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    Hey everyone!!! Been MIA for a while. The wedding was really great with everyone I know , honeymoon was in Hawaii and was a blast. What took most of the summer was moving into the new house with my husband Mark, was A LOT of work, still doing stuff. Tons of fun this summer but man has it been HOT off and on, wow. We got two kittens named Buddy and Holly (don't ask lol). I hear Andrew Luck is still alive!!!!Whooo hoooo he lives!!!!!! Hope everyone is doing well and has had a good summer. Nice to check back in with you all. The font and stuff here has changed? lol
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    I'm approaching 6000 posts. I should probably get a life lol
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    Congratulations to our US Ladies Soccer Team. Another World Cup.
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    The art of avoiding trolls . is challenging at times. Trying.
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    Thanks fellas. I have just been doing other things. I did not intend to take so much time away. With the season coming soon I intend to spend more time here chatting with you guys. I appreciate you checking in with me. Took the wife to Vegas during the draft... that was my first time there, very cool. We watched the first round in the casino of our hotel (Luxor if you are familiar) which was fun. Met some nice folks from here in Ohio.... they got up and left when the Browns selected Mayfield, lol. I was a little stunned and didn't know what to think about Nelson, but it didn't take long for the idea to season for me. I think we spent about $40 gambling. I have evidence of success with a couple of vouchers. One for 7 cents and one for 9 cents, lol. We enjoyed the food and doing other things, Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon were really cool. Gonna go check out the forum. Glad to hear from ya'll -BR
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    Just trying to get through the rest of Monday.. Enjoy friends.. Add if you like
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    Not many things beat a 3 day weekend. Hope all of you are having a terrific holiday weekend!
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    Took Friday off.....a little tribute for a Friend
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    So happy for Villanova and the Big East. A few years after the Big East was dismantled, they are once again winners of the tournament. Congrats to Nova, the players, the coaches and the Big East!
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    We interrupt albeit briefly over on the Disco to remember the Day the Music Died 59 years ago. And remember Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and JP "The Big Bopper" Richardson. Plus the forgotten victim, pilot Roger Peterson
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    Some Southern Boogie for @crazycolt1 and @southwest1
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    A word of wisdom for Mr. Ballard on his search for a new coach... not really, just a good tune with a really good title.
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    Congratulations to Beth Mowins for being the first female to do the play-by-play for an NFL game - it's about time !!
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    R.I.P. Chuck Berry, one of the greatest. For those that want to check some of his catalog now, "Chuck Berry Is On Top" was arguably his best album. It contained all his big hits from Johnny B. Goode to Little Queenie, Carol, Almost Grown, Maybellene, etc etc. Sadly, CD copies of Chuck Berry Is On Top are relatively difficult to come across. The album has been out of print for a long time. Amazon sells CD-R versions, which I do own a recent copy. Basically, it's legal for them to press CD-R versions of out-of-print albums and sell them for inflated prices over 20 dollars. It comes with a booklet and all the art is printed on nice paper, but one look at the back of the disc clearly shows that it's a CD-R and not the real thing. Chuck's best album in print, happens to be his debut record 'After School Session'. Maybellene is on this album and was later included on 'Chuck Berry Is On Top'. My favorite Chuck Berry song was 'Little Queenie' and this video of him dancing is a glory to see, watch how he moves his legs back and forth. Who covered Chuck Berry the best??? IMO, the Rolling Stones and no one else. 'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!' featured two Chuck Berry covers. The one of Little Queenie was gorgeous. There are times when listening to Kieth Richards' rhythm style of playing where he can actually fool the listener into the thinking it's really Chuck Berry you're listening to. Only reason I take the Stones over any other covers is because of that. No other guitar player mastered Chuck's style better than Kieth Richards.
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    I'm gonna turn into a skeleton waiting for news on the Colts.
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    Let's get the starch out of our pants............
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    No matter what happens the rest of the year, Grigson/Pagano still need to go. Sorry but it's true and we all know it deep down.
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    Happy Birthday Jules!!!
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    Since, like me - you are a fan of John Unitas - I'll relay a short story a family friend told me and my dad back in around 1968. Seems he was member of very large civic club of some sort in southern Mississippi. The club was doing some charity benefit (I don't remember what) and had invited Roman Gabriel (then with the Rams and a rival of the Colts in those days) to speak and sign a few footballs to be given away as prizes. Apparently Gabriel agreed to do the event, but wanted a very large fee and extra money for each signed football - money the club couldn't afford. As an option, they invited #19. Unitas did the event for free and brought along a huge bag of signed balls. I've never forgotten that story.
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    Pats or Steelers. Probably the 2 teams I most detest. Still going to watch...
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    Tomorrow......tomorrow......I love ya tomorrow. You're only a day away!! (PS. I mistakenly thought the team reported tomorrow and then began practices on Friday. Hence the inaccurate countdown.)
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    One of my favorites by these iconic dudes...
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    Response to Chuck's presser cliche's
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    Proud to honor Peyton Manning this weekend !!
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    The. Same. Story. Every. Year. Fire Sean Payton - he has had 5 YEARS to figure this thing out on defense...coaches change, players change, schemes change, yet here we are and nothing has really changed in play. Still looks as bad as it did 5 years ago. Officially done with this....
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    Look what I found this morning - Roger Staubach's hail mary game vs the Vikings with the actual drive. Amazing how many times this drive nearly kills them...The low snaps, and one of them is even fumbled, and Staubach has to run around under pressure. The 4th and 17 play is amazing, and then right after, BOOM hail mary to Drew Pearson. Dallas almost upset the Steelers in the SB a few weeks later....Of all the Steelers SB's, it's the first one against Dallas that is usually regarded as the best...This wildcard Dallas team was such big underdogs, and almost upset the Steelers. Amazing team.
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    August 9 Through the Years 1814- The Creek Indians sign the Treaty of Fort Jackson 1842- Webster-Ashburton Treaty signed establishing the US-Canada border east of the Rockies 1854- Thoreau publishes Walden
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    Quiz 6...What is the show that kicked off the reality craze in the early 1990's about strangers living in a house through all walks of life? Hint it is not Survivor!
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    July 6 Through the Years 1854- First Republican Party Convention held 1933- First MLB All-Star Game held 1957- Althea Gibson wins Wimbledon
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    Hey there JPPT, I like your profile page & it always baffles me when bad people target innocent kids & fans at a concert. Look, I know why they do it. To instill fear & panic. But, why tarnish societies love of music? Or provoke a stampede? Parents should never outlive their children in most cases not like this anyway. You're a very caring person & it shows. I apologize if I embarrassed you JPPT. You're fascination with history & song trivia is pretty cool too. Keep doing what you do.
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    May 19 Through the Years 1536- Anne Boleyn is beheaded 1962- Marilyn Monroe sings happy birthday to JFK
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    Because of Easter I decided to post this early April 16 Through the Years 1818- Rush-Bagot Treaty establishes the US border with Canada 1862- Slavery is ended in Washington D. C. 1881- Bat Masterson fights his last gunfight 1894- Manchester City F. C. Is formed 1910- Boston Arena is opened 1917- Vladimir Lenin returns to Russia 1943- Albert zHoffmann discovers the effects of LSD 1963- MLK writes his Letter from the Birmingham Jail 1990- Dr. Jack Kevorkian participates in his first assisted suicide 2007- Virginia Tech Massacre 20141 The MV Sewol capsizes
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    Reminder: Everything Will Be Okay
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    Prince, Vanity, David Bowie and George Michael - the 1980's music stars that we lost to this terrible year.
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    I don't fail.....but I'm pretty good at finding out what doesn't work.
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    All the best to my beloved 16-year-old nephew Christopher as he travels today to study one semester in France with his senior high school class. Blessed and safe travels, Chris. As Tim McGraw says, remember to remain humble and kind as you prepare for the rest of your life.
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    If you need an ear....I am here, Rhyme unintended ;)
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    For a Friend...Happy Friday!
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    Another Pope Culture Song of the 1960's.... "But What Could I Do, I'm Lonely Too And It Makes Me Feel So Good To Know You'll Never Leave!" BTW it is now in my head LOL!
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    As a guitar player, I've learned that if you can spot the difference between all variations of Reverb in recording, you can pretty much nail whatever decade a song was made in a blindfold test by knowing all the reverb sounds correctly. With digital reverb popularized since the 90's, that might be the reason so many late 90's and 2000's music sound like they were made in the same era (setting aside the evolution in studio production standards). I love digital reverb, so that's not an attack on it, but I do many guitar players that hate reverb with a passion.
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