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  2. #1 Johnny Unitas #2 Joe Montana #3 Tom Brady #4 Peyton Manning #5 John Elway #6 Dan Marino #7 Brett Favre #8 Steve Young #9 Otto Graham #10 Aaron Rodgers/Drew Brees
  3. I need to proof read better. My hands are bad and my phone does some strange things when you type something wrong. Lol
  4. Your right. It was just the way it came up on youtube I thought it was the second game.
  5. Eh. Personally I don't believe the cheating stuff. There's no evidence Brady knew of that thing that there's no evidence even happened anyway. The fact that there's a perfectly valid scientific explanation for why the balls were below regulation PSI in a super cold environment doesn't exactly help matters. Neither does the fact that the Colts balls were also below PSI. Nor does the fact that there's exactly zero other allegations of Brady cheating the game in any way. Belichick yes, Brady no. Call the Patriots cheaters, sure, but don't single out TB12. Honestly to every non-Colts fan, the Colts came out of that deal smelling worse than the Patriots did. The fact that they couldn't prove anything just makes our guys look like sore losers.
  6. This gets weirder and weirder the more I read it
  7. At least the people that were here on Monday got to eat fresh crow. Anyone just showing up is definitely eating old crow.
  8. We'll be fine as long as we can pin Watson in the pocket just like last year. He's just like Mahomes in you have to keep him in that pocket and stop all that running around. It's not enough to just rush 4 thouh unless you are bringing some stunts and twists. You have to bring things that cause him to hurry his reads up.
  9. Vaguely remembered the name, looked him up to refresh. Slipped in the draft and never wowed in the pros. Good measurables though.
  10. Didn't mean to make you sad @aaron11, just jokin around.
  11. I put Manning ahead of Brady for one simple reason Manning earned every win he ever got while Brady has cheated to everything he has ever got so Brady being called the goat is nonsense.
  12. too early it just take a few injuries to be on the wrong side of any of the seeding. we just need to take care of the Texans (1 week) at a time.
  13. Don't try to push a false narrative here. In your very first post, you said: You didn't list them by their names, but that is very much bringing up all of the injured players on both sides. In your very next post, you start to name names: Nice try Doug...
  14. I know enough to be dangerous but not enough to be arrogant. I know this has been the "dead horse", but I was totally on board with the Nelson pick from the start. I wanted them to take him at #3 had they stayed there.
  15. seems like he was drafted to play in a 3-4 def and probably didnt play as well as expected to in that DEF. maybe they look at this as depth for Grover since they are similar in how they move.
  16. I can agree with that they need to protect Darnold better that line is trash Defense is also still a work in progress. They need to build this team better listen up Jets don't take Darnold for granted like the Colts did with luck build this man a team.
  17. Ya But anytime we play that Two Deep garbage we get murdered in the passing game and torched with the run as well best they can do is mix it up.
  18. I liked Carl coming out of college. Was strong at the point of attack and heavy handed.
  19. Ya but they haven't played an o-line that is worth a crap yet. I just hope we don't do what KC did and make Watson look like Montana if we do that we wont win this game.
  20. Hey all, I was on vacation last week and I'm back now and getting caught up. Well, my Cardinals surprised me a bit with that 10 run outburst against the Braves and I was also excited to see the Nats eliminate the Dodgers! I hope I never hear "Future Hall of Famer Clayton Kershaw" again. I honestly don't think he's HOF material. Great regular season pitcher, but he has choked repeatedly in the post season over the years. So, I was afraid of the Nats starting pitching, but didn't include Sanchez in that, was thinking the big three they have, but I guess it's the big 4 now. I don't see the Cardinals winning this series...maybe a game, or two at best. Pitching usually dominates in the post season, and this is no surprise to me. Houston-NY series is going 6 or 7 games, it appears.
  21. Wonder if/when we'll see either him or Coley get some run.
  22. Let me get this straight. You... you think a player... should or should not be pancaked... based on where they were drafted... or how well they've played in the past? What kind of... ?!? This is a new level of goofy, even for you Doug. You realize the combination blocks you are referring to are on run plays where Nelson is trying to open up running lanes, while the one-on-one blocks during passing plays are usually when Nelson buries a defender and then lays on them to take them out of the play and away from his QB. He does exactly what he should be doing on almost every single play.
  23. Wow. A nonargumentative contrarian retort. Thanks for stating your opinion, instead of simply attacking mine. Which is what normal conversation looks like. Each person states their opinion, and supports it to the degree they feel like writing paragraphs to do it. Instead of simply attacking another's opinion, as if simply pa-trolling the forum to root out nonsense contributes to a conversation.
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