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  2. Yup, having Mahomes and not Luck made zero sense. I like KW, but maybe he's getting old lol.
  3. He's a talented kid but with Luck and Brissett on the roster already our depth chart at QB is solid. Brissett as a backup is about as good as it gets.
  4. There is a lot of parity in baseball, if we do lose we are still 29-19 and in 1st place in the NL Central.
  5. Agreed that he likely won't be on the active roster. But I do think he has an excellent chance at the practice squad. I'm rooting for the guy obviously. Odds are he'll find a way to screw things up again based on his track record. I just really hate to see when guys pee their talent away.
  6. 7-0 now, maybe it is just one of those stinkers . Oh well still came out of this 2-2, Reds come to Wrigley tomorrow.
  7. Oh my, Lester has not looked good for two games now....and our fielding is super suspect so far today.
  8. It goes both ways though. There are a good handful of knuckleheads in Hall of Fame.
  9. Didn't stop him last year in picking up a troubled, but very talented 1st/2nd Rounder in corner Jalen Collins. He has stated all along he would give second chances. The part that most people miss is the stigma of the veteran with the high dollar contract dogging it in practice and loafing on game days - he's worried that THOSE guys will hurt the locker room. He's not worried about a second chance kid because they will likely be on their very best behavior, they'll be hungry to fit in and earn their spot at the table. If they don't then very little capital was invested and they're cut immediately. That is the point that most people are missing!
  10. @NFLfan, Mets won again. They have now won 4 in a row and are 24-25 and still only 4 games out of 1st place in the NL East.
  11. Cubs down 4-0 in the 3rd inning, we have them right where we want them = it is still early Jonny.
  12. If you go by last season, it should be Mahomes 1, Luck 2, Brees 3. Based on QB performance and team success. I can see Brady still being in that because his team won the SB.
  13. It is amazing this thread has got almost 2 full pages. IMO, Kelly won't even be on the roster when the season starts.
  14. Not to mention the Falcons franchised tagged Grady Jarett. They need to get him signed too. Can they afford both DT's? I guess anything is possible. If I am Jarett and they sign McCoy before me I would not be very happy.
  15. If it isn't an all-time list why is Rodgers on it then?
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  17. I can agree with them all but Mahomes. Mahomes has had one good season. The rest have all won a SB. Luck should be number five and mahomes off the list.
  18. So was Aaron Hernandez, Ryan Leaf and Lawrence Phillips and we saw how those ended up.
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