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  2. normalized for the injury, Mack would have been 5th or 6th.
  3. And here I am giving my sons teammates a hard time for not calling it in the outfield and running into each other,
  4. I think it will be a disapointment if we don’t make the AFCCG. We need to get farther then last year. It’s going to be interesting to see how this team handles the success of last year and being a favorite to win it all. This is where the high character should pay off.
  5. Good post, Chloe... While I think regression is possible I don’t think it’s likely. I think only bad injuries could lead to a disastrous season. I think it’s more likely we’d have a disappointing season than a bad season. Like, 8-8 or something close that would leave us out of the playoffs. But I think the most likely outcome is making the playoffs. The only question is how far do we go? One win? Two wins? More? This is a much harder schedule this year, so we could finish pretty close to last year’s totals. Some would be satisfied with that but others would be badly disappointed. That’s life with higher expectations. It’s a very different world.
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  7. I would be surprised if we didn't finish 1 or 2 in our Div.
  8. Remember Reich kept it simple last season. I think we have so much we didn’t show that teams having tape on us won’t be a big deal.
  9. I also would be shocked if they didn’t make the playoffs. I would be surprised if we ended up with another rookie all pro or a DROTY. Same thing if Campbell got OROTY.
  10. I would be shocked if we didn't make the playoffs if Luck stays healthy and plays all 16 games. That would be real surprising.
  11. I mean outside of 19-0 or 0-16. I can see this team continuing to improve and take the next step. The Colts could be in the AFCCG or even the SB this year. It's not unreasonable to think the Colts could hoist the Lombardi this year if everything goes right. I can also see this team regress from last year. Remember that last year was the first year in new systems on both offense and defense. Opponents might be better prepared for the Colts this year since they have a years worth of film to study from last year. This is a very young team, and a few significant injuries could really sink the ship like 2011 and 2017. This season could go either way, and I don't think I'd be surprised at anything from the worst record in the NFL to being SB champs.
  12. I voted 2nd overall in offense. No reason why but I figure why get cocky and vote 1st lol. I voted top 5 passing offense, top 10 rush offense. I think we will be #1 in pass offense. I then voted Luck will be the top QB in the league with his toys.
  13. I think people are misunderstanding when he says that. He wants to use play action more and be able to run when they want to. When he says that he is taking about the oline. Being able to get more yards per run ect. If Mack hadn’t been injured we probably would of been top ten.
  14. Who knows? I just know it would be a great thing to have Autry, Mccoy, Lewis, Ward, Hunt all together in our DL corps. Very diverse. I think McCoy would be crazy not to give Indy serious consideration. Cleveland looks pretty good right now but you just never know with them. Indy is more certain to win and everything is better here in terms of the Owner, GM, and Coaches.
  15. I think it could be done behind this great young OL. I just think with how good Luck is and the added weapons around him, they’ll wanna exploit their lethal aerial attack this season. Not that they won’t run the ball in dominant fashion when they feel like doing so.
  16. MVP out, looked concussed. At least it isn't his shoulder, He got up slow after colliding with Heyward on a fly ball. 7-1 Reds, not our day.
  17. Just looked at the poll numbers. I guess most don't believe Reich's top 5 rushing commitment :-)
  18. Sure, D play will impact O play calling, but there are teams that have top 5 or 6 Os and Ds (Pitt last year for example). We play 7 of the 11 best Os this year. I'm going to bet our O is more high octane than last, even vs the lesser O teams where our D is sound.
  19. One of those days where the Reds are getting all the breaks lol. Bloop singles to score runs and throwing Rizzo out at home on a perfect throw. Still only 3-0 Reds, plenty of time to get something started.
  20. Let me state that I am by no means discounting what Autry did last year. I am thrilled that Autry played like he did and hopefully he only turns out even better this year. You are correct and I absolutely mis-stated Ward starting. However, my opinion of Ward is still the same. Watching the first Houston game, they were playing Ward inside and Autry outside a good handful of times on passing downs. With Ward now healthy, and hopefully he stays that way, and Autry turning into the player he did, I look for those two to be the Colts main interior pass rushers on passing downs. I would like to add McCoy to the stable only to strengthen it even more, but if the Colts pass, I believe they will be fine moving forward with what they have.
  21. bart starr interview who was the toughest player u ever had to go up against mike curtis of the colts

  23. Ward although didn’t start he played excellent before getting injured. If he stays healthy he is going to be a beast.
  24. As a young teenager and Cowboys fan i loved Don Merideth. And of course thought the Pack were the bad guys. Bart was awfully hard to beat, of course he usually threw less than 20 passes a game. Why? Because Lombardi Ran the Da** Ball! haha! Bart was the 1st to complete 60% of his paases for a season as i recall. And he was a real Gentleman. God Bless!
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