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  2. You forgot to mention that we drafted EJ Speed.
  3. I dont see the Superbowl for the Ravens unless the kid takes a pretty big leap as a passer. I think he's even behind where Mike Vick was at in year 1. I dont think it will take the league long to catch up with what the Ravens will do on the ground. He'd have to show me major improvement as a passer. Right now I dont think he's where Rg3 or Vick were early on.
  4. 4 teams in 6 years isn't by default. He is a me first veteran trying to get as much as he can at the end of his career. Again, not saying he is a bad guy, I'm saying that inline with what our GM has been trying to build, that is not the player attitude he likely wants in the building. Personally, I am glad he signed elsewhere.
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  6. I know we have the big named players of TY, Campbell, Cain and Funch but the guy I'm watching closely is Marcus Johnson and if he can get back to 100%. He is #5 on my depth chart unless one of the newbies burn it up. The kid did well before his injury.
  7. There is always a reason teams don’t extend certain players. Sure, they could have just been wanting to save money. But also, they could have decided he wasn’t a good team presence and wanted to clean up their stable of players
  8. I think so too. Even if the offers are identical his choice should be the Colts. I do not understand his infatuation with the Browns or Ravens. There are contenders and there are CONTENDERS. Those teams have basically rookies as their QB's. McCoy only has a couple of years left. They could be two or three years away. I don't get the attraction. The Colts are in the best position to win it this year or next. Does he really think they are stronger contenders than the Colts? I don't see it. Out of all the teams being mentioned the Colts make the most sense if he truly wants to sign with a SB contender. I can't see the money being a big issue either. Ballard wouldn't low ball him if he really wanted him. Our offer would be fair and competitive. The way I see it the team he should be signing with is the Colts.
  9. Why is he a bad not team guy if the team he was playing for doesn't offer him a contract?
  10. You mean the guy who can't even perform well against Pac-12 defenses?
  11. It all boils down too whether or not a QB wins SB's in most people's eyes. Not to all people but most. Until Luck wins a SB he will never get the respect he deserves from most people. Russell Wilson could retire tomorrow and almost everyone thinks he is a god because he won a SB which is funny. Wilson not only had one of the best defenses of all-time but his RB (Lynch) was the best offensive player on that team. Wilson is a very good QB but Luck is better, IMO anyway. Imagine if Luck would've been a Seahawk in 2012-2015? That team would've been unbeatable.
  12. This response is not directed at you, but at the general thought line that is shared by many. When I refer to Suh as not being a good guy, (I believe I balked at him being called a "good guy" in another thread), does not mean I think he is a bad guy. What I think he is, is a bad example for younger players. He is a bad example by his actions of going from team, to team. If he was a "team" guy, he would not be going to his 4th team in 6 years. Ballard is building a team/family culture. I don't see the benefit to the Colt team culture by his example, let alone the possibility that he might vocally encourage a younger star player to follow his pattern.
  13. The classesless stay classless.
  14. I am a believer in PFF as a solid point of reference. For YEARS i watched Andrew pass up throwing to guys running wide open right in front of him from 5-12 yds away and Choose to hold on to the ball for chances to throw the damn ball further downfield. He often had to run because of this, and also just got blown up, all the while congratulating his opponents for a nice hit. Yes his lines were not good, all the more reason to play smart and CHOOSE to take more quick throwing Opps. Not forgetting that he sucked with accuracy and touch in the short game. Andrew FINALLY showed some improvement last season in the short game. And i would take all the guys on Warner's list and R Wilson over Andrew for being able to make all the throws WHEN they need to be made. That said, i would agree he is very close as an overall QB, right there in the group as the best of the best.
  15. I did. I dont understand your attitude here A-Aron. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001027372/article/nfl-gm-power-rankings-john-dorsey-kevin-colbert-rank-top-5%3fnetworkId=4595&site=.news&zone=story&zoneUrl=url%3Dstory&zoneKeys=s1%3Dstory&env&pageKeyValues=prtnr%3Danalysis%3bplyr%3Daaron_rodgers%3bplyr%3Ddeandre_hopkins%3bplyr%3Ddavid_bakhtiari&p.ct=Analysis&p.adsm=false&p.tcm=%23000&p.bgc1m=%23EAEAEA&sr=amp This is a power ranking of the current GMs in the NFL. Any of them you would take over Ballard? If you dont have anything to contribute concerning your own statement then take your attitude and shove it.
  16. I probably exaggerated a bit there to make a point, since it seems like Suh gets dogged a lot. As a comparison of different aspects of their games... Pass rush - McCoy Run defense - Suh by a landslide Versatility - Suh Durability - Suh (lack of) Penalties - McCoy Character - push (Suh is dirty on the field, but a complete gentleman off the field - read up on him attaining his engineering degree, giving money back to his college, high school) - does not even have a jaywalking ticket.
  17. If 2012-2014 did not prove Luck could carry teams with at best average rosters nothing well. We went 11-5 3 years in a row and even made an AFC Title Game with Chuck Pagano coaching as well. I am glad Luck finally has help, he deserves it. Tom Brady has had major help his whole career.
  18. Yep... I think right now we as a fanbase are underrating Luck and massively overrating our OLine and defense. I just listened to two Colts podcasts that decided to do over/unders for variety of things about the Colts 2019 season - like sacks allowed by the OLine, Luck TDs, TY yards, etc... BOTH of them set the over/under of how many sacks we will allow as a team to 15.5... FIFTEEN POINT FIVE!!!! And the hosts of those podcasts were picking the UNDER on both of them. First, people don't understand that sacks are noisy and not stable stat and what is a much better mark for the pass-protection is pressures allowed, where we ranked about middle of the pack in the league. You can have similar year pass-protection-wise next season and allow 30-35 sacks(which is still top 10 in the league). I also went back in the previous decade and there is no team that has went under 15.5 sacks allowed for the last 9 years. The last teams to do it were the 2009 Colts and Titans. About the defense - our defense was helped by a weird selection of opposing QBs we faced. Out of the 16 games we played in the regular season, we played only 1 against a top 15 offense in the league and 1 in the playoffs and the two that we met(NE and KC) demolished our defense seamlessly. We probably improved this off-season but this defense still has a lot to prove.
  19. I totally agree with you I'm also shocked by how many are against luck as a top 5 QB
  20. your right last season is not a career but from 2012 to 2019 it's part of Luck's career and he has been great every year hes healthy even his rookie year with a trash team. Mahomes one season is definitely not a career so your point is dumb.
  21. It is also a luxury for Ravens (and Browns too). They are both fairly well stocked at DL. It's interesting to me McCoy is looking at 3 AFC North teams that doesn't include the Steelers. And I wonder if Colts are #4... on that short list? The only teams (I'm aware of) with interest besides these 3 are the Carolina Panters, and the Indianapolis Colts. I'ts possible Indy might be the 4th on his short list. Patriots are no longer in the running and other teams not likely playoff contenders (which McCoy wants, some post season play). So at what cost? “He’s not as disruptive as he was four years ago," new Bucs coach Bruce Arians said at the annual coaches’ breakfast there. “He’s still a good player. If he’s here, he’s our starting three [technique]. No doubt about that." His outright release says BA doesn't feel production = pay anymore, though.
  22. Good post Nanny but Belicheck found Brady for his system in the 6th rd, so my belief is that Ballard can find a good QB for Reich's system 2 or 3 years before Luck retires. Ballard is playing chess when most other GM's are playing checkers, he is already thinking a few moves ahead.
  23. We also don’t know how bad the colts really want him. For the colts it is more of a luxery.
  24. Mary Kay Cabot is a well respected/connected sports reporter at Cleveland.com. Here's something I found- "A source told cleveland.com that McCoy has the Browns and Ravens on his short list of the teams he’d like to sign with, and that the Bengals are also interested. His short list includes only three or four teams, the source said, and he’ll only make a couple of visits, with the Browns being his first."
  25. Greg Roman is a big believer in creative formations and the running game. However, the Ravens have decided to add passing into the attack. How? The drafting of Hollywood Brown and Miles Boykin. But if Roman is a big run guy, what does it matter? It matters because they (Harbaugh/Roman) also hired David Culley as Assistant Head Coach/Receivers/Passing Coordinator. He was with Andy Reid in Philly and KC and knows his way around creative passing formulations. New Scheme, new weapons, new coaching. From a team known to be an upper level program and contender. You don't think this is enticing to a veteran looking to land with a possible winner? The question is fit. McCoy doesn't really need to fly around to places he's not considering just to drum up activity. More and more teams are becoming more like Ballard... have a value, have an upper limit. Stick to it.
  26. Touche', you scores a point for this ^ but what will we differ on when both Luck and Ballard win their first title together within the next 2 or 3 years?
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