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  2. There is also another draft thread
  3. I don't either, I even agreed with you and said it seems to be a bad pick. I was just explaining how I can see Arizona's justification. They had a look at a guy, even though he was in a bad situation, he jist didn't show much at all.
  4. Somebody needs to break this little punk's arm and let him know how it feels to be bullied. Money obviously doesnt knock the "punk" out of these *s. Shameful to treat a child and woman like that. That doesn't fit MY description of a man. Not even close. Lock him up and let his new "boyfriend" push him around a little. He won't be so tough then i'll bet.
  5. Would think I was in the UCLA Bruins forum or something? Mention Josh Rosen literally did nothing to show any promise(not that I don't think he has potential). That leads to Peyton Manning rookie comparisons and all kinds of love.
  6. No but what I’m saying is that I don’t write off rookie QBs nor do I crown them the GOAT off one single season, especially their rookie season or first yr as a starter
  7. Maybe we see some trade fireworks with the Jets
  8. John Elway couldn’t find the C
  9. They definitely did not give the kid a real shot. Threw him in the fire, with no real support
  10. Are we really going to compare those 2 rookie seasons?
  11. Not saying he’s anywhere close to Manning, but Peyton didn’t have a good rookie year either...
  12. He had Fitz and David Johnson. I just think that whole offense was mismanaged.
  13. In chat maybe, certainty not no the game day thread
  14. damn I'm 0 for 2 rn will be 0 for 3 soon
  15. I can agree to an extend, but he literally showed nothing. I'm not even saying Rosen isn't any good. I'm just saying he looked pretty bad.
  16. I don't know. If his history becomes a factor, he could be out of the game for a long time.
  17. He also had no help either.
  18. Wh9 lasts longer Kyler of Kliff Agreed
  19. Someone's going to get Rosen for a steal. With picking Murray, Rosen essentially doesn't have a logical roster spot and the leverage isn't there anymore. You can't have the QB you drafted in the 1st last year backing up this years 1st when they have completely different styles.
  20. he was thrown in horrible situation
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