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    I wonder how much JB paid "The Blast" to publish this article...
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    It was an outstanding play that shows why Hooker is viewed as an elite talent. Not a perfect throw by Rivers, but it took Hooker flashing from out of the frame to snatch the ball away with one hand to stop a back-breaking TD. This is the type of play that you said he didn't make in 2018 (setting aside his injury recovery). He's a playmaker with insane range and excellent ball skills, and that play shows a sample of those traits. You're going out of your way to downplay how outstanding that pick was. By the way, I was at the game (humblebrag), sitting right behind that end zone (it was great for the pick and the Mack TD, not so great in OT). Hooker made an amazing play. I thought it was a sure TD, and then #29 comes out of nowhere, looking like a superhero. It was a very impressive play by any standard.
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    This is my first time being on the forum since Andrew retired. It took me a long time to accept it and get past it, as I was basically heartbroken for a multitude of reasons. All the respect in the world to him, I'll miss him, and I wish him happiness and health in life above all. But, looking ahead to 2019, Jacoby's extension, etc... This may be kinda long because I haven't said much in a while. Before I get to my main topic of discussion, I'd like to reiterate some points that have been made by others here that I agree with. 1. The length and price of Jacoby's extension is perfect. Team takes care of him, but protects themselves and has a chance for that deal to be a major bargain. 2. This team is loaded and cannot and will not tank for a QB. 3. The fact that they extended Jacoby now vs after the season shows their belief in him isn't hyperbole, it wasn't just smoke to try to drum up a trade. It's real. 4. If Ballard and Reich believe in Jacoby, they have earned our trust up to this point, and therefore we need to trust their evaluation of him and put our faith in him as well. 5. My biggest point of emphasis...Ballard and Reich did the best they could with the Luck situation. Things moved quickly, they tried to handle it internally, they hoped Andrew would reconsider, but he didn't. Ballard is always as direct and honest with us as he can be. He obviously should never come out and say "Andrew is considering retirement" and putting everyone into a panic... he needed to let that process play out before he involved us. I trust him completely...and if anything, I feel absolutely terrible that this happened to him. But I know he will navigate us through it and we will win. But, onto my actual topic... While I do believe Jacoby is a very good QB, I think his extension actually tells us what they're thinking internally. "We trust you, but we don't know for sure what your ceiling is, so go out and prove it and then you'll be compensated." But what makes me excited about this is that, yes, this is an evaluation year for Jacoby, and the team could not be set up more perfectly to see how good he can actually be. The roster is loaded. Top 5 O-line, tons of weapons on offense, an offensive head coach with a high end scheme and playcalling, a top 12 defense with all the starters returning, along with big additions like Houston and Rock. There are zero excuses for Jacoby. In 2017 there were A LOT. Just traded to the team, new playbook, new teammates, new scheme, new terminology, terrible o-line, no weapons outside of TY and Doyle, beyond awful coaching and playcalling... I mean... literally everything that could go wrong did go wrong for Jacoby in that season. Yet we had 4th Quarter leads in 9 games. With a much much much worse roster. This year, he's had virtually every single starting rep all offseason, 2nd year in the system, and the team is better at every level. Regardless of how this season plays out (which I think we will be successful and still make the playoffs), we will have a definitive, black and white answer about our future at the QB position.
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    there's been articles all over about it, not just on twitter. I know you guys aren't being "too" rough, but remember, some people come to this forum to get their Colts updates. Like me, I don't do Twitter. I don't live in Indy where there is always a radio station talking Colts football. I'm guessing Smoke was just using this forum for some info.
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    I'm gonna go ahead and give it a 10.
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    Next two games are against Houston and Titans. Win both, we're 8-4, and 5-0 in the division and 2-0 against HOU and Tenn. Houston has New England right after they play us. If they lose that game too that puts them at 6-6 and 2.5 back of us with just 4 games left. Colts have a huge opportunity to gain a stranglehold on the division. Great win today. I decided to stay off the forum for a week after the Dolphins loss because I ain't gonna lie, some of y'all can become quite insufferable when we lose
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    First off, losses happen, it doesn’t mean we need to freak out. second, I have no idea why some of you are in complete freak out stage. 6 months ago and all thru the summer, we heard people clamoring about the first 4 games and how tough they were. With Luck, MOST people said they’d be thrilled to be 2-2 or best case, 3-1. Now, we’re without Luck, and suddenly 2-2 means blow it up, we’re done. Seriously folks, there’s gonna be ups and downs with a young team that’s missing several starters. Deep breathes
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    That final drive to ensure the win after the Falcons put it in question was just a thing of beauty. Used the pass game, used the run game, kept it short not because he had to but because it was the best way to win. Marched down the field using all our weapons. Our OL was battered an struggling but held up just enough to allow us to execute. Well done to Mr. Reich. That was a major strategic victory against a team that, while a bit mentally soft, is no joke to play against. They almost outplayed us, they gashed our D hard, but our HC had them out-thought and it didn't matter
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    And yes this is a yelling matter. It is amazing me some of the post and threads on this forum after a loss to the raiders. Its like most of you are completely pushing to the side how much of an impact our 3 star players have on this team. Darius leonard was the DROY of the year and you replacing him with a rookie who is just now really getting playing time, yea you are going to see a massive drop off at line backer. We really do not have another true FS on this team so yea we are really going to miss Hooker and you're going to see more yards thrown on us with essentially 2 SS on the field. On top of that there is a 4th round rookie taking the place of him. We also have another rookie playing CB, one of the hardest positions to learn and hes doing a good job but will continue to get picked on. So we have 3 rookies out there starting and 5 that are getting alot of playing time, if you factor in the fact the rest of the rotation pieces where only in their second years with limited snaps we have an incredibly young defense that are still trying to gel together. I dont understand why people think these rookies are just going to immediately be all pros. As far as the offense goes our best receiver not being there of course is going to affect us. We essentially started 2 rookies and a 3rd year UDFA and a QB who throws the ball as hard as he possibly can. Thats a bad combination for drops. I've been very critical privately with Brissett and have lots to say on the matter but I will continue to hold that to myself, but some of you pretend that there is no drop off from Luck to Brissett. IMHO with Luck we are undefeated. We have yet to be completely out of a game and have only lost by the largest margin of 7 points. We are not getting blown out people this is still a very good roster. IMHO we are a good qb and a good DT away from a super bowl. The head calling for Ballard is asinine. Hes built up likely the most talented roster we have seen in nearly a decade, losing our best player at the most crucial position of the game is going to set us back a year or two. Be patient colts family.
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    We beat a very good team in a very difficult stadium in spite of the refs making several questionable calls which were unfavorable to us. It was a very good team win and it was a very good morale booster for this team (they won w/ several key players out due to injury, beat one of the best teams in the NFL on the road, and kept Mahommes in check for the most part). This win should really help our team's spirits and confidence going into the bye week and then coming back into the real meat of our schedule (5 of our 6 division games remain -- we also got lucky w/ Jax and Tenn losing, so we're tied at 3-2 with HOU). Some takeaways from me: Offense -Our OL was very, very good with the run today and Mack and Wilkins capitalized on the holes they were opening up. It's very nice to see both our RBs really seeming to trust the OL (the outside run on 4th and 2 when Mack followed Smith's block to get the 1st really epitomized that to me, I thought for sure we were getting stuffed and Mack showed great patience and ran behind Smith's lead). That is the best run blocking game from our OL which I can remember -- and it was cool to see Mack had his 5th 125+ yard game since last year, making him and McCaffery the NFL's only two guys to have done that. -Although we didn't give up any sacks, KC still brought a lot of pressure to Jacoby, often times flushing him out of the pocket or getting him to the ground as he was getting the ball out. I hope we can make some adjustments and pick up some blitz packages better as the year goes on, while no sacks is good there were a few hits on Jacoby that made me cringe. -Jacoby makes very few mental mistakes and is very careful with the ball. I like the fact he isn't afraid to throw the ball away when he gets out of the pocket. There was a throw or two where he threw it over Ali-Cox's head when Cox was about a yard or two past the LOS -- I think these were intentional by Jacoby to avoid intentional grounding but to also avoid Ali-Cox getting crushed and not really making a gain anyway. A few other plays when Jacoby threw the ball away, I was thinking 'if Luck was in the game, he probably would've forced a few of those balls with high risk of interception.' Jacoby also showed us he's got a heck of an arm (the deep ball to Cain which we picked up a PI penalty on was a very well thrown ball), I'm hoping we add some more deep routes more frequently after the bye (hopefully when Funchess returns this will open up some more options in the offense). -Hines was very impressive in the receiving game today and made a few very nice moves when he was out in space. I was bummed by the Rogers holding penalty on the one screen, but IMO, this was the best game I've seen Hines play and it seems like he and Jacoby are really starting to develop chemistry. -Ebron had another pretty bad drop today... I hope he patches things up as the year goes on, as he caused a few drives to stop last week and the drop he had today would've put us in a 4th and ~1 position. -Our 4th down O was tremendous, Reich made very good calls and we executed very well (I think I saw a stat that we've been successful on our last 8 4th down conversions). I am happy to see Reich has that must trust in his players. -While Cain only had 1 reception, it was a very impressive one and he ran a nice route and did a nice job selling the PI on the deep attempt from Brissett -- I was kind of critical of him last week, but think he improved this week. -Overall, I think this was a very well coached game and very well executed by the players. It ought to help going into the rest of the season, as we've seen this O can throw for over 300 if needed but have also shown we can really control the clock and run the ball... we'll be more difficult to game plan against if we can continue to show that we can be successful week in and week out with totally different offensive game plans. -Our time of possession was fantastic, this is a wonderful formula to win games. -The major negative I had from our O today was our inability to get the ball into the endzone more often (I believe all of Vinny's FGs were 32 yards or less, meaning we got into the red zone and settled for FGs on 4 different occasions). I know they put some emphasis on locking down Ebron, but we've gotta get 7 more frequently in the red zone. Hopefully, when Funchess returns our red zone O will improve from what we saw today. STs -Vinny made his XP and went 4-4 on FGs. Granted they were all short field goals, it was still nice to see Vinny have a perfect day. He looked very loose on the sidelines (laughing, cracking jokes, etc.), which IMO is a very good sign. It also seemed like our snaps/holds this week were the cleanest of the year to date. -Dulin made a very, very good play as a gunner on punt coverage. I assume that's a major reason he got brought up to the 53 man roster, as I didn't really see him on O much, if at all. -Thought this was Sanchez's best game of the season, hopefully he keeps it up. -Pascal was OK as a KR, but I think it's obvious he is not as dangerous as Campbell. Defense -Very good game plan and execution. New England showed an effective way to slow KC/Mahommes is to keep guys in coverage and apply pressure with the front 4 and Detroit played them similarly last week. I am not sure we would have been as effective had they had Hill or Watkins in the game, or if Mahommes didn't tweak his ankle... but this was by far our best executed game by the D of the season. -Our front 4 played (IMO) the best game of the year so far and was constantly bothering Mahommes. I think Sheard's presence was really felt today. Feel awful for Turay, he was having himself a very nice game and I think has been developing very nicely... he'll be missed as the year goes on and I imagine we're going to try to bring another rush DE to the 53 man squad. Houston had himself by far his best game as a Colt. Grover Stewart I also thought had his best game as a Colt. We didn't blitz often, but we were effective when we did -- Moore II's move to get around the T on his sack was excellent. -I thought Wilson had a very, very nice game. Kelce had only 4 receptions on 10 targets and Wilson was very effective against him. I think this is what Ballard had in mind when he initially drafted Wilson and he showed up today. -I thought Ya-Sin had his best game yet, even though they called that nonsense interference on him. He seems to be a very sure tackler and (IMO) is showing signs of improving his overall game each week. -Desir (IMO) was the weakest link on D today. Not sure if he's still nursing the hamstring injury, but he seemed a step slow on several plays (got lucky a couple times that Mahommes overthrew his target who had Desir beaten). -Khari Willis is looking to be the real deal, he's improved every week and impressed every week. I sort of expect he's going to be taking significant time away from Geathers when he returns, and think he and Hooker will be a fine S duo. -I was very unimpressed by Odum on the KC TD pass... I get we were in a zone, but when a play breaks down like that, there has to be some instincts to go cover the wide-open guy that's 3 yards away from you in the end zone. He made up for it though with a terrific tackle late in the game when KC almost converted on 3rd and 28 (that tackle, which resulted in a 4th and 1 which Houston stuffed was a game-changer, for sure). I thought that PI call on him late in the game was a garbage call, he had himself in good position and got screwed by some good acting on the WR's part. -None of our LBs really stuck out to me (in a good way, or a bad way), which is fine. I thought they played pretty consistent and didn't see any major mistakes. Wish that Okerere interception stuck, and glad to see he's got some ball awareness and potentially some play-making ability, he had a really nice run back. -Overall, I think we had a very solid game. The young guys all seem to be improving each week and are getting better playing with each other. I think the return of Hooker and Leonard will undoubtedly make this group better. It's nice to know we've got some depth though and that we should be able to count on some of our young guys if we need to as the season goes on. I did not really notice Hunt or Banganou tonight, which kind of surprised me, but we played the best game of the season by far. Big credit to the O for keeping KC's O of the field, but big credit to our D for limiting them when they did have the ball. -The only major concern I have with our D after this game is the injury to Turay.. he had 0.5 sacks tonight, but had 3 clean hits on Mahommes and was disruptive all night. A bit nervous moving forward without him, as I don't know if we have another guy who can get to the QB consistently on our DL outside of Houston.
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    I'd ask this..... Why would you, or ANYONE, make such predictions now? Based on one game? This post feels like someone had one six-pack too many and sat down at his computer..... And then you top it off, by calling anyone who disagrees with you.... a homer..... Geez, what a train wreck of a post..........
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    There are only 20 names listed. We didn't pick in the top 20 picks. This should not be a surprise.
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    Its always fun to see this
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    Model citizen. He just needed to get away from Big Ben's toxicity in Pittsburgh. The Raiders got a steal. Colts should have been all in on him.
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    I dont post a lot and I am not here to stir the pot. I was a Season Ticket holder until I had to move for a job. I was not at the game, but I saw the hurt on Andrews face when asked about the booing. It looked like it really got to him. I know this isnt what we wanted and I am as upset as anyone, but he did give us his all and it wasnt his fault that Grigson couldnt find people to protect him. He went through a lot of pain and suffering for our enjoyment and I for one wish him well. He is not a quitter and if he would have had a better line we wouldnt be having this conversation. We are a GREAT fan base and to hear he was booed really upset me. We are so much better then that. We love our team and I was so looking forward to this season as we all were. I just hate to think that this is how he will go out thinking thats how WE feel about him. This Organization prides itself on getting the right type of player to build a great culture. A culture that makes players want to come here and I would hate to think that that display will detour some from wanting to play here. I know the other players on the team heard it and are upset. They all love the guy, how could you not, and I am sure they feel sorry for Andrew knowing that will be the last thing he hears from the fans! Like I said, I was not there and I hope that it was a small group and not a collective group that booed. Like I said, I know I dont post much, but I just feel sad and upset just like the rest of you, but I also love the Shoe and all that wear it. Andrew was special and I just wish they could have protected him. I lay that on Grigson and nobody else. Sorry for the rant guys. We are a GREAT fanbase!!!
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    I am opinionated. And so what? Are you making a point? It's ironic that you'd say I'm going out of my way to defend Luck. I'm not defending him, because he doesn't need defending. I'm simply calling out your ridiculous take, because I'm tired of seeing it spammed in every thread. You're not tougher than Andrew Luck because you bowled a 220 with a sore back, or because you played hockey, or because you rushed for four TDs for Polk High in the city championship game. It doesn't matter what injuries you've endured or played through, because you are not in the NFL. What you appear to be is resentful of professional athletes who make a bunch of money, driven by biases and unreasonable expectations. You appear to be the kind of poster who shows up and states a bunch of baseless and unfounded nonsense when things look rough, then disappears when you're proven wrong. You appear to be trolling, posting outrageous drivel, then slinking away when it blows up in your face. You're becoming (have become?) a caricature, a typical naysayer who points fingers when the team loses, then disappears when the team wins. Be better. You have knowledge, but you dismiss anything that doesn't support your already determined viewpoint, and you refuse to acknowledge when you're wrong, even when it's painfully obvious to everyone else. So yes, I am opinionated, and in my opinion, your way of posting lowers the quality of this board. And that's a shame because you could very easily be way more credible than you are, and with your supposed experience and background, that would be a great asset to this place (especially on this topic). Instead, you're obsessed with taking potshots and harping on everything the team does that you disagree with. And it's beyond tiresome at this point. Again, be better.
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    For the Colts to be 6-5 with injuries and losing their Franchise QB, tells me it’s not all doom and gloom. Flush with CAP space and draft capital, the future isn’t bad at all. Getting healthy, adding a few more playmakers and IMO finding a QB that fits Reich’s scheme will have the Colts contenders in the not to distant future.
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    So talented, not one team was willing to put in a waiver claim
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    "Let's run the * out of the ball, baby" lol But really, mostly just a good showcase of Nelson being a great teammate, running to/helping the ball carrier.
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    Why are you yelling?
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    JB is a complete game manager and check down artist. I don’t understand why people cover for him so much.
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    I just want to publicly eat some crow re: Brissett. I've been skeptical/critical the past 2 games, and he came out, without much of a running game today, and put in a career performance. Jacoby Brissett was 26/39 (66.67%) for 326 yards (8.4 YPA), 4 TD, 0 INT, and 126.7 rating. Career highs in passing yards, passing TDs, and passer rating. Yeah, the Texans secondary is banged up, but almost everyone is in the NFL at this point. Keep it up JB. That will be enough to win in this league every week.
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    Can he throw TD's when the ground game is being shut down? Check Can he lead the team down the field,eat the clock with players other than TY? Check Can he throw for over 300 yards, 4 TDS, and protect the ball? Check Give credit to the Texans D. They are for real. Jacoby is a leader, and a smart QB. Calling him a game manager would not be accurate. He is a pocket passer with patience, smarts, and necessary accuracy for the position.
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    I can’t say enough about what Vinny means to this organization. However, why is he still playing? It was obvious last year that he should have seriously considered hanging his cleats up. What he did (actually didn’t) do today was upsetting. Not just to me as a fan, but to his team. The team has been through a lot this month and they still showed true grit and have stayed in this game the entire way. Vinny let everyone down regardless of how this ends.
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    I hope it’s for Jamies Winston. A legit franchise QB!
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    lol.....Brissett aint getting no hook in favor of inferior qbs like Brock Osweiller or Matt Cassell after 5 weeks time. The Colts organization is alot more behind Brissett than many of you wish to aknowledge. Notice there is very little talk from the Colts since last weekend? It's all business with them. Brissett is the qb in 2019, and there is plenty of confidence in him from top to bottom.
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    In my opinion, what Luck did actually is worse. Now, before you all call for my head, read this and let me tell you why. One of these two had numerous interviews and pressers saying they were expecting to play week 1. One of these two went out 2 weeks ago, in front of all the fans, and ran cone drills, then said afterwards he felt pretty good. One of these two went out on national tv on the 3rd preseason game and threw footballs in front of the fans at the stadium and on tv. One of these two then announced he was quitting late in the 4th quarter of that very game in which he was throwing footballs around in the pregame. The other never actually said in public he was going to coach the Colts. People aren't, I repeat, ARE NOT upset because he retired. Most everyone is understanding to his reasons. People are mad and upset because he taunted fans for the last month with things mentioned above and more. He played the fans for their emotions, he showed off in front of them twice at games. Then suddenly, retires with a lame excuse such as "losing the love of the game". That doesn't happen over night and it surely doesn't happen middle of a game where you're on the sidelines. No, this whole thing was brought on by Luck himself. He toyed the fans and that is why so many, including myself, think he betrayed the team and the fans.
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    still in shock. i'm going to get drunk lol Chad Kelly starting by week 4
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    This is something I've been saying for a while too... This is such a horrible argument and misrepresentation of what exactly Luck's strengths and weaknesses were. Players like Brissett, like Mariota, etc. hold onto the ball because they have trouble eliminating and isolating reads in the progression and going through the progressions. Luck never had that problem, in fact it was one of his strongest suits. Luck played in an Air Coryell system that relied heavily on deep routes that develop slowly. And he was relied to do that PRECISELY BECAUSE he was able to make full field progression reads, with bullets flying all around him!! In fact, this was such a big positive in his game that they gave him that responsibility from day 1. Most rookie QBs, even the ones that can throw deep are eased into a role like that, because the throw itself is the easiest part of throwing deep - navigating the pocket, reading the field and anticipating when to release the ball were much harder and Luck was amazing at it. Luck had the freedom and responsibility to do it from game 1 in his rookie year. This is the reason in the last year of his Air Coryell tenure he had about 40% of his drop backs being 7 step drops. This was about 230 of his 580 something dropbacks. Just for reference - most QBs in the league have to play 10 years in the league to get as many 7 step drop backs as Luck was getting in a single season. The problem with Luck was that he sometimes held the ball too long because of his belief that he can make the play instead of taking a lost down and throwing it away. He was pushing his luck way too much and in some situations it cost us. Luck was holding the ball to make plays(and was making a ton of them), Brissett is holding the ball because he cannot see the throws he needs to make.
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    All this repetitive shivering snivelling fear of losing to KC is tiresome. Good teams lose games all the time. We are clearly not favourites to win it but rattling on about it in just about every thread is unnecessary.
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    I now expect zero sacks, the next three weeks.
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    He looks like a bum. Let's get rid of him, I think we could get Kirk Cousins for him.
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    What if the kickers they work out all have terrible tryouts? Is that Ballard "not having guts" to not drop AV for someone else to produce the same results? SMH... why a personal attack on Ballard? It serves no purpose and is low class in this instance
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    honest question - does every thought that floats through your head turn into a post? Killer instinct is just something that those who don’t know float out there. they lost this game because they made too many mistakes. Was Leonard’s penalty st the half a lack of discipline or lack of a killer instinct? Did Rogers fumble because of this lacking instinct? Did the lack of a killer instinct lead Rigo to not getting the laces out or Vinny shanking the kick? Your premise is not surprisingly flawed.
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    I suck.....i have been really negative all week after the Raiders game. I'm 1st up to apologize. One of the greatest wins in Colts history when u consider what they were up against
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    I would take him over Mariotta ........ all day every day
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    Whoever runs this account is very talented. They make me smile. I feel sad for the people who not only don't like it but feel compelled to criticize it. We need more things that make us smile not less
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    I'm saying again just off my eye for talent I think Sirriani and Reich could mold Chad Kelly into a real nice NFL QB. Hopefully JB is the answer, but if not I think the answer could possibly be here already.
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    I like how people just make stuff up, and then start peddling it as anything more than the product of their imagination.
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    Bummer that all the starters are out! I’m going with a group of friends, including some Bears fans(Boo!). Alot of people on here saying they feel bad for people going and that it’s too much money to go watch scrubs....Going to a game at Lucas is more then just watching the game. It’s about tailgating, hanging out with good friends and having a good time, razzing the opposing teams fans, all in fun of course, and also hanging out with fellow bleed blue colts fans! Same reason I went to watch the Cubs even during the bad years, the atmosphere and fans were awesome no matter what. I don’t really mind watching the second and third stringers fighting for their futures. As far as price, I got a pretty good seat for $48, so can’t complain. It’s going to be a fun day no matter what, not going in with high expectations like I do during regular season.
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    Hey friends. I am live at grand park today. Going to take some diligent notes and write up everything I see today and post it after practice.
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    If TY keeps it up I feel good about his chances of making the team.
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    I hate anyone that left early. No excuse when youre only down 1 with over a min to go
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    Yeah it’s a game. I hate that he’s retiring but Andrew Luck playing football doesn’t impact my everyday life. If this is the worst thing in your life right now you should be thankful for what a great life you have.
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    1. Never dismiss a rape allegation. They should always be taken seriously. 2. This report is from 1 website. Wait for other outlets to confirm. As of the time I'm posting this, it's the only website to mention Okereke involved in this. Google "Bobby Okereke rape". The reddit thread is the only one that came up. 3. There are serious issues with the Title IX process over the past few years. 4. "Innocent until proven guilty" and "Take every rape allegation seriously" are not mutually exclusive.
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