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    Dear Jim, Please be safe. Avoid people as much as possible. At your age, and with some of the underlying conditions i believe you have, i am very worried about you. I feel you have done much to bring me happiness thru a great product you have put together. It would break my heart if you got this virus and suffered, or worse. I consider you a friend even tho i never met you and this team and i , for that matter, need you leading this ship. Caringly, A devoted fan.
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    If Rock Ya-Sin and Xavier Rhodes are our starting CB duo, and ball out this year, I have a suggestion for a nickname... Rocky Rhodes Throw Kenny in there for Moore Rocky Rhodes!
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    "For perspective, Leonard is the only player in league history to record 250+ tackles, 10.0+ sacks, 5+ interceptions, and 5+ forced fumbles after his first two seasons in the NFL." Maniac.
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    As a fan, if a player that I think will really help the team opts out, it's disappointing. From a human standpoint, I get it.
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    Most overrated on the roster is Chad Kelly, has never played a single regular season game and people think he’s the next Peyton Manning
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    I don't know enough about Eason to love him or hate him, but dear God, I hope we cut the cord on Kelly, just for the health of the message board. The dude couldn't get a sniff over a hobbled Brissett and a horrible Brian Hoyer last year. I just fear that 10 years from now as he enters his 14th season, there will still be people on this board saying "Guys, I think this is the year that Chad breaks through and wins that backup role"
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    Hey everybody, Andrew Walker of Colts.com here. I’m just looking to expand our reach in the quest for the best questions for our Colts.com Mailbag. I’ll check back here towards the end of the week for any submissions you may have, or feel free to send them on our site here.
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    Technically, I don’t believe he was released. I believe his contract was up and we elected not to re-sign him to a new deal. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will come along soon enough to correct me and set the record straight.
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    Here he is ladies and gents.
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    “(enter Rock Ya-Sin shirtless with a beer in hand) When it comes to taking care of my body, there is only one beverage choice... (cue deep voice narrator) Rolling Rock. Delicious, smooth tasting Lager that keeps Rock... like a rock. (Insert hard core music with flashes of Rock laying the wood to a runner in open space) (fade) (Rolling Rock logo)”
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    A better QB than Jacoby Brissett.
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    Maybe I’m reading this guys tweet incorrectly? He seems to be saying that Luck retired due to the snow boarding accident. Couple of points to make.... 1. Wasn’t the snowboarding accident several years ago? 2. Didn’t the snowboarding accident result in a shoulder injury? 3. Didn’t Luck retire due to some mysterious lower leg injury? If this is all true, and I believe it is, the dots don’t connect. In other words, this guy was wrong before and there’s no reason — for now — to believe he’d be right this time. If Luck comes back — great. If he wants to play elsewhere — fine. We’d get draft picks. If he wants to play for the Colts — that’s fine too. To me Luck coming back is a win-win. And if not, we move on....
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    This is a nice video. Lots of stuff in it. Even some of Eason throwing.
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    I am hoping for Rivers, Kelly and Eason.....no Brissett.
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    There have been so many positive threads this off-season. From NFL.com, from ESPN.com, from PFF... — About our draft... — About our free agents... — About our GM... Doesn't all of this make that infamous thread... you know.... The one this off-season that said that Ballard was Meh... that turned into a long thread.. maybe 10 pages... doesn’t the off-season success we’ve had here in 2020 make that thread look... Ridiculous?!? I mean seriously... ridiculous. Sorry to the poster who started the thread. Sorry to all the posters who agreed with the OP, but the thread couldn’t look sillier. The man is so good at his job. It’s not Ballard worship. It’s a simple acknowledgement that CB is good at his job. And yes, I know this season could blow up if Rivers isn’t who we hope he is. If not, it’s a one year gamble that didn’t pay off. As long as Chris Ballard is here, the Colts should always be competitive. For me as a fan, I can’t ask for more. Your mileage may vary...
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    I’m so hoping there is a season. Colts have to prove it but I think they can play with anybody! I’m excited for this year if
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    Parris narrates part of the video. Good to see they've thought this through and are going above and beyond to make the season happen.
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    Why anyone would be frustrated by a player opting out is a mystery to me, and frankly just mind-numbing. They are making a personal decision based on their own health or perhaps their families health. This has nothing to do with his drive to play. That is a comical.
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    Really good question to ask. Too much blame or honor often goes to the QB. No matter how great, the QB can't make enough difference to carry the team alone. Defense was really hit hard last year when Derwin James went down in preseason. Derwin is in on almost every single play, has the widest range, quickest instincts and closing speed I've seen in a long time. He's also such a solid tackler that if he's near the play he makes the stop. Everyone is a better player when he's on the field. Then we lost 2 CBs, 10 and 16 days later to injured reserve, and then S Nassir Adderly a month later. From there on the D was incredibly vulnerable. Our pass rush wasn't nearly as effective without the shutdown pass D. On offense we lost C Mike Pouncey shortly thereafter, then G Forrest Lamp both to Injured Reserve. The O-Line became a revolving door (again) I lost count of how many different line permutations were tried. Also, as a long time River's fan, I think he was injured (can't remember which game might have been either Green Bay or the game after). His play changed after 1 really bad hit and then he was hit a couple more times. Rivers plays through everything and you'll never hear a peep about what's ailing him. After that, his throws lost just enough zip and distance to change up the entire offense's timing. He's had a similar year back in San Diego and came out on fire the next year. I hope you guys get to see that Rivers. With your O-Line and running game, this could be a magical year for Colt's fans. Phil is amazingly quick to learn new receivers and if he trusts them to be where expected, he'll make incredible timing throws. RB Melvin Gordon's hold out was a disaster. Our Back up RBs were doing really well while he was out, so I felt he got worried and that's why he came back without a deal. He NEVER got going and the coaches disrupted the offensive threat we had had to bring him back. There was a reason our Offensive Coordinator was fired mid-season and it wasn't Rivers. I couldn't have been happier when Philip landed with the Colts as they've always been my 2nd favorite team to root for if we didn't make the playoffs.
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    I can think of only a handful of safeties in the history of the league worth that type of trade...and while Adams is a solid player...he ain’t worth all that.
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    Several years of The Spanish Flu and 6 years of World War II. The difference now is instant/constant updates to increase your stress levels with sensationalism and people more divided in fighting it.
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    Not sure if this has been done before or not, but with nothing better to do, I went on Pro Football Reference and tried to find the best Colts player for every jersey number. 1: Pat McAfee 2: Raul Allegre 3. Rohn Stark 4. Adam Vinatieri HM: Jim Harbaugh 5. Dean Biasucci 6. Dan Orlovsky 7. Bert Jones 8. Matt Hasselbeck 9. Mark Hermann 10. Jack Trudeau 11. Jeff George 12. Andrew Luck 13. TY Hilton 14. Cary Blanchard 15. Earl Morrall 16. Mike Wood 17. Hunter Smith HM: Austin Collie 18. Peyton Manning 19. Johnny Unitas 20. Jerry Logan 21. Rick Volk HM: Bob Sanders 22. Buddy Young 23. Don McCauley 24. Lenny Moore 25. Nesby Glasgow HM: Marlon Mack 26. Lydell Mitchell 27. Curtis Dickey 28. Marshall Faulk HM: Jimmy Orr 29. Eric Dickerson HM: Joseph Addai/Jason Belser 30. Doug Nettles 31. Nelson Munsey 32. Edgerrin James HM: Mike Curtis 33. Dominic Rhodes 34. Ray Buchanan 35. Glenn Doughty 36. Bill Pellington 37. Chris Goode 38. Eugene Daniel 39. Mike Prior 40. Bobby Boyd 41. Antoine Bethea HM: Tom Matte 42. Derrick Hatchett 43. Lenny Lyles 44. Dallas Clark 45. Jerry Hill 46. Jim Welch 47. Charlie Stukes 48. Roosevelt Leaks 49. David Lee 50. Duane Bickett 51. Pat Angerer 52. Dick Szymankski 53. Ray Donaldson HM: Darius Leonard 54. Jeff Herrod 55. Barry Krauss 56. Quenton Nelson 57. Ken Mendenhall 58. Gary Brackett 59. Cato June 60. George Preas 61. Robert Pratt 62. Glenn Ressler HM: Ken Huff 63. Jeff Saturday 64. Ben Utt HM: Dave Taylor 65. Ryan Lilja 66. Don Shinnick 67. Will Wolford 68. Alex Sandusky 69. Randy Dixon 70. Art Donovan 71. Ryan Diem HM: Dan Sullivan 72. Bog Vogel 73. Adam Meadows 74. Anthony Castonzo HM: Billy Ray Smith 75. Chris Hinton 76. Fred Miller 77. Jim Parker 78. Tarik Glenn HM: Bubba Smith 79. Lou Michaels HM: Raheem Brock 80. Bill Brooks 81. Roger Carr HM: Ordell Braase 82. Raymond Berry 83. Ted Hendricks 84. Jack Doyle 85. Roy Hilton 86. Jerome Pathon 87. Reggie Wayne 88. Marvin Harrison HM: John Mackey 89. Gino Marchetti 90. Montae Reagor HM: Cory Redding 91. Josh Thomas 92. Chad Bradzte 93. Dwight Freeney 94. Rob Morris 95. Bernard Whittington 96. Denico Autry 97. Cornellius Bennett 98. Robert Mathis 99. Donnell Thompson
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    Well... you thought wrong. The market was set by Aaron Donald who makes $25m per. He’s the top paid DL. The market was not set by Chris Ballard.
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    I know Luck's retirement really sucked at the time he did but the disrespect he has as a player right here for a few in this forum sucks as well. I understand being mad about him retiring but to say he was over rated as a player or he didn't do what another QB did on another team is totally being narrow minded. When Luck played he was one of the best in the league. His last season was his 2nd best year of his career. The disrespect is appalling.
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    Man.. this is going to be a domino effect. Next thing we know Andrew Luck will opt out of this season.
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    Luck is done folks. He walked away to be a father and husband and to keep his body and brains intact. He’s not coming back to get his body smashed up again or raise the odds that he gets another concussion or five. He has enough $; he’s a smart guy with a multitude of interests. Let the ghost of QB Andrew Luck Rest In Peace.
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    AC is not — repeat NOT — opting out. He only said he considered it. Do you know who else likely considered it? EVERY SINGLE PLAYER IN THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!! Hello? The virus can kill you. It can make you badly sick. You can then give it to family members and teammates. Anybody in their right mind would at least consider opting out. And you would too if you were a player. It’s logical and reasonable to at least consider it. Can we please stop with the ridiculous outrage over this?
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    I just finished season two of Umbrella Academy. Now when someone says "I heard a rumor..." I try to ignore it as fast as possible. I suggest everyone do the same with this one.
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    The Colts own his rights so he would have to be traded to play for someone else.
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    I'd take that bet, lol. Irsay didn't let him keep that money to watch him win another team a superbowl in the event he un-retired.
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    Brissetts upside has been determined by the team. They signed Rivers and drafted Eason. That tells u how much upside Brissett has.
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    I’d give you a rec just for having Beet as an avatar, but you don’t get one since Vinny isn’t on the roster. And he’s still the GOAT.
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    Every time Mike Wells gets folks to react to his click bait articles........he laughs in front of a mirror with his shirt off.
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    https://youtu.be/cAeWPpaftM0 I found this pretty funny. Looks like he has found his locker motivational material for the upcoming season.
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    I think you meant his 2017 season starting for us turned into the 3rd overall pick which eventually turned into Quinton Nelson and a host of other players. Theres no connection — none — between JB and Andrew Luck.
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    IMO without a vaccine the season will end up cancelled. It may not be at the start of the season but ultimately it will end that way. Under normal conditions the teams who are the least injured advance thru the playoffs. If this season does play out it will ultimately be the teams with the least amount of positive virus test.
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    I love the "independent thinker" fallacy, the whole 'I don't need other people to tell me who's good, unlike you' angle. Apparently, you also don't need current information. To the bolded, I didn't directly address a lot of the things you said because they're entirely irrelevant. 1) Cam winning a national championship in college is irrelevant. 2) Cam winning MVP five years ago is irrelevant. 3) The Panthers going to the SB five years ago is irrelevant. 4) Luck's career is irrelevant. (We're talking about Cam and Rivers, right?) Cam brute-forced the league in his first few seasons, then added some efficiency in 2015 and had a really good year. Since then, his team has been .500 in games he's started, with no playoff wins. I don't blame that on him entirely, because QBs don't win or lose games on their own, but when you have to go back at least five years to support a player having a "winning pedigree," it's time to acknowledge that this so-called pedigree has no bearing on his present ability to play the game. Since 2015, Cam has been slightly above average as a passer. The last two seasons, he's been less than that, partly due to injury. And throughout his career, Cam has been a limited passer because of fundamental issues -- poor footwork, inconsistent accuracy, tendency to hold the ball too long, lack of ability to anticipate throws, and so on. Not sure why Mahomes and Jackson are brought into the discussion... you have a habit of throwing out red herrings. But both are athletic, mobile QBs with strong arms, who rely on their physical gifts to make great plays. Similar to Cam. Jackson has some work to do as a pro level passer. Mahomes is already twice the pro passer that Cam has ever been, because of accuracy, footwork, and anticipation. He's also better at avoiding contact because he doesn't play like a battering ram, and his production through two years as a starter has already dwarfed anything Cam has ever done. So to be clear, the way Mahomes plays isn't very much like the way Cam plays, at all. And I'll say again, anyone who watches them play -- and understands what they're watching -- knows this to be true. And that comparison has nothing to do with Cam or Rivers as it pertains to the Colts. Also, this is not and never has been a defense of Rivers. I have significant questions about his ability to play well for us. I stated those when the rumors about him coming to the Colts first started, and I haven't wavered there. My feelings about Rivers have little to do with my opinion of Cam. I wouldn't have minded signing Cam (and I said that months ago as well). But that would have meant a major adjustment to Reich's offense, because Cam is a different kind of QB, with different strengths and weaknesses, and some injury concerns. Ultimately, I would have had just as many questions about Cam as I do about Rivers, just different questions. But the flimsy foundation of your argument is obvious when it centers around Cam's college career and a really good season five years ago. It's 2020. Adrian Peterson is no longer a 1,500 yard RB. Alex Smith is no longer holding the Chiefs back. Gary Kubiak has retired, and un-retired. The Chargers are no longer in San Diego, the Rams are no longer in St Louis, Jim Tomsula didn't last in San Francisco, the Bengals finally fired Marvin Lewis, the Bills even made the playoffs! A lot has changed in the NFL in the last five years. One of those things: Cam Newton has not been a dominant QB since 2015.
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    Team is just loaded with beast. Everyday it's a new top 5 list. Or 2 in top 10 list. Ready to see this team in action. Hopeful but not overly optimistic on full season.
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    Weak. First, the Panthers went to the SB five years ago. You know who else got MVP votes that year? Carson Palmer. Cam having a good year five years ago is irrelevant. Second, Cam's efficiency and ability to get wins in 2015 was pretty much an outlier year. Because QBs being physically similar is all that matters when it comes to in game performance... Cam and Luck had a lot of similarities in the way they played QB. Also a lot of differences. Anyone who watched them play knows this. I'm not sure what this comparison has to do with Rivers. I also don't know why you're not acknowledging the clear issues that Cam has with playing QB in the NFL. Instead, you're acting like "MVP! #1 pick! Went to the SB!" means that there are no issues with the way he plays the position.
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    This is me dreaming of the day when threads no longer include Luck's return or the coaches/GM's inability to recognize the greatness of Kelly. Heck, while I'm at it, let's add threads not including: * The preseason is too long * The Probowl is a joke * anything that mentions that +, Tom Brady.
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    Understood. The player and representation would probably file a grievance at the mere suggestion, given how brazenly it violates the CBA. That kind of stipulation would be completely unprecedented; a player retiring suddenly, close to the start of the season, is not unprecedented. There are no grounds for that kind of stipulation. To be clear, I don't think Luck is ever coming back. If Luck did express a desire to come back, I'd be skeptical about bringing him back and relying on him as a critical part of the team. If the Colts were to accept him back, I would assume they know certain things about his decision to retire, and what has changed since he made that decision. And they would be confident that those circumstances were resolved entirely. But this is a waste of data, because it's not happening.
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    You are reading it incorrectly. He is saying that he said he was the first to say that Luck's injury (shoulder) was due to a snowboarding accident and everyone laughed at him. He then says that he said, 3 weeks before Luck retired, that Luck was going to retire.
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    AV talked one time about his first season with Parcels would set up AC for a FG to end practice. If he made it the team was done. If he missed then the team did extra work. That is the best way I can think of to simulate pressure situations.
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    Ah yes, our resident ray of sunshine, *, and vinegar just can't avoid negative and hollow platitudes on a single post.....
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