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    COLTS7, I hear you and maybe expectations for this team as currently constituted are unrealistic. I think football fundamentals are just inconsistent and sometimes non-existent. You could argue we have talent, but if I agree (which I don't), then why is it that they can't consistently execute, and I am not just talking this game but I go back to last year when tackling & blocking were consistently poor. No question, we have some quality players at the skill positions, but what good is that if you lack the fundamental execution by the other positions. As far as bad luck explaining some of Grigson's FA signings and drafts, we already covered the Dorsett selection. What about TRich, Ricky Jean Francois, LaRon Landry, Bjorn Werner all in less than four years. You can't blow two number 1's (TRich & Werner) in four years.
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    I TOTALLY AGREE!!! We need you on the offensive Coaching staff. You are a True Blue Hall of Fame Player! ONE OF A KIND!!! Stay here, Stay home with us here @Indy!!!
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    Toughest schedule in the league. The mastery of the line of scrimmage is there! The brilliant mind is there. Peyton has experienced some drops and some excellent disguising defenses. Anybody who counts this great quarterback out has never watched a Manning play....Archie, Peyton and Eli! Lastly, Manning has proven he can take major hits and get right back up. This year's story has yet to be written.
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    Coach Pagano never lost the players and he was hamstrung by Grigson making Coach play players he didn't want on the field. The look on Grigson's face at the press conference along with how Coach looked happy; I would say Grigson has been told to quit meddling in what players to play and to listen to coach on what players he needs for the team. I hope this is the case as a coach is judged by who is on the field and how the team performs.
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    COLTS7, great analysis as always, thanks. Where we part ways is on the talent side of the equation. We do have some really talented players, we just don't have enough to be SB contenders. And I lay the blame at the feet of Grigson. He turned this team into the oldest in the league in one year, mortgaging the future for what he hoped would be a SB run this year. Problem is he did not bring in the talent level, he just brought in a bunch of past their prime players who are not producing and who are sucking up valuable cap money. Combine that with three horrendous drafts and it becomes clear why we are where we are. Turning this team around is going to take a smart GM with a real eye for talent and who will clearly identify the most pressing needs of this team. It will take 2-3 years if we make the change now.
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    COLTS7, Thanks for the historical perspective. I can nit pick some of your Good/OK/Not good choices. But here is the irrefutable fact about Grigson. We have gotten older faster than any other team in NFL in THREE YEARS!!! We have misspent CAP dollars so when it comes time to sign Luck, we will need to break the bank and consequently have little left to replace the dinosaurs who will either retire or get cut. We'll have to wait and see if Luck gets back to his normal arm strength, again a fact that is an indictment of Grigson who clearly did not identify and fill the O-Line needs. BTW, what did he & Pagano not see in Dion Lewis who is having a break-out year in New England. Sorry, but by any measure, he may have set this team back years. I contend the team has been successful despite Grigson, not because of him.
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    Man you are old school. I thought I was as I have been a fan since 1984. Yeah sorry you traveled all that way to watch that performance. Hopefully things will get better playing Divisional teams for the next 3 weeks.
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    I cant say I was embarrassed but I was disappointed I could realistically see us losing the game but I was anticipating something more competitive than that. I do remember what buffalo did to green bay and Denver last year and beat ne the last game of the year they are talented give credit where its due. Im interested in seeing how they match up next week to the ne D who gave up almost 500 yds of offense in their home opener. we have not had a strong week 1 opener in the pagano luck era and this year the same.. I do believe we play better as the season goes on just have to keep the engine churning dec-jan. The o line HAS to be addressed. we have NOTHING without luck and their lackluster performance wk 1 must improve maybe a tackle b4 free agency ends and mewhort back to rg and they might be formidable if they don't step up luck will not be productive and news flash our bend don't beak defense (even though theres potential) isn't going to win games for us #grigson please sign o-lineman
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    Great tribute to one of the all time best NFL receivers ever to play the game!! Really good poem William/Jag/Maurice/Jaggededge, thanks buddy! Jeffro
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    D'Quell Jackson was a great pick up. He had more tackles then the entire defense combine..minus Adams.
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    Boo Carl. Luck has like twice as many playoff wins as Manning had during his first 4-5 years in Indy. I've seen manning throw 4 INT in his prime as a Colt in the playoffs. Bad game, but I think the issue is more Pep than Andrew..
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    TRich should be come a dance instructor. His feet move faster in place than any back in the league. Thanks Mr. Grigson for absolutely giving away the most valuable asset you have when building a team. This guy can't spell talent no less spot it. Tipton & Herron will have moments in a game but no defensive coordinator is going to lose sleep over these 2 guys. Ballard may be OK at best, but his health is a real issue.
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    Did not watch the game as it wasn't on national tv but with that final score our Colts were running on all cylinders!
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    Brown always sucked as did Addai. You all gave those two jokes way too much time in a Colts uniform. Give the kid a chance. It took Brown 4 years to show anything at all. Addai first year was his best, down hill from there.
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    Well that stinks. I really enjoy those days. May be because of Irsays situation but idk
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    On Colts chat I ask Kevin Bowen the same question. His reply that no date was set for the public at Lucus this season. His thought is there will be none or it would have already been announced.
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    2----buchanon 3----Lawson---LSU----G 5---- GAINES----RICE----CB 6--BRITT---MIZZOU----OT 7---SMALLWOOD---UCONN----LB
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    Our schedule this year is definitely tougher, no doubt. But with the three headed beast in the backfield, and on the recieving cor, I don't see too many problems producing offensively. Defense will be the real factor this year. Run stopping, and safeties that can keep up and shutdown the long pass game. If we can make things happen defensively, we should easily be able to get into the second round of the playoffs once again. I see easily taking the division, but how far we go into the playoffs will really depend on def and how other teams are coming together.
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    Let's GOOOO Colts !!!! I have faith in you and believe we will WIN this game !!!
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    Would love to win tickets to the Colts came! Went to the training camp this summer a few times and would love to see them play a game this year to see how far they have come!
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    PERFECT it was the most frustrating time being a COLTS fan and seeing how it was all on Manning. Some bad drafts and injury's plus POLIAN being to set in his ways really hurt. GO COLTS
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    Very good as the Colts will grow,they might not show early. The more we take these Horse's to water the more they should drink!
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    Hi Brent and thank you for your kind words. I too, am sorry for your loss dear brother. I also hope that Thornton has a stellar career here in Indy.
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    Very good stuff. I've been a Colt fan since '67 but missed Unitas' best years. He still led them to a Super Bowl at 36 and was relieved by a similarly aged Earl Morrall. Bert Jones, Lydell Mitchell, Roger Carr and the Sack Pack in the mid '70s was a great thing for a high school guy to look forward to seeing on Sundays. The short Dickerson years were competitive and then the short competive Harbaugh years. Then came Peyton Manning and an awesome run of wins, division championships and a Super Bowl victory. Here's hoping the Luck years will be even better.
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    Echt klasse das es diesen Blog für die deutschen Fans gibt!!! Björn ich wünsche dir viel Glück bei den Colts ....und hoffentlich geht deine Karriere so weiter !!! Grüße aus Bayern
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    Your grandfather was right. My mom also always told me to be super nice to people who seem to be super rude..........because you just never know what kind of day they've had and maybe you can make their day better. She's nicer than me though!
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    Like him for the NOW.....we need to get to the real 3-4 defense. Not the Freeney 3-4. Just an option.....just an opinion for a FA with the money we have....a true fit in the 3-4...with disguise!!!
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    Get well soon Coach, your in my prayers and thoughts.
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    Ken, I have written in other forums that I feel 'strongly both ways' on this topic. (Less filling/tastes great Billy Martin!) Giving it a chance to settle, I call it a rookie coach not fully understanding the so-called unwritten rules. It just so happened to come against Tom Coughlin's Super Bowl champs. Being old school football I appreciate the intensity of play, yet once again look back to see Tampa Bay let the Giants 'go' on numerous other occasions. To me not being consistent made the play dirtier/less professional/more Bush League than it would of had Tampa Bay applied the same philosophy during the entire game.....new coaches need to learn what is right and wrong just like new players.
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    I think both coaches have valid points. Schiano is totally correct on every play you play to the echo of the whistle and the game ain't over till the "fat lady sings". With that said there's also a time when its over and you must accept defeat! Can you score X amount of points with single digit seconds on the clock and the other team has the ball with another down or two? Many of us are not professional athletes but many of us have been in competition whether it was Spelling B, Science Fair or wrestled in the state championship and darn you try your best but sometimes unfortuneatly you must face or admit defeat. Like they said, you pull up your big boy pants, pick up the pieces and come back tomorrow to train/practice for the next competiton!
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    Love all of Mona's photos. She exudes FUN. Good Choice...!!!
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    Agreed. Peyton didnt start out his rookie season on fire either. Plenty of time.
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    I will fly there for the game if I win. It would be a dream come true to see the Colts in person at their home opener.
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    Wow an ex colts fan trolling the colts fan forums. That is super cool of you. Chasing the all mighty dollar goes both ways. The Colts horrendous salary cap situation is a big reason many players were let go this off season. If Manning was truly in it for just the good of the team he would have taken a pay cut. That is one nuance of the story Manning- only fans forget. Manning is a hall of famer and a Colt for life but, what transpired this post season was best for the colts and for Manning.
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    As much as I respect Peyton,he made his move and you must respect him for it.Now its time if you are a Colts fan to fully suport the time that is going to build a new dynasty here in Indiana.Hope its better than the last and they will need are full support so enjoy it and I believe that its going to be very enjoyable!!
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    " On June 4, Andrew will graduate from Stanford with a degree in architecture. While I realize Lucas Oil Stadium is less than five years old, if renovations or adjustments were to be needed or requested, Andrew would be qualified to help design them (his aim with the architecture degree is to design sports facilities)." We call it the house that Peyton built, but if we move stadium, it could literally be the house that Luck built!
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    Ahhh I like the points you bring up regarding health care for retired pros. My thought and feeling on this leans to the second option you stated. Again, if I have to pay for mine, they should have to pay for theirs. In regards to if they are bankrupt...well this is going to sound harsh, but they should have managed their money better shouldn't they? If I was injured and I was bankrupt isn't that what people would tell me? I believe the thing to remember is this: they are still ordinary people just like us. They too have to be responsible adults and be able to figure out hard situations such as this...it's part of life isn't it? Thoughts?
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    I agree with both Maureen and Flashycolt, I enjoy the NFL and I believe people can be fans of a player and or team. I'm a Colts fan and not a Bronco fan! Yes I'm a fan of Manning but I'm a better fan of Andrew Luck. I could care less if the Broncos win or lose (as an AFC rival their victory will count against us) but I want my Colts to win. Nothing wrong with being a player fan but just stating I'm a Colts fan. Whether it's a team or individual players, we are all fan(atics)!
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    "There is a fine line between keeping the game a big time contact sport, and keeping players from killing themselves...keeping a balance between the improving human player and love by fans for violent contact." A well written blog & your central thesis stated above is a noble goal to strive for especially as the medical community & football consuming public is becoming more familiar with the devastating nature of concussions & their impact on a player's brain & quality of life once their NFL career is over. In my view, I just wish the NFL commissioner would eliminate red tape & allow all former football players open & equal access the surgeries & medical & psychological treatment that they need without denying it outright & mandating years of legal fees just to receive the care they are naturally entitled to IMO.
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    It is a humbling experience. Thanks for sharing.
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    I am really interested in your thoughts, and am excited to hear thoughts of American football by great people from other great countries. When I first entered the forum, you became one of my first friends! I always appreciate your honesty, hard work, and in general 'just how great' of a person you are. I for one cannot wait to read more of your blogs when you find the time. Thank you HungarianColtsFan!!
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    First thing i said when i saw your name was he must be jokeing very well done. This is MIKE from DIRECT i think you will remember keep the blogs up love reading them
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    Im glad to see this congrats Brent,look forward to this blog also,weve struck up a freind ship,as sports wize we share a lot of common,views and teams,but just in general,a sports finatic,and a student of the game a football,good luck Bro,and i for one appreciate the humor lol,when some dont
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    I think you missed the mark on Bracket. First of all lets consider where we were and where we are going. Coach Pagano is sure to flip from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 defense. Which (side note) is the reason why they may be willing to part ways with Freeney. Bracket is a horrible run stopper and I am sure we are moving to a tough defense. He's undersized for the defense Pagano is gonig to implement. Dallas Clark I understand. He is getting older and we want someone that is going to be around for either Luck or Griffin for a while. To develop that "special" role. Addai is probably the smartest move of all of them. I would have cut him a couple years ago. His running ability is inconsistent. I understand he does bring a nice block package, however there are plenty of backs that do that and actually are successful at running the ball. Paint, no brainer. He showed glimmers of promise, but ultimately he's a clipboard QB.
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    Exactly and I tip my hat to you as we owe our Children everything the world has to offer that is positive and productive
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    I think firing people is way overboard. I don't mind if they got in trouble of some kind for it but firing is too much. There is no way we will ever know what all offends each culture. Everyone is different. We are dealing wiht human beings, each with there own outlook on things. So two people of the same culture can have different reactions to things. I guess if I was writing something for the world to read I would try and watch what I said. That being said I will never hold my opinion back for fear of offending anyone. Sometimes the truth needs to be said. I can do all that without using racial slurs though so could have used a different headline. I'm sure the person just thought they were being clever and would give people a little chuckle or something. I'm a pretty easy going person so maybe it just doesn't bother me. I think most of the time when people use words like that they don't even know the real meaning of the word anyway so they are just ignorant to what they are even saying.
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    Sorry about the pestiferous sniffle and thanks for the new vocab word! I like Pierre but honestly, who knows what the system will be? Be nice to retain some of our veterans though. He makes be crazy because sometimes he is brilliant and other times it seems like his hands repel the ball!
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