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  2. Absolutely, the Colts dodged a bullet on that one & all seems to have worked out for the best. lol... I mean, where was Brian Decker at when we needed him to profile mcdaniels leadership qualities??? While Ballard has handled that mishap as well as possible, I still gotta question that initial hiring. How in the world were there NO red flags that he might pull a move like that??? I mean I wasn't surprised when it happened so can't really assume Ballard was either... lol... anywho, it seems to have worked out for the best...
  3. Doesn't really matter. You just plug away, regardless. KC gets attention. NE gets even more. It's a part of success, and it means you're doing something right. So, I hope the Colts keep getting attention.
  4. I don't see the hype. I could see them going 8 and 8 next year and being the laughing stock of the league again.
  5. A rookie, a journeyman, and a guy coming off a ACL injury back in december is an upgrade?
  6. I have read several times that Cooper was the best athlete and football player out of all the Manning brothers. Unfortunately, he got that diagnosis... would've been cool to see all 3 of them in the league at the same time.
  7. A lot can happen between now and the season opener. If there is a FA guy out there, his window of opportunity will continue to close before then.
  8. The Pats picked up K'Neal Harry with their first draft pick. They also have added Demaryius Thomas, Dontrelle Inman and have retained Edleman. Yes, they lost Gronk, but he also missed 13 games over the past 3 seasons and they still win without him. They also have NYJ and Miami in their division (I think the AFC East has become the least competitive division in the NFL -- though, I think Buffalo is going to shock some people this year). I am somewhat of a Mahommes skeptic. He had a fantastic year last year, and played well in the post-season. I think he'll continue to be up near the top in QBs in the league, though I have a hard time imagining he's going to reproduce what he did last year on a consistent basis. NFL coaches sometimes take a year to figure things out, but I think he'll be contained much better this year after others have had a year of film on him to break down.
  9. Don't forget 'availability-wise'. Kelly will likely be suspended for a few games if he even makes a team.
  10. Seriously, again? It’s not Breer’s job to confirm the organizational structure of the Colts. That’s what McDaniels put out. THAT’S Who should be apologizing to the Colts. Brewer simply reported what McDaniels said. How would anyone go about confirming that anyway? It’s one man’s opinion. And the better the Colts do, the dumber McDaniels looks. The article glows and gushes about the Colts from first sentence to last sentence and you’re still not happy due to some perceived slight. The only person who slighted the Colts is JM. And hopefully we can repay him by beating his rear end for years to come. Breer is fully on board the Colts bandwagon. Read the whole story. You’ll be a happy Colts fan. I promise. PS— thanks to Stiches for posting this as he did. This story is required reading for every Colts fan.
  11. I'm not really digging all the attention the team has been getting. I want to lay low
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  13. Getting Reich instead of McDaniels is probably the best thing that could have happened for the Colts.
  14. I would also take that bet. Talent-wise is could be a wash. I'd give Brissett the advantage but I hadn't seen much of Kelly. Character-wise/team chemistry it is Brissett by a mile. Experience-wise it is Brissett. Contract/flexibility - I'd give the nod to Kelly. I don't know what the current deal is. I assume 1 year. I also assume we could sign him for much less than Brissett at seasons end.
  15. Chad Kelly has been available the entire off season. No one picked him up.
  16. That, I can definitely see!!! Jim Kelly's nephew will at least make the #3 QB spot interesting.
  17. All the Philip Walker lovers, beware!!!
  18. He was mostly a centerfielder as a rookie, and yes after 6-7 weeks he was well on his way to the pro bowl. Last year, he was asked to shut down one side of the field, and he did that very well.
  19. I'm calling it now.... After preseason is done, Kelly will be cut.
  20. If Kelly makes the team I can actually see Ballard Keeping three QB's on the active roster. He has said he would do it under the right circumstances. This could be one one of those circumstances. Kelly could be claimed off the PS but not the 53 man roster. He already earned the backup spot at Denver. He can play. Secure him and see what happens with Brissett down the road. It would give Ballard more flexibility on how to address our backup situation going forward.
  21. Yeah, that's not happening
  22. Didn’t know he was so talkative out there but he’s not a trash talker. Just havin fun. His arm length looks like he could tie his shoes standing up. Lol Let’s hope they all stay healthy! GO COLTS!!
  23. I'd take that bet all day long.
  24. Kelly had first round talent, but had a ten cent brain..... He could very well beat out Brissett, but, for the sake of making him prove he's past his previous transgressions and continuity in the locker room I hope he spends the year on the PS.
  25. I'm calling it now..... Kelly will beat out Brissett for the #2 spot.
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