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  2. Not the start we wanted at home It’s better they can’t miss in the 1st if it’s going to happen
  3. down 41-28 at the quarter.. Boston shooting 66%...with eight 3s They'll cool off, right?
  4. In his tenure as our GM from 2012-2016, Grigson may of been the worst GM in the league as far as the draft goes. Did he know more than us? Of course. 31 other GM's knew more than him though, and that's all that matters. Luck lost 5 years of his career because of Grigson. It goes both ways. I can say you and a lot of others were just as dumb for trusting Grigson as the pessimists were for doubting Ballard. That's why the best viewpoints are those without an extreme bias. I at least judge the drafts based on personal research of the players chosen (which is the best possible viewpoint a fan can do it from to be taken seriously). 100% positive or negative viewpoints from a specific person are the worst. Superman himself will tell it like it is on here when it needs to be done. However, barring a ridiculous reach or bad positional draft early, Ballard deserves the benefit of the doubt because of his prior work, not merely because he's the Colts GM.
  5. I bought a colts special edition magazine for the colts of 2007. Has every game description, roster, and a few stories in it. I value it. I also dont live in the Indy area. Wish I could get my hands on that news paper you got!
  6. Yeah but on the contrary you want your players not to have to rely on their QB making them successful. It's great to have a QB like that, and Andrew makes everyone around him a bit better, but If the player cant make it on his own to a degree, I dont really want him as a starter or, a number 2 WR... Whoever Ballard picks, I will learn to be excited about after I research him.
  7. That is kinda what I come up with after thinking about it for a bit. Especially after reading how things were done when Gruden was at Tampa Bay. This is something I never really thought about before.
  8. I think there is no chance Brissett gets traded, he really is an integral part of this team, and Ballard and Reich have said over and over they are building a "team".
  9. I'm thinking of maybe a sign and trade which would buy us time to get the right deal. I mean let Brissett know that's what were doing so we can get the best for both sides.
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  11. I am thinking the same. As soon as I say zero percent he would be traded for something.
  12. I said 20%, because I'm not a zero percent kind of person. But I think Brissett winds up a Colt for all of 2019.
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  14. Watching his combine he just looks way too stiff. If we did take receiver in the first round it better be AJ brown. But would prefer not too
  15. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they were being overly simplistic in their explanation. Because the 6th OL isn't necessarily equal to the 6th WR, so it's not necessarily a straight across comparison from position to position. There's still an overall grading system they use to stack their board. So you might have 10 players in the top tier of your ranking system, at various positions, and they're all above a certain line on your board. All but one of them might come off the board before your pick, but when you look at the board, that one player is standing out above the rest of the remaining players, and the pick kind of makes itself. All the grading and positional value has already been determined, all the team has to do is hand in the card.
  16. Questioning professionals that watch hundreds of hours of film, they talk face to face with the prospects and then calling them terrible the same day they are drafted is stupid. Beyond stupid
  17. Round 1 - #26 A: Brian Burns EDGE – Florida State B: Jerry Tillery DT – Notre Dame C: Jonathan Abrams S – Miss. State Round 2A - #34 A: Deebo Samuel WR – South Carolina B: Justin Layne CB – Michigan State C: Juan Thornhill S – Virginia Round 2B - #59 A: Greg Little OT – Ole Miss B: Amani Oruwariye CB – Penn State C: Chase Winovich EDGE – Michigan Round 3 - #89 A: Amani Hooker S – Iowa B: JoeJuan Williams CB – Vanderbilt C: David Montgomery RB – Iowa State Round 4A - #129 A: Keelan Doss, WR, Cal. Davis B: Joe Giles-Harris MLB - Duke Round 4B - #135 A: Drew Sample TE – Washington B: Michael Deiter OL – Wisconsin Round 5 - #164 A: Devine Ozigbo RB – Nebraska B: Blake Cashman LB – Minnesota Round 6 - #199 A: Clayton Thorson QB – Northwestern B: Taylor Rapp S – Washington Round 7 - #240 A: Devin White MLB - LSU B: Hakeem Butler WR – Iowa State
  18. I went back and watched. I don't think the horizontal board they showed reflected positional value. It was just traditional positions for offense, defense and special teams.
  19. I don't remember what Ballard had to say about Moore, other than saying they liked him (which is obvious). It could be that they realized after the fact that Moore had offsetting traits, and that helped them evaluate their evaluations, but that they claimed him on waivers at the cut down is evidence that they at least had their eyes on him pre-draft. Like you said, though, whether they realized this before or after the fact, deconstructing the process to identify good prospects is critical. Especially when you're not picking in the top ten every year.
  20. I don’t want Jeffrey Simmons his name has been tossed around to go to us at 26. He’s a great talent but got a ACL in a February workout so it would take at least to 2020 before we’d really get anything out of him.
  21. I posted a similar, but "roided up" version of the idea in another thread.... We're clearly in no man's land with Jacoby. We all love the guy, but he wants to start... he's in the last year of his deal and is almost a lock to be offered a shot somewhere next year in free agency. At BEST.... he walks and we get a comp pick at the bottom of Round 3. So we have Brissett... who represents an interesting commodity to a team that may want a young QB with experience who isn't gonna break the bank. The Dolphins, Broncos, Giants, and Redskins all have a plausible need to address QB, among other needs. We also have a #34 pick from the Jets.... our own #59 pick.... and every indication is that the true "difference makers" this year dry up at around the 15th pick in Round 1. So.... we can play it conservatively and stand pat...which is fine if we're okay with what would most likely be a 4th round comp pick for Brissett... OR We can explore a package of our #26 pick.... one of our 2nd rounders and Brissett to one of the above teams and land a difference maker on defense. The #34 pick is house money... and the value we get from Brissett, IMO, is better to be cashed in on in a trade-up package for a difference maker in this year's first round.... and at the same time retaining picks in rounds 2-7..... rather than getting a ho-hum comp pick after he walks. I give all this maybe a 40% chance of happening.... but I wouldn't mind it a bit if it means we land a stud EDGE guy, a top 3-Tech or someone like Devin White.... with our "net loss" only being one of our 2nd rounders and Brissett.
  22. It was Adam Lefkoe with Rand Getlin, former NFL Network reporter. Getlin talked about how NFL Network at times acts as a shill for the NFL with their reporting, and how Rapoport was put in position to be their main mouthpiece. Getlin says he was supposed to be Rapoport's primary competition, but the network gave Rapoport favorable treatment and credited him with stories and scoops that other people, including Getlin worked on and scored. One of things he said about the network people is that they would instruct their reporters to use verbiage that was pro-NFL / pro-owners. As an example, Getlin would report 'Player X earned a $20m contract,' and he was told to never say the player earned their contract, but to say the team gave them said contract. Getlin came across as sincere, but hardheaded and stubborn and a little full of himself. But very believable. And the idea that Rapoport is more of a company man than a reporter wasn't a new idea to me, so maybe it was a case of some confirmation bias on my part. But I've heard/read other things over the years about Rapoport, along with my own impression of his reporting, that he's not all that reputable and reliable, and tends to sensationalize at times. All JMO, from rumors and impressions.
  23. Yes. This does not sound odd to me. All the pre-draft work is done by now. The GM makes the picks, right?
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