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  2. Right now he is a top 5 QB. When Cam Newton and Matt Ryan won their MVPs they were top 5 QBs at those times. Why is that so difficult to admit? Right now Peyton Manning is not a top 5 QB. When he was on the Colts for most of his seasons he was. This isn't an all time list, it's a right now list and right now if he does not play another down in the NFL at this very moment Patrick Mahomes is a top 5 QB and every general manager in the NFL would agree.
  3. Hines becomes the other slot guy especially out of the backfield
  4. It is in every players contract and NFL rules player abides by. The player alone is responsible for everything in his body. Can not plead ignorance. If a player is unsure about something, consult the team physician or just do not take it. No matter the circumstance of occurrence, if any of these (or another substance eventually breaks down into one of these) listed substances are detected, it is a violation of the NFL Performance Enhancing Substance (PES) policy and player is subject to suspension. It is long, thorough list (SARMS is on it at the bottom) - https://www.huntonretailindustryblog.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2016/04/2014-NFL-List-of-Prohibited-Substances.pdf As far as SARMS, many contain unlisted and illegal drugs (Nov. 28, 2017 JAMA article) as well - https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/2664459 Buyer/Player beware... "Findings Chemical analyses of 44 products sold via the internet as selective androgen receptor modulators revealed that only 52% contained selective androgen receptor modulators and another 39% contained another unapproved drug. In addition, 25% of products contained substances not listed on the label, 9% did not contain an active substance, and 59% contained substance amounts that differed from the label. Meaning Selective androgen receptor modulators, which have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, were available through the internet and were inaccurately labeled."
  5. We have had two top notch quarterbacks over the span of the last 20 or so years that most franchises would drool over to have on their teams, so someone please tell me how having a top tier QB is better than having a top tier GM after one title and two SB appearances over that time span? To me, having a GM pulling the strings toward a well balanced team and managing the cap space correctly is worth more than one player. We now have a QB friendly system in place, much like what the Pats have had over that same span of years. The Eagles won a title with a back up QB with a QB friendly system also. Rodgers and Brees has one title a piece with other big names such as Marino having zero which makes my vote for Ballard much more solid.
  6. This Is what Reich was talking about when he says he wants a better run game. It has to do with the oline. Not more runs or better better running backs.
  7. Harcourt Fenton Mudd, that is!
  8. If he has three more years like last year he could be a hall of fame candidate. He couldn’t of been that bad in Detroit if his numbers are that good after only one year as a colt.
  9. That's why I didn't have a problem with it to begin with. If it's meant to be top five in 2018, then it's all wrong. But overall, active QBs? There could be some argument with Ben, Luck, Wilson, Ryan, and maybe Mahomes, if you have a problem with a one year QB being on the list; I don't in this case, because Mahomes was outstanding and had an all time great season. But once you get past Brady, Brees and Rodgers, the next tier is 4-6 guys, and it's going to be debatable, depending on what criteria the evaluator emphasizes the most.
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  11. You talk so much of balance... from now on I'm gonna call you Thanos. Lol jk, I'm a believer in balance too. But you and Reich are essentially saying the same thing. When Reich says he wants to run the ball more, it means he wants there to be more of a proportion of plays to go running plays relative to where they are now. We were 2nd in the league in passing attempts last year. So therefore, if you want there to be more "balance", then you would also want to run the ball more, just like Reich.
  12. You may be right on that one. He does seem to be a bit more patient and then he cuts upfield.
  13. Cubs are on WNDY today at 220ET. I am off work today, time for a beer and some baseball.
  14. Looks like maybe Lion fans are actually bitter cuz he's gone. kinda like when a hot girl breaks up with you and you tell yourself she really wasnt that pretty.
  15. Yeah I am thinking Warner is factoring in the career's of the QB/reputation. If that is the case then his list makes sense.
  16. The fact that Brady is #1 on that list makes me think it's NOT based on 2018 alone. If it's last year alone, I'd get rid of Brady before I got rid of Ben.
  17. To your last sentence, that is what I thought it was supposed to be. If so Luck is top 5 easily.
  18. I am shocked that many people agree with this list. Big Ben had a slightly worse season than Luck with 2 top 10 WRs last year. I know my opinion about Big Ben is unpopular, but I'm not even sure he's a top 10 QB. In no particular order, Luck, Wilson, Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, Goff, Mayfield, Rivers, Ryan. Not a solid list, and I'm fine if someone puts Big Ben in the place of Goff or Ryan, but he's still massively overrated. And putting Tom Brady at number 1 is just awful. I'll begrudgingly let someone put him top 5, but even that's a stretch. His numbers are worse than Luck's. Just because he had 1 good playoff game and won the Super Bowl, everyone thinks he's the best QB in the league. They're just being lazy, and they're not actually paying attention to how he's playing in the 16 regular season games. Some people are saying, well, they have the legacy factor. But this isn't an all-time list. This is a ranking of the best QBs right now. As 2006ColtsBestEver said in the post above me, this is a ranking of last season, not all-time
  19. That's true and I certainly have hope for him. Especially since the turn around was based heavily on one strong draft not on big free agent signings or trades. That said I see it as a reminder that the best GM's are determined by who keeps their team in playoff contention year after year after year and not who makes the biggest splash turnaround. Don't get me wrong, for the most part I like his philosophy and like where the team is headed. But there still is a lot to prove.
  20. From what we have seen DF doesnt need separation. He is so big he just goes up over the DB and gets it.
  21. What comes to mind regarding stretch plays, especially now is more time for both TY and Campbell to get down the field for huge plays. As long as the oline can give luck the extra sec or two for a clean release/throw smh. Like Magic.
  22. His combine speed was always considered questionable. I don't know about 4.47 at his pro day, but I've always thought splitting the difference made sense in his case. He's probably not a 4.5 guy, but I don't think he's a 4.7 guy, either. Regardless, he's not a burner. He has to run good routes to separate, and he's a better route runner than he's usually given credit for. If the staff uses him on his best routes, the ones that connect with what Luck does well, I think he'll be productive for us.
  23. Ben was pretty even with him statistically because of Yards but we won more games, so if you factor in everything, Luck was better. I am not sure how it can be debated if one just goes by last year. Also Rodgers only threw for 25 TD's last season and the Pack weren't even close to making the playoffs. I am just going by last season not all-time. Isn't that what Warner is doing? If so he is wrong. If he is basing his opinion all-time then Ben and Rodgers belong in the top 5 out of today's QB's playing but why would Mahomes belong then? He has only had 1 great year, Luck has had 4 very good to great seasons. I am confused what Warner's list is based on.
  24. There's also many many things you can take and get hot for PED's that are completely legal. Although all the amazing stuff that actually works the government like to keep coming in and banning them like pro hormones. But to can get same results from SARMS
  25. I would love to see the stretch play come back. But I think Wilkins is the better back for that play than Mack.
  26. Long post coming, sorry. Finally got a chance to really take this piece in. It's good work. I appreciate them getting into what Mudd teaches, how that's shown up with Strausser in the NFL, and how it will benefit the Colts. Something that I've been mentioning with OL prospects is the need to get the hands more engaged and use hands/arms to control the rusher. IMO, this is the biggest issue with LeRaven Clark, and it's a shame because he has incredibly long arms, and showed good feet and good movement ability in college. If he can pair those up -- get his hands and arms engaged and on blockers, and connect his feet and his steps to maintain balance and leverage -- he might have some success. And he has the physical tools to play either tackle spot, so he'd provide much needed depth on both sides. As for Smith, the article highlights his role and play at RT last year. The idea is that he's better when attacking than when taking a passive pass pro set, and that's probably true. But the examples shown highlight part of the reason he has to stay back in his set -- I don't think he has the lateral range to take on wide rushers, and still protect against inside counters. If he extends himself to the outside, he'll be vulnerable to a counter because he doesn't have the quickness and change of direction to respond. There are two reps against Dee Ford. On one, he stays back and gets rocked by a bull rush. On the second, he turns to cut off the outside, and gets beat by a spin back to the inside. On both plays, he could have been more aggressive, but the question is whether he could have handled the counter on either play. The first, his aggressiveness probably would have stopped the bull rush, but it was Ford going speed-to-power and getting into Smith's chest that caused the problem; if Ford has countered inside, it might have been a different story. And the second, I think being aggressive would have resulted in the same inside move, which Ford seemed to be waiting to use. Smith doesn't have the length to extend his range in either direction -- his arms are four inches shorter than Clark's, he's in the 16th percentile for interior OL, 10th percentile for all OL, and would probably be in the 5th percentile among tackles. He doesn't have the foot speed and lateral agility / change of direction to make up for his limited length. I do think that more aggressive pass pro sets -- treating every pass play like it's play action and taking the fight to the rusher, along with the handshake method to latch on to the rusher, both staples of Mudd's technique -- will help Smith. And he's already very good in the run game, as a result of his overall size and power, as well as being pretty good moving toward the action. I still think he's a better guard prospect than tackle prospect, but hopefully Mudd and Strausser can help him improve with his technique and hand usage at RT. And along the way, maybe they can salvage some of the natural tools and ability that Clark hasn't been able to utilize. Because physically, he fits the profile better than Smith does, IMO.
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