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  2. I think if he's going to be traded it's most likely as part of a package to move up. Most likely Dolphins, Redskins, Giants. I think there is also a chance he could be included in a trade for Clark if that ever materializes.
  3. AFTER the draft, I imagine there are 4-5 players that we would consider (maybe bringing in 2) based on what came to you in the draft IMHO...... McCoy would be one, maybe a RB (if we dont draft one), maybe a SS....if we dont draft one......... Hold them picks!
  4. No Way.. You can't fool me. Deep down you really want Josh Jacobs.
  5. I agree with this. Jacoby is a quality backup at a low price cause he's still on rookie contract. AND New England already paid his signing bonus so he's even cheaper for us. I don't think the NFL see's Jacoby at this point as a potential starter. (I think Colt's fans overrate his ability quite a bit.) So he's not going to fetch a high draft pick. We would be lucky to get a 4. But most likely he'd only be worth a 5 or 6. I mean they just don't give out high or mid round picks for guys who everyone hopes will remain on the bench. So if you are looking at say a 5th round pick. Are you likely going to get someone of similar or superior ability in the draft for that? What about QB's. Do you think you could draft a QB who would provide equal or better ability as a backup? And lets be honest. If Jacoby leaves here and signs a 4 million dollar backup QB contract someplace else, we'll probably get a 7th round compensatory pick anyways. And if he signs for more money than that, we would get a higher compensatory pick.
  6. Ahhhh there you are homie! Was wondering when you were going to stir the crowd up.
  7. He was producing in his last year in college before he got injured.
  8. Didn't he have low production in college? No thanks. I believe in production over combine numbers. As far as I'm concerned if you are drafting a very athletic player who didn't produce in college you are drafting a developmental player. A guy who MIGHT be good. But there are no guarantees that he will develop. In fact it seems like 50+% of the time they don't develop. If you want to risk a 4th rounder on a high ceiling developmental guy, that makes sense. But a first? There are plenty of guys out there who are athletic AND produced in college.
  9. That scenario would be a huge win for the Colts. I honestly don't see either player being available at 26 let alone 34. I'm not saying it couldn't happen but I wouldn't bet on it.
  10. I can agree with you about the value of picking a RB that early and I'm not banging the drum for the Colts to take him in the first round. But I think his tape shows he's atleast a top 30 level player. He's more than capable of being a very good three down back in the league. The only knock I see in his game is that he doesn't have that breakaway homerun speed. I don't care if he wasn't the bell cow at Bama. He shared the carries/touches with two other future NFL RBs. If anything it's a good thing that he doesn't have a ton of miles on him already at a position of short shelf life.
  11. What??!! No running back??!! Just messin’ with ya... welcome back.
  12. Good to see you again Jshipp, I have not seen you post in a while but I have not been spending as much time on the board so maybe I missed it. Your take is a bit unusual. For Metcalf it's usually the opposite, the more people study him the more they realize he is more an athlete than a WR.
  13. This was always one of my favorites... Pete Weber's "the eagle has landed" moment .... complete with some cool jazz saxophone as the live broadcast ends... Clean up on Lane 60!
  14. Today
  15. I played it, but I have not adjusted my board for medical and scheme fits. (which most fans don't, but might make a tremendous difference in these selections if it's done). Here is my results- 26: R1P26 EDGE RASHAN GARY 34: R2P2 S JOHNATHAN ABRAM 59: R2P27 CB ROCK YA-SIN 89: R3P25 TE JACE STERNBERGER 129: R4P27 CB SEAN BUNTING 135: R4P33 WR TERRY MCLAURIN I just took my BPA from list that was left when my turn came up. Not drafting for position {unless I had two real close, I would have went with the player at a perceived hole in the roster}. P.S. - Jonathan Abram is not afraid to hit. He was ejected from a Spring game (which was suspended as well) in 2017 for a hit on a team mate!!
  16. I have five seats on two rows. Three of the seats are on row 3 and the other two are on row 2 directly in front.
  17. Man the more I research on this guy the more I want him..His physical traits compare favorably to Calvin Johnson and the aggression he plays with reminds me of Josh Gordon..We have never had a receiver with his skill set as far as power, speed, and size..The only reason he will be available is health concerns, but I can't see Ballard passing on his upside..I doubt he lasts, as I think Gruden will want him in a Raiders uniform..If he is there we got to take the guy in my opinion..If not I'll take Wilkins or Lawrence with a smile on my face to make D-Line a force to be reckoned with, preferably Lawrence...We can't lose with any of these 3..
  18. And yet you keep taking the bait. Ha
  19. Spot on. I think the Josh Rosen situation has also impacted the market for Brissett. Regardless, the Colts are absolutely better off at this point keeping Jacoby and shooting for a decent comp pick. I figure Brissett will be looking for a starting opportunity, and why not? He’ll be gone after this season, and the Colts will be in a much better position to grab a quality backup if they wait until next year.
  20. Not a bad pick but I’d take a safety earlier. Gant is slow (4.63) 40 and doesn’t have a ton of man coverage rants.
  21. Those videos are almost like teasers or trailers. I would love to see them be like 30 minute long episodes. There is so much more I want to see of their process but I understand that they are trying to keep secrets and institutional knowledge within the organization out of public eye.
  22. Fitzpatrick is the perfect tanking QB. He's extremely fun because he doesn't shy away from letting it loose and it creates exciting plays(he can keep your fans entertained)... but at the same time the fact that he lets it loose without hesitation while not having great playmakers on offense is the reason you probably won't win many games because at the end of the day it catches up with him and he's habitually stepping over the other side of the carelessness line. He will singlehandedly lose you most games while being somewhat entertaining.
  23. Very good summary of the players and it feels like a very good representation of what's likely to happen. Several notes - I didn't see it in his tape but it seems like Fant had similar hands issues to Ebron(high drop %). Also you've mistaken Dexter Lawrence's name... but other than that, great job.
  24. I’d like Bunting at nickel in our system. We need a good nickel and another outside corner.
  25. My opinion is that level 3 is the best of you want to sit on sidelines. Small sections easy to restrooms and of course the beer stand. If you get a chance before a game go look at those seats. Then if you like them try to upgrade to there Level 4 isn’t bad if you can get out from under the roof from level 5 and be more in the bowl. Good views and price point i like endzone view You can really watch the lines work The issue is the opposite end of field you have to use binoculars or rely on the big screen I was a STH for years but now i have have a friend that is a ticket broker who owns STs in a lot of sections and will sell full season packs or divide. so I pick my section and the games I want and just buy them
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