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    After almost four weeks 4 hospital visits, two hospital stays, I have finally beaten covid 19 now colts lets kick butt this year!
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    I'm guessing we'll grab a guy or two around cut down, and I think we'll draft one next year.
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    Yeah but Frank always wanted a top 5 rushing attack, and with two elite RBs it makes it hard for me to see them not running. Especially if its working like it did, and Nelson says keep going like he has in the past.
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    An easy OVER. We won't have a QB whose goal is winning the regular season MVP.
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    Obviously this thread is about speculation. There are 5 players in college who had more yardage than Taylor and had flamed out in the NFL but they all had 4 years to prove their numbers compared to the 3 years Taylor played. Not to mention Ballard and staff moved up in the 2nd to snag him. Wisconsin ran a mauling offense much like the Colts so the transition should be seamless.
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    Good points, it will be interesting to see how many "gadget plays" Hines will get per game. I'm not the biggest fan of handing the ball off to him unless Reich has specifically drawn up plays to fit his Speed and skill set. Very weak at the point of contact to be an effective "between the tackles" running back.
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    Awesome 1st post. You signed up for that?
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    It’s inevitable that no fans will be allowed to attend...
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    Good thing Colts expanded and upgraded the 56th St. facility recently. A shame for the fans though, Westfield is a fun experience.
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    I think Eason will look back at college as the best times of his life. Unless, we put together a team so good that his lack of effort does not matter. He will never be great. I think he could become VERY above average if he put all his effort into it. I just don't see him doing that. But, with a great team it might not matter.
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