 33 receptions 233 yards 0 TD year 1.... 1,390 rushing yards 13 TDs, 15 receptions 149 yards 0 TD year 2. LaDanian Tomlinson: 1,236 rushing yards 10 TD, 59 receptions 367 yards 0 TD year 1... 1,683 rushing yards 14 TD, 79 receptions 489 yards 1 TD year 2. I could go on and on, but nobody else is really too close in this discussion as far as 'first two years only.' Marshall Faulk had slightly less receptions and receiving yards, but was one of a few RBs to have over 50 receptions in both of his first two seasons. Saquon Barkley, if he has a year like last year (1,307 rushing yards 11 TD, 91 receptions 721 yards 4 TD -- 2028 all-purpose yards, 111 yards less than Edge and 174 yards less than Dickerson as rookies) will be in this conversation. Edge should already be in the HOF. I cannot imagine what his career would have been like had he not gotten horse-collared and blew out his knee. He was on pace for ~1,800 yards rushing and 64 receptions that year. He came back the next year and was obviously not full strength and still had 989 yards in just 14 games to go along with 61 receptions. He was truly one of the greatest backs in NFL history. I will be shocked if he doesn't get his Gold Jacket next year.
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    Edge's first 2 years in the league were the best by a running back in NFL history. Amazing that he came back from that injury and still had 5 more 1,000 + rushing yard seasons. Aside from being a great runner and receiver, he was widely considered one of (if not the) top pass blocking back in the league. He deserves HOF very soon.
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    That's the best thing I've read in a long time. Goes to show how one act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone's life. We get so tied up in petty things that we miss opportunities. Kenny could have just as easily kept driving that day because he could have felt had more important things to do. These are the guys we need in our locker room and our community.
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    No, that was the new robot guard, Quantum Nelson. (This whole thread is turning into bad dad jokes - just in time for Fathers Day!)
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    I saw the NHL is trying a walrus at goalie too.
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    Funny you should ask. @PrincetonTiger once created a thread, asking about members that have been missing from this forum. I was going to tell him that we need another such thread, as @crazycolt1 and others have not posted comments in a while. I have not seen @dgambill for some time. And one of my favorite people here @Jay Kirk has not posted a comment since May 1st. I hope and pray that he is okay. I also miss @southwest1, @BR-549, @BrentMc11, @radiogirl, and @shecolt. I hope they are all well. I'm sure there are others I'm not naming but this place is better when we are all here. I'm not a Colts fan but I am a fan of the Colts forum.
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    Takes on a new perspective since Kevin Durant injured his achilles. Now I can see why Coach Reich is in no rush to hurry Luck back. On ESPN NFL Live both the Hassleback brothers were commenting about calf strains can turn into achilles injuries if not properly handled.
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    That's not "the overall consensus", it's simply correct. There are many drugs that are perfectly legal to take but that are still banned by the NFL. The league banning a substance does not make it illegal. It makes it banned. That's why "banned" and "illegal" are 2 different words.
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    Thanks for the update, hope he is doing well with his recovery.
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    What's it gonna do Thursday? I got plans.
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    Then lets go ahead and start the "Will Andrew Luck ever walk again" thread.
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    JC, you gotta relax man. Remember being all upset about Leonard's contract negotiations last year? How'd that work out?
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    Alleged rape, reported, investigated, but not tried, should not be assumed true. At the same time, it should not be assumed false. Any assumption is a bad idea, especially when the potential consequences for an allegation can be life changing. Facts tend to come out over time, while people tend to rush to judgment. Even worse, people tend to be unwilling to adjust their viewpoint in the light of new facts; they'd rather rationalize those facts to avoid acknowledging that their initial rush to judgment was wrong.
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    I don't know any women who would do this nor men who wouldn't stop when asked. The woman hate in this thread is disturbing
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    False accusations of rape run at about the same rate as false reports of other crimes. Somewhere between 2% and 10% Estimates are that between 40% and 80% of rapes go unreported. No idea what occurred in this case but rush to judgement is not a good idea. There are wrongful convictions as well https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Park_jogger_case
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    So instead of a regular practice today the team went rock climbing. I love how Ballard is building a family in Indy. There is a bunch more on several of the players Instagram stories.
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    Doug....... I'm going to apologize in advance... sincerely, I'm sorry for what I'm about to write. Because if you read this full post, you're going to be convinced that I not only hate your guts, but that I want you to burn in Hell for all eternity and beyond if possible. I give you my word, I don't hate you, nor do I wish you to get burnt to a crisp in the Home of the Devil. But this is the post is one of the worst things you've ever written. Top to bottom, just awful. Look, as a wise man once said, you're entitled to your own opinion, but you're not entitled to your own facts. And there are no known facts that support this post of yours. It's entirely false and full of viewpoints that are just not supported by anything. Look how much is in bold. All of that is a big, GIGANTIC steaming pile of WRONG! First, it should be noted that in NFL circles, drafts are not judged until after year 3, and Ballard is just starting year 3. As far as I know, you're the only person who thinks Hooker and Wilson were "over drafted." Hooker was in everyone's top-10. It's great that he fell to us, but beyond the fact that since Day One you didn't like the pick, your view of Hooker is also impacted because you didn't think his injury was all that bad, (wrong) and you don't understand how to judge the type of ability and skill set that he brings to the defense. So you recently dismissed his high PFF grade and ranking in 2018. This despite the fact that he played clearly not 100% after his worse-than-you-thought injury. All stories this year that mention Hooker mention that he's healthy this year. As for Wilson... Not only did he grade out really well in the 2nd half of last season, but I read in the last 7-10 days, that Wilson, now going into his third year, is actually YOUNGER than Rock Ya-Sin. If that doesn't register, I'll put it another way, Rock, a rookie, is actually OLDER than Wilson going into his third year. That's how young Wilson was when we took him. The youngest player in the '17 draft. It's taken him time to grow-up. But youth is a plus, not a minus. Stories here on Colts.com have also noted that Wilson is actually DOWN 20 pounds this off-season. And has roughly cut his body fat in half. From roughly 14 percent to roughly 7 percent. Ballard heaps praise on him whenever given the chance. Both Hooker and Wilson either went after they were projected or roughly about where they projected. But over-drafted? That's your unique viewpoint. In the NFL world, a good/decent draft is getting three starters out of the draft. Look at this draft again. Hooker, Wilson, Mack, Walker. And when Hairston gets cut, I'm here to tell you here and now that he's NOT out of the NFL as you predict. He'll be claimed by another NFL team. Do you remember during Free Agency, we brought in a player, a DB, named Kentrell Brice? We worked him out and didn't sign him. Well, PFF crushed him. He had a super low grade from them. People here were upset simply because we brought him in for a look-see and kicked the tires. Some here acted as if they were deeply offended. What happened to Brice? He was signed by Tampa and I saw a story this week that says he might just START for them. Hairston had a good rookie year and a disappointing second year due somewhat to injury. And based on just that you're ready to proclaim he'll be out of the NFL? Nonsense. Continuing..... Leonard and Nelson are the only two who could start for any other team? Sorry, but this is your Ballard-HATE speaking. And please spare me the denial. Only someone who either doesn't know football or just HATES someone's guts would make such a silly claim. Braden Smith? Hooker? Wilson? Mack? Walker? You can't be serious? No other teams would want those guys to start for them? You're coming from a very dark place to even suggest this. You wouldn't consider anything Ballard has done in his first two drafts exceptional? Sorry, but that's what kids today call..... an EPIC FAIL!! Feel free to name another draft that had two players the caliber of Nelson and Leonard? Did you not see that those two plus Smith landed on the NFL all-under-25 teams? 3 players. From the same draft. And you didn't think that's exceptional? Dear God, where does this come from? Doug..... Bill Belichick may not be a fantastic drafter.... but he's somehow managed to win 6 super bowls. Where do you think he gets those players? It's not just great coaching. Is he a great drafter? That's in the eye of the beholder. But he knows how to trade UP and trade DOWN better than most. And he accumlates extra picks better than most. And he knows how to work the extra compensatory picks better than anyone. But finding guys that "fit his system" is in part what makes BB a very good drafter. He knows the talent that fits what he wants. Interestingly, this sounds like something very similar to Chris Ballard. He's got certain qualities that he wants, and he tries to find those players. I'm sorry this is such a long, negative rant. But there was so much to comment on. This kind of post surfaces from you once or twice a year. It does not serve you well. This one will likely come back to haunt you. To be quoted by others against you. Again, you're entitled to your own unique views, but at least have something to back it up with. The facts, the NFL standards are hard against you. This is the kind of post that makes me say from time to time.... You live in Dew-ville. Population 1. Sorry.
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    Ive bashed polian as much as the next guy, but the guy has or potentially drafted 9 HOFers Jim Kelly Bruce Smith Thurman Thomas Andre Reed Peyton Manning Edge Reggie Freeney Mathis He did not draft Marv or Marshall Faulk. That was Bill Tobin.
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    Actually, it MIGHT help him, at least buy him a couple extra weeks as he wouldn't count against the 53 week roster until week 3
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    It popped up randomly (PT. 2) in my Youtube string and I watched it today. All I know is that these short documentary peaks into the team behind the scenes are brilliantly executed. Whoever came up with the idea and whoever is implementing it should get a raise. This type of openness is a model of how to run a business. I encouraged the owner of a company I worked for to do the same with their personnel who were salesmen of another passion product similar to "Football." He resisted doing it while I was there, but 2 months after I left (to run my own company full time) he implemented the policy and it paid off big time. Most big companies can't have this type of transparency because they are not committed to their employees. By showing not only the players, but also getting a brief look at some of the people behind the scenes not only strengthens fans connections to the team, but it has to feel wonderful to all those people busting their butt to make the company work better. It says "these are the people doing the REAL work, not millionaires, but rank and file people who are experts at their craft and who get the players ready, keep them healthy and help them recover as well as running the company in other positions. Imagine if a big company gave you an honest look inside at the people who make it happen (Google? Coca-Cola? Ford Motor Company etc.) and how they came to big decisions or technologies (after the fact of course)? Your loyalty would go up to their brand, your interest in their product would go up. Your trust in what they are selling you would improve and so on. If you run a company or have any say in it, you could learn a lot from this move. (And I imagine some other teams do it though I haven't seen it done as well). It works. Congrats to them all!
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