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  2. Oh just past experience with you from last year with your comment on my mother from using a claw hammer on me and I told you that it was insensitive of you to use that as she was still incarcerated for that. talk about hitting below the belt? Sorry I thought you as a companionate guy. And I know you are Bott. That's why I love you, Seriously. dude.
  3. He will have to if we acquire him. All the two teams have to do is agree on the compensation. Not saying they are going to agree but that is all it takes. There are enough reports out there stating we are one of the teams in discussions with them so I think it is possible.
  4. Very good points. I mostly agree with you outside of the fact that we definitely have more definitive snaps being taken up in the slot than on the outside. We know TY is getting his, we know Funchess is getting a good share, and we know Ebron will see steady usage their too. So I lean slightly towards more of an outside figure, simply because he will make a bigger impact when hes on the field more often. I'd hate to take slot snaps away from any of those 3 vets, and I'd hate to bring in a sweet slot Rookie and bench him a bunch when those other guys get their reps there.
  5. Old school NFL guys don't like defensive linemen with too much "learning" in them......
  6. Exactly- Ballard said his board does not look like what others might think. Pretty telling IMO.
  7. Why, I can't see that happening at all!
  8. Lets just hope that we will reward guys who do that , and we don't end up in the Seahawks position.
  9. I still think people are overlooking n/keel Harry wide receiver upside as an alternative to TY Hilton. He is a beast and if he was paired with TY the would be a force reckoned with I promise you. don't know how the draft will fall out but if by some happenstance we got him. It would solve our wide out problems for years to come.
  10. I'm so glad that Chris Ballard is our GM, he has done an amazing job here in just 2 years! No matter who he picks this week I will trust that he made the right pick. His success last year warrants full trust from the fans. In Ballard We Trust!
  11. The Seahawks are in a different phase than the Colts. End of the day, any team that stacks good drafts will have to let good players walk from time to time. And it does sting when you develop a good player that you drafted in the second round, and then you have to let him walk. But that's the game in a salary cap league. You make up for it by continuing to draft well.
  12. Metcalf. Same reason. He may become the next Randy Moss, but I just don't see how. I don't want us to take the risk with him. Jeffrey Simmons on the other side is someone I would LOVE to see coming to Indy for either the #26 or #34. Yes, he will redshirt his first year, but the possible reward in the future worth it. And it's not like the Colts had 3-4 picks and taking Simmons would kinda "skip" this draft for us. The Colts would still have 8 picks, including a 1st rounder or an "almost" 1st rounder (if its the #34), so there would still be plenty of new guys to evaluate and talk about while Simmons rehabs.
  13. I don't like to insult your perspicacity guys , but you might be overthinking everything to a point. If you use a layman's terms, it's like an analogy from star trek, It's great to be so analytical, but this is the voice of being Spock . Captain Kirks human side, saying you need to go with your gut without overthinking to much. This is the human side of the NFL not everything is going to work out on paper like you think it will. If it did then all we would need is some egghead's view and that would be the criteria of how we draft.
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  15. He's a doofus and an even bigger doofus on camera. Same goes with Rob
  16. With Boehm signing his tender, not only the starting 5, but the depth also is pretty much set for 2019. Boehm, Haeg, Webb, Clark are all decent backups. Plus there's Antonio Garcia, who, before his health issue, seemed to be a lock as the Patriots future LT, a really promising prospect. He's here and looks to be healthy now. Ballard signed him for 2 years, not just one, so I think he is counting on him. Josh Andrews and Poehls are already over the 10 which they will bring in to the final 53, altough they are also OK backup options. So, unless there will be someone falling big time, I don't see an OL be drafted in the first 2 days of the upcoming draft. Maybe a late rounder or a couple of UDFA-s to compete for the last roster spot(s).
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