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  2. 74,56, and 78 are all having their best years.
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  4. I'm shocked no one snagged him when the Colts released him.
  5. Out of curiosity, when you look at posts does it say "Quoth" rather than "Quote"?
  6. Good topic @Superman. Personally: QB - Self Explanatory OT (Specifically my LT) - Gotta protect the Franchise OG - Probably LG to shore up one side of the line, but maybe RG for balance. TE - I'd go TE over WR in the modern game, a Gronk can be a #1 receiver and monster blocker too DE - PASS RUSH, PASS RUSH and more PASS RUSH. A legit 15+ sack every season guy and drive a whole D IMO. Either they have to account for him, or he's going to be disrupting that backfield. CB - Was torn between this and FS. Although I think we've not seen a Revis type corner since, if you could have a Revis guy who can follow their #1 and shut him out 1 on 1 it's huge.
  7. Sorry for the lateness in replying, I wanted to give your post the consideration it deserved.
  8. Nelson is the best guard in football. Hands down. Castanzo is one of the best LT's in the league. Very underrated. Ryan Kelly is a top 3 center in the league IMO. Another highly underrated player.
  9. I approached this exercise as a blank canvas, so I assumed I can play any system I want - i.e. I want us to play more man coverage... A LOT MORE. Also... I've been saying this a lot - IMO Ballard wants us to play more man. He has consistently said that and his moves suggest that(drafting Hooker 1st round(IMO Hooker is a waste of a gamechanger in Tampa 2), drafting Ya-Sin who is more of a man corner than zone corner, drafting Wilson, who again IMO is more of a press-man corner(he's not good but he was projected to be more man corner than zone), etc. I think we didn't have the personnel to play more man in the beginning so Ballard was content with masking our deficiencies at corner with that Tampa 2 that helps the corners in the deep field with 2 safeties. I really want to see if Eberflus starts playing more man after what we did in KC. I know it's one game, and I know KC was injured, but I wonder when Eberflus will get sick of all those QBs papercutting us to death with those WIDE OPEN throws underneath. We cannot stop anyone (that's not Marcus Mariota) with that Tampa 2. Even the Tannehill and old Eli's of the world had no problem moving the ball against this defense. We jumped from 25% high under Eberflus to 73% against Mahomes and the results were encouraging. Of course you will give up some more big throws but that's why you drafted Malik Hooker in 1st round. This is precisely what his role was supposed to be. He is supposed to be able to help cover the deep field as a single high safety. Get him healthy and get the training wheels off.
  10. Here's my question. Your coaching staff is Frank Reich and Matt Eberflus, and you're going with two shutdown corners in a zone heavy defense? Or are you assuming that with different personnel, they play more man coverage?
  11. With an evil twist...... QB, WR, RB, OT, C, DE & S. Painter, Basket, Keith, Ugoh, Satelle, Werner & Landry. May just beat the current Dolphins mind you......
  12. It's not, though. Anyone who disagrees with you on JB isn't necessarily being unfair to him or trolling. You're pushing this argument out to the extremes. Respect to the rest of the post, but there's a lot of talking past each other on this topic.
  13. Supe it's not an angle whatsoever, it's purely the truth. I am, of course not talking about you, or what you do on this board in terms of evaluating players. I always enjoy hearing your take on players. I am obviously talking about the people spewing bile on here after the loss to the Raiders, and every other loss for that matter. And a lot of that includes tripe about Jacoby Brissett that just goes way over the top. We can disagree on Brissett, it's not really a big deal. And I apologize for quoting you in the other thread and giving you the impression I am including you in this. I'm really not. I quoted you because I would rather debate the topic with someone like yourself than get sucked into a flame war with some troll, which has happened to me a time or two. That's all. Me and you can have a somewhat interesting discussion. I always enjoy it.
  14. Nice thread... There have been some arguments for a while now about the relative value of pass-coverage vs pass-rush. Teams offensively are turning to faster and faster game plans and this affects the pass-rush a ton. You can practically scheme the pass-rush away if you have good enough QB and receivers that get open quickly. The latest advanced analytics seem to favor positions like CB and WR value-wise over long-held champions like EDGE rushers or OTs. I will also take into account your characterization of the rest of the roster(average players as opposed to straight up trash). At some positions the improvement between pro-bowler and average/JAG is higher than at other positions. Those are just part of the considerations that will inform my choise here: Offense: 1. QB: not controversial take here - most important position of all... he handles the ball and makes a decision that might affect the game pretty much 100% of the snaps. I want the best passer and decisionmaker to run my offense. 2. WR: yep, give me a beast of an X-receiver. Pass-catchers are incredibly important. 3. LT: Yeah, I know, this goes against some of the things I said above, but time and time again we see what a great LT does to an offensive line. Leremy Tunsil is not even that great and he almost single-handedly turned around the HOU OLine. Same with AC last year - we missed him mightily when he was injured to start the year and then turned the line into a great unit. And again - he's not even at the level we are talking here. He still has not had a pro-bowl or all-pro recognition(maybe he gets one this year, he deserves it). But yeah... give me Bakhtiari, give me Armstead, give me Tyron Smith level player... I think this raises the level of the whole O-Line, especially if it's filled with average players at the other positions(rather than horrible ones) ------------------------------------ Those will be my selections offensively. I think a QB masks a lot of deficiencies and I think he elevates average players and squeezes everything out of most of them. Just look at what Luck used to do with players like Jack Doyle, Donte Moncrief, Eric Ebron, Inman, Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen... Defense: 4. CB: yep, I want a shut down corner. Like I said earlier, newest research shows pass-coverage and especially on the boundary is paramount. and it affects pass-rush more than pass-rush affects CB play. 5. CB: yep, give me one more... I'm shutting down both sides of the field and hoping this gives additional time to my pass-rush to get there. They will play on island and I will scheme out everything else(i.e. slot receivers and TEs)... if I have to I will double away from them. 6. WILL: I want a sideline to sideline monster to clean up the run game and take on crossing routes in the short-intermediate middle in coverage. 7. EDGE: I still want a player capable of beating his man one-on-one on the line and creating pressure/affecting the pass when my pro-bowl CBs lock down their match ups. So what do you think? Does it make sense?
  16. DE NT DT DE LB CB CB Nobody is scoring on me.
  17. Don't be ridiculous Darius Leonard was an All-Pro his rookie year. Okereke will have a hard time matching that.
  18. QB OT C 5 tech in a 3/4 Or....... 3 tech in a 4/3 WR FS MLB in a 4/3 Or.......Solb in a 3/4
  19. I am very concerned as well, but the Colts won't put him out there if he is hurting our defense. I thought Vander-Esch was a beast at first too and he has tapered off a bit, although he has 31 solo & 50 tackles (combined) (.5 sacks). Most importantly however, i hope he (Leonard) regains 100% brain health.
  20. QB, DE, MLB, CB, DT, S, S An elite D with a good QB is what wins SBs, a QB can make a decent OL and WRs much much better, as long as I'm still getting a average OL and not a Luck years version I trust Mahomes, Wilson ect to keep the offence on track and an elite D shuts teams down.
  21. Well if Colin Cohwerd said it, it must b true because Colin scouted....coached and/or played football at an elite level?!?!?!?
  22. Another difference is mclaurin was used as the deep route guy while they used Campbell for most the short stuff. If we had drafted mclaurin we would have a better deep game than we currently have.
  23. He forced a fumble in the chiefs game in the playoffs and we gave it right back to them. Ej speed and okereke could be good, but I wouldn't say they are better than Leonard yet. They haven't even had the same type of impact as he did last year. If they did we'd be a top 5 defense.
  24. Leonard said the media twisted his words. He never contemplated retirement. He was thinking about his family and if he would recover.
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