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    From the album: 2011-2012

    Me & @SuperFanColts
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    From the album: random

    This is all my colts gear. Most proud of the Autographed Maning, Adam V, and Cheerleaders photos.
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    Even our wedding rings are blue n white lol
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    From the album: New Group Members!!

    New members of my group!! We ought to get along just fine!!!
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    From the album: FAVORITE PICS!

    My two Saints, Denali and Bailey, dressed up to support their favorite team!

    © Robin Davis

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    The link on the page is to a Colts Pump up video I made, it's short, sweet and to the point! Comment, Like, or subscribe and I will make more! Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbT9va-MGIY
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    From the album: Da Colts

    Had to take the dogs to the park before the game .. jammies or not!
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    From the album: Tattoo

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    Jake 3mo old.. He will sit and watch the whole game its the only thing he loves watching on tv! Has all the colts gear that we can find, including the first pacifier he ever used at just 2 hours old! Glad to see how great the team is doing, we are cheering no matter what! ~CHUCKSTRONG~
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    From the album: Colts v Detroit 12/2/12

    Mr. Clutch, comes through with a HUGE catch in Q4. Thanks Reggie!

    © 2012 - Patti Stirk

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    From the album: Man Cave

    80 year old patio set that I refinished
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    I took this picture at Colts training camp. Feel free to use and share if you want.

    © Mona Miller

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    From the album: Could be a Colts Bass Guitar!!!

    Could be a new Colts Bass!!!! OOOO YEAAAAAAAA!!!!
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    Got my bedroom showing Colts pride ALL THE WAY!!
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    From the album: LUCK and Stuff

    Was inspired by his first game!
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    From the album: MONA'S TRIP TO CAMP


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    From the album: Callen Lane

    © Phillips Photography

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    I'm an 18 year old Colts fan. This is how I grew up.
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    From the album: WE LOVE YA MAN!!!

    Well Indy a Great Era of Colts Football is coming to a close, at least it looks that way. All I can say is~~How Blessed have we been!!! I want to say~~"Thank You Peyton Manning~for all the Excitement, Fun & Enjoyment that You have brought to Us as Fans, Our City of Indy & the State of Indiana!! You have proven Yourself to be an excellent MegaStar for kids as well as adults to look up to. You have conducted yourself as a Humble Godly Man in an industry where that is NOT the norm!! We will miss You Ole Friend~ God's Speed wherever You go!!!" WE LOVE YA MAN~~~♥ — in Indianapolis, IN.
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    From the album: My Colts stuff

    I made this at work, it is 10' tall and mounted at the top of our evaporator (red gold, elwood plant) it is about 110' in the air so the whole town can see it !!! It took 4 days to make it !!
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