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  2. I would like the same. As long as he isnt a Darrius Heyward-Bay clone. Great combine workouts that didnt equate to a great NFL career. However, on the contrary, I feel like with a QB like AL, almost any decent WR with measurable as DK can become a Pro bowler. See Eric Ebron.
  3. Metcalf is a high risk prospect that could easily bust. AJ Brown was far more productive at Ole Miss.
  4. They may be viewed as players better than the rest, which is the point of this list and not necessarily reflective of a mock, but I don't see a power RT/G or a DT with an ACL being drafted 15 or 17.
  5. Perhaps you are right. I have no clue and am not advocating one way or the other. Just thinking out loud. But throw in the ACL on top and it does give you pause. Plus JMV, local radio guy in Indy, has some good sources within the team. He has been on air the last couple of days suggesting his sources indicate that the team really likes their d'line personnel. I believe Ballard is a BPA guy all the way and if the board says d'line at 26 when the moment comes, that is what he will do. My two cents - I think they go another position in round 1.
  6. I said no trade, but we know the Raiders and Redskins are known to do some crazy things...
  7. This is a very good draft! I thank you for sharing this with us. One thought on Lawrence, the ability to command a double team will only help our pass rushers. Think about when Booger came to Indy and how he helped the rest of the defense.
  8. would rather have butler hes more like Megatron even worked out with him leading up to the draft think hes gonna be the best WR in the draft
  9. Marcus Peters - Important Quote "the final straw in a SERIES of run-ins" - Important word SERIES ... (A PATTERN) http://blogs.seattletimes.com/huskyfootball/2014/11/06/uw-star-cornerback-marcus-peters-dismissed-from-the-team/ Tyreek Hill https://theundefeated.com/features/the-uncomfortable-reality-of-tyreek-hills-success/ IMHO, BOTH of these are WAY WORSE than what Simmons did I don't see ANY quotes about what a locker-room leader that Peters or Hill were I view Simmons as COMPLETELY different There are no known instances of problems before the incident There are no known instances of problems after the incident The incident was had after the girl beat up his sister (from the news report) Coaches say "Model citizen" ...... "Positive leader" I am SURE the Colts have asked MANY questions With the 26th pick....... The Colts Select ...... Simmons The future Colts Pro bowler (at least I hope)
  10. Exactly. And listening to P. Kirwan and C. Landry, what is going on now is tweaking/finalizing the 'stacking'. They are still getting information in, and that may or may not move a guy up or down a small amount. But know that there are no 'rocketing' up or down the board by a round or two at this point unless a major scandal or medical issue acutely arises at the last minute. Even then, it might not be that much. Laremy Tunsil fell out of one of the top pick slots to #13. That's major just because of the steep slope of round 1 players talent/value. A top player suffering major season cancelling injury might drop 1/2 to full round. By and large, most moves are minute though.
  11. I'm glad you bumped this because I've been rethinking this mock a bit. I'm leaning towards a WR in the 3rd. In Brown's place at 34, I'd love to get Jerry Tillery (or reverse the pick with Lawrence). If we could get Lawrence and Tillery 1,2; we would have a pretty lethal inside pass rush or LOS push, which is important in today's NFL with the quick release offenses and shorter drop backs. The EDGES can be rotational and situational, but to have two guys who can consistently push the pocket on 1st and 2nd downs would be a huge addition to the defense. Not to mention it could help keep Leonard clean. I think we could get the WR we need in the third. Not sure who it would be at this point, however.
  12. I never even noticed that. If we can get Demarcus Lawrence in this years draft, Ballard really would be the messiah!!!
  13. I am unsure what his worth actually is? He most likely will be rendered a nice offer in Free Agency as there is always a team or two who just throw money away. So it may be more prudent to wait for the comp pick and allow Indy a quality back up next season?
  14. Today
  15. This latest episode was outstanding! I knew there was a lot of work to prep for the draft, but had no idea how many people are involved and how extensive the process is to prepare. Will make watching the draft even more enjoyable. I don't think I'll ever have a reaction of "why did they draft that guy?" as long as Ballard is at the helm.
  16. Thanks for the solid list @NewColtsFan. Well done. I wonder if Simmons is really in play for Indy. Ballard was with the Chiefs when they scouted and drafted a couple of guys with questionable pasts in Peters and Hill. Now Peters worked his way out of KC and Hill has some serious allegations against him. Do those situations give him pause with others who have past incidents? Not saying they do or should but I am curious how he handles such players going forward. I also wonder about the fact that Indy has women high up in the organization - does that impact such decisions like there could be with Simmons? Again, just my own musings.
  17. Keenum was traded to the Redskins a few weeks back: https://www.denverpost.com/2019/03/07/broncos-to-trade-case-keenum-to-redskins/ I do agree that Miami (or anybody else) wouldn't offer much and we might as well keep JB until his contract is up.
  18. That was a really good visual, IMO. To reach for a lesser rated player would require a blatant disregard for the board that you've worked on for months, stacking, re-stacking, and finalizing.
  19. Ok, don't call the messenger naive. That came straight from NFL Network that there are like 100,000 possible schedule combinations, but only around 10 can actually work in the real world. Just try to think one example through. Which game would you most like to change from away to home? Let's say the KC game since we had to go to Arrowhead for the playoff game. Only seems fair that they come to Indy for our primetime game, right? You switch that from away to home, now there is an imbalance for both teams - the Colts have 9-home and 7-away, while KC has 7-home and 9-away, so now a game on each schedule needs to be flipped. Once flipped, that leads to two more teams that now have a home/away imbalance, and two more games need to be flipped, and then two more, then two more, until all 32 teams are back to the 8-and-8 balance. But all it takes is one scheduling conflict at one venue that already has a concert, or monster truck rally, or soccer game, or some other event scheduled for that day. Then that particular game can't be flipped, so the other 15 games can't be flipped, and the Colts and their fans just have to deal with going to Arrowhead again. And that's not considering the two New York teams sharing a stadium, or the international games that probably throw a considerable wrench in schedule-making. It's just not that simple. And the bottom line is that no team and their fans are 100% happy with their schedule. There are things to nitpick about every teams' schedule. It's like a good court settlement where neither side is really happy about the outcome, but it could have been a lot worse.
  20. This guy is a moronic attention *. Disappear "Gronk".
  21. When is Simmons expected back from the ACL? I haven’t seen anything on it, you guys?
  22. Nobody is going to offer a high enough pick to make Ballard budge. Especially when Rosen will be available for trade after the Cards pick Murray.
  23. Overall, I like it. May not be the flashiest names but every one of them, with the good coaching we have, should make us a better team.
  24. It has not aired yet. That picture is at his house where they were filming it. It is coming soon.
  25. AJ Brown will have a better career. He is like Reggie. Metkalf is going to be a bust.
  26. I think if he's going to be traded it's most likely as part of a package to move up. Most likely Dolphins, Redskins, Giants. I think there is also a chance he could be included in a trade for Clark if that ever materializes.
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