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  2. I have my doubts that Colts will trade for Clark. It just does not fit Ballard's narrative.
  3. down 73-72 after 3Qs...….36% shooting 25 of 69 Its a miracle we're down just one
  4. There is a 5% chance Ballard selects an offensive lineman at 26. I know AC is a free agent at season’s end but the guy stays on the field and is durable. In the past 7 seasons, he’s played all 16 games 5 of those 7 seasons. I know he’s 30 and only played 11 games last season ,but if he goes out and plays solid this season, he will get rewarded with a new contract. Remember, Ballard rewards his guys who earn it.
  5. Agree . A 2nd round only is the only way I would even consider it !
  6. Lol. That's pretty meh compared to some of the players in this draft. Jaylon Ferguson had 26 in 13 games. Level of competition was not great but it is still impressive. Gerald Willis of Miami and Ben Banogu of TCU and others are pretty high up there too for DL in this draft. https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/individual/39
  7. Newspapers connected to ACC Conference have been raving about Clelin Ferrell but he might be gone by time we pick .
  8. I doubt ballard is interested with his background. I think the reports are just throwing the colts name out there because they have the pick to do it. The chiefs were named also. After hunt and tyreek hill why would they want to add another guy with bad character.
  9. Of course you see Ballard being interested. You’ve seen him as being interested in every single name when they come on the market, whether it’s a trade or a free agent signing. You’ve yet to be right once. But you get points for consistency....
  10. Right off the top of my head.... and I'm not saying ALL are better, but most are.... Cleve: WR: Beckham, Landry, Galloway TE: Njoku RB: Chubb, Hunt, Johnson SD: WR: Allen, Williams, Benjamin TE: Henry RB: Gordon Atl: WR: Jones, Ridely, Sanu TE: Hooper RB: Freeman There's three, and I gave it almost no thought. Other teams have so much more quality weapons than we do. I'm sure I can come up with more if need be.
  11. I think Jim is sitting down at John's piano, and "imagining" a WR drafted in the first two rounds
  12. Not bad, I like a lot of the picks. But if Greedy Williams is available at 26, I’d have to give real consideration to picking him. I think he can be special. Then Tillery might slide to #34. Otherwise, nice mock.
  13. pass. I'd prefer not to -lose a 1st round pick -lose 4 years of a cheap rookie contract -Go straight to a 17+Mill / year contract -Have a guy who had home invasion and theft charges in 2012, domestic violence charges in 2014, and then the twitter thing in 2017. That's a lot if you are truly concerned about culture. If we really wanted another DE, I'd rather trade up and draft one. I'd prefer to go iDL anyway. I'm all for second chances, but this guy has two major incidents, and then was a butt head about it in a tweet to a female journalist, all over 5 years. And, he's a scUM Wolverine... No thanks.
  14. If the Colts are actively searching for Anthony Castonzo’s successor at left tackle, Dillard could certainly be a prospect they consider with one of their early picks. However, the likely means a first-round selection would be the way. Dillard has experience as a four-year starter at left tackle. His athleticism and footwork allows him to immediately be a successful left tackle in the NFL, but his run blocking does need improvement. Luckily for the Colts, he wouldn’t have to start right away. A high character prospect, Dillard could be what the Colts are looking for if they wanted to invest early in an offensive lineman.
  15. wow Brooklyn's GM gets suspended for confronting the refs over Joel Embid's flagrant fouls I don't blame him..
  16. I got to visit the practice facility a few years ago and went into a room where they kept his “overflow” collection. In addition to all the Colts (including Baltimore) memorabilia he had items like a letter from Charles Manson, original movie scripts, and if I remember right, the original manuscript for On the Road.
  17. Today
  18. up 49-47 at the half.. Collison...11 points..4 assists Its just SOOOOO hard to score and Boston isn't THAT good defensively
  19. It wasn't an option when we were 25-11. It didn't make sense. You can say we should tank the next 3 or 4 seasons But you cant tank at 25-11. Its not a real thought
  20. they could have gathered assets and traded up into the lottery. the pacers have always stayed the course and its never got them a championship either
  21. He’s a bad dude who hopefully will be some other teams problem. Everyone is entitled to make amends for past mistakes, but I don’t think he ever did. These types of guys have to learn that there are consequences for those actions. He should spend the rest of his career showing that it was something he deeply regrets and displaying it to others through charity programs.
  22. Ahh, I knew you were cool with Jim, just couldn't prove it ...
  23. As long at it isn't a project player. Huge potential upside, but not quite ready yet. They've gotta get a solid starter who will see the field and make an early difference. A solid draft like last year will put us in a really good spot heading into January, if we make it of course.
  24. Thanks for sharing this great stuff. This is very interesting. I recall @Dustin writing that he thought Danielle Hunter was a good prospect coming out of college but that he had few sacks. This article made me wonder what Hunter's TFL were when he was in college. Sure enough, he had 13 TFL in 13 games his last year in college. He had only 1.5 sacks. I recently saw a re-drafting of the 2015 draft. Whoever wrote it had Hunter going first overall. We drafted him in the 3rd but many questioned that pick. Given his Combine and his age (19 when drafted), I thought he was a good pick.
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