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  2. Just because he's not the reason why we won, doesn't mean he was a liability that game.
  3. I thought he was talking about Johnathan Joseph
  4. Darius Leonard was key last year in stopping Deshaun Watson. Last year we had him spy Watson for most of the game. We need him to do that again
  5. I think he's better suited for UT than NT. Seems he's playing out of position for his skillset.
  6. OK, you're the QB. You have moved off Pascal, pulled it back from T.Y. , ignored the checkdown to Mack. You're in a clean pocket and this is what you see as you continue to go through the progressions- https://imgur.com/tqrxRkp Where are you going with the ball? The play broke down, it was defended. Like most QB's, time to make a play with his feet. I feel he wanted to sprint to the sideline and buy time for a receiver to get open. But Glowinski was in his way making him take a path closer to Chris Jones (who quickly disengaged from Kelly to pursue). Castonzo lost his man shortly after JB7 tucked and started to bail. I don't think it would be long enough for these receivers to break away from their defenders- T.Y., Cain, or especially Ebron, on his butt in the end zone. Kelly wasn't in great position on Jones, as witnessed how fast he got to JB once he broke out. Strip sack from the blind side would have been bad. If I was talented enough to be in his shoes, I would have taken the safety valve to Mack and let him try to make a play. But I feel JB7 is every bit as talented as Big Ben to extend a play moving out of the pocket when necessary. So we don't see it the same. The WR are blanketed. I'm not sitting there forever in that case hoping a defender eventually falls down, instead of one of your targets. I've made my case. (I think the check down to Mack). I'm moving on.
  7. JB has made a few mistakes and the colts are doing the right thing letting the run game been the focal point of this offense this season. The guy is working on his craft and has already improved.
  8. I also think Houston has been very disappointing.
  9. You are correct. Previous coaching staff ran Air Coryell that relied on a ton of deep field plays(usually, Brissett actually didn't throw that much downfield despite the system). I'm not sure it's very fair to draw too many conclusions from that season though, since Brissett was thrown into that thing with very little preparation and with horrible OLine and coaching staff. Some trends are worth noting, though. For example, not many big time throws, not many turnover worthy plays either... this is something that continues as a trend even this season with Reich as a coach and playcaller and with a pretty good OLine. I'm not quite ready to chalk it up as "it's just who Brissett is" but I'm almost getting there. Still want to see how he develops his game until the end of the season. It's possible he's just a conservative thrower who takes care of the ball to the extreme, but also doesn't take risks with aggressive throws.
  10. I guess I just have a different objective. I dont want other peoples opinions bleeding into my own, especially anonymous people on the internet. To each his own.
  11. 2017 was still the old coaching staff, and they threw it down the field more. i dont remember if Chud himself was still the OC but he ran air coryell
  12. This is the thing I disagree about. This is result-oriented rationalization. He didn't wait for half a second too long. The whole point of pass protection is to allow the QB to go through his progressions and have good platform to throw from. Once he leaves he has no protection and he has no good platform to throw off of. This is why off-platform and off-script throws are so impressive and why most of the premier QBs are able to make plays off-script and off-platform. In singular situations you can find instances when the guy would be better off leaving too early rather than waiting until the pocket breaks once you look at the result of the play, but in huge majority of cases and without knowing the end result, it's better for the QB to stay in the pocket and prolong the play and allow his receivers to get open, simply because the off-script plays are much harder to pull off. The base of Brissett's game should be his pocket throwing game and IMO leaving the pocket too early leaves throws on the field for him, especially having in mind that he hasn't shown ability to consistently make plays off-script. I can agree with most of this. Brissett's receivers are young and inexperienced right now and they are not doing him any favors with their ball-catching(I was reading some stat where he was top 5 QB with most dropped balls by pass-catchers). I still contend that even with all those issues we should still be able to isolate his play away from his receivers play and his playcallers playcalls and evaluate the quality of his decisions and throws on its own merits.
  13. I think this might be a game for the offense like we saw against the falcons. They will do everything to stop TY and guys are going to be wide open.
  14. not sure we can say Campbell was depth behind Hilton, he had 62 yards in 4 games. Now, could he be emerging young talent, certainly....and I hope so, but so far, meh. I'd like to see more things designed for him. Reich bringing him along slowly, too bad about the injury.
  15. I'm not qualified to answer that from my firsthand knowledge. I do not have Sunday ticket (which isn't All 22 anyway), and game pass only allows review 'after' the game has completed. I've not watched a single one. I just started with this Chiefs game, and only got through one half of Q2, so far. Maybe I'll get a chance to watch a lot more of the previous games and form my perspective. For now I go by those I deem credible via past experiences. But if specifics are given ( game, quarter, time, on a play) I may look it up and try to see if I agree.
  16. Today
  17. As we're talking Classics... I think this pearl is very relative to the modern world: "Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something."
  18. Wasn’t he playing DE last year and now he’s in the interior?
  19. This only refers to the distance between our opinions during the course of dialog on that play, nothing more. Long ago, a Latin teacher taught me- Tempus narrat veritas
  20. Fromm just got exposed. Threw it 51 times. 3 interceptions & only 17 points scored. Tells me when it's all placed on him, he can't lift a team & put it on his back. Say what you will about Tua but he throws with tremendous anticipation. Seems very natural. He could be the next Russell Wilson.
  21. The weird thing is Hilton has his big games in Houston and not at home. Could be the same Sunday. They will do everything to stop him leaving some guys wide open.
  22. I'm not going back through all the responses, but the title of this post should have been: "Who will step up WHEN the Texans stop Hilton?" They're not stupid, they're going to give him double and triple coverage. Cain has been underwhelming, Campbell is hurt, Ebron has developed T-Rex arms, and the rest of the WRs and TEs are solid but not really playmakers. It may be time to put Hines in the slot.
  23. I think that was the second TD to Hilton that game. First one was a deep pass.
  24. Yep. On the stampede blue podcast I was listening to they mentioned that they will probably bracket coverage TY. That will leave the middle of the field wide open. They even mentioned Ebron catching a pass and having a huge TD after the catch. Now he just needs to catch the d ball.
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