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  2. While this two dimensional system may be (or have been) useful for a coarse, pre-draft rating of "the board", come draft day the values and probabilities will change dramatically by the prior picks. That's called combinatorics (in a Markov Chain). The problem then becomes multi-dimensional, and probably beyond any human brain to recalculate the optimum tactics.
  3. Seems like PFF have published their final board for the draft. You can find it here: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/draft-pffs-top-250-big-board-for-the-2019-nfl-draft Some notables: -Here's their top 10: - Byron Murphy higher than I've seen anyone have him anywhere else - no. 6 - Jerry Tillery higher than I've seen anyone else have him anywhere else - no. 7 - Jeffery Simmons and Greedy Williams make the top 10 too... - Dalton Risner above Cody Ford and Greg Little - JJ Arcega Whiteside at 23(higher than I've seen him anywhere else) - Christian Wilkins at 25... - Nasir Adderley and Darnell Savage are their first two safeties(top 30) - Chase Winovich no. 29... they really like him. High production, high grades, good athleticism... - Andy Isabella no. 30 - another one that is higher than I've seen him anywhere else - David Long - no. 33 ... they think he's the second best press-man specific corner in the draft (after Greedy) - Noah Fant - no. 43... this seems like lower than I've seen him elsewhere - Amani Hooker no. 44 - no.4 safety on their board... - Montez Sweat no. 46 - lowest I've seen him, I don't get this one. - Khalen Saunders no. 47... putting it here because we recently had a thread about him. good player iMO - Rashan Gary no. 48 - lowest I've seen him ranked - Chauncey Gardner Johnson - no 49... this seems kind of low - Max Scharping - no. 50... they like him as an OT prospect - Hjalte Froholdt - 55 - sleeper guard prospect - Blake Cashman -59 - LB3? - Ronheen Bingham 63... higher than i've seen him. - Mack Wilason no. 127 ?? Lowest I've seen him - Parris Campbell at 96... - Jachai Polite at 98 - Johnathan Abram 112 - Trayvon Mullen 160 !! - Lonnie Johnson 161 !! What are your impressions of their board?
  4. We could get lucky and have 1 of these guys fall to us in top of 2nd too..If we somehow snag 2 of them we could possibly have a draft that compares favorably to 2018 value wise..
  5. We need another game breaker on offense for sure..I'd be ok with Hollywood Brown too for this reason..I think Metcalf and Brown have most star potential..Harry is probably safest pick at wr and will be a very good pro most likely..If we don't go WR, I want DT Dexter Lawrence where we are picking 100%. I think he will be a Monster in NFL if healthy..We r gonna need to roll the dice on a high ceiling player with some issues where we a picking if we hope to strike gold.
  6. Yeah I seen it is 2-0 already. I was hoping this would be the day we get above .500, still can as it is early. Freakin Yu though
  7. Guess I was wrong, Darvish with the start, and a shaky one at that, already down 2-0 with 2 home runs in the first.
  8. I’ll say Colts trade 26, 59, and next year’s first to get into top 10 and take Sweat. I still made guesses for 59 in the event they don’t trade up!
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  11. Averaged 26 yds on kick off returns when there was such a thing.
  12. IMO college productivity is a little overrated. College success doesn’t necessarily mean NFL success
  13. CB isn’t a premium position in this defense. Ballard may take one if he really likes someone, but there’s no way he reaches on a position that isn’t even very necessary to this scheme
  14. Look in on the background in this shot from 2015- Top level starts at A, sometimes I see a B (no A rated). Goes down in rating vertically. Amount in each section varies, but are in preferential order. There are more (different layout) boards around the room too. Now this was a Grigson board from 2015. Others may label theirs different, add color (for flags, etc.) but they all let you see top players left on the list in every position, and those that stick out above the rest as the names peel off. The name that sticks out above the others is BPA and must be taken even if that selection doesn't fulfill a 'hole' in the roster with 'that pick'. If players left are (very near) equal in grade, then they go toward position of perceived need.
  15. They haven’t looked this bad in a decade. OR dysfunctional. You can’t base this off of history. Big Ben had fancy stats, but that was with 2 of the top 10 WRs in the league. Plus he also led the NFL in INTs. I just don’t follow the logic. They went 9-6-1 and missed the playoffs. Then They lost a top 10 WR. And you’re claiming they’re some big juggernaut on the level of the Chargers, chiefs, and Saints??
  16. And after you talk to him, give me a chance to match or beat! Seriously, I’d be interested as well. Thanks
  17. Exactly, and he has talked about getting to the QB and creating pass rush being the primary concerns. I'd be surprised if one of the first 2 picks weren't on the dline
  18. The value is way overhyped on JB. People act like if not traded we don’t get anything for this great player. That’s not true. He has shown little to be desired for some team to give a high pick for. At best we get maybe a 3rd for him but once he leaves in FA, which I see because he wants to start, we will probably get a 4th comp. I am fine with the comp pick because it’s not that bad of value for having a good back up this year that knows the system.
  19. This is what I expected. Without Victor we don't have that one leader player who can make a difference. Even with Victor we are still that 48-55 win team. Till Simon gets off some money to sign one or two big time players we will never have a chance at a championship. Pacers are a fun team to watch when they are clicking but when they are not clicking it is real bad. Shooting themselves in the foot is what I am seeing in the playoffs.
  20. The scouts from every team is there, up until the weekend before the draft. Then I hear most teams send the Area Scouts home... at least for a few days. The GM, HC, and Director(s) {Scouting/Personnel} tweak the board at that time and setup up possible trade deals. It may be, in many cases I hear that when the scouts return, they won't get in to see the {updated} board(s) until draft day itself. The bulk of the heavy lifting is. The big kahuna's can then tweak it right up until the draft itself.
  21. Ok, so what you’re saying is that unlike the best receivers in the league, none of them have proven right out of the gate that they are surefire WR2s. And that’s supposed to have practical value....... how?
  22. The legend of Quan Bray cannot be erased..........
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