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  2. Mayock was in the booth with Rich and Daniel and he touted Carr’s season and said his defense is what needed improvement. He was Very high on Carr. He could just be raising his value too. Idk.
  3. Since I quoted you, I believe you said that he was only good in 2018 because of his surrounding cast more so. If I tagged you incorrectly, I apologize. I was just pointing out while he may have had some good guys on his team, and they may have left that following season, none of his supporting cast appeared to make it in the nfl so how good was the 2018 talent that helped make him good that season? the question is why didn’t he adapt to the new system, coaching, scheme and was his new teammates so poor that he couldn’t overcome such a dip in talent on the 2019 team? Idk.
  4. I like Reagor as well. Peoples Jones really impressed at the combine along with Chase Claypool. I'd be happy with any of the 3.
  5. Those are great stories but probably the exceptions more than the rule. Hopefully Winston can salvage his career but I think he is a bad QB and makes terrible decisions. He was knocked for his inability to read a defense coming out of college and he appears to still be struggling with that. Employees will come up with any excuse including blaming their own mother before admitting they aren’t good at their job.
  6. I agree that 3-5 is probably too high, however, I would take that bet that somebody takes him before the 7th round. His combine numbers were excellent. He had the 3rd best combine stats behind only Love & Herbert. He is also listed as a top 5 combine winner amongst the QB group. McDonald threw for 8,032 yards with 70 TD's and only 24 INT's at Hawaii. Those are very impressive numbers. I know he's not coming from an NFL system and his numbers didn't come against elite talent but the kid still checks alot of the boxes. Hes a low risk, high reward developmental QB IMO.
  7. The notion that the Raiders would draft WRs with their 1st two picks just to attract a 67-year old QB is some pretty good satire. The Raiders will be playing wait-and-see just like half the teams in the league. I see the Derek Carr trade rumors and am hoping they don't include Indy. Carr is physically limited. You can only coach up a player so much, so why not go for bigger upside? ' Back to WRs, there were many who balled out at the combine and there will be plenty big-bodied prospects to go around on day 2 and even 3.
  8. To be fair, a classic Grigson Gaffe was Philip Dorsett (5'10, 185) in 2015. A reach at #29 and at that time not a position of need, Dorsett was a bust until, of course, he went to New England and became relevant. Dorsett had a stellar combine that year and I secretly wanted him, but not at 29. Grigson was like a kid that "saw something shiny" and forgot about conventional wisdom. Brutal.
  9. Well, we do know that Wirfs will never make it to #13 after tilting the combine machine. That being said, there were several stellar OT performances and some of them can be had in the 2nd round. Ditto WRs. This plays right into Ballard's hands, as there won't be a sense of urgency to get Jeudy or Lamb in the 1st round. Take what the defense gives you. If somehow Wirfs did slip that far it would be hard to say no to a 10-year starter at an increasingly important position. Ballard would have to feel like he got away with one if it went down that way. I feel like this year will be reminiscent of 2017, when Malik Hooker slipped all the way to Indy at #15 due to injury concerns. Thoughts?
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  11. I don't watch college football, so I don't have the game film perspective to go on. As more of a number-cruncher/strategist, I'd say this is a terrific year to use max gamesmanship leading up to the draft. As it relates to Jordan Love, he's simply not going to be BPA at #13. I could see Indy trade up 2 spots to the bottom of round 1 if they have that much love for Love. Ballard & co are in a great position thanks to massive cap space and Washington's #34 pick. The FA QB market is deep and Brisset is still under contract with a $12.5 mil dead cap hit. Basically, Ballard can let the draft come to him, so any QB chatter at this point is wildly speculative. If Indy brass has a rookie in mind, they're high enough in the order to pretty much move up as far as deemed necessary without giving up too much for the opportunity. This class is loaded with OT and WR talent, so BPA/fill need will certainly apply. Every QB someone trades up for pushes one more blue chip player down to #13. It will be interesting to see what was smokescreen and what was silent intent when the cards start being read on Draft Day. Indy would be wise to manipulate perception, especially with the Raiders and their similar needs at #12. Given Mayock's round 1 disaster (Clelin Ferrell) last year I like our chances.
  12. I felt as if the entire defense took a bit of a step back this past year. And honestly, I think it was because we let the likes of Al Woods walk in FA. After seeing the drop off, and then comparing it to when we attained Booger in 2006, it would seem the defensive tackle position is of quite a great importance in the Tampa 2, even with the subtle differences. You need above average play at that spot for the rest of the defense to flow correctly. Ballard has mentioned that positions importance. And for these reasons I have been on the Kinlaw train for the past month.
  13. His big time throw ability, touch and pocket awareness. Also his off target throw ability. Schematically I think he could excel in Frank reich's offense and it would help limit his turnovers. He's not afraid to take a shot when it's there and had much better anticipation than Brissett. The main thing is teams wouldn't be able to stack the box with Love because they'd have to fear the deep game. Burrow, and tua are similar. Gordon and herbert are seen more as check down guys. My co worker is an Oregon fan and he said he thought herbert was worse than Mariota. He said he played to safe and rarely threw down the field.
  14. Ok... upon further reading I niw see that Bechton originally weighed in at 357. And then today, before he worked out he tipped the scales at 364. Up 7 pounds. Seems this is the first year where you will be weighed TWICE at the combine. Once when you arrive and then two days later on the day you’re tested. First I’ve heard of this....
  15. I'd love to keep Kenny, but I'm starting to think his 2018 was freak peak. After allowing a passer rating of only 73.3 in 2018, it went up to 102.6 in 2019. He ranked #1 in burn rate (elite) in 2018, and dropped to 44th last year. Either 2018 was a blip, or he took a year off after signing that contract lol.
  16. One reason is, as you said, he’s too big. There aren’t very many guys who are that big who have panned out; only Ogden and McKinney come to mind. Then the frequency he gets beat while playing a very limited number of true pass blocking sets really scares me. Oline is notoriously hard to project from college to the pros with how college play so much run and shoot, uptempo offense. I think he’ll be overdrafted like Greg Robinson just based on measurables. Not that he’ll go second overall like Robinson, but wherever he goes it just has all the makings of a bust. Thomas is so much better of a tackle prospect it’s not even funny but people are putting Becton ahead of him based entirely on size. Thomas has been starting for four years and has improved every year to the point of being elite, and has done it in an NFL style offense.
  17. Because..... why? Not saying you’re wrong... just curious is to your reasons...
  18. It could go: 1. Burrow 2. Young 3.Okudah 4. Wills 5. Tua 6. Herbert 7.Brown 8. Wirfs 9. Simmons 10. Becton 11. Andrew Thomas 12. Jeudy of course you might see the Cardinals take Kinlaw but then I’d bet Becton or Wirfs would replace Thomas to the Jets
  19. I can easily see a run of OLine in the top 11. Giants, Cardinals, Browns, Jets would be the big names that need help protecting their young QBs. Then there’s the Chargers who if they pick up a veteran QB will be in the market for drafting a lineman.
  20. Thanks.... corrected... 4.85 fastest this year. Thought I had seen otherwise.
  21. I cant see Ballard parting ways with a play maker. There is a shortage of play makers in this league so idk if I could see that, and I really want Carr on this team. I'd rather give up more draft capital than to trade a proven talent.
  22. Armstead is a defensive lineman. The records set or tied were by offensive linemen.
  23. Hope all the top OT do well so Love falls to 13
  24. I like Wirfs and think he's the second best tackle to Thomas, but minor nitpick, 4.85 isn't the record; Armstead had a stupidly fast 4.71 a few years ago. Wirfs combine has been impressive though. I think it's a very strong tackle class at the top; Thomas, Wirfs, Wills, and Jones, don't like Becton but people seem to be high on him, so I'm hoping there's a run of them and it helps us get our QB.
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