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  2. Although not for the number 2 seed, but I believe Baltimore was in the mix with us last year in the standings as well, IIRC.
  3. I remember once upon a time, when both Geathers and Hooker were hurt, and they were both returning to the game, how excited I was. I hope it's like that, except this time with Hooker and Willis.
  4. Hey if he tears his ACL, they have no one to blame but themselves
  5. I think it's fair to mention injuries in certain games. We can and rightfully do mention games where TY's missed. It's just good context to have. We didn't specifically win/lose because of our injuries/opposing team's injuries, but I do think it puts context into the game. Just like a home/away game can, bad weather, penalties, etc.
  6. Can you believe he is back at practice in a limited basis today. They are playing with fire.
  7. Passer rating was much more reliable when the league was full of pocket passers. These days, not so much, and gets less reliable every year as we increase the number of dual threat QBs. I always look at the expanded QBR data (as well as NexGen, PFF, and FO) when trying to really compare QBs. There's really no perfect measurement out there IMO. It's going to be very interesting to see how JB performs going forward. There's no doubt he was exceptional vs Houston, and it was a huge coming out day for him. Next week he'll play vs a very good passing defense unlike Houston (Houston is bottom 5 while Denver is top 5). Will Reich go back to a run heavy attack while not allowing JB to do much, or will he strive for balance. I love that Reich attacked Houston's weakness and had the confidence in JB to call that game plan, I'd just love to see that same confidence vs a tougher secondary. And yes, his yards per completion have been low, but they were a bit better last week. Not sure if that is because Houston's passing D stinks in general, Houston was basically playing with 2nd, 3rd, and PS DBs, JB is getting better, or Reich's game plan simply included more deep 1st reads. Probably a mix.
  8. I was til this season I dont feel like going through 30 pages of JB is gonna be the MVP or the popular let's trade Luck when he comes back topic. both are ignorant as hell. how would you even know when I'm in here you've been a member for what 5 months??
  9. I am more excited about the return of Hooker. We get to see how good Willis and Hooker are together finally
  10. The NFL held to its blackout policy through 2014. Since then the NFL has suspended its policy each year. They decide whether or not to suspend each year. They chose to suspend it again for 2019.
  11. I won’t be surprised if Cain is a inactive after DF comes back.
  12. Yep it will be Cain. Zach has earned it. Zach though has been running the same routes we will see with DF.
  13. Also I don’t want Campbell or Funchess dipping in to Pascal’s snaps. That man has earned every bit of the #2 WR snaps. I guess they’ll probably take Cain’s snaps because he’s pretty much just been a body out there.
  14. On 10/22 the Inside The NFL show on Showtime discussed the Colts chances of going to the SB this year and their status for their future. The members Phil Simms, Ray Lewis, Michael Irvin and Brandon Marshall all agreed the Colts are playing well enough to make it to the SNB this year. They also stated the Colts are building what appears to be a very strong position in the bid for it all in the future years. They mentioned what has come to pass in recent years with Ballard on board like the Josh McDaniels fiasco, Luck's sudden retirement and the hiring of Reich as HC. So their conclusion was Ballard is doing a masterful job and their future is solid.
  15. It’s nice this team is so deep that we don’t have to rush guys back.
  16. This is the time we got healthy last year. Except we are 4-2 and not 1-5.
  17. Just in time to start easing them back in slowly for the powerhouse teams like the Broncos, Roethlesbergerless Steelers, Dolphins, Jaguars, and the two divisional teams we’ve already schooled. Get them healthy but don’t rush it because this team is for real.
  18. Good news indeed. Best case scenario, when is Funchess eligible for return?
  19. Looks like David Ross will be our new manager. I can roll with it. Also how about those Nats, up 1-0 on the Astros.
  20. To answer your question, I just think Houston and Indy are pretty even and it will be tough to sweep them. We have beat them twice in a row at Houston as well. Because Houston is good, law of averages says we will probably lose that one.
  21. Well I was kind of being sarcastic because when we lost to Oakland I basically posted that we did get outplayed.
  22. Today
  23. With the Pats & Hoody it has been proven over and over and over players brought on board the Patriots ship go from average to champions. It's all done with mirrors.
  24. Yeah......, I was telling a funny
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