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  2. Gregg Rosenthal....can't believe the patriots homer has BB #1. Shocking
  3. Both teams are very talented. Before the season started I had the Celtics in the finals but I am not sure without HCA they can beat the Bucks? I see it going 7 and down to the wire.
  4. How I missing your point? 2 picks for unproven talent and 1 pick and 20m for a proven talent. I will take the proven talent.
  5. I know a lot of people say that, but from my personal film studies I am not impressed. Sure, he could be a good player and prove me wrong, at which point I would own up to my mistake, but from my perspective, which few seem to share, Simmons doesn't display enough to be considered so highly. Just personal opinion though, I know I won't change anyones minds this late in the draft process
  6. Pirates and Brewers both lost so the standings in the NL Central look like this for now: Pirates 12-8 Cards 13-9 Brewers 13-11 (1 back) Cubs 10-10 (we are only 2 back) Reds 8-13 (4.5 back)
  7. Well, no Cubs action today, but I did get to coach/watch an awesome game! My sons first game of the season, they played a great game and won 8-1! A double play(my son, so proud of him), grand slam, and many other very impressive plays for a bunch of 8-10 year olds, had a blast! I love baseball!!! Oh what the heck.....
  8. Al Horford vs. Giannis will be very interesting. Hayward playing with the second team just killed us.... …..If he scores 20 a game, can Milwaukee still win?
  9. Simmons is arguably the most talented DT in this draft. If he hadn't torn his ACL, he'd be a top 8 pick.
  10. I agree. The Myles Turner situation has changed. He doesn't get blame. He's ours. He's our guy. He's just got to get better and now he has 4 years to do it. That dunk he had in game 4. Why cant he put the ball on the floor and go to the basket. What stops him? I talk about him because he clearly has the most untapped potential of anyone we have. But he's never scored more than 13-14 points a game and I don't know why. Sabonis should never average more points than Myles in my mind. Thad Young is pivotal. If he wants to come back, we give him the $15-$18 mil. He guards everybody and the other players all look up to him . Bogdonavic is the shooter we need more of and the gap between him and McDermott is much larger than I thought it was at the star of the year. But if we cant get a 20 ppg scorer, we may push Leaf and Sumner and Holiday into the rotation next year and we may fall back a little.. The big deal will be what happens In New Orleans with Davis and in Golden State with Durant and in Charlotte with Kemba. If they move, the teams that get them will have to release some quality players. That would be where we come in.. ..also there's some shooters in the draft. We need one. Purdue's Carsen Edwards?
  11. I think u r missing my point. U r giving up a 1st rounder in either scenario. U r swapping your 26th pick for say the 10th overall and then throwing in next year's 1st rounder. For Clark u r giving up the 26th pick and then 20 million a year. I like the first scenario better.
  12. We're overthinking it because our ideas ultimately don't matter, whether teams are using them or not. But the concept of teams reading the flow of the draft and valuing prospects based on how the draft is going is not overly analytical. It's a basic part of the process.
  13. I don't think him signing a 2 year deal is significant of anything . Almost all of the similar deals were for 2 years.
  14. Two first rounders for a unproven pass rusher or 20m for a proven 26 yr old pass rusher? I would pay the 20m.
  15. Personally I hope we don't, I am among the few that doesn't think Simmons will pan out. Sure, he will be a decent DT, but he isn't first round material.
  16. I don't think the 26 is much different from a mid 2nd in this yrs draft.
  17. Right now I love everything about this team, can't wait for the draft. If Luck can stay healthy we should have at least a solid 5 year window to win a SB. Yeah it was fun until Polian pulled the plug
  18. Man how fun would that be???? Remember last time we almost ran the table?? It was awesome!
  19. The NBA changed the Lottery process to “prevent” tanking and the Lottery doesn’t always work to the benefit of the bottom teams In the last WNBA draft the Fever had the highest chance for the 1st Pick but they picked 3rd and therefore Princeton’s own is now playing for LV instead of staying home
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  21. Tanking was never an option for people that think it was. We were 25-11 when Victor got injured, even at that point if you tank we still would've won around 40 games. Yeah we would've been in the lottery but probably still picking outside of the top 10. Seems Turner gets a lot of the blame when we lose from Pacers fans because his numbers are 13 and 7 which by the way aren't great or very good (so I agree there) but are good. What is overlooked is his defense, he lead the league in Blocks. Without his defense, we go from a very good defensive team to an average defensive team. With a healthy Victor, we would've won 53 or 54 games IMO and been a 3 seed. We still won 48 with him missing half the season. I am not sure why so many people are down on this team. Take anyone's best player away and they don't do squat in the playoffs either. I would go after Kemba Walker and re-sign Bogey and Thad. Let Collison, Evans, Joseph, Mathews walk to free up that money. Holiday can be a back PG next year.
  22. I remember being super sold in the video of his first meeting last year. Hopefully this message carries over once again.
  23. Cheaper don't enter the picture when you talk about a great pass rusher.
  24. I've seen a ton of mocks where he is available around the Colts pick. Personally, I don't see him getting out of the top 15 let alone sitting there at #26. Biggest knock I can find on him is that he takes some plays off. Alot of guys like him play all out atleast until they get their second contract. Ferrell can be one of the best DEs in the league if he wants to be. Go back watch him absolutely abuse possible top ten pick OT Jonah Williams in the national title game for 60 min.
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