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    Hey everybody, Andrew Walker of Colts.com here. I’m just looking to expand our reach in the quest for the best questions for our Colts.com Mailbag. I’ll check back here towards the end of the week for any submissions you may have, or feel free to send them on our site here.
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    Technically, I don’t believe he was released. I believe his contract was up and we elected not to re-sign him to a new deal. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will come along soon enough to correct me and set the record straight.
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    I’m so hoping there is a season. Colts have to prove it but I think they can play with anybody! I’m excited for this year if
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    I know Luck's retirement really sucked at the time he did but the disrespect he has as a player right here for a few in this forum sucks as well. I understand being mad about him retiring but to say he was over rated as a player or he didn't do what another QB did on another team is totally being narrow minded. When Luck played he was one of the best in the league. His last season was his 2nd best year of his career. The disrespect is appalling.
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    Watson had a good year in 2019 with 26 TDs and 12 INTs. In 2018, he had 26 TDs and 9 INTs. If Luck had those stats, we would say that Luck had a down year. No way has Watson eclipsed Luck, and I don't think that's a controversial statement to make, right? Luck never made the Super Bowl, unlike Russel Wilson. By the way, what was the Seahawks' defensive ranking the year they won the Super Bowl? I'll give you a hint -- it was #1. Rushing offense rank - #1. And how about their passing offense? It was ranked as #27. Looks to me that their #1 ranked defense and their #1 ranked rushing offense had a lot to do with getting to the Super Bowl. Here is the stats page from ESPN as reference. https://www.espn.com/nfl/stats/team/_/season/2014/seasontype/2/table/passing/sort/netPassingYardsPerGame/dir/desc By the way, who had the #1 passing offense that year? Yup, you guessed it. Luck and the Colts. The Colts had the #1 passing offense despite a poor O-line, and no run game, meaning that teams knew they were going to throw the ball, and they still couldn't stop Luck. Russell Wilson is a very good QB, but it's all too clear that you need a complete TEAM to make it to the Super Bowl. Take for example Manning with the Colts vs Manning with the Broncos. The Broncos gave Manning a good O-line, WRs, TE, and great defense and that resulted in multiple Super Bowls in a very short period of time. Is it fair to say that Luck didn't step up? He carried a garbage roster to the post season every time he was healthy. He beat the Seahawks and the Legion of Boom defense, the 49ers with harbaugh, and Manning led Broncos teams. He has won plenty of big games. Lastly, Jared - Let's say that you play for a football team. You are surrounded with a few good players and the rest of the team is largely just trash. You somehow find a way to carry your team to the playoffs, time-and-time again. Yet, you lose in the playoffs. Should we blame YOU or the trash players around you who couldn't contribute when you needed them to?
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    This is me dreaming of the day when threads no longer include Luck's return or the coaches/GM's inability to recognize the greatness of Kelly. Heck, while I'm at it, let's add threads not including: * The preseason is too long * The Probowl is a joke * anything that mentions that +, Tom Brady.
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    Adam Vinatieri was concerned that signing a Colts contract would lower his Social Security benefit.
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    Will the '*Rumor* Andrew Luck' thread ever go away?
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    I think its funny now that Andrew is off the team everyonr would take "such and such" over him. But if he never left, these words would never be uttered.
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    The amount of problems a man has in his life is directly proportional to the amount of women in his life. That’s just basic science
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    This is why this thing is so out of hand. A helmet isn’t going to stop the spread. A face shield will lower the chances of spread, but it doesn’t eliminate it. You don’t have to spend a “considerable amount of time around someone” to catch the virus. You can literally contract it passing someone on a sidewalk if they have recently spouted the virus into the air. And football players spend the whole game, literally the whole game, running around making contact with others. Breathing heavy. Yelling. Spitting. Slobbering. It’s a wonderful breeding ground for the virus to spread. Beyond that there are already plenty of high-risk groups who have a chance to suffer from complications of the virus. Maybe they have an elderly family member who lives in-home. Maybe a diabetic or asthmatic child. Maybe they are diabetic. The kind of narrow and uninformed rhetoric above is exactly why this thing has, and continues to burn through the planet, especially here in the US.
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    The Colts have had their fair share of injuries the past few seasons. Many of these players were either expected to have good/great years, or contribute much more than they did, because of their season being cut short. If there was a single player on the roster right now, whom has had injuries in the past 3 seasons, that you could put imaginary 'bubble wrap' around to guarantee they don't get injured this season, who would it be? Mine = Kemoko Turay. There are many players i'd want to have a healthy season, Hilton/Campbell/Hooker/ect. But to me, I truly believe if Turay had not had that season ending injury last year, he could have seriously broken out. I am praying for a healthy season for him, because having him on all the passing downs for the season with the rest of the talent we have on the front 7, I think he could have a massive season. He was leading the NFL last season in QB pressures per snap, before he was hurt. Not to mention that he was held so many times, and it was not called. I mean blatant holding. Because he is a real issue for O-linemen. Just so fast, with great bend, and his hand/arm work is stellar since he's been working with Mathis. A full healthy season, I could easily see him getting 10+ sacks.
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    How will the Big Ten, Pac-12, and other conferences decision to postpone or cancel their 2020 football seasons affect Chris Ballard and the front office as they continue to build the Colts for the future?
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    I think it's possible the huge potential inflow of players wanting to enlist is the reason there won't be a supplemental draft. They didn't want to decimate next year's draft with a non-essential and not televised event.
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    It may not be a threat to exterminate all of humanity, just the venerable ones. Your nonchalant view is not shared by those who are in the high risk category.
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    Premature Speculation... They got a pill for that!
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    I can't find a thread on this but please delete if I missed it. The new rule allows a team to "protect " 4 members of their practice squad. This is great for a team with a solid roster like the Colts. For sure Eason will stat there and if Fountain shows well , they can place Patmon on there also. IMO.. really helps the Colts with what looked to be a few tough decisions.
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    Any chance to celebrate the 95 team this year (25th anniversary)? It was such a magic run/ season.
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    That's awesome, I was just thinking 2 days ago about writing to you to suggest you join this forum. I hadn't gotten around to it yet. Welcome!
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    I don't know... Can we put bubble wrap around the O-line for another 16 games? Both of the previous posters make very good arguments.
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    Yeah, no, that's not the science.. I can't even..
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    Some more excellent Bob highlights!
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    I agree, but I think this entire group just needs to stay healthy. If TY, Parris and Daurice Fountain are all healthy, Pascal keeps improving, and Pittman is as advertised, this is going to be a great group.
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    I think a lot of us are still talking about him. We see what he can do on the field but the injury bug stuck to him. I'm rooting for him to show off this season.
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    Actually he's missing the point slightly . . . you risk them being picked up on waivers. We cut Easton any team that had interest in him before the draft could pick him up on waivers. A lot of teams had interest in him. This is a 4th round pick not a 7th. Kelly could potentially clear waivers. Easton is almost certain to be picked up on waivers.
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    Many of you have probably seen this, if you live in Indy: Frank performs marriage ceremony for Caroline Cann and Colts’ Assistant Coach, Parks Frazier. Let the jokes begin! Seriously, I wish them well! https://www.wishtv.com/sports/indianapolis-colts/a-classic-love-story-with-a-colts-connection/
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    Howard Mudd update from his wife, Shirley: Doctors say in the last 48 hours they are seeing positive progress.
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    We own his rights forever. You don't just sit out and that year gets erased, it just pushes back. So if he retired with two years left he'd have 2 years left when ever he returns..
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    It has to be odd signing FAs now, since teams aren't allowed to work them out. I guess one would hope that these guys have been keeping themselves in shape throughout the offseason, but it'd still be nice to be able to work them out before signing them. Safety now is, IMO, the team's biggest concern. I think we're fine w/ Hooker and Willis as starters, though Hooker's had injury issues throughout his time in the NFL (and prior). I like Odum, but like him more as a STer than a guy we have to rely on being a starter for an extended time if one of our top 2 go down. Then Blackmon is still on the injured list, and I don't expect him to be full strength to the middle of the season (if not later). The UDFA, Rutledge, was a playmaker but from a small school and went undrafted for a reason, so I'm not too sure that we should expect anything out of him in terms of being reliable if he had to play a lot of minutes. Geathers is still a FA and I know Ballard really seemed to like him. I'm wondering if him not being signed or brought up in discussion is a health issue (i.e., can't pass a physical), a major health concern (given his injury history), demanding too much $, or if the team has simply moved on from him. Personally, I like the fact we're looking at Tavon Wilson, he's a former 2nd round draft pick who had his best NFL year last season, starting 13 games in Detroit and recording 98 tackles, 2 fumble recovers and 5 passes defended.
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    At what point do we stop with this nonsense? Sometimes you have to let your ex-wife go before you can start your new life with your new wife.
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    I'm saying he is using certain kinds of stats to prove his opinion "right", when those same certain stats are going to prove him "wrong" in other cases. But regardless it still just boils down to being his opinion, which is neither right or wrong, it's just his opinion. Case in point: he says Jerry Rice is the GOAT. If he's going to use stats (facts as he calls them) to support that, then were talking about career records like receptions, yds, TDs, playoff and SB records, etc. IE CAREER records. Those same sort of CAREER records and stats support Vinny as the GOAT, IE FGs made, points scored, OT FGs, playoff and SB records, etc. But now he's using a different argument to say Brown is better than Emmitt, who has better career stats when it comes to total yds, total TDs, playoff and SB stats, longevity of career, etc. @holeymoley99 is cherry-picking whatever stats support his opinion, which is fine, we all do that. But it's just opinion, he's neither right or wrong, just very opinionated...
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    Watch the video to see where NFL dot com ranks the RB room heading into camp. https://www.nfl.com/videos/game-theory-ranking-all-32-teams-at-the-rb-position
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    The Reds lost 13-0 against Cleveland last night. We were getting beat so bad the cardboard cutouts behind home plate were booing...
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    So that's why she doesn't return my love letters....
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    I think this might be the opposite of a point that @Chucklez made in the QB Room thread. They said the QB Room is only as good as the starter. For the RB Room, it really is about the committee as a unit. So while Henry is one of the best starters in the NFL, the 1-2 combo of Mack and Taylor makes a better overall unit.
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    Not until 1 of 2 things happens: 1. Andrew Luck returns 2. The Colts find a long term replacement as the franchise quarterback. Until one of those things happens there will always be an Andrew Luck Returns thread.
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    Nice watching the CUBS playing ball again... it was a long weekend! Man, they sure are playing well, Lester is awesome, they seem to have found some consistency from the bullpen too... GO CUBS GO FLY THE W
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    Leonard missed 5 tackles last season and that put him at the 4th fewest in the league for linebackers. I think that number is gladly susceptible. You seem to have this illusion that Leonard is a poor tackler when the stats show different..
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    SOMETIMES? In what world of analogies would it be a majority hanging on to the ex wife whilst moving on with the new one simultaneously??? Lol
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    Thanks! I am happy to have finished up, I kinda had to get my Masters so that I would have enough credit hours to take my license exam for Accounting (CPA) otherwise I wouldnt have bothered. It is crazy to think that this group has been going on for so many years now, I know I did go absent for a a few months a couple years ago though
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    As a fan, if a player that I think will really help the team opts out, it's disappointing. From a human standpoint, I get it.
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    Why anyone would be frustrated by a player opting out is a mystery to me, and frankly just mind-numbing. They are making a personal decision based on their own health or perhaps their families health. This has nothing to do with his drive to play. That is a comical.
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    So can a contract like Mahomes got
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