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  3. Couldn't find it, but I thought this was hilarious
  4. Fitz is a high level back-up who has put up some good, but mostly poor stats when pressed into starting duty. He's not a good starting QB. But he'd be a high level quality back-up. It appears Miami is going to use him as their stater. The Dolphins appear to be going for the 2020 #1 pick. Fitz will have some good games, but more bad than good since he's on a poor team. But, as another poster noted, garbage is a bit harsh for the guy....
  5. I also liked when looking how their board was set with WR1, DT1 at the top and underneath were WR2 and DR2. So when it’s tome to choose we don’t get confused we just look at the top. Haha. That reminded me of Spinal Tap. These all have 11.....11,11,11,11. Is it louder than 10? It’s 1 louder.
  6. I liked it for what it was. And that's a fan vid. Better than most. I'm glad at the "who" was involved, more than the content itself. Anything goes on draft day. No secrets in that vid. Film is important. Analytics are important. Having a succinct plan is important. Being flexible is important. I'd be disappointed if they said anything else.
  7. he won't take them far into the playoffs, and is not their future at QB. if he doesn't fit either of those two descriptions, then they are always looking to upgrade.
  8. Hasn't got a good enough tape to be a top 30 pick (or at #34). I think he is high on people's boards because it's not a good draft for RB's at the top. The value isn't there that early imo.
  9. Fitz is 36, and the Dolphins won't do anything with him at QB. He's easily a bottom 10 starting QB at best. I'm not saying they will definitely trade for Brissett, but I will predict they win 4-6 games if he is their starter. He starts out strong and fades throughout the season.
  10. Fitz has been a journeyman Qb for a long time in this league, he has 50 wins almost 30 000 passing yards and 190 Tds, he has been and can be a serviceable starter if they need. Far from garbage.
  11. As a starter, he is a garbage QB. No matter who Miami starts at QB next season (whether it's Brissett or not), it needs to be someone other than Fitzpatrick.
  12. Fitzpatrick is not a garbage quarterback. No QB who has started that many games in the NFL is garbage. Poor choice of adjectives. JMO....
  13. I agree with you it's very compelling. I've been a draft junkie anyways I watch every draft show and listen to every draft podcast and this might be the best one. I can't wait until the draft I think Ballard and company are going to nail it. I liked it when Ballard said will move back or move up whatever we think is going to help us the most which to me means he's flexible and I like that. I have a lot of faith in Ballard and truly believe he'll do the right thing which makes me excited more than any other.
  14. JB is IMO better than any FA QB left out there. Even the FAs and trades signed (except Foles) are pretty lame. Fitzpatrick lame. Flacco lame. I wouldn't be shocked if he's traded or kept. Ballard did his job selling his value. Maybe oversold. I'd take a 3rd easily. Would contemplate a 4th depending on early or late. I think a package deal is most likely during the draft. Like I said very early before FA started, I think the best chance of him being traded is during or after the draft.
  15. Well.... Fitzpatrick appears to be the starter, so, yes, Miami would seem to be tanking.... And Keenan is no longer the starter in Denver. Joe Flacco is with Keenan staying as the back-up. Could Miami have some interest? Sure. But what would they offer? My guess is not as much as some might think.....
  16. I think the odds are low. Seems like most of the teams in a QB need will either draft one or tank for Tua/Herbert/Fromm(Miami). There is an outside shot, but I wouldn't call it likely by any stretch of the imagination.
  17. You'd argue with mud puddle. On the black out policy.... the NFL suspended the black out policy in 2015. Even when it was in place, you only had to sell out 85% And... if you don't understand the correlation between attendance, ticket demand, and overall revenue, then you have other issues you may need to get checked out. Season ticket renewals declined in the 16, 17, and 18 seasons (along with attendance). That was bad no matter how you spin it. Pump all the sunshine you want, but it was bad. The Colts even upped their food and beverage credits to sell tickets. They didn't pick up till we went on the second half winning streak last year. Here's an article on the turnaround, but talks about the declines in previous years. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2019/01/17/indianapolis-colts-season-ticket-sales-expected-to-increase-in-2019/2591196002/
  18. In terms of grading, I'll use NFL.com's draft ratings. Funchess was a 5.64 during the 2016 draft (6.0 is assumed a "Starter"). Rogers wasn't even rated or included in most big boards at all (top 300 or 400). Rogers was an undrafted free agent, so saying someone ranks under Rogers is a bit of a head scratcher. There are 16 WRs rated higher than Funchess's 5.64 in this year's draft. Boykin is one of them. One advantage to taking one of those 16, or even one a bit lower, is that you're not paying them 10M or more per year for the next XX years. Isabella for instance is rated a little below 5.64, but is RW and PFF's top rated WR. I'd have zero problem whatsoever taking him at 59. And I'd have zero problem with several of the WRs at 34. Chances are that a 6.0 WR will be available at 26 is pretty much a given, and at 34, pretty likely as well. You can disagree with the ratings, but there will be plenty of solid WRs throughout the 2nd, and possibly into the 3rd. Short on T1 talent, but plenty of good T2 guys.
  19. Attendance and ticket sales are two different things. When is the last time the Colts were blacked out?
  20. They are selling to the fan, who have not necessarily bought into the decision or vision yet. When fans stop buying the vision, they stop buying tickets, which is the primary goal of the organization. Fans stopped buying into the vision of Grigson, which led to the below. Ballard is in charge of correcting that. His duties are the same as anyone in charge of a company selling something. Also... here's what the guy who hired Ballard to the Bears said about him.... His old boss's words, not mine...
  21. It really answers the “nightmare scenario” thread. They are too organized and too prepared to have a nightmare.
  22. IMO what you call selling, I call explaining. There is no need to sell something that's already bought.
  23. Not really a big fan of taking on prospects with a position change in mind (unless it's very late in the draft). Definitely not something I'd want to do in the first 3 or 4 rounds. The only ones that I'd really be interested in is big DE to DT, big CB to S, big WR to flex TE. One guy that switched position in college that I like, is Jalen Hurd. He played RB (was pretty good) at TN, then switched to WR when he left (also pretty good). A lot of boards list him in the sleeper category.
  24. Were Cato June tipped int of Brady and Vrabel spike to the grill same game?? Way to many games in the mental database to sort
  25. If you think GMs and coaches don't sell as part of their jobs, then carry on. They'd be the only leadership position in any corporation that isn't responsible for selling their vision and decisions.
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