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    Justin Houston Darius Leonard But, y'know, the sky is falling and Chris Ballard doesn't get difference makers, Houston's old and washed up and Leonard's regressing, and all the other garbage this forum spews after a loss. Highest Graded Players
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    Minkah Fitpatrick went to a team with a great front 7. It's easier to be a great S for a team with a great pass rush. I'm sure our DBs would look much better if you put Heyward, Watt, and Hargrave on the Colts D.
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    It's tough being a Colt's fan, but it could be worse. GO BROWNS.
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    He's certainly not irredeemable. There's just a lot more scrutiny that comes with the QB position, fair or not. You can be WR and do drugs, beat women/kids, and still get more chances. CK did none of that. I'm pretty sure uncle Jim put a foot up his backside, and made a call to Frank. I hope that's enough (Jim's foot), and I think the Colts (and Frank) are a good spot to provide support for him.
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    What if the kickers they work out all have terrible tryouts? Is that Ballard "not having guts" to not drop AV for someone else to produce the same results? SMH... why a personal attack on Ballard? It serves no purpose and is low class in this instance
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    1070 podcast suggested that there was a double standard when it comes to Vinatieri. That other players (like Cain) are given a message of "do better or else", but AV gets a pass on a 70% extra point rate. They said that there's no way that the locker room doesn't see that, and that it doesn't have an effect. Not saying that I have any insider info into the locker room. Just repeating what 1070 podcast was saying. At any rate, it ain't good, and it can't continue.
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    If this team's success depends on TY playing, we have a huge problem.
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    Hah I remember that video when Hooker was drafted...you could hear Ballard specifically say something like "Don't tell him about the Ed Reed comparison" probably as to not give Malik a big head, and not two seconds later Pagano told him "You're gonna be our Eddy Reed." Oh, Chuck... I like Malik though, I think he was worth the 1st rounder talent wise. Our pass defense is much better with him out there. It's injuries that I hope won't curb his career. Not to mention, he's improved in his tackling ability which doesn't seem to be talked about much.
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    I don’t have to dumb myself down and accept or agree with everything my team does to be a fan of that team. I’m a Colts fan because that is the team I fell in love with. Simple as that. Doesn’t mean I close my eyes to their faults and shortcomings. I support them in spite of them and hope for them to rise above. You can do better than that one man. Lol The Colts are a professional team in the business world of sports entertainment. You should not be making decisions in the best interest of your business enterprise based on emotion. It seldom leads to success. I hate the Pats but their model is proven successful in these type of situations. Irsay has found little success making his heart-led business decisions of late. It is what it is. Fandom has nothing to do with it.
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    Ok so then why are you a Colts fan and not a Patriots fan? If the win at all costs and stone cold business like approach is what you desire in a franchise what are you doing here? You made the case and presented evidence that that’s just how we do business. Which is true. Why there’s such an inability for people to understand it, and acknowledge it for what it is is beyond me. People have no sense of the depth of reality here. To them Adam is just a character on a weekly television show that can be written off and replaced without a second thought. The reality of the situation is different. It’s just not that cut and dried.
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    Yeah, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by Willis. Seems to make solid plays most weeks, looked good against Miami. Good closing speed, good instincts. Also, I know it usually takes longer for CB’s to adjust and it’s way too early to know what we have in him, but I’m in wait and see mode with Rock. Not that I don’t think he can become a capable starter, which I guess is all we can ask for, just won’t be surprised if he doesn’t hit those sky high expectations some had for him. I liked what he’s shown from a tackling standpoint though. Happy that Tell has looked pretty good though, in the small sample size we’ve seen.
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    For sure, some of these guys wouldn't be playing on a better team, but they aren't playing poorly for the most part. Ironically, Rock has probably been the worst rookie. I don't agree on Okereke, I think he has the tools. Willis isn't a deep middle guy, but in the box he has the instincts and change of direction to do a good job, and he seems better in space so far than I remember from his Michigan State tape.
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    Yep Forgive the short reply. I need 664 posts to reach 10,000. Plus Nadine has not censored me in almost 2 years.
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    https://www.colts.com/news/darius-jackson-bruce-anderson-practice-squad-roster-moves Signed RB Darius Jackson, OT Gerhard de Beer and RB Bruce Anderson place on PS Injured Reserve INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts today signed running back Darius Jackson to the practice squad and placed running back Bruce Anderson III on the Practice Squad Injured list. Jackson, 6-0, 230 pounds, had one prior stint on the Colts practice squad this season when he was signed by the team on September 20. He also spent time on the practice squads of the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season. In 2018, Jackson played in four games during his time with the Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. He compiled six carries for 16 yards and recorded four kickoff returns for 90 yards. Jackson was originally selected by the Cowboys in the sixth round (216th overall) of the 2016 NFL Draft. https://www.colts.com/news/gerhard-de-beer-roster-moves-practice-squad INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts today signed tackle Gerhard de Beer to the practice squad. de Beer, 6-6, 312 pounds, spent this past offseason with the Green Bay Packers prior to being released at the start of the season. He was originally signed by the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent on May 11, 2018. He started 23 games during his collegiate career at Arizona and blocked for the Pac-12’s top rushing offense in 2017, which ranked third nationally (309.3 ypg.).
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    Well after a while Ed Reed wasnt thrown at....Same has happened with Hooker.
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    No, that isn't what we were told. That is what Pagano said to the player. So what exactly is the question in this thread?
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    Yes, they are going to ride or die with Vinny. The kicker thing was a ruse to pacify the fans
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    Leonard is literally the heart of the defense. He played his tail off. He hasn’t missed a beat. Not surprised with that grade.
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    Dang, I just posted drop kick before I saw this. Bravo!
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    Vinny signing with New England if Colts cut him? I don't think so. He'd be kicking outdoors for 4 games in cold and windy Foxborough in late November and December, once in Philly, and once in Cincy. Yeah, there's a recipe for success for a struggling kicker. Oh wait, he did make a great kick in the snow 20 years ago.
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    With a lot of “development” I really believe that Cain has the potential to be the most hyped Practice Squad player ever for the Colts.
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    Don't want to take the time. Being that he is a kicker denies his ability to ever being in the Colts top 5 of all time. That and his biggest kicks were with the Pats. Great kicker, but that's it. Luck and Sanders are certainly ahead of a washed up kicker. Luck carried this team for several years. Sanders was the reason we made the Superbowl (AV was great that year too).
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    Irsay brought Vinny to town. He’s been in the building with him way more than some of these people seem capable of understanding. He’s been a part of Adam’s life and growth for 15 years. He’s not just some random player to Irsay. There is absolutely a personal element at play here. Theres more than just missed and made kicks here. Like I said: it’s more than just “what have you done for me lately?”
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    Sorry didn't end that way bro so stop trying to take credit for an unfinished product! Your estimate was terrible and in fact you were one of the few who did that because everyone else knew it was stupid. Even at 1-5 hardly anyone here felt with Luck we'd only win 4-5 more games. We knew better!
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    If we cut vinny he’s just going to get picked up by New England and tear it up all year
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    I think people are just going on assumptions about what this team was with Luck around here. The people who praised Ballard did so because of the the Nelson/Darius picks and how those are paying off, but we forget that this is a total overhaul at this point (Grigson!) and we're two and a half years in. I don't know when the due date actually is at this point, but it's a young team with an old kicker and a QB question.
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    Up until the last miss that kid from 49s looked good. He should be released soon perhaps brimg him in for a tryout at that point.
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    I did make it a point last week that some of the snaps have not been quite as crisp as they should be, but that was totally washed away in the rush to blame. It’s a real lonely road to walk.
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    Their job is to win games. Fans go to those games to watch their team do what it takes to win. Fans pay for tickets because in belief that the team is putting winning first, not relationships.
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    I dont 100% agree with the method....... BUT AV should realize he is hurting the team.... and his excellent legacy.... and do the right thing
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    And I still think PIT made a mistake with that trade BTW, precisely because they were in somewhat similar situation. The thing that they have that we don't is a legacy QB who they won't move on from until he retires, so it's possible they know they will have him at least for a year or two more, in which case maximizing his window would be OK.
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    What's weird to me is Ive seen her in the moment go after JB even. Ive seen her flip flop and then flip back all within 10 posts of the same thread lol... Im all for sharing thoughts and opinions... but I wont waver that there is still no place for unwarranted personal attacks... If someone says something where a witty reply is justified- thats one thing... calling Ballard gutless for not firing a HOF K with no replacement.. thats just ignorant
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    IMO it would have been irresponsible to trade a 1st round pick before you know where you are with your QB position. Every piece of draft capital is vital if we decide to move on from Brissett and seek our future QB in the draft and it's much more important to get the QB you want, than to get a safety even if he's a very good one.
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    Like any successful approach, there is no one path that leads to success. It is a combination, and I'm sure when Ballard feels there is a time to make a move via trade he will. It can be argued that it should have already happened(I've argued it myself last season) but neither point can address our current problem: We don't have a franchise quarterback right now. And despite what some people have decided to believe, you don't win in the modern NFL without one. We're not currently in a "win now" mode because of that, so there really is no pressure to make a trade for an established player. Right now reserving all draft capital in the case that the Colts decide that Jacoby is not the long term answer and need to move up in the draft is more important. Going by value chart alone, the Colts have enough value to move up to #5, where either a Justin Fields or Justin Herbert may be targeted.
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    Probably about the same. AV's performance makes it easier than it usually would be to replace a kicker. 70% on extra points is not even defensible.
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    I listened to that and while it does worry me that other players are begrudging the fact that they are keeping vinny, you gotta think, most teams have multiples at each given position. You even have a back up QB. No backup kicker. No backup punter. So when one of your kickers is struggling what are you going to do? Just cut the guy without a backup plan? It's not as simple as just letting them walk in this case. But I would be lying if I wasnt worried that the lockerroom is starting to grumble about it.
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    Well. the Patriots have been searching for one for 7 weeks now... so no, I'd say that guy isn't available at the moment
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    Ballard won’t have the guts to do it.
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    I knew it! Ballard does read the forums!
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    Ballard has said multiple times that he wants to first build a foundation, and then will look at adding big name people via free agency or trade if it's the right move. His philosophy appears to be working, but the foundation took a massive shot 10 days before the season started
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    Ultimately, you have to play to win. You scout, you practice, you elevate the best players to the starting lineup, you coach, and you do your best to win. Hanging with an ineffective kicking game, proven over 9 games this year, and through last year as well, is so contradictory to playing to win. Especially without a high quality qb like Luck, you have to have all the other elements of your game performing at their highest levels. I understand the "loyalty, he deserves it" for Vinatieri but didn't Manning deserve that loyalty even more, and the Colts moved on from him with winning and their future in mind. The message the Colts front office is sending now is both confusing and contradictory to "you play to win".
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    He make all his XP? I can live with misses on FGs here and there but not XPs
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    McLaughlin just pulled a Vinny vs the Steelers. Guess that's a no on him too. Lol.
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    Ballard's not alright with losing. He simply had faith in AV to turn things around. Unfortunately, AV has not been able to. In this case, Ballard has had 'blind faith' in AV, and it's backfired. Vinny's clearly been on a downward trajectory.
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    "'Also minus the one pick 6 Hoyer looked better than Brissett has recently." Except he's a statue. There were probably two or three times Sunday that JB would have run for a first down or avoided a sack because of his mobility. Hoyer went down on all of them. Too bad we don't have a QB with Hoyer's passing skills and JB's mobility. Oh wait we used to. Whatever happened to that guy. That is part of the problem right now. Offensively this team is built for Andrew Luck, not Jacoby Brissett. They are stylistically very different. CB and FR are going have to decide, do they make changes to fit JB's skill set, does or can JB make changes to adapt to the team as it's presently constructed or is someone else brought in to better match the other pieces already in place? That being said if we had a kicker who could make 90% of his PATs, not an unreasonable expectation at this level, we would be 7-1 and tied with NE for first in the AFC.
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    Yep - Nelson is a bust. Better cut him now! What's interesting is that Nelson was still in between Brissett and Heyward at the time of the incident. He was still blocking his guy. You could say maybe Brissett needs a little better pocket awareness and move a little. Then this wouldn't have happened. Hey - it's football and these things do happen.
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