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  2. I would like to see them try more running plays to the right side of the o-line. I understand the strength of the o-line is to the left behind Nelson and Castonzo, but I would guess 90% of our runs are to the left or up the middle. I think we need to balance it out a little more. Getting a little too predictable.Glowinski and Smith on the right side are very capable run blockers as well.
  3. The dude just gets open, catches everything, gets YAC, moves the chains, run blocks, returns kicks, and plays special teams. Shows an incredible reliability for a guy we claimed off waivers last year and was an UDFA out of Old Dominion University. He's basically Jack Doyle at WR, a 'Zach of all trades' if you will. This is early in his second year and he's shown a ton of promise so I see no reason for him to not keep showing a ton of improvement. As excited as I was about Funchess, Cain, and Campbell going into the season, it has been Zach Pascal, the relative afterthought, who has truly earned the #2 WR position. Just no more Philly Specials with him throwing the rock.
  4. He did scan the field for secondary receivers better today. I will grant him that.
  5. I would give game balls to JB, Ebron, and Pascal. I need 3 footballs. If Pascal would've thrown that TD pass he would've walked away with game ball
  6. He might win AFC Player if the week this week.
  7. Yea, I don't know if we have to make a move if Funchess and Campbell come back 100%. They said early in the year they didn't think we'd see a lot from Cain until the 2nd half of the season (didn't see him do anything notable today), but with those 3 guys back, we may be all right at WR. I still have a strong feeling that Reich/Sirrianni have some wrinkles in this D which they've yet to display. Today's game opened the O up more than I can remember seeing in a while, but when (assuming we do) get back to full health, I think we'll see some new tricks come out of Reich's sleeves.
  8. Give me a system QB in a great system on a great team. We’ve had back to back elite QBs For 20ish years and look at what they did. 1 SB for 2 of the best to ever play the game.
  9. If he comes back, don’t let him go to Denver ! Let Elway stew in his Flacco purgatory.
  10. Teams would for sure give a 1st. Had he not retired we would be 6-0 and he would be in MVP discussion.
  11. I know I was getting cocky there for a moment . I am just happy we won today
  12. Then, AND ONLY THEN, will he be on Dak Prescott's level!
  13. Poor Chuck. I have to say the Bears D looks like crap
  14. Yeah thank god because we would have Pagano as our Defensive coordinator right now and their defense SUCKS
  15. The big thing for me about this game is that the passing game now has a the beginnings of a strong foundation. The emergence of Pascal as a potential WR2 and JB developing chemistry with him solves a problem that has held us back in the air since Funchess got hurt and really opens up the game for TY. I still think we need 1 more good receiving threat, whether it's one of the guys on the roster or a guy we bring in. I do think we're good enough at this point that there's no excuse not to be buyers at the deadline. We are Superbowl contenders right now, and we're somewhere in the top 5 in the AFC at the moment by most people's reckoning, so I really hope Ballard doesn't sit tight. I think we'll make some good moves though. Sanu would be my ideal move. Manny Sanders would also be fantastic.
  16. The student vs the teacher, wouldn't have it any other way
  17. Yea, we easily could've beaten SD (we win that game if not for Vinny's kicking blunders) and we got outplayed by OAK, but that's a game we should've also won. We're 4-2 atop the AFC South, could easily be 6-0 (IMO). If we can take care of our division games, we should be back in the playoffs at the very least.
  18. At this point we "won" the trade. And I do think Brissett might have the ability to take us to the top. The road to the Superbowl is gonna run through New England, and we'll have our work cut out for us to be sure. Should be interesting.
  19. Probably a stack of white 8.5 X 11 20# uncoated text. Probably stapled in the top left corner. I’m also guessing there’s lots of text printed on it.
  20. Confirmed that we did give up a lead in KC at one point, when Mahomes did that highlight reel scramble and throw. ... is that really only twice all year that we had the lead and lost it? And both times we got it back?
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