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  2. So his 2 best throwing games happened when the run attack stopped giving Reich what he wanted. Almost like Brissett is playing exactly the way Reich wants him to.
  3. Gosh darn it, my over over/under for this thread was 60.5 pages
  4. To bring the subject of race into any thread in this forum is totally repugnant to me. Liking or disliking a player should be based on their skills not the color of their skin. Totally disgusted, this thread has gone on too long.
  5. I think the Texans can beat NE. Especially with that game in Houston.
  6. Well Maronne and Coughlin have there own defects as well. Both strike me as a couple of arrogant fools. Ramsey has never gotten into trouble with the law and questioning Maronnes coaching isn't exactly treasonous. What has he done , Maronne, to actually garner any respect from his players? So Ramsey has a hissy for so now he is a cancer? He is apparently one of the best corners to come around in years. Name me an elite corner who doesn't have swag.....arrogance? It kind of comes with being a shut down corner. All the great ones were with Darrell Green being the exception.
  7. I'll start a pool...…. I say this thread goes 60 pages .
  8. So Chad Kelly is now in the all-time NFL History books for the record he now has ……...His record ???????..... Most talked about practice squad player IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL !!!!!!!!!...….That's is a WOW !!!!!!
  9. “Losers of three straight to the Saints, Packers and Jets, Dallas currently sits at 3-3” http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001065562/article/jerry-jones-cowboys-are-not-one-of-nfls-top-teams
  10. Whatever the Colts decide to do I just hope whoever they choose they commit to at 110%. I don't want to see them spin the wheel every 1 1/2 seasons for a different QB like Miami, the Jets or the Texans.
  11. Today
  12. Professional football is looking more like grade school games we played at recess when we made up rules as the games progressed.
  13. This was a great game by TY and JB. This is the game TY acted like he got touched then went in for the score. Hopefully we see this between the two Sunday.
  14. The 22 page CK thread was much better. I don’t think this thread is going as planned.
  15. We also have not really been fully healthy all year. Cain had training camp/preseason woes. Funchess went down week 1. TY's been dealing with nagging injuries and missed a game. We lost Fountain very early. I don't think he's been hurt, but Ebron's had his share of easy drops. Campbell missed last week w/ his abdominal issue and dealt with a hamstring most of preseason. Assuming we get healthy (obviously we won't get Fountain back, but we should have everyone else back within a few weeks), I have to think Reich is going to expand the offensive playbook a bit. His experience in the NFL largely came in Indy the year Luck sat out. That was a much worse team than the 2019 Indy Colts. He had a different coaching staff, less talented players around him (including but not limited to a very poor OL), and was in a totally different scheme. So while he has some NFL experience, he was still in a very different role last time he saw the field very regularly. Additionally, as I stated above, our skill positions have not been fully healthy all year and we have several guys people had high hopes for prior to the season who are still very young (mainly Campbell and Cain). I truly expect Reich/Sirriani to open the playbook a bit in the 2nd half of the season when our players are healthy and Brissett has more time to develop chemistry with them. Finally, Reich said before the season (even before Luck retired) that the goal was to be a top 5 rushing team in the NFL. We are currently 5th in the NFL in rushing yards per game (142). It is very clear that Reich wasn't kidding when he said that and we have put a large emphasis on running the ball, which plays an obvious role in reducing the amount of yards we gain through the air. Flacco has one of the strongest arms in the NFL. Earlier in his career (when he became the first QB in NFL History to make it to the playoffs in his first 5 seasons in the league), he had the strongest arm in the NFL. Ballard has said time and again (and not just about Kelly) that he understands kids making mistakes and is willing to give 2nd chances. Reich is also a good friend of Kelly's uncle, Jim Kelly whom Reich was teammates with for roughly a decade. Kelly had some maturity issues in college (which a lot of college kids have) and I get the impression that a lot of that was due to a feeling of entitlement being the nephew of a HOF NFL QB. When he was on the Broncos, he got in trouble for getting drunk and walking into the wrong house (not that I condone this, but a lot of 22-23 year old guys have done very similar things and it really isn't a huge deal, it was a drunken mistake -- I'd be a lot more worried if he was arrested for a violent crime or was dealing drugs or something). I'm sure Kelly understands he's on a tight leash, and I'm sure Reich/Ballard/Uncle Jim and many others have made that very clear to him. If he keeps himself clean and shows up to work everyday, I would really not be shocked to see Reich/Ballard gain trust in him...
  16. If we don’t come out of this stretch 4-1 it’s bad news because we then have to go down to Houston at the end of it. The Steelers are beating up the chargers. Wow chargers are bad.
  17. I think a big part of this hyper-critical discussion of JB (et al) is an artifact of the current social media situation. Everything is getting picked apart. Especially police activity. The NFL replay system is an extension of the idea that every aspect of life needs to be perfectly adjudicated. It's not sustainable - due to human nature, chaos theory, attention span, signal-to-noise ratio, and several other considerations. I'm curious how this will play out...it doesn't seem healthy to me. Or fruitful, for that matter. JB is doing fine, in general. He can be nitpicked under a microscope. So can CK. Brady hasn't carried the Pats on his back in the past couple games. Anyone can be nitpicked, depending on the mindset and bias of the 'spewer of reason/hate/bias/perspective/you name it'. So what?
  18. The good news is I don’t think the colts have played their best football yet. If we had turned a couple of those FG into TD at KC that probably would of been the perfect game. We would of blown out the chiefs. I don’t think we have had a complete game yet where both sides of the ball were good. That chargers game might come back and bite us in the butt. We have to come through the next 5 games at least 4-1. It’s going to tell a lot. The run defense must get better. Carolina although they run defense they aren’t great at run defense. Neither are the jags.
  19. My guess is you are more than capable of making your points without dragging the color of peoples skin into the argument. Think of us all as 'blue'.
  20. I always figured our last three games would be tough. Saints for obvious reasons, Panthers because I think really highly of CMC and their WR’s, and the Jags are never fun. We were always gonna have to take advantage of the middle portion/home friendly portion of our schedule.
  21. I watched most of that this morning. Seems if you get some pressure on him he will fall apart. He doesn’t know when to just get rid of that ball.
  22. I see that one of Chad Kelly's * accounts (Rebel) trying to do anything to keep his name alive. CK ain't seeing no action barring injury. Deal with it or not. Just a shame y'all gave the 3rd string QB 6 pages of comments. Get a grip on reality. And oh yeah, just like all the other QB's y'all are quick to anoint as better than JB, CK could fall on his face just like them. Look at Baker. Look at Rosen. Look at Minshew today. Look at Goff & his 78 yards passing. Y'all JB haters would slob all over those guys but crap on JB... I wonder what the real reason they keep getting your praise & faith while JB gets your scorn??? It clearly has nothing to do with winning.
  23. Tampa Bay is confusing. Are we getting Winston that hung 55 on the Rams or the one who throws a lot of picks
  24. I think it’s interesting the way the nfl has turned out. It turns Out the second half of our season is going to be harder then the first half. Carolina is going to be tough. Saints will have Brees back and lots of division games. We thought we got through the tough part already. We have the next five but after that it gets really hard. Turns out teams we thought were good are bad and some mediocre teams like Carolina are turning out pretty good.
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