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    This is something I've been saying for a while too... This is such a horrible argument and misrepresentation of what exactly Luck's strengths and weaknesses were. Players like Brissett, like Mariota, etc. hold onto the ball because they have trouble eliminating and isolating reads in the progression and going through the progressions. Luck never had that problem, in fact it was one of his strongest suits. Luck played in an Air Coryell system that relied heavily on deep routes that develop slowly. And he was relied to do that PRECISELY BECAUSE he was able to make full field progression reads, with bullets flying all around him!! In fact, this was such a big positive in his game that they gave him that responsibility from day 1. Most rookie QBs, even the ones that can throw deep are eased into a role like that, because the throw itself is the easiest part of throwing deep - navigating the pocket, reading the field and anticipating when to release the ball were much harder and Luck was amazing at it. Luck had the freedom and responsibility to do it from game 1 in his rookie year. This is the reason in the last year of his Air Coryell tenure he had about 40% of his drop backs being 7 step drops. This was about 230 of his 580 something dropbacks. Just for reference - most QBs in the league have to play 10 years in the league to get as many 7 step drop backs as Luck was getting in a single season. The problem with Luck was that he sometimes held the ball too long because of his belief that he can make the play instead of taking a lost down and throwing it away. He was pushing his luck way too much and in some situations it cost us. Luck was holding the ball to make plays(and was making a ton of them), Brissett is holding the ball because he cannot see the throws he needs to make.
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    On the last drive a field goal would have tied the game if our kicker kicks a freaking extra point. This loss is squarely on him
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    No Brissett, no TY, no Desir.. no complaints.. just please win!
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    Holder would say that. Pretty sure it’s not Reich’s fault his TE-loving QB retired right before the season started. And it’s definitely not Reich’s fault that Ebron went back to dropping passes at a league-leading rate. Reich is trying to win games...not justify Ebron’s presence on the roster...or his contract.
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    Hold it.....I though we had a thread saying he regressed?
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    Except the same number of wins as the Falcons.
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    Agree Mack should have been in the game and the 3 shots to the end zone were very ugly. The third one was a horrendous call as needing 10 yards on a short field is pretty tough.
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    I don't trust still frames. I need examples that give me timestamp. That way I can go back and review in/them slow motion, forward and reverse what every one is doing on the coaches all 22 views. I guess I need to find time to review the games when I can.
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    It's hard to grade WRs unless you have the coaches view replays, know who were the 1,2,3,4 options on any given play and what each receivers role was in running his route. Let's be real here. Usually depending on the camera angle, you only see the first 5 yards or so of their route. You have no idea if they're open, and if they were, why they weren't thrown the ball. The only thing we can gather watching a TV game is if they drop or catch the ball.
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    Big mistake. Can't preach accountability , cut Cain , and keep what is now the worst kicker in the league on the team. Now Ebron is popping off , and he has been dismal most the year.
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    We would be 7-2 with him and this discussion would be comical. OK I guess we will find out what he does against the Jags, Texans, and Titans because we have to win them all now.
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    Ugly game all around but Darius Leonard was the bright today. People on Twitter, as well as Facebook and this forum were saying "Whats wrong with Darius?" He balled out today, and he looked like the All Pro maniac that we know and love.
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    Honestly the NFL as a whole isn't a great product right now.
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    Did you sprain your MCL on that knee jerk?
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    From the article that you posted: I don't know about you but I like to watch games involving highly regarded young QBs. This will be Sam Darnold against Daniel Jones. The fans of the team that loses this will be .
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    What the.... Heck?!? The team plays a bad game in all three phases and you chalk it all up to Hoyer was a good game manager and the team wasn’t pulling in the same direction? Holy Cow!! Sorry... can’t help you. I think that’s a YOU problem and I didn’t read that anywhere else. I don’t even know how you arrived at that conclusion? And you explained yourself and I’m still confused. I thought Hoyer was pretty darn good. One bad pass? I think Reich and Ballard would take Hoyer’s performance any time. Not sure you can expect much more from a back up.
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    As an OL, if you go up against guys like Watt and Heyward, if you can contain them even 60% of the time that’s a damn good day at the office. And Nelson contains those guys and others he blocks probably close to 95%. Everyone notices when the OL fails, no one notices when he succeeds. Kinda like the RB tasked with QB protection on PA plays.
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    I think that's pretty simple Chloe. We FANS are wondering whether this guy is going to be around here long or not. NO one thinks Hoyer is the way forward. He is obviously a back up type of guy. That's it. That simple. Me, I'd be surprised if JB is our starter after next year at the latest from what I've seen on the field. He seems like a backup type of guy.
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    like Brissett said heading into the kc game that week. They have to face us too.
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    It's also fair to say that his ball placement on short, quick throws, wasn't as accurate as it should have been. But he didn't play in an offense that emphasized short, quick throws, so it's hard to see what difference it would have made. Still, when discussing JB, there's no reason to malign AL. It's a completely different topic, and one I don't really care about because AL isn't playing QB for us anymore.
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    That's patently false, top to bottom. Where do you guys come up with this nonsense?
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    Yes. Its relevant to point to these flaws in Luck because he never got massively criticized for them. Now that our QB is not Luck, the QB gets massively criticized for them. I guess if JB can't throw receivers open, we'll just have to find receivers that get open by themselves. And a 3tech DT and maybe even 4 new DBs, yes 4, that actually make plays that give our QB better field position occasionally. (but they're still young). And a more consistent kicker. We had the GOAT from 1999 to 2012 and the other #1 pick in the draft , the Something-Less-Than-GOAT for 5 years after that. In about 20 years of paying that type of QB we've had 1 superbowl win. JB is fine,IMO. And yes he needs to improve, as would a new college rookie QB would need to improve, like both PM and AL had to also.
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    Wait a minute. Are you saying that a)Nelson is not perfect and he may get beat from time to time? And b) There are good players on other teams and that sometimes they may actually win a battle against a Colts player? That's crazy talk and has no place on this forum.
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    This is only good if it's accompanied with high yards per catch or yards per attempt, which we don't have. In essence the reason we have high % of the yards after the catch is because we don't throw intermediate-deep so we get short passes or check down passes and rely on the pass-catchers to create. It results in high YAC% but low yards per attempt and yards per catch, which are much more important measurements of the strength of the offense.
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    You are 100% correct There is more to the story...... that we as fans just dont know The Hoyer signing to me, says that CK STILL cant be trusted (at least by the guys that are involved closely) I am intrigued by CK, but HAVE to trust the Colts management He may be a walking * I was a fan of JB before it was cool to be a fan of JB Lets let him play and improve It will all work out
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    lol you're right, we got a few more players to get injured .....
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    We might have 99 problems, but Nelson isnt one.
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    Personally, I wouldn't boo Vinny. He's had such an amazing career, let him finish the season and go out in peace. Booing him now would only tarnish how people look at his career. It isn't my choice, seeing as everyone has a right to their own opinion, but let the man finish up in peace, and hope we find someone next year and don't fall into the situation that the Bears were in.
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    Of course it is you. All of us here were asking for you.
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    The thing that concerns me most about all this is the combination of our HC/OC, and players like Hines, Ebron, Doyle, Cambell. You have these 4 guys and you're 1: Failing to motivate them, and 2: you are playing your scheme like you never lost TY Hilton. They havent adjusted to losing TY at all. This year I am extremely disappointed in Frank Reich. After the draft all anyone was talking about was all the weapons thus team had!!! And now what? They're not weapons anymore? Scheme these guys Frank. Stop calling crap football games and acting like you dont have any other players.
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    Meh go to bed. Step away from the forum and stop overreacting. Ain’t no coach perfect. Even Hoodie has had question game calling
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    That's all I'm saying. A couple big runs by Kelly could've been the difference today. But hey, it is what it is. I get why Hoyer was the guy they went with. Kelly probably hadn't gotten any run with the first team this week and they committed to Hoyer as the guy behind Brissett.
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    This is the flipside of a player like Hoyer. There is a reason he's a career backup. He's very volatile and about half of the time he will make enough stupid decisions and bad throws to lose you a game. It's kind of a miracle we had a chance to win that game with how bad Hoyer was. He stared down his receivers again after similar INT last week and it cost us again this week. I hope Brissett is healthy enough to play next week because for as conservative as he is, you know he won't lose you a game in this type of fashion.
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    Hoyer and Vinateri great job today thanks for the crushing loss
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    Yeah, I'm really not with Frank on those 2nd and 3rd down calls there.
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    I don't see why you'd play the guy at all against the Dolphs if there is a significantly elevated risk of aggravating the injury.
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    Cam is all about Cam. Big guy, big arm, big ego.
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    I just noticed you have the best profile pic in the universe.
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    Colts signed Hoyer to a 3 year $12 million dollar contract. The $9 million guaranteed tells me that he'll be here next year as well.
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    I would stand with this... I was/am all for JB. IMO, he has exceeded expectation thus far... and I believe him to hold a far higher ceiling than many would agree with me about... I also am an admitted CK non-fan... Same reason im not a Baker fan... IMO, when one acts like a clown, they are a clown... Clowns belong in a circus, not the Colts locker room. I really didnt care about the trespassing... but the "Swag"-stuff or w.e. ... Dude is a clown that if I was a player, I would NOT want to follow into "battle". Id rather go back to Chuck preaching "Grit" every other word than to follow an Irrelevant Swag Man But also, Hoyer is what Hoyer is... if JB went down and the Colts season was for sure over... at that point I wouldnt see the harm in throwing CK to the fire. Really see what hes got at this point in time. Hoyer is a known commodity. Last week didnt make him a starting caliber QB. But it did reaffirm that the Colts coaching staff and FO knows what they are doing in regards to managing the team- as Hoyer is clearly a capable backup that can come in and throw, and throw TDs (must note he throws them to both teams, but TDs none the less)
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    This isn't strictly Ebron related but my guess is we are going to start seeing a different offense from the Colts than we have seen thus far. I think Reich likes to dictate the metrics teams use when game planning for the Colts and now he is going to start using those metrics to the team's advantage. For those that don't know, most NFL teams develop their metrics (what we called tendencies in the old days) from the last 5 games played. Typically when they review film they look at the last 2 or 3 games. If you know what metrics are established then you can go against those metrics. And as soon as you start doing that, you mess up the metrics for the next couple of games. We saw the Colts do this, more so on the defensive side of the ball, last year and to a lesser extent with the back 4 coverages this year, they started off playing primarily zone, then they went to playing primarily man, now we will start seeing a combination of both. Same with the offense. The Colts have established themselves as more run oriented but I think we will start to see them open up the offense, start passing more on 1st down, perhaps running a bit more on 3rd and 5 or 6. etc. I could be wrong, I may be misreading the situation.
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    I am so sick of hearing about AV. You know what cost us the game was the 13 pts we gifted the Steelers before halftime. None had to do with AV. We should of been up 17-3 at least at halftime. This game was not AV fault. The chargers game I will blame AV. Not this game.
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    https://www.colts.com/news/jacoby-brissett-knee-injury-update-parris-campbell-ryan-kelly there is your Ryan kelly update.
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