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  2. I think the Colts are trying to build a good locker room of clean players with the right personality, but a veteran with a mean-streak might tear into that, so maybe they figured he wasn't worth the risk.
  3. Harry good post. I was totally all in on us getting him but hunt did play pretty well last year especially early now that you mention it. I think Ballard is going to pass on this guy but I would still like to get him if the price is right.
  4. I got one for our offense and I hope they do this lineup a good number of times Ebron and funchess on the outside, hilton in the slot with Mack and Campbell with Luck in shotgun. Ebron AC Nelson Kelly Glowinski Smith Hilton Funchess Mack Luck Campbell If you want even more speed, move Hines to the back field and put Campbell out wide instead if funchess
  5. Its going to be hard for Milwaukee to recover from a confidence standpoint when they get back in the playoffs in 2020.. ..they need a little more than Miko Mirotic and Brooke Lopez
  6. Toronto had waited so long...…. …...down 2-0, they won 4 in a row......they finally came through
  7. Congrats @NorthernBlue, we called it. I had it in 7, you had it in 6. Raptors win the East.
  8. Leonard is a beast, Raps about to win the East. That slam was a Jordan type slam! 87-79 with 646 left in the 4th.
  9. I wouldn't mind having McCoy, but I'm not going to lose any sleep if the Colts don't land him. He isn't the same player he was a half-dozen years ago, on the wrong side of 30, and probably looking for two or three times what he's worth to the Colts. He would also suck up some snaps that would be valuable for developing some of the "kids". I don't care what he did five or six years ago. Put his numbers from last year up against Margus Hunt's, then look at the contract numbers that are being tossed around. Hunt had slightly better productivity except only had five sacks vs. McCoy's six. At $4.5MM per year on a two-year contract, Hunt is probably Ballard's "yardstick" against which a potential McCoy deal would be measured. If McCoy would take $5-6MM per year on a two-year deal, great. If not, pass, please.
  10. It seemed like such a sure thing, but the Bama backs are hard to gauge. They play on an NFL team, at the collegiate level, so they demolish the opposition. Josh Jacobs doesn't seem like a workhorse stud to me, but everyone else is falling for the ol' Bama allure. I liked Harris more honestly, when I scouted them, but I guess time will tell.
  11. Assuming he’s healthy, Cain should be #4. After that, its anyone’s guess. Chester is from Huntsville so I’m rooting for him to be 5. They liked him enough to tender him and he’s a reliable returner. But he may be one of the least naturally talented. I think Johnson has the strength and size I doubt we keep 6. I’m hoping we can keep a couple on the PS.
  12. Mets won in 13 innings, 5-4 over the Tigers. Losing to the lowly Tigers would have been .
  13. Yeah, well, Jeff George was my first favorite Colt boy was I wrong...lol
  14. Usually addiction is a symptom of a deeper issue. Which all can be over come wants the issue is worked on
  15. Who you got rising to the top for your final 2 or 3 spots?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Donald credits Suh for him being able to have a impact on the field.
  18. That was a steal for the Bucs for 9.25 mill/1 season.
  19. Brewers lost again too. As of now Cubs hold a 2.5 game lead over them as they fall to 29-24. Cubs are 30-20, Pirates are 25-23, Cards at 25-25 and 5 back.
  20. Made up for yesterday and we got through a Yu start and won . 30-20 through 50 games, I will take it. Can you believe 50 games have been played already?
  21. Collins was drugs snd Kelly has been alcohol - both have the same effects on the mind/body as an addiction I would think. Both are on a short leash of one and done behavior.
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