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  2. Bc he isn’t. He can be but he is not at this moment. That list is solid.
  3. I certainly don't need to prove anything. I'll just let Hookers' play do the talking for him. If he can't stay healthy, his career will be too short like Bob Sanders. But if he stays healthy, he might be the next Ed Reed.
  4. Your initial post seemed to ask why some people may not be on board with this signing, but your response here seems to answer that question. If Ballard wants to get it so focused to the point where he & his team can narrow prospects down, to "really" figure out what a Colt player is or "looks like", why make that exception for a PS guy who has had a few questionable incidents & is on probation if I'm not mistaken??? I don't think Kelly is some horrible dude, he just sorta sounds like an * who can't hold his liquor, but maybe he's awesome...
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  6. To the best of my knowledge this is Ballard’s first attempt at saving a Colt. After two plus years, not sure one player competing for a spot on the PS somehow makes Ballard’s message inconsistent. Of course, your mileage may vary....
  7. I was glad to hear funchess looked very good even with bad QB play.
  8. I believe Money in this argument is comparing apples and oranges. You can't compare qb money to head coach money. Ever. It has to do more with the salary cap and the market than the value they bring to the team. There are some really poor qb's making as much or more than Tom Brady. I personally know employees of businesses that make more than the successors of the business (most of them family-ran businesses) solely because of the market and their longevity at the firm, not because what they bring to the table. They aren't less valuable to their parents in the business because they are paid less. It's the circumstances that the pay reflect. There are some really poor employees that are tenured in and making more than everyone else in businesses everywhere. They aren't more valuable, I promise you.
  9. Not worried about the signing, just think it sorta gives some credence to anyone who wants to argue that Ballard's message is inconsistent... Regardless if he thinks he can "save a troubled player" it is still pretty early in the team branding & identity building process especially for a 3rd string player... There's a whole season & off season for him to worry about the 2020 season backup quarterback...
  10. For clarity, I hated how the Pats got away with crap in that game.
  11. Look at the 27 club and why it is that...



  12. I dont get worked up over the opinion of a grocery bagger.
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  14. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that players only meeting after the 1-5 start last year... Would have been interesting!
  15. I was referring to definition of valuable being: Webster's a: having monetary value b: worth a good price. You are right in there being other definitions as well when speaking of worth and value. But I do feel that pay is an important marker for how important a employer feels that you are. But definitely not the only factor. I only brought in compensation as evidence that could be considered. Other than that it's just a matter of opinion. And the only way one could prove it is for one to have more success without the other. Same as with Tom and Bill. Would they have won all those SBs without one over the other? We will never know. Maybe without Bill, Tom never gets a shot and is out of the league after a few years as a back-up. Maybe without Tom, Bill is ran out of town after a few disappointing seasons and neither become the legends they are today. There is no way of knowing for sure. So to me it's just a matter of opinion. But if you don't feel money is a factor that is fine with me. We all have different ways of looking at things, if we didn't this would be a pretty boring forum to visit. As with Luck and Ballard, I hope it is a long time before we have to find out which one is more important. But it is a fun question to consider.
  16. ROTFLMAO. I suppose Darius Leonard is a 6’9’ 27 year old basketball player.
  17. MFT5

    Day one OTAs

    bro wanna be right so bad lol it’s sickening. He’s a safety playing en a cover 2 scheme. That en itself is his protection. it’s literally begging the opposition to do everything else but throw it deep. When Hooker starts making plays like Eddie Jackson call me. For now he’s iight
  18. with Mo Alie Cox we didnt really need to keep him. wish him well unless he plays us lol
  19. It's all good. May the best man win. Whoever it is will have to be awfully good.
  20. I actually stand corrected, Brady threw for 4806 in 2007 so up until Mahomes did it last year, Manning was the only one to do so. = 50/5000 in the same season.
  21. I think this year Luck will have just as many TD's and Yards. I think both QB's will throw for around 40 and 4500. No way Mahomes goes for 50 and 5000 again. That rarely happens, only Brady (2007) and Manning (2013) have done it in the history of football in the same season.
  22. sure wish luck had the weapons mahomes had just cause I'm like 90% sure he does as good or better than mahomes with the same support
  23. I love doing lists but all lists are subjective and opinionated. It really depends on what this list is about. Is it about what QB you would take going into the season? or is it the QB that has more lifetime accomplishments? If it is the QB I would take going into the season then Luck absolutely belongs in the top 5, if one is going by lifetime accomplishments then Big Ben belongs (he has won 2 SB's) and Mahomes actually doesn't due to only having 1 great season.
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