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  2. Teams need to conduct practices in their own facility, not somewhere miles away because the players will need to be tested periodically and kept out of too much public contact while their job is to go from home to team facilities and train. This is why NFL wants to have no leniency in allowing any outside facilities. So, teams conducting any practices outside their facility will have to change and accommodate this Off-season. Strictly. NFL has given a direction that "teams can get Exception but they will have to prove to the league Medical Task Force that they can't conduct in their own facility" if that's the case. I think that would mean team would've to move their facility to their outside training location so that medical tests and player frequency is limited to that outside facility. Not sure if teams could do that or it would be prudent to just use/upgrade the practice field and training rooms in their own facility to conduct off-season program.
  3. I agree with him but you already know that. Lol. Our division is pretty meh this year; so, we may win the division. But I doubt it, as we had too much turnover in players.
  4. By September, it's more likely that stadiums are allowed to have fans in limited or very limited capacity, a few allotted seats in safe distance in each section. Stadiums will not have 60,000 fans but it's more likely that 5,000-10,000 fans can be accommodated keeping the distance as per state orders. Would that be a boost for the home team? Yes, better than having no one. Would that create a noise that gives trouble to visiting team on the road on important downs? Most likely not. Maybe, no tailgating and things as such or that in limited capacity. Maybe, it will improve throughout the season but I doubt games will be played with no fans. Probably the opponent traveling fans wouldn't be there much as usual, unless teams in proximity to each other play. It will be an interesting season, but it will not be gloomy without any fans at all.
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  6. ho hum... Somebody call me when he gets to the top ten. I hate cliffhangers! jk...
  7. You must be a Purdue graduate because Brees isn't even in the Top 5 QB's of all-time.
  8. When the Saints had off years under Brees, they absolutely stink. When the Colts had off years under Manning, they won 10 games
  9. It's a 16 wk schedule, at some point perhaps after the 4th wk they'll start having fans in the stand.
  10. Lol no1s ready for this discussion I don’t see Brady ever turning the ball over that much
  11. Its official, no joint practices https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/06/02/nfl-teams-will-not-have-joint-practices-this-year/
  12. That second wave may happen in July due to the protests and riots. I’m not trying to be insensitive, but there’s risk for lots of viral exposure right now. If it hits hard now, there may be herd immunity by September.
  13. A second wave in inevitable. Doesn't matter though if they are willing to play in empty arenas. And I'm perfectly OK with empty stadiums until late year when a vaccine is available. Just give me football. Please Baby Jesus Please.
  14. I agree. Brady will still dink & dunk as usual despite the much improved weapons. AND opposing DC's will give plenty of cushion to his targets like they did in new england.
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  16. Sorry, but this is false. First, roughly 20 states are already showing a spike in Corona cases. And the more we re-open the more the number of cases is going to go up. Second, you can forget about returning to anything close to normal until a vaccine is found. Without that, we will remain in some alternate state for the foreseeable future. The most optimistic target date is early 2021. Is sooner even possible? Yes, but it’s highly unlikely. The early 2021 timetable is possible, but it’s considered optimistic. Sorry, not trying to be Donnie Downer.
  17. I think some police like to abuse there power or get on power trips, absolutely. I believe that some cops are in fact racist. But you said being a cop and being racist go hand in hand and that is what I was referring too, as if to become a cop you have to agree to be racist. Do you hear about all the good stuff good cops do? Do you hear about all the bad stuff bad cops do? I will answer, unfortunately you rarely ever hear the good. You hear some of the bad in the local news and usually only national news if it was a White cop and African American victim. Are all priests/pastors/religious leaders child predators? Absolutely not. Do you hear about all the good stuff the good ones do? Do you hear about all the bad stuff the bad ones do? Stop letting the news/media sway your opinion. Yes this was a bad cop. It’s yet to be determined if it was racially motivated, not that it matters at this point. Public opinion has already stated it was.
  18. If you don't think that police like to be BULLIES then who is being ignorant? I didn't say everyone of them. I'm sure there are some good decent ones but there is enough of them that aren't that make police brutality a topic that comes up more times than we care for.
  19. Police brutality been going on for 401 years?
  20. So nice to see that more familiar names have been active again since I was last here. :grouphug:

    1. Nadine


      Hi Megan! How you been?

  21. Kubiak was average IMO. Wade Phillips defense in Denver was a huge reason why Denver won the SB with Peyton. Dungy was great but not on BB's level. Caldwell = average, Fox = average. BB arguably the GOAT with the Pats.
  22. thats when Brady was the most productive too. Tom had a lot of great coaching while Peyton had weak head coaches expect for Dungy and GK. Kubiak was only for one year i believe. he was pretty good but a questionable fit for peyton. he liked more mobile QBs
  23. Im sorry but that could be, no wait it is, one of the most ignorant posts I’ve ever read on here.
  24. well hopefully none of the six states that were mentioned to have a newer deadlier case of the virus are ones with NFL teams either.
  25. If these players dont start making some compromises with the leagues, we might not even have some seasons. Already at risk anyway, if there is another spike. For players to think they don't need to come off some salary is wild. Mainly speaking on MLB(pro rated salary request), but NFL has approached NFLPA about reductions of salaries because of revenue loss with no fans. Will either take reductions, or will face a Salary Cap that drops next year. I'm fine with the 2nd option, because that just makes our open cap space that more valuable.
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