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  2. It’s not it’s what they were doing the first spygate.
  3. The team isn’t as bad as many make it sound. The issue is they got off to a rocking 5-2 start. This significantly raised the expectations of many Colts fans. The avalanche revolves around injuries, bad 4th quarter play, special teams, heck even mind boggling coaching decisions. This team imo has shot themselves in the foot, well more like through the skull now, multiple times. I would say at least 4 out of 7 losses comes as a direct result of the Colts killing themselves.
  4. I know it would never happen but this is the third time they have been caught openly cheating id give them a version of the death penalty. strip the titles, make the team disband sit out a year and start from scratch like an expansion team and kick BB out of the league, again that will never happen.
  5. Good for them! It's always something with the Pat's. Brazen and arrogant.
  6. Heard a guy on McAfee’s show this morning that helped break the story that pointed out this is a bunch of first time coaches and that they would use this stuff to build a library on them basically.
  7. Bengals kept the originals from what I heard on the radio.
  8. It was a lateral. It was also inconsequential as Doyel wasn't anywhere near a first down. Why don't we cut block on quick slants?
  9. I watched the whole 2nd half, he actually did a lot of dinking of dunking and they barely beat a team they should've beat by 2 TD's. Wentz was ok but wasn't anything special, JMO.
  10. How long before Goodell destroys the evidence.....again?
  11. Good Lord Big Q is a mountain of a man. Rumor has it that ball that he kicked is still in orbit Sanchez has some competition
  12. Saints 35 Colts 7, Colts Fans ButtHurt Feelings 8482891.88 for the win
  13. Droopy Dog has been on IR??? Well when the H did this happen???
  14. The Pats cheatin? Let me show you my shocked face
  15. Someone smarter than I am should be able to pick up the replay. that would eliminate any argument.
  16. Today
  17. Kraft Productions - Ernie Adams - Bill Belichick. I don't think this would ever happen, but if there were ever circumstances to vacate wins or force an owner to sell his team, it doesn't really get much worse than this. I suppose things could always get worse, but this could easily fall under the Section 8.13 removal/forced sell territory. I don't know if that's worse than what Donald Sterling did, but it couldn't be much better either.
  18. This is what is so maddening about Jacoby. Look at how well he does in the pocket here. Then add the great touch he had on the pascal TD and 2 pt conversion. He shows flashes but isn’t consistent. I do wonder if these things could be improved in the off season if he ends up starting next season. Just needs more consistency.
  19. As has been said, if they are willing to break rules against the Bengals, then they have certainly found ways to break rules against other teams. However, watch the NFL come down with another big fine and sweep it under the rug. What we really should be finding out is how severely they broke the rules with Spygate #1. It is clear to me that Ernie Adams can glean a valuable advantage for BB and co from any footage at all.
  20. On Dec 20th Utah state will be playing Kent state on espn2 if anyone wants to watch Love play.
  21. Maybe we can get Philly to swap Brissett and Wentz. All we gotta do is say backup quarterback
  22. The fans who believe this is a misunderstanding, or a mistake....are playing checkers, and BB is playing three level chess. It's not about teams...it's about offenses, defenses, and the coordinators that run them. Bill B has been cataloging and updating tendencies of coordinators through illegal filming for decades. He might be filming the Bengals, but it's just more info in the catalog. When he faces a team in the NFL, based on the information he has acquired, he has a much higher percentage of success against teams. I can remember games where the Colts played them that it seemed every single play, they knew exactly what was coming....exactly. Peyton devised a way to change plays at the line and confuse them, and that is why the Colts were pretty successful against them in the later part of the rivalry. The Patriots are a cheating franchise. They are also very well run, and no one can deny that. However, When the filming evidence was destroyed, it was nail in the coffin proof that their practices....revealed, would have struck a blow to the integrity of the NFL. Cheaters. Period.
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