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  2. i think eating crow is kind of silly. three possible outcomes in a nfl game, no one is going to guess right 100% of the time. should we have to eat crow every time we get one wrong? vegas got it wrong too, they probably lost money on this game
  3. Speed and Okereke have more upside than Leonard? Wow, that's a major stretch. I think both of these rookies have genuine promise, but Leonard had a special season last year that neither of these guys are likely to replicate. Leonard is an all Pro LB and earned it. Now, you want to talk about Willis already being better than Geathers? That's one where we could find common ground.
  4. If it were just one game, it would hard to disagree. But this is league wide, nearly every game all day Sunday. Coaches are sending in videos left and right, but I feel few will get an apology, unfortunately. Officials are refereeing scared, IMHO. I feel video replay and the latest technology has actually accelerated it. I might be for removal of all coaches challenges/reviews, and only have booth stoppage in last 2 minutes of the game to correct Rams/Saints level debacles only. Then hold refs accountable.
  5. The ones that one admit when they are wrong (and we all know who they are) won't come to an "eat crow" thread either.
  6. Fans are wrong quite often. Many will come back, step up, and own it. A few disappear for awhile. Hopefully, threads as such as here is more of a lighthearted nature and also offer opportunity for some to say **Mea Culpa, I forgot about "Any given Sunday."** I never made a prediction, because I was hoping for a W. But I will admit I had little conviction in that hope until the game progressed. (From that cautiously optimistic outlook that I often have) So-
  7. Concussions are bad news. I had a couple in HS football and another in a bike accident in college. My first one in HS, they gave me some smelling salts, patted me on the back and sent me home. I apparently rode my bike home. I became aware of my surroundings about two hours after I got home. No idea how I got there. No memory of anything after the collision. My third one, in college, was the worst. Same memory loss; but it impacted my brain for a good 6 months or so. At least today there is an awareness of how to deal with concussions. But its scary stuff; football is a concussion waiting to happen for everyone on the field.
  8. I thought for sure it was just going to be the entire Colts O-line in that pic before I opened this thread.
  9. QB..... Left Guard.... Left Tackle.... 3 Tech.... Edge Rusher.... Mike.... Shutdown CB
  10. I was on vacation so didn't really have a chance to respond to this thread after the Colts beat the Chefs (great googly moogly). I was one of the few on this board who mentioned several times that fans should not just consider the Chiefs game a loss and had several posters jump on those posts and tell me that the Colts just don't stand a chance. That being said, I don't understand the whole"eat crow" mentality. They act like those that thought the Colts would lose are the only posters that have ever been wrong on something they predicted.
  11. Pretty much my thinking as well, with the exception of a shutdown CB instead of the Will. Fun topic.
  12. I love this board. The Colts lose to the Raiders and many on here talk about getting rid of Flus, maybe Ballard is not that good at drafting and Reich is not that great of a play caller and the overall talent of the roster is pretty low. Then a week later and the Colts beat the Chiefs and now they are SB contenders, Ballard is GM of the year, Reich has to be considered one of the best coaches in NFL history and the Colts are deep at every position. To me, the Colts still look like a 9-7 or 10-6 team. They may be able to get into the playoffs and anything can happen in the playoffs. The Colts are 3-2 and they have played teams with a combined record of (12-17). I'm not saying they cannot go on a huge run and start dominating teams nor that they cannot improve throughout the season. Just that, overall, so far this year the Colts have been playing like a good football team who are too inconsistent at the moment to be considered a serious contender.
  13. HECK NO! lol. I still want one to Retire before the other... for obvious reasons..
  14. Yupp. We think alike. When I build a team in Madden i start with two shutdown corners. Then i actually switch LB's and EDGE. I will punish you with press man or zone and then destroy you with the edge rushers.
  15. the players/GM/coaches write the stories, I just remember them and relay what I read/heard.
  16. Today
  17. I don't like PFF grades, especially for olineman. of course I don't base my evaluation of the line on PFF either. Nelson is making AC's job easier but on the flip side AC is making Nelson's job easier as well. This makes no sense to me. For one reason, the Colts have one of the best olines in the NFL, that does not mean there are no weaknesses or any place for improvement, it just means they are one of the best units in the NFL so why mess with it? Second, this philosophy would weaken three positions; RG would be weakened by moving someone there who has not played that position in the pros. Then you weaken the RT position by playing a guy there that is not as good as the RT you just moved to guard and then in the future you weaken the LT position by moving a RT who will have to undo all his RT muscle memory and relearn the LT muscle memory. Olineman can typically have long careers in the NFL and barring a major injury I can see AC playing another 4 or 5 years (he's not like Glenn where weight is an issue). So there is no reason to draft his replacement anytime soon.
  18. Great topic @Superman QB - Peyton (1st) LT - Munoz (2nd), protect Peyton's blindside. DE - Reg White (3rd), pass rush is very important. WR - Rice (4th), if Peyton had him it would be lights out. LB - L Taylor (5th), more pass rush and fast. CB - Sanders (6th), having a shutdown CB is huge. Takes away half the field. OG - Nelson (7th), beef up the O.line more for a great running game and to protect the QB more.
  19. Mack CMC Zeke Kamara Barkley Bell Gurley
  20. Can we turn this thread into an Andrew Luck memories/reminiscing thread please? Something in the back of my head is telling me we really need that right now
  21. These refs can't be that bad. Sure seems like more and more games are fixed.
  22. Matt Patricia has pretty much shown that coaches now 'get it'. Don't challenge P.I. (or non called, like on Marvin Jones) as it will not be overturned. Save the time outs, which Patricia (unfortunately) had to do. But Refs should be getting these right. Hands to the face farce took the Pack from punting at their 44 down 9 points to a 1st and 10 at Lions 40, where they eventually hit on a big play for a TD- now down just 2. SMH. The Refs have to get better, not more NY intervention. This is one of a few where the outcome was heavily influenced by officiating and the Lions very well could have won that game. It just seems funny though, with everyone previously screaming how the NFL has taken D out of the game are now barking about DPI non calls. EDIT: Just got an update on PI calls. 7 out of 40 have been overturned, the other 33 stood. That's a less than 20% chance. I'd really like a video from NFLOfficiating demonstrating what gets overturned and anything less won't.
  23. I never doubted the Colts for a second this season, I don't know what you guys are on about
  24. Didn't we switch OL coaches recently from a disciplinarian to an educational technician?
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