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  2. I've never twittered. I only created a facebook account because a nitwit disgruntled tenant got cute and created one in my name, forcing me to do same. The bright side was reconnecting with college and fraternity friends , but after the initial spurt, it got annoying. I dont care to see pics of every meal. I dont care. I dont need to see stupid pics that people think are artistic. They arent. And i dont need to be bombarded by political views, ads, and just trivial junk.' I dont do the facebook thing anymore either. i just dont "get it."
  3. Let's face it, other than Barry Sanders, Detroit football possibly has less success in their total history than Cleveland. They don't know what good looks like. If they don't want him, he is very welcome on the Colts. They really need to move on. Kinda like if we would dog Dorsett in NE. It just serves no purpose. Kinda like going to an ex's wedding and heckling them during the service. It just aint cool. Not a good look.
  4. By the way.... for those worried about this signing.... why? We’ve got next to nothing invested in him. Likely NFL minimum with little to no up front money. If he acts up we cut him straight away and it costs us nothing. Nothing. What’s the downside? If he makes the team he’d replace Walker as the PS quarterback. He’s not a likely candidate for the 53 on 2019. Maybe in 2020. Ballard has said he thinks he can save troubled players. I think this is his first attempt with the Colts. I support his effort. It he succeeds the Colts might someday come out of this with a backup QB. I’m happy to take that.
  5. This is awesome, lol....wonder if McDonald’s will have a new sponsor!?! https://mobile.twitter.com/NBCSCubs/status/1130968691070443521?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1130968691070443521&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cubshq.com%2Fupdate%2FWATCH-Rizzo-If-eating-McDonalds-is-embarrassing-you-might-not-be-American-26480
  6. I don’t think I would. I really like Twitter for what it was meant to be...instant information. I think if you use it as such...you can avoid the downside.
  7. NB; I came into the series thinking Toronto is the better team but the results haven't show that until Tuesday. Brooke Lopez and Niko Mirotic ..George Hill? We love Hill in Indy but he's never done what he's doing for the Bucks. Marc Gasol is a great player..I dont know why he was so shy and hesitant in the first two games. Player for player..Toronto should be winning
  8. And here is the actual NFL draft profile that was alluded to, but NOT linked. I'm linking it. And, Kelly had a solid draftable grade and was called a possible low-level starter. So, clearly he might also be considered a decent back-up, which is all anyone is talking about here. Kelly's profile. Not a first rounder, but not a camp body either. Possible Brissett replacement in 2020 if he leaves. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/chad-kelly?id=2557869
  9. stitches

    Day one OTAs

    The second part is correct(perceived pass threat usually makes opponents send less people in the box and create more advantageous run situations), the first part about having elite RB - I'm not sure about. I mean... sure... if you can just snap your fingers and have an elite RB for the same money and without spending premier assets ... sure... have at it. I'm not sure having elite RB is worth investing big asset(1st... maybe even 2nd round pick? or huge contract). Generally the factors by importance for your run game go something like this: 1. Quality of your OLine run blocking 2. Quality of your pass game 3. Quality of your running back It's not "not important", but it's probably not worth the capital you need to invest in order to achieve it.
  10. I didn't form my opinion off of someone else's draft profile at NFL.com. I based it off of what I saw on film. And Peyton Manning laid a few eggs in college IIRC.
  11. Sucks, but probably for the best honestly. He responded to the trolls and that only keeps them coming back. I wouldn't even have a twitter if I was a professional athlete honestly. Then again I don't have one even as a regular guy. I get actors/actresses having them to promote their brand and because fan popularity is so important there, but for athletes it only seems to be a distraction or downfall.
  12. You’re famous. You’re that guy that likes the 2006 Colts right? See?
  13. He is better off for doing so, I am not even famous and wouldn't touch Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with a 10 foot pole
  14. He deleted his Instagram also. I enjoyed his IG. He always shared cute stories with his adorable kids and he was always hanging with other colt players.
  15. Lions fans think Ebron ruined their team? Hahaha
  16. They have been in the dumps since Barry Sanders punked them, by quitting in 1998. They are use to it
  17. Seriously lion fans need to get over it.
  18. Vontae was pretty political if I recall correctly
  19. Bucks still have HCA but I picked Raps in 7, I still may be wrong and you still may be right. I think it goes 7 for sure now.
  20. And I stand corrected.. The Bucks looked like dog . The Raptors are playing out of their minds defensively.
  21. Beyond the behavioral issues, there was plenty to question about his game. He flashed in college, but he also laid a bunch of eggs. Check out his NFL.com draft profile. IIRC, it was less than stellar grading him on "just" playing football.
  22. Social media, so overrated. Who cares?
  23. He would mention something every once in awhile but not much. Most off his stuff was just having fun. Like with the honeybuns. Most of his political tweets were more on society not on politics.
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