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    Peyton 4-1 now when it counts , 3-1 in AFC Title Games, 1-0 in Golf tournaments
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    My favorite line was Peyton saying; “That was a tough shot with all the crowd noise”. I watched most of it. Good to see Brady flub a few!
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    The best thing that Eason can do to prove he is a hard worker is come into TC knowing the entire playbook.
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    Tom respects Peyton at least because he has 2. Barkley was kind of a choke in big moments. I like Barkley, he was great player but choked a lot . An elite player should at least win 2 Championships IMO, I know Dan Marino won 0 but that is rare for an elite player.
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    Anyone else watch The Match? Had it on the TV while working around the house and outside. From the snippets I heard and saw it seemed like a huge success. Manning as always was the talker of the group and hilarious. Pretty darn good golfer too! Slow news day and weekend, to be expected honestly considering it’s May and the big race was moved to August... Is this Colts news? ... it’s got Manning in it but honestly mods can move if needed.
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    Lol, looking over at Tom's twitter page. He was still taking shot at Barkley. "I thought this was CHAMPIONS for Charity, Chuck" We all know Chuck didn't win a title.
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    Thanks, I felt a lot better the last couple days. Wife felt a little better today, as well. Hoping it clears soon. Just want to squeeze my kids.
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    I hope you and your wife recover quickly, prayers for both of you.
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    Skip Bayless ( Tom Brady lover) even said TB wasn’t a very good golfer and that Peyton Outplayed him and won the match with a clutch swing in the last hole. Wow! You don’t ever hear him admit that kind of stuff.
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    I thought Justin Thomas said that to Barkley
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    I bet Tom wouldn’t talk smack to Barkley’s face, Barkley would break him in half, lol! It seemed like Tom was a little.....deflated....to start the match......or was he maybe overinflated that’s why he split his pants and started playing better???
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    You're all good. No harm done. I was just hoping for some interaction when I started the thread. I really enjoyed The Match yesterday. It was a nice escape from current day to day life.(wife and I are both covid19 positive) There was a lot of good back and forth throughout the day. Wish there was a little more conversation on the forum. It was a slow day yesterday.
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    1. I never said Lewis wasn't guilty of anything. 2. I said posters like to hand down their own verdicts on people(like they matter), charged or not. 3. If it makes you feel better, to think Ray Lewis is what you want him to be. Then Good Luck with that. Has no relevence to your life/my life. I'm sure you've never done anything wrong, but tbh, I really don't care. Feel free to go around and slander people when again, it serves no purpose. Not changing ish. Posters have taken a "Football" comparison and turned it to Ray Lewis is a murderer. If that is what makes you happy, then I think you will need some luck.
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    I am not too sure of that myself. Do you honestly believe that all of the commentators actually believe what they are saying in those point - counter point argumentative shows?
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    I wasn't aware it was a competition.
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    Yeah I watched the game mostly and heard that line. PM is pretty funny. Even TB was pretty humanized during the match. It just comes so much more natural to PM than it does for Brady. I’m not a big golf fan but that was worth the watch yesterday. Blew away watching nascar later on. The circle cars are just puke!
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    LT was an OLB not a MLB, you probably know that but I think the poster was just talking about MLB's which Lewis was. I agree LT was the best defensive player ever IMO even over a player like Reggie White who was a DE. As far as MLB's, Butkus should rank way up there but Lewis has a strong argument to being the best at that position. Lewis was better than Urlacher IMO.
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    Lewis was a deserved HOF player Best LB ever? Dick Butkus Sam Huff Brian Urlacher Mike Singletary Junior Seau Lawrence Taylor All dominated game to the equal of Lewis but,.... Lewis was one of the best..... The best IMHO.... Lawerence Taylor
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    I caught the last 4 holes. It was really entertaining with the trash talk that was going on. Peyton and Tom both played better than I thought they would.
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    Stick around, you'll see way dumber comments then that one.
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    Offenses feared Lewis. Leonard is a play maker but he doesn't instill fear.
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    Watching golf to me is like watching grass grow, so I don’t usually tune in. Listening to Manning and watching Brady struggle at times made the small amount that I watched entertaining though. Glad Manning won!
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    The dumbest comment I've ever read
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    We were not going to play Kelly last year. Period. The fact we didn’t play him last year when there were opportunities proves that. Last year for Kelly was about proving he could stay out of trouble, be a good teammate and make good decisions. We proved our interest by making Kelly the highest paid PS player in the NFL, but don’t kid yourself, it wasn’t a lot of money to the Colts.
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    He's the worst. I didn't even want to type his name. The only thing that he, Bruschi, and McGinest provide on any of these shows is some story about what Belichick did/said one time before a playoff game... it's awful.
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    No need to apologize about anything. I didn't take anything badly at all. As I said, if they were looking to build a top receiving threat with this current unit, then you were right - they clearly failed. Heck, even if Doyle and Burton repeat their best seasons in the passing game, they're not a top unit in that area. That would be a good season, sure, but not a top one. My only point is that Ballard and staff undoubtedly know that, too, so it just stands to reason that that's not their "top" priority in building this current unit. It can't be, because that's not these guys' top end potential as receivers. They're just simply not at that level as receivers. But two of them ARE elite level blockers in the run game. It's just too obvious to me, therefore, that that must be their top priority in assembling this unit. I honestly don't know how it could be anything else. Ballard and staff are just too good at knowing what they're doing for it to not be. That's how I see it, anyway.
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    The difference: one guy (Leonard) has high character. The other guy totally doesn’t. Both supremely talented. Ray Lewis is a heartbeat away from being a convicted and jailed felon.... and arguably should have been. Leonard is a leader of men. Big big difference. End of discussion.
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