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  2. The Cult of Ballard hangs on every word lol.... Just like folks were quoting him up and down on WRs, and were adamant we wouldn't take one in the early rounds. I'm sure he means most of the stuff he says, when he says it...., but situations change all the time, and he reacts based on that. And I'm sure Irsay is a factor to an extent. We didn't spend a bunch, but we did get two FAs that weren't cheap.
  3. McCoy is better than anything we have along the D-line. He's a very high character guy and still plays at a very high level. I think he's capable of playing the NT spot but he's better suited as a UT where we're kind of deep at the moment. I'd take him on a one or two year deal. I don't think he's ever been to the playoffs. He's made a ton of money already so you'd hope now he is hungry for a title run.
  4. Off set language? How the bonus is paid out? Those are the only two that come to mind...
  5. Gerald McCoy is a free agent.......what’s the thoughts on his fit with the Colts?
  6. I think everybody conceivably is eligible for the practice squad. He's just a 3rd year player and he's never been active for a game. He's a project for obvious reasons. Low risk. High reward.
  7. I wonder if when he steps on the field and looks up at the ring of honor and sees jim harbaugh if he thinks “that’s the guy who broke his hand on my uncle’s face”
  8. people take stuff ballard says way too literally. remember how everyone though we were going to build the trenches in this draft? i think he just doesnt want to spend much in free agency unless its a dire need, and even then he still wont unless he really likes the player
  9. Then why add to it? Why even click on it to start with? It was clearly marked exactly what it was. I am just curious why someone against something engages in helping to create more of it and enhance the very thing he is against? Not agreement or disagreement, but the discussion itself.
  10. Despite his last name, I'm not a fan of the Kelly signing, also not a big supporter of pursuing Suh either, doubt Im the only one... Also doubt I'm the only one who finds the Kelly signing a little counter productive/even dare say hypocritical to Ballards locker room building approach... I get the idea of getting to the point where a strong locker room can handle a big personality or a diva etc... But is Chad Kelly really the guy you want to make that exception for??? Thumbs way down on this signing...
  11. What do you imagine that he could be holding out for? The money is locked in right as are the number of years?
  12. I recall Ballard saying on 1070 that our team (paraphrasing) could not yet tolerate a player with baggage on the team via free agency. Wouldn't this be considered a lot of baggage? I mean comparing him to the former Pitt guys, they seem like angels. I'd think assault and breaking/entering etc. would count more than their "infractions" in the media or refusing to play under a franchise tag because they were running him into the ground, lessening his likely future without paying him for his production. I am not disagreeing with Ballard's original assessment, but confused about the lack of consistency in belief? If a proven highly productive player who mouths off to the press would be too much for a locker room, why wouldn't an unproven talent with violence and drug use in his background be as well?
  13. ...just about right. I’m on board - sign McCoy...
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  15. Is he still eligible for the practice squad? I thought there were limits, or is it just # of years on an active or practice roster or what exactly?
  16. He is excellent. Plays like Baker Mayfield. His problems, as significant as they have been, are totally off the field. I'm, guessing he'll spend the year as the 3rd QB to prove he can handle life in the NFL. That was the plan in Denver.
  17. It's always interesting when a guy in the second round holds out a bit even after the first pick was signed
  18. When our name was first linked with Kelly, I thought for sure we'd only sign him if he had successfully undergone drug and alcohol rehab. And maybe he has. But it's not been reported. I would think if he had, we'd want everyone to know that he had done that, and so far, we've made no comment to that affect. So..... I'm guessing Kelly has not done that... at least, not yet. Maybe he will while the NFL suspends him which I'm expecting. But I hope he does so it. For his sake and for ours.
  19. But did he ever give Drake the dollar? That number 12 IS something serious!
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  21. Gordon is talented. No question, but that doesn't matter if hes not on the field.
  22. i was surprised they tendered him tbh, they must think hes worth the risk and there is a decent chance he comes back i was hoping the colts would make a move for him last year though. if he didnt pan out we lose a 5th round pick, if he does then we get a very good player on a minimum contract.
  23. I think under normal circumstances we wouldn’t panick if Luck didn’t have this stigma about his shoulder. I personally liked the play and showed he was healthy. However, it isn’t something I want to see unless necessary.
  24. I couldn't agree more. I have less problem with giving him a 4th? chance, but for me the worst part is forgoing the "Colts Culture" to sign a guy at least in part for figurative "nepotism." THAT is really, really bad. Sure, we have standards we tout over and over to everyone, but if you have an inside connection we'll toss that out and sign you no matter what you've done. I love our team, I really like and respect Ballard and Reich. This turns my stomach. This for me is a huge red flag. This sets a precedence that character doesn't matter if you have connections. Sure, that is how the world works, but the Colts have attempted to put themselves above all that rhetorically. I think most of us really respect that and love that entire philosophy. Why show it to be so hypocritical in the end for this guy? It's not a second or third chance... at this point it's hard to add them all up. So why would we ever turn down anyone with multiple infractions including violence? I am sure many if not most are just fine with this. It sure is, at the least, very disappointing.
  25. Can they really trust Gordon to stay clean? How many times has he been in and out
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