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  2. He probably will, but it's unclear how long with Goddell as Commish, and the Chiefs were ready with Hardman to draft his replacement. I don't think it'll affect them too much with Mahomes at QB.
  3. Right, & much like the current trend of companies diversifying portfolios buying into the fine art market, it's an investment...
  4. Here is a question for everyone that voted Ballard, who was more important to the Colts franchise, Bill Polian or Peyton Manning? Polian is in the Hall of Fame. It was Manning and not even close IMO.
  5. Having a great Pres of Ops/GM is huge don't get me wrong. The Cubs stunk it up before Theo came in and what Belichick does year in and year out is impressive. Having said that players win championships. Without a couple of starting ace pitchers or a franchise QB, the chances of winning a championship are slim. Any competent GM (meaning good, not great) can get good players to build a team. Grigson sucked so now Ballard is a God compared to him.
  6. Tom Brady isn't your average QB, he is one of the best ever if not the best of all-time. People see how great Belichick is and think he can plug in any QB and win SB's. No he can't, he can win a lot of games and proved that with Cassell in 2008 but winning 10 or 11 games in the regular season and winning SB's is a big difference. Take Brady away and Belichick IMO would probably only have 1 or 2 SB wins. Belichick is that great but Brady is super clutch in the playoffs.
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  8. As much as I love and believe in Andrew Luck, my vote goes to Ballard in the long run. It takes great combinations of GM, Coaches and players to be great and remain great. The Patriots have Brady and make it work adapting to the other personnel. The 80's Redskins had Head Coach Joe Gibbs, GM Bobby Beathard and multiple QB's and RB's through their great years. Takes a balanced team to be great, remain great. Takes a great GM to make that happen.
  9. Good points made on both sides.... and a good off-season topic @Jared Cisneros! Both guys are excellent tactically and strategically in what they do.... Ballard in cap management/roster-building/Draft Day and Luck in preparation and on game day. It's a real hairsplitter for me.....but if I absolutely had to let one go it would be Ballard. The game just weighs too heavily upon the QB anymore... so I voted for Andrew. There's no real way to prove the theory with Ballard now having overhauled the roster so well.... other than for Luck to go down for a season and then see if Brissett could engineer a playoff run.... an experiment hardly worth winning an argument and one that I hope is never tested. Think about it folks....we have an excellent GM building a great top-to-bottom organization including a roster of talented youngsters, plenty of cap space.... and a healthy Andrew Luck who has proven, even with the sub-standard supporting cast prior to Ballard, that we can never be counted out of a game. Man...are we spoiled or what?
  10. Reading that Peyton Manning is the Jet's target.
  11. I'm 47 years young and have had that been said many, many times in those years! Lol
  12. You think hill doesn't get suspended?
  13. I am actually concerned about the Browns. Based on last year play and what they did offseason. Browns could be a paper tiger and overachieving last season but they have the right mixture to me. Colts should be top 3 as it looks on paper as well.
  14. grigson was paganos boss ohh. frank and ballard dnt share a vision and work together ohh. they just want to argue and not see reality. Dnt waste your time.
  15. i dont assume that i just think our chances are better with luck, than with ballard and whoever the next QB is. its a pretty big projection either way since we dont know who that would be i think luck and co would be fine with any competent GM and that they are easier to find than a QB of lucks caliber
  16. You assume we will win one with Luck. I personally think Ballard is good enough (with a topnotch scouting team) that he could find a quarterback that Frank reich could develop into a superbowl caliber franchise qb. Hell we may have him in Brissett... Nfl.com just had an article that says this team is the 4th most complete roster in the league. Ballard did that in two years...
  17. A GM that micromanages the HC is Ryan Grigson... A GM is only as good as the HC he hires. It is absolutely a partnership in today's world. Very rarely does a GM keep his job longterm if the HC he hired doesn't pan out...
  18. So far through 60 votes it is Luck 31 Ballard 29. I am surprised that it is that close. Ballard has done a great job so far but I believe a team needs a franchise QB to compete every year for a SB. You have your flukes like Trent Dilfer or Brad Johnson winning a SB but it is rare, then they never sniff another SB. I think Grigson was so bad that anyone would be great compared to him. Franchise QB and a GM that just knows what he is doing can win SB's. Grigson had no idea what he was doing.
  19. I don't know about predictions, but I know this: You better get the Patriots playing on the road because that's about the only way you have a chance in hell of beating them in the playoffs, and even that is no guarantee.
  20. Ya never know. In 7-8 years when he's coming out Andrew will just about to be hanging the cleats up. But if he's anything like his uncles he will be a high pick. Will the Colts be in position to get him? I hope not.
  21. Congratulations! Time flies. It seems that you had just told us 2 years ago that you were a senior in high school. I can't believe 4 years have already passed. All the best in your professional (and personal) life.
  22. i think its luck, we are not winning a super bowl with a back up qb. i think ballard would be easier to replace too
  23. We should trade the pick for extra 2nd rounders!
  24. In 8 years when Arch is coming out, could we be so lucky to? Another 15+ years with another Manning?
  25. I think the best record in the AFC will be 11-5, here's what I predict as an early prediction for the AFC: 1. Chiefs 11-5 - I have them beating us for the tiebreaker because I have us losing to them during the regular season. I don't think Mahomes will come close to the year he had last year but I can still see him throwing for 40 TD's and 4500 Yards. If they lose Hill that will be a blow and losing Houston and Ford puts a dent into their defense too. I do not see them going 12-4 again but can still see them getting the #1 seed. 2. Colts 11-5 - tougher schedule but seems reasonable, I think we get a bye week. Winners of the AFC South. 3. Patriots 10-6 - still will be real dangerous in the playoffs but I think record wise they fall off a tad. They will still win their division. They will win the tiebreaker over the Browns because they will beat the Brown at Gillette during the regular season. 4. Browns 10-6 - I have them winning the North, on paper the Steelers do not impress me and not sure Jackson can stay durable for the Ravens. 5. Chargers 11-5 - very tough wildcard team. Unfortunately for them they will end up 5th because they will lose the tiebreaker to the Chiefs somehow IMO. 6. This will be a crapshoot on who gets in, I will go with the Texans at 10-6. They have a knack of winning close games every year and still have a solid defense. Their defense was tied for 4th in the league in points allowed last season. Watson isn't great but he is good and he has a top 5 WR in Hopkins. It will take 10 wins to get in IMO.
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